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jen @auberjens chicago, il.

if music be the food of love, play on. ; 28, she/her, engineer, writer, musician.

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that car was so ugly that even i cringed had a bad day
Retweeted by jenThe snitch him up 🤣💀😭
Retweeted by jenProtect Roe. Abolish Hyde.
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🦋#giveaway 🦋 Who else loves butterflies? We are giving away our full butterfly collection to 3 lucky winners! T…
Retweeted by jenRT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a Pokémon Eevee Pop! #Funko #FunkoPop #Giveaway #Pokémon
Retweeted by jenToday's luxe skincare is Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil - perfect for cooler temps and lower humidity levels. To enter,…
Retweeted by jen @MingjueChen i'm partial to milk makeup's kush mascara. not a fan of the marketing, but it's the only mascara i'll…
@danidonovan i keep wondering if i have adhd, but i know SO many symptoms overlap with my anxiety/depression/OCD. h…’s FINAL ROUND- VOTE for #DarkAge for Best Sci Fi of 2019 in the @goodreads Choice Awards! @Pierce_Brown
Retweeted by jenholy shit, i am in tears [is hot] Me: oh no time to stay inside and read i guess Weather: [is cold] Me: oh noooo guess I'll still h…
Retweeted by jen @ColourPopCo tbh i need help paying off my car/personal loan/credit card more than anything. i'm overwhelmed. #colourpopgivesbackmy two personalities
Retweeted by jen @UrbanDecay @KatinaBolos @jenofthemoon #UDSweepstakes #NakedHoneyFor the US part of the tour going on sale Friday, do we need to purchase merch in the shop first? @OhWonderMusic
@KerinCunningham EXACTLY. i had a class of almost 1k and honestly most of my hs friends probably don't even live in… you were born before 1996 you are a millennial if you were born after 2005 you are gen z if you were born in b…
Retweeted by jen @KerinCunningham i straight up ignored the invite to my 10-year reunion tbqh. it was the day after my friend's wedd…, bruh...💪😍🐶😇😂
Retweeted by jen @HaileeSteinfeld i am nobody! still stuck with me even 20 years after learning it in 3rd grade‘If this is the new normal, I want no part of it.’ — Iowa’s longest-serving Republican left the party because of Tr…
Retweeted by jeneveryone stop what you're doing and watch this
Retweeted by jen @Trungles WOW you just nailed it. i always talk nonstop and feel weird when it's too quiet and then my last two ses…
Ways to get #HisDarkMaterials ready: 1. Wear dark materials 2. Keep your daemon (pet) close 3. Make a cup of tea (…
Retweeted by jenHaha I'm a functional adult that can use the phone no problem, yep, definitely *sweats*. I've had a problem with ph…
Retweeted by jenWhen cats meet cat filters...
Retweeted by jenGeorge Will: No Republican who supports Trump should be re-elected
Retweeted by jen @KatinaBolos probs a stomach bug-- i've had 2 this year and it's HORRID. hope you feel better soon, love 🤞🏻I'm giving away one of Dior's BEST beauty products: Dior Addict Lip Glow! It adapts the colour to your skin's ph le…
Retweeted by jenwhat writers are googling - if this word means what we think it means - how to describe buildings because what the…
Retweeted by jenI'm giving away this Clinique Fresh Pressed Skincare set with Vitamin C & Vitamin A Boosters. Very good products. T…
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A very curious octopus.
Retweeted by jen @sephiramy shaed, bishop briggs, maisie peters, dizzy the band, león, oh wonder @c2e2 nothing tops this tbh Clinique? I'm giving away this Fresh Pressed Clinical Skincare set with Vitamin C & Vitamin A Boosters. To ent…
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Those hind legs
Retweeted by jen @CrazyGirlVids FINGERS CROSSED. lmao yeah, i'm already texting her about it @CrazyGirlVids i remember not saying much but it was really nice to sit there and just have that free space to talk… @CrazyGirlVids I SAID THE RIGHT ANSWER. ultimates therapy chat at like midnight ftw @EmmaDumont HEY GURL, SEE YOU THERE’s pretty crazy that Roger Stone was found guilty on 7 counts and not one of them was for how he chooses to dress…
Retweeted by jen#AskOhWonder what song took the longest to get from concept to finished product?• Heaven Gaia Spring 2020 •
Retweeted by jenProbably the most wholesome thing you’ll see today
Retweeted by jenなぜ日本にはティラノサウルスレースがないんだろうか・・
Retweeted by jenwriters, finishing their novel after being deeply immersed in it for months: and what is my own personality again
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not an optimist at all and failure fucking terrifies me BUT OTHERWISE this is spot on @bpal @krystyn @dsantat fantastic, thank you so much! @bpal @dsantat will this be up until saturday, at least? pay day isn't until friday! 🥺most influential people of the decade 2010: 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: baby who…
Retweeted by jenThe Black Plague was a PR disaster for rats as a species. They never truly recovered until 2007 (release of Ratatouille)
Retweeted by jenSpeaker Pelosi: "If the president has something that is exculpatory — Mr. President, that means do you have anythin…
Retweeted by jen❄️ #GIVEAWAY ❄️ For the first time in forever, we are giving away the complete Frozen 2 collection to 2 lucky winn…
Retweeted by jen @joeymarsek93 I MISS YOU TOOOOO @joeymarsek93 THANKS, I HATE IT @joeymarsek93 the entire chorus is pachelbel so it has to be @joeymarsek93 bahahaha joey that's the entire point of the song @OhWonderMusic NO ONE ELSE CAN WEAR YOUR CROWN AHHHHHH
REP. JIM JORDAN (R): Congress will never get a chance to question the one "who started it all." REP. PETER WELCH (…
Retweeted by jenMe: “wow, I feel tired. REALLY tired.” Brain: “You’re probably overworked.” Me: “no that’s impossible, I haven’t wo…
Retweeted by jenShower buds ♥️ 🎥: #mydogiscutest
Retweeted by jenas a child i truly did not understand how good i had it that i didnt have to decide what to eat for dinner every single night
Retweeted by jenBrain: I can write entire novels, build plots, populate whole worlds with complex and interesting people and-- Me:…
Retweeted by jen- graduated uni with a degree in chemical engineering (one i don't care for) - started going to therapy for anxiety…
@beautybakerie it felt like -6°F out this morning and i knew i'd be bundled up and didn't want makeup on my scarf +… just remembered this video of john boyega and gwendoline christie exists and it’s still the best thing ever
Retweeted by jenthis ad is absolutely devastating for Senate Republicans
Retweeted by jenI'm giving away one of @ClarinsCanada 's most popular products: Natural Lip Perfector. It nourishes & protects lips…
Retweeted by jenVOTE for #DARKAGE in the semi final round of @goodreads Best Books of 2019!
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@Pierce_Brown YES.THREAD: If you haven't been following the situation in Bolivia here's a rundown. Briefly, the OAS, an emboldened op…
Retweeted by jenBEFORE WRITING: I adore writing it is my soul and my passion and my love. WHILE WRITING: i am crying blood and cann…
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@Cyarine yeah we call them netherland dwarves!I work at Harry Potter so naturally...
Retweeted by jenThe annual 'Thriller' performance at Abbington Senior Living is glorious
Retweeted by jenI have watched this approximately 9,345,678 times so far today
Retweeted by jenall aboard the good boy train
Retweeted by jen#Giveaway ✨We are so excited to bring some more glow into your life! We are giving away all our new face and body…
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@kendrawcandraw to write a book - mix up the alphabet really well - add in your emotional baggage on accident - now write witty…
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🍬#GIVEAWAY 🍬​ ​ Win our sweetest collection to date #BittixColourpop! One lucky winner will win the complete PR Box…
Retweeted by jenThis quick-thinking cat springs into action and saves a baby’s life. The baby, who had “escaped” from the crib, wa…
Retweeted by jen10/10 gem
Retweeted by jen“I didn't ask to suffer like this,” I say piteously while writing the book I decided to write on the strict deadlin…
Retweeted by jenThis is horrible on so many levels. Let me educate you all about the hymen 1/12
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A woman was singing from her apartment window and this was her neighbors reaction....
Retweeted by jen1991 but this is calling me out regardless who needs to hear this but virginity is a made-up social construct, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your hymen.
Retweeted by jenHave you seen Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream lipsticks? They are cut in the shape of a ruby gemstone. I'm givi…
Retweeted by jenImagine thinking that standing up for the most vulnerable members of our society was "pandering."
Retweeted by jenFacebook’s new privacy policy after changing its name to FACEBOOK.
Retweeted by jenDogs, bruh...💪🐶😇😍🔥
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This anti-manspreading chair is absolutely brilliant
Retweeted by jen @darth but what if you used the skin as the taco shellMe when I finish a new plan.
Retweeted by jenDo McConnell next, Kentucky.
Retweeted by jendoing washcloth fell on the floor....
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