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Aubie Anderson @AubieAnderson Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Aerospace Engineering. @TheMob 💜 & MCFC ⚽️ #AOC2024 | Old Account (barely use): @AubieAnderson17

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@Hauntterr You only succeed in the mickey mouse game modes, guy like me shows up when the lights get bright @Acheers17 We ran some games tonight but we'll make sure to @ you next time we do, which I'm sure will happen because tonight was fun af @CFC_Ant @Hauntterr Respect my talent yeah? had to play 30 games before he beat me in score 😭 in to see the brexit ball of RL Rocket League unit of all time taking the pitch...
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@Hauntterr @CFC_Ant it really does sound like the typical brexit ball name @CFC_Ant lmao this man kdb watching the nfl, I wouldn't have guessed he'd seen a game in his lifeWeston Mckennie🇺🇸 for Juventus this season: - 4 goals - 2 assist - 21 key passes - 7 big chances created -86% passi…
Retweeted by Aubie Andersonhow can someone be this dumb...
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonThis so over the top, has me laughing every time I see this dude's clips 😭 on that TD drive
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonReally grateful Weston McKennie wasn’t good enough for Southampton.
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @Hauntterr Lmao this has to be Salah being punished because it started right after christmas 😭 @Leo__ffs is going on with Liverpool lately? @yunusmusah8 Lets go Yunus! 🇺🇸🦇These numbers 🤩🤩 #USMNT
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonMcKennie & McKenzie playing at the same time 👀 idk why the games gotta be so early though 😭MARK MCKENZIE GET HIS FIRST START FOR GENK !!! #USMNT
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Retweeted by Aubie AndersonYO @CFC_Ant YOU GOOD?!?!??
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonHe’s not a fit father anyway!
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonCFC_Ant just lost custody of his kids because that irish fella
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Retweeted by Aubie AndersonCFC_ANT fighting highlights 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonYou can’t even see your kids bro 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @11Yanks @jon22541773 @estyles_NYtoMN I agree that it’s a bit early to say Balogun is a starter especially over Sar… Twitter, my account with 90k followers got permanently suspended last night for a mistake I made 3 years ago a…
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@usmntonly They said Sargent can’t play for USMNT because he doesn’t score goals huh? 🤨JOSH SARGENT. WOW!
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonPhil fucking Foden uno, at least we have one player who wants to be hereRuben Dias is coming on against Cheltenham because Laporte and Garcia are terrible footballers I’m crying
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonMendy so unserious man, Steffen clean sheet costed once again
Retweeted by Aubie Andersonlighting one up in honor of all the homies we lost, any RTs would be appreciated
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @Hauntterr As if making no progress on promotion wasn’t bad enough, my head actually hurts so bad ffsMy head aching, I should never play 7 hours of FIFA againdefinition of no help
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @Lemii @Hauntterr fr he wouldn’t understand Keita like we do @Hauntterr I was joking that I’m worse than your worst enemies 😂 @Hauntterr You just said you wished this upon me?Played FIFA for 7 hours straight, I don’t wish this even for my worst enemies
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @Boltsiola MAGA Prince back at it again 🙄
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @Lemii @Hauntterr @dnpadilla11 @whotfisAbi @DaDogOG @Leopard100T @HoodieXF @ItsGeovanny Nah that’s you! @Hauntterr Yes we were playing for so long lmfaoooo @Leopard100T @Hauntterr @dnpadilla11 @whotfisAbi @DaDogOG @Lemii @HoodieXF @ItsGeovanny Brexit ball on the rise frfrAlso gn @ItsGeovanny sorry I didn't see your message at the end 😭Thanks to everyone who came out to the stream! Also thanks for the follows @Hauntterr @dnpadilla11 @whotfisAbi IN TO LOS TONTOS 📲
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @silvapriv_ Master the ways of brexit ball ladAlso playing with Jean, come watch prime brexit ball mouse win lad, do it with a 5* team if you're a real baller Tontos Pro Clubs with new signing @dnpadilla11 2-2 draw, final game to win it all. France vs Spain 👀 game 2-2 (Argentina vs Egypt), this game is England vs Germany FOR PRIME EL CLASSICO FOOTBALL TAP IN
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonLive with FIFA 21! Friendlies vs Haunter, Los Tontos Pro Clubs later @_jjossuee @EinSchwarzwelt @USMNTTAKES Scored vs Belgium in WC2014 round of 16 and scored our only goal in a 1-1 dr… should be live in ~15 minutes. A few randomized international friendlies vs haunter then pro clubs after is the plan rn @kingofthabears @jack @chickfiley @MyFavsTrash
Retweeted by Aubie Andersonyou missed a couple @jack
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @Hauntterr Aren't they the same??? @Hauntterr @XxQu1cKSc0peZz We'll run clubs after me and haunter play a few games 🔥 @Hauntterr Does 8 sound good? @Hauntterr Lmao you sure you even clicked anything because it says 100% yes with 3 votes @Hauntterr 101
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonJust curious, would anyone be interested in me streaming FIFA friendlies vs @Hauntterr tonight?Criminal Informants be SO OBVIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭
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Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @Leopard100T @jakkuxd @Hauntterr @CFC_Ant @OriginalFunko You just a discount haunter smh, the haters keep growing but they act like fans 👺 @Hauntterr @jakkuxd @OriginalFunko Haunter? More like you're HAUNTing hER away from you @CFC_Ant Bezos probably paying them $2/hour for it too 😭 @BlackJohnnnn He’s so needy for attention manHe such a fucking weirdo
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @ripbrowardevil @CFC_Ant I should’ve known! @ripbrowardevil Who that with you? @CFC_Ant looking for his maga girl? 🤨 @ripbrowardevil EXCUSE ME?!?!?
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT 🚨 As part of their #GetENwithUS campaign, we have teamed up with @VfLWolfsburg_EN and are giving…
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @DarienBMG With how good the episodes have been, I expect it to be fire @DarienBMG I finally know the context of this screenshot lmao @ripbrowardevil You simply a hater 🤷‍♂️ @Hauntterr Focus on beating Burnley @ripbrowardevil Respect pickles @Hauntterr I'd be down to do it tomorrow night @Hauntterr Yeah for sure @Hauntterr The random intl friendlies? @Hauntterr Our new number 10 maestro taking us to the top @Hauntterr Did I stutter? 🤨 @Hauntterr Oh I forgot to mention we lost both games we played after you left last night 😁👍 @Hauntterr That prime Brexit Ball unaLos Tontos FC Gameplay fr
Retweeted by Aubie AndersonOne of the worst football tweets to ever hit this platform, still can’t believe someone actually hit ‘send’ on this…
@JhbTeam @RohnJobinson President & COO of 100T, JhbTeam
Retweeted by Aubie Anderson @USMNTFanatic Possibly Sargent since he is likely to make a move this summer, depends on what team he goes to