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altrey @aubviouslynot Seattle, WA

bi (she/her) | 18+ | top 0.69% (for realsies) on OnlyFans, link in bio 👀 | a Wednesday the cat fan account

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I can’t believe it’s 2021 and people still are bugging about battery life in screenshots. shut your damn mouth, I’l… in mind that I have racist, sexist extended family members. my immediate family has their issues as well, not… I’m 25 years old, 5 years out of the church and I still giggle to myself when I drink coffee. not when… to do with caffeine, idk man, I was in a cult so I followed and obeyed’s the winner’m gonna fucking puke oh my god made me laugh so hard one time that I said “stop!! I have to pee” and then he was surprised that I had to get… go big or go home him: it’s as big as it gets :( @carterhambley I am not afraid to agree with this @roxiqt @MattPostSaysHi artgoddamnit @SimplyMav fuck this made me laugh so hard @momappreciator Basically cool be like “1 year ago today you were actually hot” like thanks, I was already my own worst enemyfucking good?????? lol *Armie, autocorrecthow am I just now hearing about this Arnie Hammer stuff can someone catch me up, I am so lost @KylePlantEmoji I fucking knew you would go thereKyle said he wouldn’t shit his pants for me. I’m sick @fupashorts LOL
@Jluzzle Omg my dad would have a heart attack, it’s perfect @thatbattieguy Ooooo @jematyas GoalsI have a bunch of ideas for a sleeve that I want but I really wanna have a tattoo of something that signifies me le…😳, I’m telling you, shit is great @okiecorri same and I highly recommend it @okiecorri go very blonde and then dark purple so it fades into a silvery purple @_jnnfr_ no way? oh hell yeah! @Branden_EnotO I know why. it was well done.I’ve watched this so many times, I cannot stop @vastener @ctchrysler_ Fuck I wishgo hawks oh, and now the colors are red, silver, and black lol school colors were red, white, and black. during spirit week, the juniors wore white and the seniors wore black… will say that the number is definitely not zero but it’s better for sure lol @SnipingWaffles Yamper was so slow and cute but damn did that speed shoot up when it evolved, he so speedy :) @BigTucsonDad it’s my first experience with a grass starter Pokémon, I really like my fire types. but it’s been a great experience! @spooky_wizard live with the love of your lifeI don’t wanna die that much anymore these daysThey were level 57 when I caught them so I’ll be training them for a littleI traded out Thievul for Lapras @rajagainst lol I’m not trying to impress anyone. if people wanna subscribe, they can. it’s up to them🤢🤢🤢 this is gross @jenmill47 what the fuck is a 20 minute nap? 4 hours please @Sir5000 I hate nicknames. I like seeing their names when they evolve @GodCloakBurmy took so goddamn fucking long but god has it been worth itdo you guys like my team? 🥺👉👈 how I miss FaceTiming @aubviouslynot
Retweeted by altrey @JonastyDrawz oh how I miss youuuuu
@_KateHope_ Ah man, yeah we don’t either @_KateHope_ oh yeah, we’re just paying for the seasons up front haha we’re hookedmy bf and I’s new guilty pleasure is the show “Ink Master” and this is our new drinking game that we’re adding to wonder if anyone from my early life has very vivid memories of the stupid shit I’ve done because god I wonder how… anyone else ever smell that musty wet smell and go “wow smells like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disne… @KylePlantEmoji sorry, I won’t show my feet againmy mom got Wednesday and Bob a rug for Christmas but it’s Bob’s rug @ActinideChroma @KylePlantEmoji never stops him @ActinideChroma @KylePlantEmoji I dunno, he loves moms
@duncechild @KylePlantEmoji cause we’re white? @KylePlantEmoji :o :Dhappy birthday to the dude I live with, thanks for giving me a place to stay @JonastyDrawz considering I was born that year, yeah it fucking was The With Devil @KylePlantEmoji wait wtf whopeople who play video games with their significant others, what is a game that you really enjoy playing together? I…
ngl, I still want a Sidekick phonenever give men an inch because they have no idea what an inch actually is and will ruin everything
@yesIwill_Yes and I’d have to say I’m not sure honestly, it’s too soon @yesIwill_Yes she has to be. there’s no way that’s a real humanso I’m watching the first episode of the Bachelor and honestly, if I was a contestant on the show, and the Bachelor… had the weirdest burp that lasted for way too long and Kyle stared at me for awhile and yelled said “GO TO THE HO… Kyle has to be up at 8 am for work, I tend to go back to sleep on the couch and I woke up to this photo hehehe anyone remember the fan cams of me on vine 😭 they were ridiculous and I totally forgot about them until this v… wtf in the flying fuck is this @AngryFingHippie how sad for it @SukiTemporarily 🥺 @crescimaa 🥺I understand if people mute me tbh, I wish I could mute my brain all the timeI have never ever understood this. what makes you different 😭 goddamn way @userjaymes wait why??? @KylePlantEmoji shut up you toad
@KylePlantEmoji oh NOW you have respect for me?Kyle and I are looking for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment because bitch is too scared to poop in there while I shower 🙄
@buttsMcGub until 3 if he has to and he does with Kyle sometimes lol he likes staying with whoever is in the bedroo… smoke to take the dog out 😭 @buttsMcGub Not at all but once she hears that I’m up, she thinks it’s time to stay up and won’t let me go back to… that Kyle is working again, Saturday’s actually have a purpose. I wanted to go to bed by 1 last night but he wa… boyfriend hasn’t kissed my forehead in a few hours
Kyle: omg my stupid tweet went viral 😩 me: wow I hate that for you, I’m so sorry for your loss
2021 @SukiTemporarily LETS GOOO @lurkingfriend honestly I just wanna know if it’s true, I hate being lied todid Jeffrey Star and Kanye actually hook up or is that just the internet creating a lie just for the fun of it