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@DanielleSATM He's FURIOUS that he can't shove people into tiny boxes that fit his smooth-brained view of the worldMy main takeaway from this is that I should post more handwriting. Maybe get wild and bust out some cursive? @ScottDMenzel No please by all means continue my handwriting is my best quality lol @jourdayen I can't tell if I'm just noticing it more bc I'm out of the loop! In normal yrs I often see films early… @garinshouse @ZProductionz I haven't seen it yet but you have convinced me to add it to my list through your A+ use of the quokka! 😍 @DanielleSATM It might just be glitchy? When I hover over your name it says 0 followers but it also says that you'r… conclusion: I am petty. Jumpcut is delightful. Throw a follow their way!If @JumpCut_Online hits 12k I think it can be considered final revenge against WB for banning our asses for sharing… always ends up being a great resource after the fact but there's still time to get in on the action and share… @lunch_enjoyer @TWlNSUNS Mos Eisley Cantina is for sure the Dunkin on Squire in Revere @CinemaClown It me! @Filmotomy @ScottDMenzel It is indeed! 😁 @DaisyVicEdwards @billiemelissa_ @GeorgieBroad @deadartists @mrjimifletcher @eatentexp @ashonfilme @AshDigsFilms @Jee_vuh Holy shit the A*Teens...I was OBSESSED @FionaUnderhill I'm judging myself! But honestly it was a movie that I wanted to be in the right headspace to watch… @FionaUnderhill I K N O W 😭😭😭 @_katiestebbins_ Thank you! 🥰 @JenAshleyWright If there's anything we've learned over the past four years, its that bad things happen when fascis… together a list of 2020 titles I've missed out on to try to catch up before the end of the year! need an old priest and a young priest
I'm assuming the announcement of Sky University is just days away otherwise wtf are we all doing here? @rachel_reviews I feel like when I was a kid though that was something I really liked! If I was 8 when a movie came… @steph__green I totally feel that way too -- I always wonder what my career would look like now if I got into film…
@TexanExiled @TheThomason @MikeVanderbilt Weirdly, the biggest snowstorms I've experienced were not when I lived in… @krys10iam @TheThomason @MikeVanderbilt Yeah I mean I agree but everyone insists on calling them "buffalo wings" an… @itsdougjam @ofcs This is very exciting news, congratulations!! @melteddali @TheThomason @MikeVanderbilt Omg my Christmas wish is that one day he grows up and dates the Boston Dun… @pleinsol That's the worst! "What this person is saying is WRONG so I will share it and give it an even bigger audience!" @TheThomason @MikeVanderbilt I'm from Buffalo and have never had a single conversation about my hometown with an ou… @MorganJerkins I recommend Kuessipan and I've heard really good things about The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open @idntwantufucker See You Up There is a French WWI movie that I LOVE...the visuals are gorgeous and it has a lot to…
@rubinsafaya That at least would be interesting but alas the new Freddie Prinze Jr is a Tiktok starlet 🙃I know that there's a bigger issue here but the fact that this movie is called He's All That kind of makes me feel… @vailerin32 I am still paying them from our first financial transaction how do they even dare ask me for more??? @_katiestebbins_ Always look forward to these threads! My faves are: Singin in the Rain Forbidden Games Neighbours @garinshouse Haven't seen it yet @allisonbeans I saw Sing Street six times in theaters because it came out when I was sad and unemployed in a new ci…"COVID-friendly" is a dumb expression because any other time you use something-friendly it means that you cater to… don't know if Nomadland is my favorite movie of the year but I can tell you that I think about the plates scene at least once a weekTop 5 First Time Watches - November 2020 Crimson Peak (2015) Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) The Babysitter (2017) Sw… sorry guys my bad I didn't mean to redefine an entire genre this is so embarrassing anyone wants to hire me to suddenly realize two very famous characters were both played by the same very famous…
it's funny to me that we all dunked on hayden christensen's portrayal of anakin at the time, but in retrospect he a…
Retweeted by Audrey FoxGTFO with this snitch bullshit @cosmicblackgirl Ugh I remember substitute teaching at a school during the holidays when they set up their Christma… @realPaulMay 👍Cool cool cool absolutely WEEPING have been supportive of most of Biden's picks whether they perfectly align with me or not but Neera Tanden is a m… @DanielleSATM Yeah I always err on the side of caution with letterboxd. I log when I watch a film just so that I re… since you fuckers have no self control @jonbernhardt Ah yes the great depression historically an excellent time to be in your 30s probably trying to suppo… @PulpCereal struck with the knowledge that George Harrison died 19 years ago. I remember being in high school when tha…
@812filmreviews I try not to do it because when other ppl post swag the only thing I ever feel is jealous or bummed… @cleverrgirrl Love the part where he says he's from Appalachia and all the coastal elites awkwardly look down at th… @rachsyme I thought it was to emphasize the fact that she's hiding herself and trying to be something she's not. Wa… @vailerin32
‘“Sunset Boulevard’ and ‘All About Eve’ highlight the complex relationship between women and aging in Hollywood,” w…
Retweeted by Audrey Fox @RuhBuhJuh The first is objectively a better *film* but I am not mad at the second at all lolI know this probably hurts my Serious Film Person cred but I have to say I just watched the two The Babysitter movi… if #AhsokaTano mentions Anakin in any way. #Mandalorian
Retweeted by Audrey Fox @drhorrorphd @lexy_myranda RIGHT? The bar is so low, the judge is like, "Come on man, you can see your kids when yo… minutes DID NOT seem right but the Fox-Denton household is comprised entirely of rule followers and THAT'S WHAT THE PAPER SAID TO DO)Fun fact for those of you who are also in your 30s and have never had to cook a turkey your damn self when the inst…
@PulpCereal There are a bunch not in my town but on my way to work, strutting around very busy city streets like th… @PulpCereal You would think they would have the good sense to make themselves scarce on today of all days @FILMHOUNDSmag One Night In Miami
Ok I lied the thing that actually bothers me the most about Hillbilly Elegy is that JD Vance took all the adversity… @FilmnSports21 We weren't allowed to use them because my math teacher thought they would become a crutch! Lol @TaraNotTahra But you could do your algebra homework without one, there's literally nothing in algebra that requires it hahaI'm watching Hillbilly Elegy and there's a lot of stuff I want to critique but for some reason the thing that's bot… @Ceilidhann I HATE internet banter like that, you simply should not tease complete strangers online like you would… @NextBestPicture Matt it is TOO EARLY for thisHello yes it may interest you to know that in 1950 Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson poured their hearts into dramas a…
Is today an awful day or is it just me?I wonder what it's like to really and truly not give a shit about anything besides pursuing your political ambition… @nbrink77 @ohJuliatweets Completely. The idea of "well, WE could afford xyz with a fast food job in 1972 so what are you doing wrong???" @ronniegrossjr @noahgittell You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the ratatouille @ohJuliatweets Old people remember paying for college with the money they made flipping burgers so when they see fa… @NextBestPicture This reminds me of when we went camping when I was a kid and my older sister made a bunch of those… @TracedThurman @ThatMasonBoiii I read the film as partially a commentary on toxic households so idk for me it was p… years ago this week -- I miss going places! 😭😭😭 @AADowd The Turning breathes a sigh of relief @isabellecritic 100% same @isabellecritic She is my hero, I want to be her when I grow up
Elsie Fisher from eighth grade turning her twitter into an evil paddington account is, not to exaggerate, the great… EPISODE @audonamission is joined by new JumpCut team member @chrisconnor96 and @ElenaM52 to dive into the 2000…
Retweeted by Audrey Fox @goodjobliz Does one need to watch all of Benjamin Button or can one simply skip to the scenes with Brad Pitt riding a motorcycle?
@AzieDee Beauty and the Beast when I was 13 visiting my aunt and uncle -- I voted for Rent but was overruled becaus… wItH tRuMp VoTeRs I learned that the bootstraps expression was originally describing an impossible task, and its transition fro…
@vailerin32 If you're not listening to me groan in anguish at how cute he is are you really even watching Mando?Breaking News: I have to start watching Mandalorian in a separate room because apparently it's "distracting" to yel… I am dunking on myself here)Film critics are like "whew FINALLY getting around to watching *film that won't be out for another 10 months* -- I…
Shout out to the folks who were cool with migrant children being separated from their families but are losing their…
Retweeted by Audrey Fox @isabelzawtun I encourage her not to read the story of Violet Constance Jessop, who survived both the sinking of th…
@scottEmovienerd @Sethrogen I got legit emotional at his performance in 50/50!