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@WishfuiiyTV IM SO EXCITED FOR YOUWHAT LITTLESIHA? URBAN SIMS? XMIRAMIRA? SPRING SIMS? ENGLISH SIMMER? WHO AM I GOING TO ROOT FOR THIS IS SO HARD @JesseCox Boy Bands, Wizards, and Other Lies I've Told @GenePark We need to get you the mega mouse pad It'll change your life @Twitch Wait - dad - does this mean I can work from Scotland now @JustinWong We’re doing an anime drive in for the kiddos birthday so I’m stocking the “concession stand” with candi… @JustinWong YOURE THE BEST THANK YOU Also my gosh they’re expensive! @Strippin @GabeJamesGames Yeah what. This is incredible- 10/10 geralt More Importantly - Team Triss or Team Yennifer? @JustinWong I feel like you might know this @AnneMunition @itmeJP I thought about this tweet all night AND I went to Stockholm with @ShannonZKiller and I did… @LurkerKG @itmeJP @brielle Ugh that’s terrible. I’m sorry girl! Hopefully you’ll get to go once this all blows over @DamJess Thank you, wonderful!What an animal crossing new horizons island would look like in real life 🥺💖 Whoever made this thank you
Retweeted by Aureylian △⃒⃘ @KylieNoels @LEGIQN Y’all both have good eyebrows @itmeJP I would never let that happen @itmeJP @AnneMunition LOL he would never bc then he’d have to do it 😂😂😂 @AnneMunition @itmeJP THIS GIVES ME SO MUCH ANXIETY TO THINK ABOUT @AnneMunition @itmeJP ANNE @itmeJP Be honest is your haircut *really* the thing you wanted to ding me on lol @RachyMills @itmeJP I mean its not terrible
As an avid House Flipper / Viscera / Minecraft player... this has always been my reality 🙃 @craymusic @renee @AvaGG I would sign up for that timeshare presentation @LaurenzSide happy birthday! @Sarapocalypse @WishfuiiyTV @Twitch @AshleyRoboto Love love love loveNOW. LIVE. BE THE FIRST ONE IN CHAT And get a totally virtual, very sanitary, high five @LuxieGames Only in my heart @LuxieGames @LuxieGames STOP YOU WERE MERIDA?⚡️ “Black Girl Gamers Online Summit”
Retweeted by Aureylian △⃒⃘ @mattduplessis @ShannonZKiller @Squatingyeti @LeagueOfLauryn This is the payback for charging me $2 for a razer just because it's pink @mattduplessis @ShannonZKiller @Squatingyeti @LeagueOfLauryn Dude I use cheap men's bodywash I didn't say I didnt… @Kahjahkins @itmeJP Thank you! We're having a lot of fun with it, too :) @ShannonZKiller @Squatingyeti @LeagueOfLauryn not even close. It smells like cheap men's shaving cream you know immediately NOT to lick it @therealcliffyb does she know she's holding it backw- you know what nevermindYEAH @pleasantlytwstd that's the past 8 weeks for me @theodd1sout the same way that "wilshire" is "will sure" and not "will shy er" or Arkansas is "ark an saw" and not… @RachyMills @luckiesharms They have a few videos and they're all SO SO goodLOL the artwork @MeganLenius I WANT TO LIKE IT AND I FEEL TORN MEGAN WHY @lbxani we're gonna leave it as a subtle reminder to the year we all want to forget @AvaGG THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO AVOID ugh thank you for validating we made the tough-but-right choice In… @13CourtneyP dude we postponed our wedding the second time to a year from the first date we were supposed to get ma… after coordinating like 200+ weddings, I now have a *new* piece of advice to offer brides after experiencing b… @Squatingyeti @LeagueOfLauryn @ShannonZKiller @kamalaniaetonu Yeah I just jumped in the pool LOL @MsAshRocks @kamalaniaetonu It was a strapless swimsuit but yeah lol @lorenpiretra @lamarathon @ClifBar @ASICSamerica Congrats!📢 Partners and Affiliates can now create Community Challenges! Viewers can pool their Channel Points for custom goa…
Retweeted by Aureylian △⃒⃘ @AshleyRoboto @ShannonZKiller Shannon’s pretty much the greatest 😭 @antphrodite @ShannonZKiller Thank you 😭💖 @ShannonZKiller @MerryKish Yes you do - can’t have a whole without the other half! @seriouslyclara @ShannonZKiller Thank you 💖 @tha_rami Thank you! ❤️ @okaydrian Thank you so much, Adrian ❤️Access granted. Twitch Public Access is your inside look at all the fun and excitement at the heart of the communi…
Retweeted by Aureylian △⃒⃘Showing next-level support for your favorite streamers just got even better. New Tier 2 and Tier 3 benefits are h…
Retweeted by Aureylian △⃒⃘ @FemSteph So glad everyone is happy and healthy! I can’t wait to see you as the wonderful momma I know you will be. @ShannonZKiller
@generikb Thank you, Genny ❤️ one of my longest and truest friends @enormhi It was all in the braids from my hair after whiskey sweet 😭 @TrumpSC About sums it up 😂I’m saving the best stories for my memoirs or in case someone like @Sethrogen wants to make a movie out of it - but…’s a whole list of rules. An initiation to get pulled into the group. It’s a whole thing. We will, around bi… because this is something odd and unique to (I think) my family - my dad and family friend carried on the tradi… secondly, with no action required, I want you to remember that what you see of people - including influencers a… kindness in today’s world is very hard. If you do anything, and while I appreciate the happy birthdays, w… and a many of my close friends put together a montage of why they love me. My favorite qualities, favorite memor… couldn’t find my purpose. Felt failure everywhere. I don’t usually like my birthday, I definitely wasn’t looking…’ve had anxiety in the past. I’ve been stressed. I’ve hit mental breaking points. I’ve never experienced something… @ShannonZKiller @Sacriel42 I TOLD YOU He BETTER start saying HUZZAH on the regular @KylieNoels Bro I was about to say... I’ve seen Kylie and she does NOT have size 14s lol @kellykiewel But what if its @kellykiewel @lorenpiretra Lol what were the chances right!? @lorenpiretra Happy Birthday! @MrEugeneGrant Congratulations! Hopefully it’s not been too difficult adjusting with parenthood while in lockdown!He guards me while I slumber 🧝🏻‍♀️
@antphrodite @Aureys_mom 👀 @steinekin @rawrsnacks Yeah I’m keeping pace so far for a major mental burn out once every 2 years. Cool. @WishfuiiyTV @WhiskeySweet @itmeJP Dude 3.5 hours only to fail so badly. It’s amazing. @uberfuzzy @WhiskeySweet @itmeJP It’ll be up on YouTube tomorrow!Today's @WhiskeySweet episode went............... Great..? @aureylian and @itmeJP really knocked it out of the p…
Retweeted by Aureylian △⃒⃘ @walkerbrosTV @itmeJP @WhiskeySweet so does 2020 @themanofdann Yes. He. Is. @ShannonZKiller Bahahahaha
We’re live and cooking like it’s 1776 -
Retweeted by Aureylian △⃒⃘ @RayApollo loved working on every part of this from researching to interviewing to writing. Thanks to @ColeCharisma
Retweeted by Aureylian △⃒⃘ @Delphron Is that second one flabebe?I am so angry with the accuracy @literallich @itmeJP @WhiskeySweet I hate that you’re so right about this @FemSteph @happiestbaby GIRL IF YOU BUY EVERYTHING WHAT WILL I BUY YOU FOR YOUR SHOWERIf you wanna work with us 🙃 @FemSteph Buy it when you see it at a price youre happy with. Who knows with virus right now when products will go on hold 🤷🏽‍♀️ @kassandraleigh @KevinKenson Yep we were April -> August -> April
@OMGitsfirefoxx now you can fix that