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fanartist and dirt eater.

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- Wilbur Soot - Pastels on paper - 50+ hours - October 2020
Retweeted by lene.exe not found @remedyhobi barkmaking a gc rt to join !! - must be following - 13+ making this probably tonight or tmr
Retweeted by lene.exe not foundi cant decide on techno having a long ponytail (think of viole hair from tower of god) or like choppy shoulder length hair hnnggng @sapnapwastaken niki nihachu and bbh!! @monseuIgi IDK HOW TO DRAW CORPSE BUT YEAAAA THANK UWIP don't retweet BUT YEAAAA VIDOE @WIlSPORTSMUSIC donde esta la biblioteca is all ik in spanish but hug 👍 @sapnap @GeorgeNotFound SHUTURUWHSHB @candyhorns_ YES @monseuIgi WTF!!! @monseuIgi wasnt georges love or host in september??? PLEASE WAS OUR FIRST INTERACTION WHEN I WAS SCREAMING ABT BANANA MILK ON THE TL @monseuIgi YEAH IT WAS THAT ONE HAHA @monseuIgi y does it feel like its been so long since ur green seulgi layout .... thats when i first met u i think?… @kariinnit // trypophobia , calories , drugs , ed , eating disorders , lots of small spiders all of those things… @nathansmokee HELLO NATHAN SMOKE GLAD UR BACK!! POGyou are loved don’t ever forget your worth
Retweeted by lene.exe not found @simpgogy you as well<3 @kornflaeke bark @kornflaeke woofim gonna speedrun a drawing tonight, maybe do my persona ref sheet, speedrun two+ drawing tmo, and then cry @The_Eret STRAWB @jewelciity hello!! my name is lene!! i go by she/xe/ze pronouns (interchangeably!!) and i do art even tho color th… @lRONGOLEM 👍 @QUACKICRAFT ur too epic gamer they couldnt handle the sheer aura u give off which is very very cool aura @kayleenottaken my arms are lightning bolts when raised outwards / upright !! i also do art and i only started drawing guys out of spite 👍👍 @candyhorns_ VAMO DA CYCLE @candyhorns_ FR FR FR PLEASE KEEP UR PANTS ON ZEUS OH GOD @candyhorns_ I KINDA HATE HIM IF IM BEING HONEST CAN HE KEEP HIS PANTS ON @candyhorns_ LMAOOlets keep it going guys!! say your next milestone and a fun fact about yourself and let's all be moots :] rts appreciated
Retweeted by lene.exe not found @candyhorns_ next milestone ?? uhhhh 300 maybe :] i just got back up over 200 again LMAO but a fun fact abt me is m… @honkjacie omg bless 🙏 u have a banger music taste @honkjacie ayo we should #getskeppyto4mili shall get back to my hotel room, speedrun my hw then finish my corpse and dre fanart bc ive been sitting on that… @monseuIgi SHUT UP ILY MORE 😡😡 @monseuIgi SHUT UP WOOFWOOFQGRRR U DESERVE ALL THE CLOUT U HAVE BTW POG ON 500!!!! ILYSMhi friends ! new and old . follow @/monseuIgi <3 😎😎 @monseuIgi AY I HAVE UR NOTIFS ON I SEE THIS WTF ILYSM IM AT A MALL RN BUT LEE ILY @monseuIgi HOLY FUCK IT WORKEDour minecraft convos ❤️
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anyways im working on gogy art, dream 12mil art, masktwt art + my portfolio for 2020 . my brainthe trump tower is in view of the front of my hotel window im gonna throw it back in front of it @baynotfound PSSTrt if you have a george layout to find new mutuals!!
Retweeted by lene.exe not found @monseuIgi bet @monseuIgi oomf famous @lRONGOLEM hello @whatfisupkian GEORGE FOUR MILLdream: talks me, immediately: DWEAAAAM sapnap: talks me: SAPNAPPP gorg: talks me : FOUR MILLLLL#GEORGE4MIL GEORGE YOU BITCH I DONT HAVE ANY ART FOR U YET BUT THANK U FOR BEING A GREAT CC AND ONE OF MY BIGGEST COMFORTS WE LOVE U @monseuIgi FOUR MILL @monseuIgi SHUT UP SHUT UP NO UR SO WONDERFUL ANS AMAZING ILYSM PLEASE 🥺🥺🥺 U DESERV ALL THE LOVE TYSM OMFG @monseuIgi @Dream__Fanart WOOFWOOFAWOOOOOILYT @monseuIgi @Dream__Fanart SO TINY !! AND CUTE AYO DREAM LOOK AT THIS @monseuIgi @Dream__Fanart ILYSMT THIS IS SO GOOD OMG @monseuIgi PUMPKINPATCHESAWOOpatches in a pumpkin patch ! patches !! :] - first time posting/doing fan art :0 thx lene for the idea hehe ily…
Retweeted by lene.exe not found @monseuIgi @remedyhobi LETS FUCKING GOOO @monseuIgi guys pleaseSOMEONE ANSWER MY LAST TWEET ITS IMPORTANT @monseuIgi do babies have pooping rights?? do they develop those later on?? WHO GAVE US RIGHTS TO SHIT @monseuIgi im serious i need the answer pleasecan babies shit when theyre like 2 days old? @monseuIgi wait ill ask @monseuIgi can babies even shit when theyre like 2days old?missing dream hrs @monseuIgi leave him alone hes spending time with his newborn kid @KarlJacobs_ You know what Karl? Yes, I said wife in my tweet. That’s right, I’m married. I’m in the middle of a na…
Retweeted by lene.exe not foundrt if you: -miss Wilbur -miss Fundy -have commited tax fraud -are closeted -miss Dream -Tubbo -should find a new mi…
Retweeted by lene.exe not foundthe lightsticks here 😘😘👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😘😎👍👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😎SHOOKY SHOOKYmy mom wants to buy a facemask for me ok cool thanks im glad u think of me but i refuse to wear a face mask that says BTS 😁 in bold lettersAWWW FUCK I FOUND THE SUHO AND CHEN AND BAEKHYUN SOLO STUFFim getting my first ateez album . it was either fever, ep fin treasure, a day6 album (moonrise), or an exo album bu… in the kpop store rn and i am fucking sobbing they have so much stuff day6 skz ateez the rose loona blackpink r… @mellyinit U R SO COOL AND VALID 👍👍💕💕might buy another album ... we'll see what they gotyes im going to a kpop store after going to a punk store. yes yesterday i went to an art store. no i will not stick to one aesthetic /lh @alienducks helloUnus Annus x @youtooz - November 6th
Retweeted by lene.exe not foundHIT 100k! 🎉
Retweeted by lene.exe not foundwhy did i do this AGAIN? good question you know the drill, feel free to save and use, retweets appreciated, stan t…
Retweeted by lene.exe not foundso, uh, i did it. for when you're missing dream very very much. retweets appreciated, gotta get the word out (;
Retweeted by lene.exe not found @Punztw YEAAAAAi miss sbithis is the last gc im making i swear -mbf -rt to join -stan sbi 👍
Retweeted by lene.exe not foundTEMPORARY PFP BC IM A JSHK SIMP AT HEART @shyaikun designing stuff is so fun but art is so hard @monseuIgi GOOD @yodaism @monseuIgi WHAT @EvelynSky__ HES DEAD HE DIED IN 496 BC OR SMTH @monseuIgi ITS FUNNY U SHOULD PLAY MC IN GETMAN @EvelynSky__ wheres the sleepytwt struggles PLEASE MY LUNGS @sleepystruggles @EvelynSky__ OOMF???? HES REAL??? @monseuIgi I PLAY IN TAGALOG YES BC I CAN SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND IT BUT GERMAN AND DUTCH IS BC ITS FUNNY AND I LIKE S… @EvelynSky__ /J?? OOMF????? @monseuIgi NO I JUST REFUSE TO PLAY IN REGULAR ENGLISH INDONT EVEN SPEAK DUTCH OR GERMAN