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29, Black, gay, & tired. Black Lives Matter. Protect Black women. Protect trans people.

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@_jaelc_ I’m a terrible influence honestly 😂It’s definitely been on of those weeks already 🍷 🐶 @tonygraphs Because the world isn’t fair 😔 @Jess_michelle91’s a few pop girls I’d like to see try this 🙃 looks like if one of those gross cockroach aliens from men in black stole Pedro Pascal’s face. @InThierry A quick scroll through his TL told me he needs to talk to a profession because yikes 😬The irony is that dumb birds like this have no idea that their raggedy opinions are actually a big part of what’s h…
@georgepaskl favorite thing about listening to a SZA song is that I know somewhere out in the world there’s another depressed… @branfire Not even worth it honestly. All arguing would do is give him attention. @Matt__Attack13 @branfire He also thinks Twitter fact checking is censorship which tells me everything I need to know @branfire Just terrible take after terrible take @ryantheWarlock I’m so excited but also kinda scared because I need more BlackPink music tooYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Rosé 😍😍😍 @bilbo813 Sorry to hear you’re dealing with this, but just know you’re not alone! Seasonal depression has been kick… is so cute 😭
@2NFIN8TY I miss going places & doing things 😭 @touchmelovely Ed was FEELING it ok 👏🏾
@ignatius_jude @l_17_n @ignatius_jude @SunshineSucks I’m glad to hear Canadians are actually supporting it because not enough Americans know about it 😭 @l_17_n Lmao 😂 Canada makes some amazing “feel good community based” comedy @ignatius_jude I love it. You’re probably going to need to stop and google every now and then because it’s set in C… @YallLuvCris Letterkenny girls, LetterKenny, Schitts Creek is a prime example of why I always laugh whenever I see Black people on socials say we should move abroad to a… @coldpressedkid Yea I do wish streaming services would go back to the original Netflix release style. Put the whole… @steventphoto I mean I think civil war was amazing too but yea if they’re going in thinking it’s gonna be all actio… @divaquise Come on lighting! 😍I can’t believe there are people who think #WandaVision is boring lol. @djordxc No annunciation just vibes ✨✨✨ @ItsHilaryBuff You’re my fiancé you have to say that shit 😂 @twood9891 @callmedaddyAtl Knew there was a word for it 👍🏾 @garyc925 Thank you that’s very kind of you to say! @IAmTopherTwo Really appreciate the nice words, but it’s more about how I see myself. No big deal was just in a mood last night lol. @Izzy__Banks Thank you! Def wasn’t thinking of any type of surgery, just been feeling a bit insecure lately but nothing too serious. @gaymer_1984 Lol true but I had to ask. you never know there are some pretty specific disorders out there. @stawpfeenin🎵 I’ll take you out tonight, don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone🎵 @stawpfeenin
@ScottieBeam The fact that it’s a room full of mostly dark skinned black men saying this....😒 @Nicosaesthetics Her tweeting this thinking she did something: @akaCoachCraig My parents are on fb so I try not to cuss and avoid discussing topics I don’t want them seeing lolOk guys so hear me out. If there’s ever a biopic of the Biden/Harris administration: it still considered body dysmorphia if it’s just your face you think is gross or is that called something else?
Oh ok Katy was doing her good singing last night 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @lifeasdestin @ScottieBeam Sir did your really post a butt angle pic showing the exact moment her husband was shot…
Y’all we know that the country isn’t going to magically be fixed tomorrow just because pest control finally came to… @Eyore_in_Dior @cursedsnack @Nicosaesthetics Thank you!! @Nicosaesthetics Any idea what show or movie this is? @PopCrave Dynasty - Rina Sawayama Sugar - Brock Hampton ft Dua Lipa Up in Flames - Years & Years Contaminated- BanksMe: I’m gonna take a cute selfie with Hennessy Hennessy: psssh you thought 😂😂 there’s one thing the democrats at the inauguration are gonna do it’s give you a crisp fashionable coat moment #Inauguration2021 @Viniceo Oh 100% agree which is why I’m wondering why he’d even say that knowing people are going to tear into her because of the comparison @Viniceo I mean she did well, but we all know Gaga can sing. There was no need to bring up a comparison with a lege… sis why would you set Gaga up like that?... @kaelinwilliamss It’s giving very much “I’m here and you’re welcome” @laurencopello I don’t blame them lolThis tweet is doing better than expected so just want to say: - Follow me on here - Follow me on IG:…*plays “don’t hurt yourself”* @TUnoitsme Not a strand out of place! @Matt__Attack13 She’s been ready and I truly appreciate it @Ashcashhhh3 Nowhere in sight!Baby!! Barack & Michelle did not come to play with you hoes. That hair? Laid. That drip? Immaculate. 🔥 🔥🔥🔥… @Austin_n_Austin
Retweeted by Hennessy’s Daddy🗣 No. More. MAGA. #WandaVision’s me, I’m women. @iRettrokidd No shade the fame/fame monster are still my fave Gaga era @iRettrokidd Yup!
@bamafitnessnerd As someone else already said in the quotes “Sis WE already know that, how about you straights start treating us like it?” @ItsHilaryBuff I know that everything they wear is expensive yet they always manage to make it look cheap af @JulianJabbar I want Magneto. Idc how convoluted the explanation lol idc idc idc I want to see the marvel I grew up with dammit! 😂 @JulianJabbar It’s just gonna be so weird if *that thing that everyone thinks is going to happen* happens and quick… wonder if they’re going to even mention Quicksilver in #WandaVision ? No spoilers, but if what I think is going t… @freakysexymexi Lol for meI’m looking for a couple of activeware shirts for when I take Hennessy for long walks/hikes. Preferably fitted but… favorite thing about racist gay fuckery like this is that 99.9% of the time it’s brought up completely unprovoke… @TheVixensworld @TheVixensworld I don’t personally feel that way but I don’t have to agree with someone to empathize with why they’… @cstockett05 I’m really sorry to hear that! Wishing them all a speedy recovery 🙏🏾 @TheVixensworld I mean if you have parents or older family who haven’t been able to get the vaccine and at the same… you honor my father today, please honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder…
Retweeted by Hennessy’s Daddy @Nicosaesthetics The comments 😟 @garyc925 Thank you!Nip slip’n
@ZikenX @Nicosaesthetics Also the fact that all that destruction and death was ultimately caused by some old man wh… @Nicosaesthetics Tbh if not for what she did to *spoiler* I’d be 100% on her side. Like you’re really gonna keep me… @Nicosaesthetics Diva was such a sympathetic but messed up antagonist 😭 @Nicosaesthetics OH SIS CAN WE TALK ABOUT IT?? @Prickly_cunt Yes they were working up until their early 20’s like I said...I reread this and I feel like it could sound a bit shady so let me add I’m not saying either are better, it’s just… @bamafitnessnerd Honestly idk what they’re doing now but I hope it’s being quiet and enjoying their money. Those ar… Elizabeth Olsen a better actor than her sisters or did Mary Kate & Ashley just never really have the chance to g… are these brands hiring to do their marketing & why are they so bad at it? @AuntyTare
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