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I wanna play Outer Wilds with a completely blazed Bernie Sanders
Retweeted by austin walkerlove to drop new kingdom hearts lore theories in the waypoint discord
Retweeted by austin walkerediting our e3 doc and enjoying @patrickklepek's Blair Witch freakout over and over
Retweeted by austin walkerDo not under any circumstances assist ICE
Retweeted by austin walkerIf NPC’s had to do a mission without any human player interactions.
Retweeted by austin walker @keightdee I’m right here, Kate! @a_cado_appears @weirdbonk This is incredible!I made Rachel from Blade Runner in MS Paint
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A statement from the BuzzFeed News Union ✊ #1u
Retweeted by austin walker @stephentotilo Was very bummed not to see this in the direct or to hear any word about it. Crossing my fingers we'l… to get an update last week about Game Freak's non-Pokemon game called Town. Asked Nintendo PR about it, but n…
Retweeted by austin walker @Cr0ssbow @giantbomb SAMEgod this rules. what a weird, cool game. glad that it's playable again BEEN SAYIN' Nier Automata is the best game ever made, how can you deny it's magnificence now?
Retweeted by austin walkerthis thread is an absolute gift (ty @EmmaKinema for linking me) @basketogress DM me about this. @zanderhulme damn u got me, peace @notquitereal Known since this moment in the 2017 story trailer that this was going to be my favorite Ganon. that the song of the summer is a ska-tinged experimental-pop anthem about losing money at the horse track and… you like our special jail for transgendereds? its very special we even let them play sports here. have any of…
Retweeted by austin walkergo fuck yourselves
Retweeted by austin walkerbuzzfeed walkout today, IT'S HAPPENING YALL
Retweeted by austin walkerthe use of jonathan frakes circa beyond fact and fiction for memes is probably the only good thing about 2019
Retweeted by austin walker @danauer It’s extremely good! Also nice to see you last week, however briefly.when hannibal buress said "what's in a Gamer"......I felt that
Retweeted by austin walker @L1keMike No not that game, the game of Hannibal Burres and Tom Holland being roommates. @dropkickpikachu "yeah, it's just buttons" @ProfessorLevy wow samehonestly just make this game and i'll play it @yesihavefeet same! @worstcontact @spammm Wow this adddddds up. @tastetosis1 Everything GB does is great! Also if you’re just looking for stuff to listen to, go back and listen to all of Idle Thumbs!Is RIFTS a good or fun RPG system? Christ no. Is it the only one to feature a sourcebook covering Charlotte, NC as…
Retweeted by austin walker @tithenai An extra U never does, but swap an S for a Z and it frazzles me a bit. (But this is also coming from some… piece by @owenhatherley on monuments being “wrenched from context”
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Retweeted by austin walker @wiegraf_ It was! Was trying to take down a convoy that wound up way more heavily armored than I expected @CyRevenant Once I get a better mech, Repo'll get a better mech. @RosePrinceTrey wanna take this moment to remind everyone that I also make cool mech art.
Retweeted by austin walker @Brashnir The two expansions are both good, too! @Drew4484 My bank is actually super good somehow, plus I got a bunch of lights I can flip for floating cash. alrighty then, back to work on...everything else. cover by @pancakestein
Retweeted by austin walker @Brashnir New career mode! You take what you can get. @coolranchzaku you fight til you win baybeeeeeCentrist Democrats are the best thing to happen to right-wing extremists and they fucking know it.
Retweeted by austin walkernow THAT is some battletech right there @seamoosi ping me if you feel truly stuckhe's done for
Retweeted by austin walkernetflix should have dropped evangelion on father's day
Retweeted by austin walker @HavokRose @Mobius_Games I may never get over that final’s basically just a way of saying “how are you?” #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by austin walkernot missing E3 but am missing the dinners @RobZacny cooked and the amazing fruit, cheese, and charcuterie boards… WAS IN THE LIVING ROOM DOIN MY OWN THING AND THE TV WAS ON THE HORSE RACING CHANNEL AND THEN I HEAR THEM ANNOUNCE…
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sih 33 - thank you for this fucking banquet, finally some delicious food and desert too #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by austin walker @Morbid_Coffee wait, @audiovirgil to be clear i mean let them down not "give them a failing grade" @MinovskyArticle [taking the last of the ham] "My grandma would be pissed right now..." @MinovskyArticle Me, going for seconds on Thanksgiving: "Out of respect for the form, you know?"The only truly relatable celebrity visiting the Criterion closet video is Barry Jenkins. Where others modestly pick…
Retweeted by austin walker @MrPope damn it pope @audiovirgil cannot WAIT to fail my students @zoedottxt I think the place it was laid out most directly was A Game Design Vocabulary @BigDumbHippy @waypoint Gooigi debuted in the 3DS game. He had his year. @milquetoes Seems like a problem with some hosts, but it's not a thing on our side as far as I can tell. Maybe try another app?You ever look at the moon and feel that out there somewhere the guy that yelled at his friend about the wicked witc…
Retweeted by austin walkerThis is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. Fudgesicle, an imperial stout from Untitled Art and Yazoo com…
Retweeted by austin walker @caraellison (Which isn't analagous to modifications--owned-by-others, but it is adjacent to it, I'd say.) @caraellison Yeah, I would say that the one clear complication here is when modification is made mandatory for full… @selmaleh I kept thinking of stuff to post only to se that others had it covered in the replies already. (Which is… Lips 💋 - My illustration of 2B #NieRAutomata #Illustration #Nier #2B #SquareEnix #Art #FanArt #NierAutomata2B
Retweeted by austin walkerAlso it‘s marked for spoilers already but do not watch this if you think you’ll ever play or watch a regular LP of Outer Wilds @leninliker1990 Do NOTIncredible @Chef_Lu_Bu i think there was a poor quality vid going around first that made people believe. once you see that hd shit it's clear as day
@basketogress BIG agreed. I spent a lot of time in my demo just walking around seeing the random rolled characters… @ThomasNoppers Some have energy magazines, but even the Beam Magnum doesn’t have individual shells. The Ground Gund… @audiovirgil I played it at Judge’s Week and it’s bad @keightdee Yes! I made that exact argument to someone recently. @keightdee Yeah. I can’t believe how strong that ending is. So much more than I anticipatedjust talked to a white guy at a party who said he had a theory about queer people and brains and you know what? yes…
Retweeted by austin walker @keightdee It’s so good!!Whoever put Lego and Forza together in their head, and then for real: TY.
Retweeted by austin walker @adamjohnsonNYC Mayor Pete says no to public tap water, because "Billionaires shouldn't drink for free."Top shelf stupid take, to be clear this is also an argument against ALL universal public spending—public parks, pub…
Retweeted by austin walker @noirexperiences @kurogane You'd need to ask @Stitcher or @acast about that I think? Not something we control on ou… @lesaboteur87 @imranzomg I think you're misrembering what I said here. I absolutely asked about this, and they don'… @SeriuzBiznus @waypoint Thanks Maria!given the rumours that the last of us 2 is releasing in feb, i decided to get ahead and write up the final paragrap…
Retweeted by austin walkerI wrote a thing about battle royale games cutting the social critique from the genre and how of course that was the…
Retweeted by austin walker @jhscott @nataliewatson The full vids that we have are already up there! THe first few days were done via periscope… didn't! We had to record the last one with a reduced setup as Cado had to return our cameras and lighting rig to… remember that every day is #FreeRPGDay for the #BeamSaber Quick Start Rules which are available here:
Retweeted by austin walkerFor #FreeRPGDay, my games are PWYW! ...They’ve always been PWYW but they’re also undergoing playtesting now and soo…
Retweeted by austin walkerWhat's up gamers, for #freerpgday today and today only you can get Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined free.…
Retweeted by austin walker👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 Hello out there. We heard it’s #FreeRPGDay! Lancer’s core rules will always be free. Grab ‘em below, alon…
Retweeted by austin walkerhey, did you know today is #FreeRPGDay? If not, now you do! One of my ttrpgs, Signal to Noise, is available for p…
Retweeted by austin walkerAlso, shout outs to VICE's great video team, which has been making excerpts from some of our pods this week! For in…