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Enjoyed this review of two books on walking by @davidulin — especially his taking issue with the “assumption that h…♦️WALT WHITMAN ♦️ Born on this day, in 1819 Roberto Benigni: “Do you like Walt Whitman?” Tom Waits: “Walt Whitman?…
Retweeted by Austin Kleon“But you can’t just copy somebody. If you like someone’s work, the important thing is to be exposed to everything t… timeline earlier today🎶 I can’t pay no doctor bills But whitey’s on the moon 🎶
“For me the initial delight is in the surprise of remembering something I didn’t know I knew.... There is a glad re…“No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader.” —Robert Frost (thx @BCDreyer) @tyler_stanger That’s my research desk 😬 @DevorahHeitner Ask someone under the age of 40 if they have one 😭Nothing like keeping a big ol’ paper dictionary in your office @BCDreyer He has a baller CAT PEOPLE poster, too ❤️Whenever I see a big book on a podium in somebody’s office I immediately want to know what it is! Once upon a time… *think* that’s a gigantic dictionary on a stand behind Scorsese in his office?“We thought, What if we presented our ideas in a way that could burrow into mainstream music? We wanted to be subve… is an excerpt from a 1970 documentary portrait of Alice Coltrane by filmmaker St. Clair C. Bourne. The 15-minu…
Retweeted by Austin Kleon @arjunbasu I read everything @shamblanderson publishes“But the power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost supe…
@ArchivingAloud I think he would, too! I love him. And his booksPrinting with leftover peppers 🌶 It’s Friday. (I double-checked.) Here is this week’s newsletter for your perusal, enjoyment, distraction, et…
Retweeted by Austin KleonBerger footage: Penguin footage: Berger’s WAYS OF SEEING.... with penguins. 🐧🐧🐧 @mattthomas I want to dub it with a John Berger monologue @mattthomas No, I love that you know me well enough to send it. (Do you read @lauraolin’s newsletter? That’s where I saw them!) @mattthomas Did you see this in the newsletter today or is this coincidence? @TimStodz It’s Friday. (I double-checked.) Here is this week’s newsletter for your perusal, enjoyment, distraction, et… POWER TO THE PACK RATS! wrote about Nelson Molina’s TREASURE IN THE TRASH collection in the “Open Your Cabinet of Curiosities” section o… wound has been dressed and the patient is in recovery 79: kettle down’s a fun one: When shooting RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, they rehearsed for a big sword fight, but Harrison Ford wa…
@berincole💡 MAKING MOVIES! Love that book:🚂 🎥 want a box set of this Penguin “Great Ideas” series this thread about accidents or constraints on set that led to signature movie scenes. I would read a whole boo…🎶 I miss your soup and I miss your bread And a letter in your writing doesn't mean you're not dead 🎶 @atrubek Have you written about audiobooks?Charlie Chaplin invited Albert Einstein to the premiere of CITY LIGHTS. “They cheer me because they all understan… @kottke @jkottke plus you get to see Phil with hair! (I watched this set on bootleg yesterday love "Bones" and "Blow Out")
The most “creative” stuff I’ve seen come out of these times is all basically trickster pranks: kids manipulating th… @atrubek Synth Brittania“Bones” is my favorite song off THE BENDS — this performance rips“Work and learn in evil days, in barren days, in days of depression and calamity.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson’s been a joy to be making things with the amazing #MoWillems recently. Here’s a lullaby — “Nana” by Manuel de Fa…
Retweeted by Austin KleonNewly discovered just outside of Verona, what could be this year's biggest discovery - an almost entirely intact Ro…
Retweeted by Austin Kleon @monteiro @dansinker @ChuckWendig @atrubek This is true. But sometimes they get wonky on me @monteiro @dansinker I don’t want to know why anyone’s talking about anything on here TBH @atrubek Honestly I WISH people would send me galleys I could read on my ereader. Usually the option is paper or pdf. (UGH) @atrubek I thought you were drunk tweeting 😂
@atlrun @briankoppelman She was so good. worth cultivating 🕶 ✂️
Retweeted by Austin Kleon @_Sara_Robertson 👀 How to Draw the Coronavirus. A really really good account of illustrators at work, with many examples. Accura…
Retweeted by Austin Kleon“Work and learn in evil days, in barren days, in days of calamity.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson of my comfort lately has been found in my work. Cutting and pasting and typing and drawing and cutting and blog… season.
Retweeted by Austin KleonHey Austin readers, we have great news: BookPeople curbside pick-up is back OPEN! We have limited hours and ALL cur…
Retweeted by Austin Kleon🎶 What are we coming to? No room for me, no fun for you 🎶 @sternbergh It’s all in the blending 😂 @sternbergh The problem is their hair LOOKS wild but it’s maintained — like, you gotta do the sides right for that @WorkmanPub @FoxTale this event was postponed!!A good summary of my book about self-promotion “for people who hate the very idea of self-promotion” 😂…’s interesting to compare the enthusiasm for Substack with the burnout felt by many bloggers… thread 👇 Miles Davis, born on this day in 1926 in Alton, Illinois. Here he is performing “So What” in 1959.
Retweeted by Austin KleonI used to love big soaking thunderstorms and now they just seem too on-the-nose ⛈▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░ 40%
Retweeted by Austin Kleon“Steal a little they throw you in jail, steal a lot they make you a king.”“Keep your eye on your inner world and keep away from ads and idiots and movie stars.” —Dorothea Tanning…
I love this story because I can easily imagine being either one of them sends Emerson LEAVES OF GRASS. Emerson writes a letter back, “I greet you at the beginning of a great caree… collages“Emerson...came from 7 generations of ministers which entailed being schooled from the moment you could hold a book…“We do not know today whether we are busy or idle. In times when we thought ourselves indolent, we have afterwards…“Every book is a quotation; and every house is a quotation out of all forests and mines and stone quarries; and eve…
Retweeted by Austin Kleon @kg_ubu TBH you were the first person I thought of when I saw this in print yesterday (and when you flip the page o…’re excited to talk to one of our favorite authors today — @stevenbjohnson! We’re gonna talk about pirates, and h…
Retweeted by Austin KleonR.I.P. Jimmy Cobb, January 20, 1929 – May 24, 2020.
Retweeted by Austin Kleon @dougkleeman Thanks. Trying to get it together to sell stuff this year. (Usually just dump it in books)from @ayjay’s wonderful blog“I never studied. I never did anything. I hated it so much. I hated it, like powerful hate. The only thing that was… photo of @NicholasHoult knitting on set is one of my all-time favorites is 💀 these days Dumpty sat on a wall all of @theshadowsfx so far @monteiro This is my favorite take. Let’s get him on the golf course permanently.I really enjoy Twitter….. Minus the Dumbfucks.
Retweeted by Austin Kleon @TechieSkittles Scissors and a glue stick
"(the one with the dog")
Retweeted by Austin Kleon“That’s how you get a butterfly: out of the horrid meltdown of a modest caterpillar.” —@shamblanderson @KikiSchirr Rad thanks! @jndevereux His emails lately have been a little unhinged, but that’s to be expected 😂