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You can be a bad Catholic and a good Democrat. You can be a good Catholic and a bad Democrat. What you cannot be is a good Catholic and a good Democrat.

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@CatholicSkeptic I’m a convert and a revert @CatholicSkeptic I do. @CatholicSkeptic What brought you back to the church? @CatholicSkeptic Heh. @CatholicSkeptic @MaryKennan1 @jennmorson I will pray for you too.Jenn Morson says men who run pro-family groups are “vile pigs”. Why are feminists so angry? I offered my mass today for Jenn. @CatholicSkeptic @MaryKennan1 @jennmorson Yes. Prayer is so creepy. @MaryKennan1 @jennmorson You can tell Jenn i am offering my Mass today for her. @RichRaho Referring to use of the tax code as “evasion” is calumny and sinful.Daryl Strawberry at the prayer rally this weekend. @MaryKennan1 @jennmorson Prepcom Beijing+5, spring 2000. She mentions it on her thread. @CaitlinPacific Welcome to the tax code. @mightybarrister She is a very troubled person, like most of the Shea crowd, and like all feminists. @poniewozik Really something, then, that he has done such an amazing job. @KenHicken @Pontifex @UN But we have natural right to defend ourselves. No? @iamshellarnold @jennmorson I love the mute button.Ah no, hon. You were never an employee. We accredited you to a UN conference and followed our direction. Now, stop…
@dcexaminer @realDonaldTrump I guess he never got cash from the Russians, eh? @Matt_Diersen That’s ok. @swattswrites Ask her. @KenHicken @Pontifex @UN Neither is the wheel.These Shea people are so incredibly vicious.Remember kids..feminism kills.Humorless feminist. She interned for me years ago. Something happened to her—even her friends say so. @frjohnhollowell Wow. Finally a like from Pakaluk. @CRPakaluk @EricRWeinstein The same FBI-media conspiracy that we see today. @frjohnhollowell There is no good feminism. @robincaphill @cjdoran1 @Vermeullarmine I think whatever anyone may call it, we all would hope that there would be… the left is not focusing on Roe. @robincaphill @cjdoran1 @Vermeullarmine It’s not an important distinction. @cjdoran1 @robincaphill @Vermeullarmine It is a niggling distinction. @robincaphill @cjdoran1 @Vermeullarmine It was the wish of Josemaria that there be an “Opus Dei” university in the… @LarryOConnor @hughhewitt @EdMorrissey Cheri became a bit whack. @robincaphill and there is one in Australia, too.. @cjdoran1 @robincaphill @Vermeullarmine Running a university does not preclude academic freedom, even if it is run… @robincaphill @Vermeullarmine Here is another one in Kenya: @EdmundPAdamus I do not know what that means, but I suspect I am! @robincaphill @Vermeullarmine Here it is. @EdmundPAdamus The positioning of the black kids in the photo amply demonstrates they are outsiders to the family.… @AgTerzo The president always has outside advice on nominees. All presidents do. Grow up. @toofat4facebook @ClarkeMicah Here is the bottom line. Man is utterly free.Just made hash with leftover braised brisket, potatoes, onions, salt, pepper and a dash of MSG. MSG is something of… @toofat4facebook @ClarkeMicah if you call it indoctrination, fine. We are still free to walk away, to reject it. al… @toofat4facebook @ClarkeMicah You are free to believe or not to believe in heaven and hell. @Schilling1776 @SohrabAhmari @AriAster @amconmag With the exception of the payoff, Hereditary was a rather conventi… @toofat4facebook @ClarkeMicah utterly free to choose. Freedom baby. All these other systems say people HAVE NO CHOICE. See the difference? @toofat4facebook @ClarkeMicah Calvinism, yes. Not Catholicism which believes in a radical freedom, freedom to reject God. @chiefsrule2019 @guypbenson Yes, only 10%. There was NO pent up desire. The same survey finds that more gays are ma… @ClarkeMicah Mankind has never been comfortable with freedom, hence Calvinism, Freudianism, Communism. We set up sy… this day in 2014, Don Alvaro del Portillo was Beatified. Look at the crowds. @votelandry If this is what you believe, then, no, you’re not as Catholic as those who believe her teachings. @guypbenson Statistics show that homosexuals are not interested in marriage. There was no lent up desire. We change… @guypbenson Statistics show that homosexuals are not interested in marriage. @MTTAMehan Nice voice dude. @pacalligan This is why our kids have STDs.
@EdWhelanEPPC You are fully masked! @DrJayRichards Nice! @BostonCathSupt @cartersnead @ND_EthicsCenter I prefer to think that liberals ought to be terrified. @davereaboi Depends on who’s feeding. @RyanTAnd You are getting there...God Bless.Now, perhaps this was not an appropriate time to make a joke, but it is more believable than he did not know the UK… got a belly laugh from Rogan and Murray. However, anyone who knows Trump's Borscht Belt sense of humor, can he…, on the Rogan podcast, Douglas Murray quoted the Bolton book. Apparently, Theresa May mentioned the poisoning of… @silouanca @theWesleyJSmith There is a Barnes and Noble in Manhattan, maybe a few. There is one in Ashburn, VA...this is the one we visited. @theWesleyJSmith It ws astouding the number of biden books. the only trump books were about how awful he is.Dayum. Barnes & Nobles Seems unaware that some of their customers may be supporting Trump. Biden and Harris books e… @pacalligan The difference is that you want them to. @SSchnauzers @splcenter Democrats. It was a Republican that sent in white troops to guard the black kids. @PetriOP @ebruenig As a Catholic, I do not at all find myself politically homeless. This is a nonsensical trope tha… @splcenter Mob of Democrats. @joec522 @Dannycasual22 @RyanTAnd Yes @joec522 @Dannycasual22 @RyanTAnd Specific instances of privacy but a general right of privacy was an invention in Griswold. @joec522 @Dannycasual22 @RyanTAnd Doe v. Bolton created the health exception that have us abortion on demand. The g… @Mrs_Boyd1 Her skell boyfriend should not have shot first. Her death is on him. @SohrabAhmari @Vermeullarmine @AriAster *anything other than typical gore-horror @CaitlinPacific I once picked up a date by helicopter at the 30th street heliport that then dropped us on Malcom’s boat. @CaitlinPacific I lived that at the very end. Black cars to Malcom’s boat, dinner cruise, black cars from the boat… @SohrabAhmari @Vermeullarmine @AriAster I saw hereditary on your recommendation. Not until the end did I understand…, what’s keeping you from living like this?
Retweeted by Austin Ruse / Overturn Roe, Eisenstadt, Griswold.President @realDonaldTrump: For decades our opponents spent trillions of dollars rebuilding other countries, now we…
Retweeted by Austin Ruse / Overturn Roe, Eisenstadt, Griswold. @KFaulders @maggieNYT Virginia is in play.
My new column @theamgreatness @JuliePonzi Thanks, Julie!Austin Ruse: We salute Trump for appointing a real believer to the high court. The stakes are nothing short of who…
Retweeted by Austin Ruse / Overturn Roe, Eisenstadt, Griswold.Big Gay is against Amy Coney Barrett. Bummer. @PeterJa48755421 @Pontifex @UN So the gospel doesn’t give me permission to own a car either. Or a frying pan. What’s a fella to do? @markadams44 @BatesLine @SykesCharlie Good lord. @eneubauer @Pontifex @UN What does “personal” mean? @RonPaul @ChuckRossDC Wow! @nypost Hail Mary, Full of grace. @Pontifex @UN Holy Father, I’m keeping my weapon. We have a natural right to defend ourselves. Your loyal son, Austin @ellie_bufkin Oh no. @EricSchmittNYT @maggieNYT @denverpost “his friend Vladimir..” What a crock. @ellie_bufkin Something new? @JacobSegal1 Golf is good.Trumps says, “Joe put a lid on...I’m workin’ my ass off.” Love him. @anon16073964 What the hell happened??? @theWesleyJSmith They are everywhere...DMcoming your wayLast night i watched the movie Phantom Thread. It is a quite remarkable movie...a three-way melodrama among brother… sit at a coffee shop in Great Falls, VA, and listen to old CIA guys talk about the issues of the day. One cannot…