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Austin Ruse @austinruse Virginia, USA

Lying dog-faced pony soldier. Pronouns: car/bus POC: beige/pink

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@melanatedmozart Thurman was the only Dixiecrat to become a republican. All the rest stayed Democrat. Nixon lost th… @melanatedmozart A myth. @melanatedmozart Both Democrats. @melanatedmozart They’re mostly near black and Hispanic neighborhoods. @melanatedmozart Both Democrats. @melanatedmozart By placing most abortion clinics nearest to black and Hispanic neighborhoods. @melanatedmozart What’s more there is a senate office e building named after a Democrat kkk leader. @melanatedmozart Bull Connor was a Democrat. Cecile Richards, too. @mattcorvin1 @melanatedmozart However, overwhelmingly abortions are carried on single women. Just a fact. Yes, blac… @mattcorvin1 @melanatedmozart Most women who seek abortions are single and abandoned by the men who impregnated them. @GJMcCrea @KevinMKruse @melanatedmozart Yeah but slavery, Jim Crow, kkk, Abortion are all Democrat. @KevinMKruse @melanatedmozart Good comeback. @mattcorvin1 @melanatedmozart Yes. Because they’ve been abandoned. @gwangung @jonas_salt @beth_lee @anamariecox So,if not human, then what? @beth_lee @jonas_salt @anamariecox So, not human? @wackplayer @beth_lee @jonas_salt @anamariecox Nor people on a persistent vegetative state. Kill them? .
@jonas_salt @beth_lee @anamariecox So....the fertilized ovum is not human? @KevinMKruse @melanatedmozart Virginia case. Democrats. . @melanatedmozart Even the Guttmacher Institute found this. @melanatedmozart Is this confusing to you? It needs unpacking? @melanatedmozart Nah. Most women want their babies. They choose abortion because theyve been abandoned. Women deserve better. @melanatedmozart Rutting men who do not act like men is sad. @jonas_salt @beth_lee @anamariecox Actually, science and medicine know full well the fertilized is a human being. @melanatedmozart I note your refusal to answer the question. I suspect it’s more than one, perhaps several. Abortio… @melanatedmozart How many abortions were you a part of? @melanatedmozart Sad. @beth_lee @melanatedmozart @KevinMKruse I win. That sure was easy. @Matt24326055 @LeilaMillerLCB @jdflynn I think you don’t know what tgat means. @melanatedmozart Are you fine with more black babies killed in utero than born? @melanatedmozart I mean there is a black genocide being perpetrated by Democrats. @melanatedmozart They were Democrats. Just like the Democrats who abort black babies at horrific levels. But, of co… @beth_lee @melanatedmozart @KevinMKruse He would say modern Democrats don’t abort black babies? @melanatedmozart They were Democrats. Just like Democrats today abort black babies. @beth_lee @anamariecox I mean there is a parallel. There are more black babies killed in utero than are actually bo… @beth_lee @anamariecox Abortion includes the taking of a human life. @beth_lee @anamariecox Some Democrats used to sterilize blacks and the intellectually disabled. @anamariecox Forced sterilization? Sounds very democratic. @TonyFischer @ebruenig Our Savior on Park Avenue. @BarbMcQuade You are an idiot. @LeilaMillerLCB @jdflynn The always dismissive and arrogant Flynn. @amandacarpenter It’s because hacks promoted his lurid tale in order to finally take down trump. Shame on you.This is THE coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Air Force 1 buzzing the Dayonta 500. days till I come to speak in Michigan. @padresj @realJaseHyatt Jesuit. @N1ckSandmann Jesuit. @CajunPapist @davidpaulyoung Yes, he brought them to the meeting i referenced. I am glad these are available for sa… @JamesMartinSJ @wrdcsc I note that among some, like Fr. Jim --- Dawn Eden does it to --- when arguments are not goi…’s always surprising to me when folks like Fr. James Martin use “ad hominem” as a shield when ad hominem is no wh… @commonwealmag @Pontifex @Synod_va @MassimoFaggioli Oh my Max Beans is anti-Francis? @davidpaulyoung At a meeting last year.#NewProfilePic
@ThomasGervais8 @RaheemKassam @jihadwatchRS Just don’t see it. @CMJsMarmee @RaheemKassam @jihadwatchRS I rather think its a plus not to know. @CMJsMarmee @RaheemKassam @jihadwatchRS How does knowing his name fix all that? @RaheemKassam @jihadwatchRS Seriously, why should anyone know the name of the president, or whatever, of Mexico?Okay, i thought it was kind of cool that Marc Andreessen was following me until i noticed he follows almost 20,000… knew there was more to this story than “man bad.” The woman is also suing. Says a lot about her. @MattWalshBlog @McAllisterDen Neither would I ever refer to 14 year old boys as scumbags. @McAllisterDen Yes. To disprove your rather broad point. @McAllisterDen Actually, studies show regular porn use at younger and younger ages. Porn is addictive especially am… @McAllisterDen I am not willing to call a 14-year-old girl a dirty scumbag. It affects millions of us who need our… @McAllisterDen Sadly, you are wrong about this. The use of porn is now so widespread, they cannot all be characteri… @shona4482 @nal4democrats @JRubinBlogger I am willing to have a sensible conversation with anyone but when they sta… @shona4482 @nal4democrats @JRubinBlogger Because they cannot be one flesh.
@nal4democrats @JRubinBlogger Marriage is not a contract. It is a covenant. Moreover, it requires the proper matter… @JRubinBlogger Mayor Pete is not married to anyone. No matter what his piece of paper says. And yes, most Americans… Another black mark on the lying fourth estate. this day in 1930 began the women’s branch of Opus Dei. On this day in 1943 began the Priestly Society of the Hol… @EduardHabsburg They sure used to. Not that long ago.MEGHAN IS BACK. “Thank you for that warm welcome at this Well-Off Bankers” event #MeghanAndHarry #MeghanMarkle
Retweeted by Austin Ruse @JZmirak This was years ago. I realized I could make common cause even with a pro-abort if they knew the UN was no… @JZmirak I gave a UN pro-life talk at Grover’s Wednesday Meeting. Years ago. I finished. Ann Stone comes up to me a… @borden_bk @Peter_Wehner @MaxBoot @MJGerson Let me give you an example, something that Bush never considered. Trump… @_Yergie_ @Peter_Wehner @MaxBoot @MJGerson You will enjoy my upcoming book “The Catholic Case for Trump” (Regnery) @_Yergie_ @Peter_Wehner @MaxBoot @MJGerson There are no sh*thole countries? @pumpkinprinces3 @Peter_Wehner @MaxBoot @MJGerson Moreover, they weren’t and are not “cages”. @pumpkinprinces3 @Peter_Wehner @MaxBoot @MJGerson Obama. @j_arthur_bloom Yes. Ive seen this person in photos with lots of new conservatives. @Peter_Wehner @MaxBoot @MJGerson And yet Trump is the most prolife president we’ve ever had. @LisaMascaro @maggieNYT All of a sudden the left cares about cutting the military. @Northernlites51 @KatiePhang Since she is obviously ignorant of our system of government, I thought she might be foreign. , @JRubinBlogger Trump killed him.
Bloomberg lied about his height on his drivers license. Heh. @ccpecknold @AmericanPapist We dont know what happened right before he started bouncing her. There is a larger context we cannot see. @Schilling1776 Yes. @Schilling1776 Popeyes actually sucks. Tried it three times.A fair question from @JackPosobiec!
Retweeted by Austin Ruse @MikeBloomberg @realDonaldTrump Mini-Mike cannot win the unsult battle with DJT.Pope Francis refuses to condemn Pachamama Dunker? @EduardHabsburg Is it appropriate? We have Disney+ but have not done this one. @roddreher It’s action on the side, of course. Lots of it. @Michael_J_Matt @ajalsevac You’re using jumped the shark wrong. He would have jumped the shark had he called for married priests. @DanBarryNYT @JamesMartinSJ The only truly brave people there. Good for them. @ThomasReeseSJ @YonatShimron @RNS At UVA they are asking white kids to stay our of the multicultural center. But that’s okay. @HRC @ATT @BBVA_USA @Toyota Don Lemon: thanks. Smell my finger? @GrayConnolly Time to kick them out of the Union. @thehill No more Bushes. Ever.Why is the left so anti-Francis? ⁦@JZmirak⁩ ⁦@SteveSkojec⁩ ⁦@ChristineNiles1⁩ Catholic Vote Could Decide 2020, So We Can’t Ignore the Shills Pushing Catholics Toward Socialism | The Stream
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