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Australia Zoo @AustraliaZoo Sunshine Coast, Australia

Australia Zoo, Home of the Crocodile Hunter. We pack in stacks of wildlife action and conservation every day - it's as WILD as life gets!

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💚 You can book your very own #AustraliaZoo tour by visiting this link: family of ducks were stuck in a local swimming pool. The @AustraliaZoo team placed the flightless ducklings in…
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Wishing a very happy Sweet 16 to Ro our ring-tailed lemur! He had a spectacular party celebrating with his best fri…
Meg the southern hairy-nosed wombat here to wish you a mega week filled with long walks, lots of corn and plenty of… ready for a fun Halloween with your own khaki costume! Available @AustraliaZoo and online!…
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Halloween happiness at #AustraliaZoo 🎃 Join us October 31st for trick or treating, jack-o-lantern carving and a spi… spooky (adorable) season approaches @AustraliaZoo 💕🎃 Tag a friend who needs some gorgeous pumpkin spice animals…
Retweeted by Australia ZooYou can meet our amazing wedge tailed eagle right here at #AustraliaZoo! 💙 Follow this link for all the details:…
NEW episode of ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’ tonight at 8pm on @AnimalPlanet in the USA! In this episode, I swim with o…
Retweeted by Australia ZooUSA 🇺🇸🦘Tonight 8pm the new episode of ‘Crikey! It’s The Irwins’ on @animalplanet. You’ll get to meet two very cute…
Retweeted by Australia Zoo.@BindiIrwin, @RobertIrwin, and I look forward to seeing you there!
Retweeted by Australia ZooOur veterinary technicians work around the clock to care for wildlife @AustraliaZoo’s wildlife hospital. We’re so p…
Retweeted by Australia ZooWhat I love about meerkats is that they’re always looking forward 💛 Tag someone in your life who needs a little mee…
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Happy October!🎃 Our pumpkin spiced koalas are getting into the spooky spirit of Halloween!🐨🧡
Come with us as we follow in Steve’s footsteps. This November 9, join us for the 13th annual #SteveIrwinGalaDinner
The face you make pretending to like salad... 🍃😂
This photograph captures everything good in the world and makes my heart so happy❤️
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Retweeted by Australia ZooThis month on Crikey Club follow the Irwin family as they travel through the USA, check out some of our adorable ne…’s also baby season @AustraliaZoo. Come see our gorgeous little giraffe, rhino, tiger, and eleven koala joeys! To…
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I love Noodle!!!
Retweeted by Australia ZooHappy #WorldHabitatDay! 💚
Retweeted by Australia ZooI just found out that there’s a #WorldNoodleDay celebration and had to share our darling Noodle the giraffe. Named…
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Shell-ebrating the fact that Spring school holidays are in full swing at #AustraliaZoo 🎉 We will see you for a tort… all our special patients at the @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital – who are forever giving us a reason to smile…
Retweeted by Australia ZooHarriet the Galapagos tortoise was one of our oldest & dearest friends @AustraliaZoo. She was like a grandma.…
Retweeted by Australia ZooCrikey! Thank you so much for your support. We have reached over 200,000 followers on Twitter! 🎉💙 We’re proud to sh…
Crikey! USA - tune in to @AnimalPlanet at 7pm for our ‘Crikey It’s The Irwins’ special and 8pm for the PREMIERE of…
Retweeted by Australia ZooThe whole gang’s together again for ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’! Season 2 premieres TONIGHT 8pm in the USA on…
Retweeted by Australia Zoo‘Crikey It’s The Irwins’ premieres in the USA at 8pm ET! Tune in to @AnimalPlanet for the #AustraliaZoo adventure o…
My parents opened the @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital in memory of my grandmother who was a beautiful wildlife care…
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Today marks both #WorldAnimalDay and #InternationalZookeeperDay 💚 We are paying tribute to the original Wildlife Wa… are red Violets are blue We can’t wait to see you @AustraliaZoo #NationalPoetryDay2019
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You’ve seen the winning shot from this years #CrikeyMagazine Photography Comp Open Category, here’s the fantastic i…’t wait to walk you down the aisle ❤️
Retweeted by Australia Zoo.@BindiIrwin shared a picture that every fan of the family had been waiting for... a first look at her wedding dres…
Retweeted by Australia ZooTune in this Saturday October 5 for the Season 2 premiere of ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins’ on @AnimalPlanet at 8:00pm!…
Retweeted by Australia ZooCrikey! The Irwins are coming to #PeopleNow! @BindiIrwin, @RobertIrwin, and @TerriIrwin are dropping by to answer a…
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Our family keeps growing! Welcome our two beautiful ring-tailed lemur twins to the #AustraliaZoo family💛 These ador… hang out with #theIrwins on Facebook Live Wednesday at 2:30pm ET! Let us know your questions for them in the c…
Retweeted by Australia ZooThe adventure of a lifetime💙🙌🏼Catch the epic premiere of ‘Crikey It’s The Irwins‘ in the USA on @AnimalPlanet Octob…
Retweeted by Australia ZooRemember Luke the koala joey? His mama was sadly killed by a train, but Luke survived in her pouch. Look at him now…
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This is such a special time for our family. We are so very happy!
Retweeted by Australia Zoo.@BindiIrwin on her engagement to @chandlerpowell9: “It was the most beautiful and most terrifying moment of my lif…
Retweeted by Australia ZooRIGHT NOW: @BindiIrwin, @TerriIrwin, @RobertIrwin and @chandlerpowell9 join us LIVE in Times Square!
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“Did someone say coffee?” Do yourself a favour and grab a gourmet barista made coffee to make your next… ON @GMA: Crikey, it's the Irwins! @BindiIrwin, @TerriIrwin, @RobertIrwin and @chandlerpowell9 drop by to t…
Retweeted by Australia ZooYou can meet Nelson, @AustraliaZoo’s beautiful tiger cub. Funds raised go towards protecting wild Sumatran tigers.…
Retweeted by Australia ZooYou can meet DJ with your own special private encounter @AustraliaZoo! Funds go to protect rhinos in the wild.…
Retweeted by Australia ZooA bit of tiger love to brighten up your day! ☀️
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Our beautiful big boy DJ is turning 17 today! Weighing in at over 2 tons with the temperament of a Labrador dog he… dedicated his life to protecting wildlife and wild places. We are proud to continue his mission.
Retweeted by Australia ZooMake your dollars count. @AustraliaZoo our profits go back into conservation, helping animals like Sumatran tigers!…
Retweeted by Australia ZooNeubi the barking owl is a bird of many expressions. Happy birthday sweet boy! Enjoy your celebrations…
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.@RobertIrwin has big plans for older sister Bindi’s wedding
Retweeted by Australia ZooCheck out amazing @RobertIrwin on @FallonTonight! Including a never before seen HILARIOUS engagement picture... ❤️
Retweeted by Australia Zoo.@RobertIrwin has some big ideas for Bindi’s wedding #FallonLIVE
Retweeted by Australia ZooTonight, live on @FallonTonight !!
Retweeted by Australia ZooHe’s adorable! 🦏❤️
Retweeted by Australia ZooWith little rain and limited food around, the @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital has seen a 757% increase in flying fo…
Retweeted by Australia ZooWhen our dear @BindiIrwin was born, everything ordinary became extraordinary. I love you sweet Bindi.…
Retweeted by Australia ZooBe sure to tune in TONIGHT to see my amazing brother. So proud of you, @RobertIrwin! @FallonTonight
Retweeted by Australia ZooLuke the orphaned koala joey is getting love & care at the #AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital after his mum was tragic…
Happy birthday to Nuebi the barking owl! To celebrate his big day, he is enjoying his very own party filled with de… those who saw my video a few days ago about Luke the koala, this is a special update. With specialised treatmen…
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To welcome our baby #AustraliaZoo animals, our team at the Laughing Frog Lolly Shop have created fabulously fun wil…
Clearly our meerkats are excited about Dad as a Pop! Vinyl ❤️ Visit the link and you can preorder now! xx…
Retweeted by Australia ZooThere’s no better friend than a rhino ❤️🦏 #WorldRhinoDay
Retweeted by Australia ZooOne of the most adorable sights in the whole world - our wombat joey 💛 So much love @AustraliaZoo.
Retweeted by Australia ZooOur adorable koalas are here to wish you a “mar-SUPER-ial” day🐨💕 #ZooHumor @BindiIrwin & @iamValC dance brightens my whole day. Bindi has such a happy soul & I love her with all my…
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Celebrating #WorldRhinoDay with our darling DJ. This big guy has such a wonderful heart. Together we must protect t…
Retweeted by Australia ZooKingston the rhino calf looking out for a bright future for all rhinos this #WorldRhinoDay 🦏 Visit… can meet Ravi the red panda just like @TerriIrwin & @BindiIrwin! 🎉💕 Follow this link: shared this touching video of her team saving baby koala bear.
Retweeted by Australia Zoo @ginman55 @TerriIrwin @BindiIrwin Hello Gloria, This yearly international Crikey Magazine subscription link will wo… @ginman55 @TerriIrwin @BindiIrwin Can you please email with your contact details? Thank you.
Happy #InternationalRedPandaDay ❤️ We are inviting you to subscribe or renew your subscription to Crikey! Magazine… can be a Wildlife Warrior. Join us @AnimalPlanet for season two of “Crikey! It’s the Irwins” Saturday October 5…
Retweeted by Australia ZooSubscribe to Crikey Magazine by October 31 and you could win the chance to meet @BindiIrwin @AustraliaZoo!…
Retweeted by Australia ZooThis is the CUTEST. Great work, @BindiIrwin!
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After this sweet koala joey lost his mother we wanted to make sure he got a second chance at life. The…
Retweeted by Australia ZooWe love babies!!
Retweeted by Australia ZooPreorder your Steve Irwin Pop! Vinyl now before all the meerkats get them!
Retweeted by Australia ZooWhy is it so fun to watch tortoises eat?!! 😂
Retweeted by Australia ZooApparently leaves are the most delicious! #NationalCheeseburgerDay
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Meet Kingston! Our adorable new rhino calf loves playing with his family and wallowing in the mud. You can now visi…
Retweeted by Australia ZooMeet Kingston the southern white rhino! Kingston was born here at #AustraliaZoo as part of our rhino breeding progr…
You can click on the link to vote for @AustraliaZoo. Thanks for voting!
Retweeted by Australia ZooThank you for sharing your experience @AustraliaZoo. I’m happy to hear that you found everything easy to access. I…
Retweeted by Australia ZooThe sweetest 💛🐨 We work every day to protect koalas in the wild and have treated thousands at our Australia Zoo Wil…
Retweeted by Australia ZooIt’s here. The busiest, most confronting time of year at the @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital, #TraumaSeason. To lea…
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DJ the white rhino is the heaviest animal @AustraliaZoo! He has the sweetest personality! Sadly, rhinos are disappe…
Retweeted by Australia Zoo💙🦏 You can meet DJ just like @RobertIrwin by following this link: and I were always so lucky to be able to bring @BindiIrwin and @RobertIrwin along with us!…
Retweeted by Australia ZooSubscribe to Crikey Magazine and read about everything from our gorgeous wildlife to @BindiIrwin & @chandlerpowell9
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With a portable shell home to hide in, our star tortoises are perfectly evolved for Mondays! Beat the Monday blues…’t wait to get our #EverythingIrwin fix - is it October yet??
Retweeted by Australia ZooHeading into Monday with a smile @AustraliaZoo 🐊💛
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Little Elle the wombat joey here to “Elle-vate” your weekend💛