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3 point specialist | 2/2 blonde connoisseur

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@visionofviii will be amazing @lmao_dom @m3diawh0re bro relax @m3diawh0re omg heyyy 🙄🤞 omw @m3diawh0re I’m a girl @MarcoAjx @MarcoAjx I didn’t mean it I’m sorry 🧎 @MarcoAjx wait was it actually u😭whoever quoted On private deserves the electric chairneed my dick gobbled and inhaled rn need some like circus tricks done to it . @MarcoAjx @NotMarshy it’s been a long day @MarcoAjx @NotMarshy u laughing at pollution? @MarcoAjx @NotMarshy what’s so funny. Racism? @Truzzdade @inloveatparis LETS GO @NotMarshy alright. @loner_kev LMFAOO @loner_kev my bad bro. please stay up and tweet 🙏 @loner_kev 5 mins and zero replies bruh go to sleep 😭😭😭😭 @Clef162 august. don’t get me started11:11 team 🙏 @miahateaccount we r the same @mydickteeny2 he one of the main suspects @mydickteeny2 nah bro on Jesus Christ himself I I have to mentally prepare myself every morning @BlondedJacob can u at least like the tweet if ur gonna ratio me @BlondedJacob @sezz1e I have never contemplated blocking u so bad @SteadyCam_ LMFAOOOid break up with my gf for her @loner_kev whyd u quote it bro @loner_kev @ArianaGrande what’s funny @ballljeeet @ArianaGrande that’s a lie bro don’t even say that @bobbyscott04 @ArianaGrande I saw the other one. @BlondedJacob @Saweetie pack it up @ballljeeet bro. @ballljeeet omg throwback @MeIixo hey. @ballljeeet @MarcoAjx @bondagefa1ry GOOO MARCO @ballljeeet @bondagefa1ry I’m otp w her rn @weljunishorny @ChukaTheKid @BlondedJacob LMFAOOOOOOOOO don’t make me get screenshots @ballljeeet @bondagefa1ry how do u know @weljunishorny @ChukaTheKid @BlondedJacob u genuinely may be the most down person I’ve ever met @ChukaTheKid @BlondedJacob this mf down horrendous @bondagefa1ry no but could we hug @g7byy yea... go gaby... @itsrachryan hi from the United States @weljunishorny I miss her. @nosstalgicbrat wow. @MarcoAjx @nosstalgicbrat sorry. @nosstalgicbrat real mfs already saw these 🥱 @nosstalgicbrat is that u.
@Clef162 real my son @longneckedbeck goodnight @ArizonaTeaStan her help. @Lostboys191 @MeIixo @loner_kev @loner_kev nah not u too bro cmon out of all people I thought YOUD agree @MeIixo @jamre469 bet imma get that tmr @MarcoAjx @madisonbeer I ain’t ever gonna forget national bf day for u bro.he’s probably sad ): send him pics of u smiling (maybe some soapy tiddy pics too😛)
Retweeted by strawberry fanta @jamre469 @MeIixo pain* @jamre469 @MeIixo yep and Carmel macchiato Spain. @MeIixo ive gained an addiction it’s bad @bzywaskranched good plan, doesn’t work @ballljeeet ok tell me I’m right @WholesomemePlug proud of u @ballljeeet bro tell me I’m wrong @alvarovsdaworld but imagine @MarcoAjx tell me I’m wrong. they hate me cuz I’m innovative I am the futureneed me a Starbucks barista baddie and she can spit in my drink everytime i visit her @CryptiicNoOne “U haven’t turned anything in” sorry bro been debating if it’s worth living @Clef162 @_franksoceans @pathofffentanyl @wuislol @Jackinoof my son @mydickteeny2 call me berry again and see what happens u sexy mf @mydickteeny2 i am so hopeful for u @g7byy Congrats queen @g7byy @MarcoAjx @xdidontknowname he hit 1k I can’t even hit 400 @jamre469 @cuartocore nah Fr u make her finish oke time and that’s ur life @Clef162 get away from me freak @Clef162 what @cuartocore what if she squirt icicles @MeIixo mel denying a bag??? @MeIixo id pay u to end my life would u do it @mydickteeny2 thsi will be ur reality soon. @Alexiosinpain 0* @sanctuar7y the post nut clarity has GOTTTT to fucking destroy them mentally no man says koomsloot and lives on regularly @Samjay4Friends try some breathing exercises and ofc if u needa talk dm me :( @g7byy thabk god @g7byy what was the hidden media.... @criizum I have yeezys w Nike socks rn lol @Samjay4Friends racing how like just abnormally fast or like different @KobeSexuaI what do u gain @StreetScoob @KobeSexuaI I used to live on fort benning bruh :( hope he gets found @woopdy1 nah bruh when they have a kid it’s even worse @strokinindacrib are we about to kiss @strokinindacrib Where this flower blooms is so mmmm @sezz1e i ain’t even gon say nun cuz u already know @sezz1e @Kiid10Da wym lol we r kissing rn @Kiid10Da go back to sleep u still dreaming bro @sanctuar7y yea @cuartocore we the same fr @sanctuar7y i am being embarrassed rn @_duckgoose_ whyd u say that