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@ratemyskyperoom @andreabeaty No. @IDHW Thirty-one dead... Now that its leadership lead to so many needless deaths, Idaho's government needs to endow…
@Saraphomet Duct tape. @EricBoehlert Cornyn cites her "disparaging remarks about Republicans" as the cause of his panty tightening. What's… @Deerfieldbeach I'm from Deerfield originally. Sounds like it's changed. @kathrynw5 The thing is, I don't own a dog. @hhavrilesky @mollylambert @sarahlovescali My single foray into Sur felt like a visit to a Real Housewives of Bever… @dcherring There must have been an opening in rocket science somewhere.
@DrEricDing Almost a week's worth of data is sketchy due to the holiday. @DavidMiddleham @Polar_Bear_Edit Sounds like you visited one of the more popular indie "writers" forums. @Limeylizzie Sean Spicer is a woman? I can see it. @IHadWootCannow Maybe some cannoli could balance things out. @adrianmckinty Glad to hear it's Nicole. She's not aging well, and as for her acting... Grant's performance is strong despite his aging. @rnadxb No.
@shiraisinspired I'm not a fan of any religion, Christian or otherwise, but I like people generally regardless of their faith. @LelainaPiercen That doesn't look like any U.S. airport (too modern, clean) and the languages I'm picking up aren't English. @johncusack You mean presidential "Kiosk." @piersmorgan
@gnuman1979 @Shareaholic This is why I never answer the door. @J_Motoki It does make sense. @kenolin1 Ann Coulter's twin. @MollyJongFast These two awaken my lowliest impulses toward criminal behaviors. @rabiasquared @GOP Let's say it was sealed when he put children in cages. @GriffinMalone6 @gregoire_mandy La joie du hooliganisme. @EricColumbus Knock knock...
@MeidasTouch There is no view of the Capital or inauguration site from the White House. @KevinRichert Listening to Zappa's "Black Napkins" (recorded live, Palladium) and it's a perfect fit for the year. @TitusNation @Delta Aeroflot in the 70s was no picnic either. @gnuman1979 It's the hauling them out for a yard sale that'll get you. @guygavrielkay It's a fascinating culture. @JenniferKayDav1 I tend to take another dip in past favorites. Tudors comes to mind. For light fare, Imposters (crush on Inbar Lavi). @maxthegirl He's the guy who was always jammed into his high school locker.
@jessesingal Now let's see your bread. @Limeylizzie No sympathies from me. The real risk is, assuming the governor, like Trump, receives excellent and imm… @bobcesca_go I saw that. The major common thread that binds them? Can't get on with women. @mrjohndarby @Gooooats Karen from HR? @eBookConnection Hi! @dinachka82 Now let's see the garage. @NutshellVersion @Nick_Braker Don't worry. All things shall pass. @TrumpsAlert Lincoln made it an official holiday. He was later shot. @davidfrum Now there's an idea, correcting mistakes. I'll give it a try. @5_2blue he's afraid they'll change the locks
@AnneRiceAuthor Depends on what his goals are, doesn't it? I suspect rallying his base is one. Financing his future… @UncleDuke1969 No one has a good gravity face. That's why every light has an off switch. @AdamParkhomenko Nothing. I haven't celebrated or participated in Thanksgiving in twenty years. @kenolin1 A Presidential kiosk maybe. @siszack @flightradar24 Click any icon (plane icon) on the screen and it'll show you the type of aircraft and carrier. @chaddcripe So the state's reporting of 1643 new cases and eight deaths is no longer accurate? @PhilippeduCol @adrianmckinty @RonDMoore @edwardjolmos @theaarondouglas @kateesackhoff @jamescallis
@CohibaSmkr I walked around Harvard once. One could say I went to Harvard. @MavenofHonor It's likely a beacon for the coming invasion of Sky People like 2020 could any worse. @Amy_Siskind Dick moves to the end. @BillKristol @JVLast It's a shambles. Republicans are for money, Democratics are for people. @BookBubPartners Hey, you missed one! Lol. @mojetsky @Vinayam73311292 I only write about characters I'd like to hang with. @adrianmyreality @BoredomDidIt I believe that was one of Donna Reid's scrubbed lines from "It's A Wonderful Life." @BCDreyer I need an editor. Badly. Or is it bad? @IDHW Up 338 from last Monday.
@AhmedBaba_ Why is Melania wearing a rug? @SykesCharlie They don't want one unless they kiss their base goodbye. If they do, they won't get re-elected. @bessbell Around December 5th we'll have a good idea of how it all went for them. Also, expect a lot of returns from Black Friday shopping. @kdlang @AriBhod I love your music BTW. @AbbyHasIssues It's like you know me. @IDHW The seven-day period ending today is about 21% up from the prior seven-day period (9408 versus 7765).
@JaeMargal It's often the case that no other option exists. @JoJoFromJerz @gtconway3d My first thought was MAGA training begins early. @themaxburns Conway should go to hell. @kenolin1 @realDonaldTrump He’ll go to grave convinced he won. @littledeekay She's got a long neck. I hope she doesn't have to be intubated. @VisionBored1 Twitter Tourettes. @Sudi_Green Fifty shades of grey. @gnuman1979 Sorry. I was focused on the woman in the white dress ahead of her. @lmwortho Really, there are few things better in this world. @qacdefeej @AutismBoat @SketchesbyBoze "...convince Americans they're not broke millionaires." I think you're onto… @Shteyngart For a break consider watching Occupied, a Norwegian import with subtitles. It's addictive, plus, you'll… @IDHW The weekend reports are meaning even less as more districts fall behind or don't bother reporting.
@AJRhodesWriter There a number of "hybrid" authors there (both self and traditionally published). @AJRhodesWriter Have you visited Kboards? ( It's more a marketing than a writing forum but is friendly. @estern839 Probably not, but I didn't grow up with the internet. I wouldn't seek solace online for a personal setba… @politvidchannel He has the charm of a malignant polyp. @MilionMagaMarch Dammit. I just sent my jackboots out for the repair of some loose stitching. @JoshuaPotash Every little bit helps but at least half of Trump's base is likely irredeemable. There can be no Kumbaya moment with them. @JoshuaPotash There's no universal healing when we disagree on what constitutes the truth. @terriesamundra Marielle Heller deserves an Emmy. @VisionBored1 I wish more women were this honest. @BrookeKnisley Which means a bath is simply out of the question. @gnuman1979 You probably wouldn't like jail. @AndreaR9Md I would think having to sleep with Guilfoyle punishment enough.
@DrEricDing Now we know cocaine provides no protection. @_ph1bs_ @TeaPainUSA This is why I love Twitter. @BeanGilsdorf @ellorysmith I'm on my way. @TragicAllyHere So well put. @politvidchannel He sounds like a fifth-grader reading his "What I Did Last Summer" essay to the class. @pattonoswalt Not hard to believe. @LoveNLunchmeat Does the same rule apply to penises? @1followernodad Rather depends on the relatives. @MaxBoot @CondoleezzaRice Still, Trump's cartoon constituency continues to adore him. Quite telling, that.
@MatthewJLawler1 Blade Runner