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Author, writer, poet. Erotic author about ordinary people having hot sex. Poetry with heat. Words used right ... most of the time ... sometimes. 😊

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@lyv0n Everyone has an imagination. Imagination can be exercised. You can stretch it and practice using it. So i… @eroticCJ In the TV show they'd have one brother go into town while the other one stayed home or worked on the car or something. @thebrianasman I reject your thesis! And your experiments! You stole my funding ... Now you must PAY! @lolatheluvhippo @DearDean22 My super power is NOT winning the lottery. 😉 @WiCnet @king_reinhardt Some people just want to watch the world burn. @Audiodesirescom You know when someone just Gets you? And wants you? That! @cookiecrumblies Get some rest. Hugs @IndoorPetOnly Now THAT'S a pearl necklace. 😉 @bryanna_gary @TaylorByas3 Hugs @RandomWizard @lvl1Storyteller Oh wow. Haven't seen these in ages. I'm sure I played like 4 of them.From this moment on, this is how we say "cishet" 👌
Retweeted by AuthorStew @DearDean22 It's an kinda of odd use of poll questions but yeah from the responses they use the divide between what… @dana_lyr @JDGreysonwrites If I don't have to go somewhere I'm not even up that early. LOL My best hours are between 9 & 6.… @dana_lyr Maxwell Sade would be a good secondAnyone out there remember the soap opera "Passions" and how gawd awful it was? Even being stuck inside during the… @BrianJohnYule1 @MarcusCVance @hollytinsl3y 🤨 Are you trying to say I'm slurping limp imp? 😮 That sounds way wor… @stormrosewriter yup @BrianJohnYule1 @MarcusCVance @hollytinsl3y Meh, the noodles are a bit limp but I find the broth does have a good amount of heat though. @LillianRhaine Hugs @MarcusCVance @hollytinsl3y Now, I feel bad for all those with speech impediments. 😔 Poor guy with a lisp just wan… @DearDean22 Their priority currently and has been for a long time, ratings and converting them into money 🤷‍♂️ Give… @the_shy_alan @TheDaviMai Or a spaceship or so something like HHGTG @JaymeBeanAuthor @eroticCJ You can make me one. @ricanjq Mello Yello but Tahitian Treat hits just right sometimes @TheDaviMai It doesn't have to be a literal representation of the alien in your story just something to give it the… @PatrickRCarpen3 I like it @TheDaviMai Needs more alieny 🤔 @KateOtf Hubba hubba 😍🤤 @HistFantasy The average market - sure A bear or bullish market - i can live with it A super market - those are rar… @eileenchongpoet Hi
Retweeted by AuthorStew @Talk_To_The_Hat BEG 'K See? Lol @yetiwaterbottle Congrats!“Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of God when he does not want to sign.” ― Théophile Gautier
Retweeted by AuthorStew @DearDean22 Honestly, who would have watched? Then who would have watched them vs watching on live-stream? @eloisahilton Sweet dreams @MMortemm Failure for my children's future. @fionamrenshaw Nah, just raise your hands and call for him. 🎶I'm moist!🎶 @ThePoetArefke Does your Savior even bench bro? 💪🙏 @Carmen_Loup A mushroomY'all don't know about when the spirit hits you, you just have to tell somebody. No, not the Holy Spirit; the hor… @Buzz_Cauldron They're scary! @LustfulTigress Clown make-up? No? Really? How about light romance, people that like each other, romance like? ..…
ENTER NOW! Writer's Digest's Self-Published Book Awards is currently accepting submissions. This is the only Write…
Retweeted by AuthorStew @KateOtf @famousfrayling Not a thing. Sounds reasonable to me. ... Unless they were looking for just a single answer in whi… @_hyphens_ Like the lips of the GOP to the derriere of Trump Broken: hearing the words "We have that at home." He c… @loveisafetish Quite the pair of each 🥰 @CAZonErotica No cold feet on your leg. @bryanna_gary Another one though not a profession but would be perfect for you is radical. They're never the true… @bryanna_gary Surprisingly don't see that often are marketers. Salespeople occasionally but never marketers. Thou…"First writing draft, it's just you & the paper. Second draft, it's you as an editor & the paper. Third draft, it's…
Retweeted by AuthorStew @DearDean22 Happy Birthday to her 😊 @Gv12Karen We've all been seduced by seduction at one time in our lives. Why just stop at… @zim2918 Sheltered @lailabellwrites Nice Dreams (starring Cheech & Chong) and Porky's @kitkatpoetess 👏👏I'm just over 1400 and have an idea for when I hit 1500. Take a look.
Retweeted by AuthorStew @LTLindberg1 @HollowManSeries We've all been seduced by seduction at one time in our lives… @ValorOlivia Eeek 😬 @DavniLewis We've all been seduced by seduction at one time in our lives. Why just stop at… @papajawn7704 Gotta like the muppets 😊 @misplacedcomma2 Nice @Kelli_Fields @TheNeighborhood @BobAbisholaCBS Kim's Convenience is another one if you have Netflix. It's a Canadian show. @AncientLitDude Solomon @Kelli_Fields @TheNeighborhood @BobAbisholaCBS Bob ❤️ Abishola is a great show @coupledchaos Only if you promise to rebuild me. 😉 @syd_m39 So sorry for your loss. My condolences. @TJ_Shore_ You are special all on your own. @AlaineGreyson @quineatal @PickledAuthor @writingiswar @Chet_Novels @GarrisonKelly4 Thanks Alaine! 😊
@byMorganWright It really depends on where you are @AMaesAuthor Villains are often more interesting and compelling. However, readers usually do like someone to root for. @TheQTFiles At least you became aware and can now work on it. 😊I aspire to create this level of insomnia. 😄 @ae_thepoet I knew but did you know that the Three Musketeers was first published as a serial in the newspaper in France? 🧐 @KimVPoetry Night @VivBlakeAuthor @VivBlakeAuthor Sound like a fun night to me.This would be a great origin story. LOL @JDGreysonwrites @diteci @CloverErotica State secrets Family secrets Lost dog Death Injury Stolen riches @JDGreysonwrites @diteci My heart leaps At the person I see When our eyes Meet The person I see Is me In the mirro… @LustfulTigress @lilkittygoth I like naps. @DareManus @sabinesdaybook I find knowing the history of the period both when written and of the subject is so helpful. @MagicalOverload Meatloaf @Kelli_Fields Consensually of course. Like gifs. 😂
@TaylorByas3 Girl, I'm in Canada. You need to go back to sleep, you dreaming. Spring😂 ... Spring 😂😂 @JudyDFerrell1 To be honest that doesn't sound too horrible. If it helps things open up then even better. @Kelli_Fields Interesting. 🧐 Heart breaking work though. @emmbsss Happy birthday @MsAnnetteMC Finding the best pizza. NYC problem 😉👍 @Jacopo_della_Q F you and your physics @LustfulTigress Good luck. Have a good day at work.😊 @Vetta461 😡😡 Just STUPID @Jacopo_della_Q Adam Ant-ium & the Lees @2ndHandBookery 9 which is kinda scary. Lol. Most of them were crap. 😄