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Word herder, book inhaler & creative geek. Indie published. Runs @fudokimagazine. Loves good puns. Poly/Bi/Spoonie. EU Remainer. Socialist. She/her.

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Today, I'm still in huge pain but can actually lift a mug of tea without feeling an agonising ripple across my neck…
@fox74jd Thank you for the encouragement, fingers crossed you're right. I'm getting it to a developmental editor sh… - 25% of time deciding how to arrange printed-out chapters in folder - 40% of time making changes and re… @tadethompson I came to Cowboy Bebop (well, all anime) later on in life, but I love that series so hard!This is the most important video I've ever seen.
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // Writer @tadethompson I'm just wondering whether there's a Cowboy Bebop connection or the character in the gif is incidenta… @garethlpowell I made garlic and rosemary focaccia (from a packet flour mix) and I'd offer some out, only by the ti…
Some quotes form me via @bristol247
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // Writer @jdiannedotson Absolute whatnow? Never heard gullywasher before! @Jasmingelinck Oof, they're difficult things to stick to. Good luck!
Comfortable there, Charm? #greyhoundsoftwitter #greyhoundsarehilarious @TimHardieAuthor I'm doing this the long way, tempting though it is to get the laptop out. It's the only way I'll a… @whengeminisfall To be honest, the fact I've written a novella (however bad it is right now 😂) is a huge achievemen… @whengeminisfall I don't know whether to laugh or cry first 😂
Argh. First pass editing is hideous. So many typos. So much bad writing. Now I'm worried I'm replacing terrible wri… @aliettedb Oh the guides are brilliant. My pie crust was so much better for not having to guess as it sat properly… contribution to the mitten memes
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // Writer @aliettedb I bought a pastry silicone mat last weekend and it's a game changer from rolling out (or trying to) on g…
@tadethompson @emilyinkpen Like, Emily, you talk about your writing all the time and Tade, when I asked you recentl… @tadethompson @emilyinkpen I love when authors share their process - it inspires me and helps me keep going. I wrot… @nerdette Best surprise!For all of lockdown being a terrible thing, lots of my friends are getting good news and good things happening and… @daniel_barker I was about to suggest, your feed does imply that's most people if not everyone 😂I'm nicely tired but going through a snag list for a client. I like clients who give me specifics rather than sweep… MY GOODNESS!!!!! All the excite!!!! Look it! Look it now! #TeamTroubleDog @Adela_Terrell 😂😂😂 Isn't that called Christopher Walken syndrome?Join William Gibson and Cory Doctorow for a talk about Gibson's Agency! Online Jan 25 from @strandbookstore
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // Writer @MaryRuth69 If you write genre flash, try @FudokiMagazine :) @garethlpowell Let's hope!Astonishing. So apparently the Treaty of Versailles was purely to appease the residents of Versailles?
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // Writer
It's been a good day despite the spinning. I've spent time with my lovely RPG group, time chatting with another gro… @HutchinsonDave I love all the marker notation and extra bits put on to make it visually interesting too. I can tot… @HutchinsonDave Oh my goodness! That's a work of art and a half!There are many things about watching #Inauguration2021 from the UK that have made me happy for a safer, stronger Am… @silkyida @_flothulhu I was thinking an offering to whichever deity felt appropriate, followed by fairy lights and candles. @_flothulhu Ooh, skull! Decorate it with moss @emilyinkpen It was incredible and spine-tingly, wasn't it? @PressOrchid I feel mine is mundane and letting the side down! @nerdette I'm so happy from this side of the proverbial pond, so I can't even *begin* to imagine how you're feeling… @HutchinsonDave I'm enjoying the other side of the pond today, in particular the level of snark on CNN ("a plane lo… @garethlpowell That's an absolute truth but seems more timely today, of all days.And taking off to "My way" by Frank Sinatra, the utter clankwanker, accompanied by "a plane load of grudges and gri… think Nigella has won the internet today with her expert level trolling. Her recipe of the day is "bitter orange…
Stella written by: Emma K. Leadley @autoerraticism Only small things went missing at first; a hair clip, a teaspoo…
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // Writer @emilyinkpen Thank you lovely. I just have to take it steady and try not to whinge. I just have all the plans and n… @Liwella Thank you. It's manky and I very fed up of my body misbehaving itself right now. I have plans dammit, plans... @Glassworks18 @garethlpowell Not that either. Think I'm going to uninstall and reinstall the account on my phone an… @garethlpowell Nah. Done that. The account clearly wants to haunt my phone 😂 @garethlpowell Any advice for this one? Every time a particular account *THAT I DON'T FOLLOW* posts, I get a notifi… @CatherineRaynor I know the feeling. It took 6 weeks before I felt steady last time, so fingers crossed it'll be ov… health is like the bloody hokey cokey at the moment. Every time I start feeling better, something else comes alo… the archives! NaNoWriMo 2020: The beginning @effjayem Wow, what depths will they sink to next?#mood @silkyida @_flothulhu I love those!New post on my blog! Taking Stock
@_flothulhu I do like rocks and stones. As a child, I used to have to put pocketfuls back before being allowed home… @_flothulhu This is for crafting with inanimated objects, right? Just checking...What have #MECFS & #fibro is like in a *good* phase: -Saturday: go for a walk, enjoy fresh air and mobility with ve…
I ate my body weight tonight in homemade pork gyoza and I have no regrets. @jeannette_ng That's a really clever idea, I wouldn't have thought of doing that but it makes absolute sense! @fox74jd It might yet taste awful (pretty certain it'll be delicious!). I'll find out tomorrow. @PhilDyson @virginia875 They are delicious and I'm glad you are! @jeannette_ng That is beautiful and very complicated! I tried something not so dissimilar a couple of years back an… makes sense. I'm doing it wrong😂 @emilyinkpen Oh my goodness, so much excite!!!Rt to cleanse ur timeline
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // WriterI missed a bit when I glazed it, but this is lunch for the next week! Home made, hot water crust pastry fully encas… @garethlpowell Twitter is a better, happier place because of you and how supportive you are of everyone. It's a two-way thing :)The pie is made and now in the oven. Quick break so I can wash my hands for the eleventy billionth time and then to…, thanks to the food tempting of @PhilDyson and @virginia875 I am going to attempt pork Gyoza, using a Hairy Bi…'ve cleaned down the kitchen, washed my new pastry rolling mat and first up is hot water crust pastry pork and bac… you’re still wearing a mask, washing your hands, and staying away from people, please share this because sometim…
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // WriterPolitest gull I've ever seen in the vicinity of chips 🤣 @arrroberts I write for fun and to get the words out my brain but it's never been fanfic. And, I don't expect to make money either... @silkyida @BSFA Because you're an awesome writer! @tadethompson There's a thing called averaging, which might be useful to look at for future years if you don't alre…
@silkyida @_flothulhu @Liwella I know, right?! @fox74jd Absolutely. She was the motivation to get out!Today I went for a walk (my mobility is much better at the mo). Took Charm to a local park. She jumped and squealed… @glee_writes Lovely, sweet, romantic and then, WTAF??????Wow! @_flothulhu @Liwella @silkyida @garethlpowell Have you looked at the averaging you can do as an author? I know it might be too late for this year'… @effjayem That would be lovely!My resilience has been ambivalent. It's now low. People have hit like and that's okay but I crave interaction. If you can, please do.
@Liwella @Liwella @Adela_Terrell excellent, just checking😂Sooooo, it's perfectly normal to do a Cat from Red Dwarf impression when feeding the dog fish, isn't it?Today I am evaluating different WordPress managers and quite honestly, it's more interesting than I thought it woul…
@Adela_Terrell Jenny is gorgeous! @tadethompson wut evn r wurds? (my brain, every time I try to write😂) @garethlpowell I hope you didn't laugh too blatantly! And to be fair, our stupid greyhound is a one-dog moving tri…
"if you die you've been released from your suffering. It's too easy." -- my GM setting up our new RPG adventure. (C… 12 Days left to submit to our first monthly call of 2021! MONTHLY HORROR OPEN CALL Please see our formatting…
Retweeted by Emma K. Leadley // Book blogger // Writer @roxiqt I am so sorry xxxI am so tired at the moment - yesterday I had a 2-hour nap at 6pm and still slept 12 hours from about midnight. And… @steventhowell @garethlpowell My husband was in a similar position until a few yrs ago with notebooks going back to… @garethlpowell Sorry to hear about your relative, Gareth✔️Wear a mask over your nose and mouth ✔️Wash your hands and mask regularly ✔️Keep your distance ✔️Don't be a fucki…