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Joe Biden talking:
Retweeted by Auturgist @eeveefrost This is a fucking brilliant tweet! <3
Check out this giveaway by @Lurn and @DigitalStormPC for a Lynx Gaming PC! #stormsquad #giveawayExcited for my "Biden 2020: Just Because You Cry Yourself To Sleep At Night Knowing Your Own Party's Policies Have…
Retweeted by AuturgistI guess the difference is that I might well take a drug if my doctor prescribed it even as I opposed a used car sal…
Retweeted by Auturgist"This country is fucked, I tell ya. There's a plague comin.'" Killing Them Softly has aged spectacularly.
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Retweeted by Auturgistfriend fired up a drone and took this shot of LA today
Retweeted by Auturgist @sjokz /hugs @JoeVonDuhm @sarah_fong_tho Couldn't use the right "damn" either. Kinda surprised he got "hot" right, tbh! @sarah_fong_tho Wow. That would be super fucked up if he did it, and I'm not putting it past some people, but are y… @Lighthammer_ I approve, but also wonder: have you gone outside at all? I mean, not to socialize, but to exercise and get some fresh air?
@YuzuPyonCosplay I already joined, but also, you are cute when you pout! 😍 @WillHarahan I think you're right here, although it pains me not to get THE TERMINATOR in there, too. @SemperFries @Chiara_Scuro Newton Wolves! 🤣 @AffinityForBlue I see this dude as potentially cube-worthy because you can keep casting Animate Dead from the graveyard if he's in play. :P @JuliusGoat I'll be surprised if there aren't acts of violence justifiably perpetrated against them for their actions during this time.Every single grocery store employee works harder than the President of the United States.
Retweeted by AuturgistBy a 5–4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court just approved one of the most brazen acts of voter suppression in modern time…
Retweeted by AuturgistWisconsin will hold its election Despite overwhelming objection. The GOP sadly Wants power so badly It’s partnering with the infection.
Retweeted by Auturgist @FeliciaVox Not to say I don't realize findommes are real people, with real concerns/struggles, but you can't have… @FeliciaVox 100% agree. It's annoying as shit to see this because it means someone is so inept at what she proclaim… @BethLynch2020 @GovRonDeSantis Isn't this why we have the second amendment? Like, every Wisconsinite who legally ow…
Even if he wasn't a rapist, he's still a racist, even if he wasn't a racist, he's still a sexist, even if he wasn't…
Retweeted by AuturgistI hope @AndrewYang is reflecting on his endorsement of Biden, and considering how he could have helped… @daveforbmore @AndrewYang's stock has dropped pretty dramatically for me ever since he endorsed Biden. It's so weir…, it's maybe been a while since I told you that Teferi, Time Raveller was a massive piece of shit, but rest assu… @sjokz I'm disappointed by how many of my friends and family DON'T want to play D&D online now that they are stuck… @sjokz @AdorableCarry I've heard it's tough to get past the first season, which was my experience. Did you skip ahe… question - boobs or butt? ☺️ RT if you like both
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@Lighthammer_ I dunno what this means, but I believe you got an S Rank, because you ARE S Rank! 😎👍 @ThisIsOwlEyes Puzzles are garbage. They are trial and error time-wasters for people who want to feel like they've… have not seen anyone with a positive thing to say about Biden himself. It's all the glow that rubbed off on him f…
Retweeted by Auturgist @Lurn Keep doing your best. Nobody expects anything beyond that, and you don't owe anyone anything beyond that. @JuliusGoat When this is all over, I hope we collectively have the good sense to draw and quarter a bunch of these…
Grocery baggers work harder than CEOs
Retweeted by Auturgist @LetstalkMovie_ @WillHarahan FULL METAL JACKET would likely be the greatest war film of all time if APOCALYPSE NOW… @AffinityForBlue I dunno what your Thursday evenings look like, but I'm thinking about running an online D&D campai… @AffinityForBlue @maro254 Something like a Ravnica setting for D&D is fine, because you're simply introducing new i… @AffinityForBlue @maro254 Knowing enough about the lore of both, I don't see how any D&D settings can become planes… @PlayCinemaDraft I voted Florence Pugh after literally just watching her deliver a powerhouse lead performance in L… @Lis_Smith The former will have the audacity to blame the latter when their rapist loses to the other party's incum… @Lis_Smith ...and those who support an ethical, intelligent, compassionate candidate who has consistently been on t… @Lis_Smith Two types of people in elections: those who support candidates credibly accused of rape, who display fai… @ajadraws The original or Fincher's remake? Also, MIDSOMMAR is amazing and is a really great comfort film that sho… libertarianism that imagines some pure form of capitalism that won't influence and purchase the public means t…
Retweeted by Auturgist @ryanstruyk WHO IS BUYING THIS BULLSHIT? Not a single person I know wants Biden as President. The DNC is going to l… @AffinityForBlue @maro254 You should explore D&D more because MtG probably doesn't exist without it. Literally ever… @AffinityForBlue @maro254 This is PRECISELY the kind of shit that I loathe and knew would follow this bullshit cros… @JenKirkman Yeah. Go late at night when you are less likely to encounter other people and pay with credit card at the pump. @sarah_fong_tho So, if you'd like to play, tell me when would be ideal for you and I'll see what can be done. If no… @sarah_fong_tho Well, how interested are you in playing D&D? I mentioned Thursday because that's the day I'd most w… @trekonomics @WillHarahan To be fair, I think roughly 1/4 of PEOPLE are elders, as compared to middle-aged adults,… matter how bad this nightmare keeps getting - at least very least, Mike Pence is living his best life ;)…
Retweeted by Auturgist @LaurynIpsum In any case, I hope a lot more is said and done about ensuring people who do have to go out to vote in… @LaurynIpsum I wonder if you could've told someone working the polling location about that dude. You probably could…, @sarah_fong_tho, check your DMs. I've got a gaming proposition for you if you're free Thursday evenings!
@sjokz Aren't they all LOL tho? 🤔 @Lighthammer_ @SvennaCirclet 😭If workers are considered essential enough to show up on the job during a pandemic, I'm pretty damn sure they're es…
Retweeted by Auturgist @crampell Contact the BBB? @YuzuPyonCosplay I am NOT excited about FF7 remake. I think that game is very overrated. 😅 @ajadraws You just saw the version with Fassbender for the first time?This meme wins 2020 and it's not even close. All meme-makers can take the rest of the year off... @namidagirl Relevant to your interests! @AffinityForBlue @Pattapit @MaxPlaysMTG @wizards_magic Holy shit! That could make a mutated creature blinked in res… @Pattapit @MaxPlaysMTG @AffinityForBlue @wizards_magic I *think* that if the already in play creature is killed in… @AffinityForBlue Well, it's not like it matters now. But, it's nice to know that I was onto some shit ahead of the public! :PHey, @AffinityForBlue, remember when I designed that "Adaptling" as a Simic card that could gain abilities permanen… @MTG_Arena Ahhh, figured out the problem: I had the uncommon version of Woodland Stream in my deck list, and the ga… else getting this whenever they try to submit their Historic Pauper deck on @MTG_Arena? tweeted this before I knew those Godzilla cards were just "alternate" versions of cards with different names. Tha…'m driving on the highway at 4:30 am, and can't help wondering why so many fucking lights are on! Businesses that… @eeveefrost Still awake, still willing to talk movies and stuff with you. @MaxPlaysMTG @wizards_magic How does this apply to blink effects?
Retweeted by AuturgistWhen this is over, are you still going to tell the people who risked their lives so you could eat that they don't deserve $15 an hour?
Retweeted by Auturgist @eeveefrost We can talk about THE INSTITUTE and other things if you want. I'm 3000 miles away from you; this isn't… @mshannabrooks I would watch an episode about Ken Griffey Jr.! I remember being in elementary school and getting i… @cushbomb @WillHarahan I hear antibacterial wipes are very effective against viruses.For the record: I'm not fond at all of this Godzilla bullshit with the new #MtG set. Magic has always existed in it… @eeveefrost Did you just pick up the definitive edition on Steam? I saw it went on sale.
If you play a mono-colored Brawl deck on Arena, go lick some doorknobs at a local hospital. @SwagPoker @BigSBrain @prettyjoyful08 @profgalloway I stand by it. If I lose, I lose. The movie wins because of my decision! :P @SwagPoker @BigSBrain @prettyjoyful08 @profgalloway Oh shit... I did break the rule of five actors only, though. I… @PlayCinemaDraft Tagging @WillHarahan @milt_moise and @TheRealPrinceps! @SwagPoker @BigSBrain @prettyjoyful08 @profgalloway Damn! We have a pretty similar roster, although we took it in d… @PlayCinemaDraft Affleck $32 Pugh $54 De Armas $72 Duke $88 Yeun $94 Palmer $99 TITLE: PRIVATE TENURE A steamy sus… @xestrand @BondJohnBond I think any time someone is self-sacrificing, that's reaffirming of our humanity and offers… @jameelajamil You should probably not touch your face during a pandemic or any other time, it seems. <3 @madisonbrek He is a very handsome man doing a very chic thing right there.1000000000000000000% a cheater, its over babe
Retweeted by Auturgist @eeveefrost Also, not sure where this "unconditionally" comes from; the only beings loved/supported unconditionally… @eeveefrost Yes. We live in an age that makes it very difficult for some, though. Men are losing their jobs to auto… @peepoRIP You do you, but this was the perfect opportunity to use this GIF. 🤣 tribute to Zoom teaching with apologies to ⁦@idinamenzel⁩ and ⁦@KristenBell⁩ #muteyourself #Frozen2
Retweeted by Auturgist @JoeBiden You're a national disgrace. @MissLumii Cutest! 😍 @LDiCuirci @idinamenzel @KristenBell So many students learning via Zoom never raided 25- or 40-man raid content in…
@Alyssa_Milano @WhoopiGoldberg Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate run… it turns out the worst thing that can happen if you put a mean greedy stupid racist troll in charge of everythin…
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