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@iamjordanjay Listen I grew up in a small town with no Asians then moved to Houston 🀣I feel attacked @MarkPygas It does indeed. @VaughnWhiskey @AnthonyKongphan Its all his fault @Inukness95 @JeffreyChang Jokes on you. I am Canadian πŸ€— @notScarysquash @JeffreyChang I gotchu 🀣🀣 @strebloe I never know how old they are πŸ˜’ are they old enough for me to even thirst overPls marry me @JeffreyChang @VaughnWhiskey @AnthonyKongphan He was the first Asian man ever okayUntil tiktok I didn't realize how hot Asian men could be and now I think it knows bc it keeps putting them on my fyp πŸ˜’ @OJessicaNigri Exactly what I'm picturing 🀣Do you need to check or update your voter registration? Your state or local election office will have the details…
Retweeted by GenG Ava @iflanzy Oh well the post is saying that it's not just a stacking you against better opponents but also stacking you with weaker ones. @iflanzy Nope. Its the card draw or starting hand "shuffle" im talking about.Like I will get dealt good hands and then lose 50 games in a row of bad hands and draws. Them after a while get goo… @SintillaGames @TwitchPluto Ahhh so cute. I wish I had got it now πŸ˜”I feel like Magic Arena does this too with their shufflerπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ @OJessicaNigri 😍 oh I'm stealing this idea @ChicaLive @CorinnaKopf 2 hrs min. @HayliNic No. But you can you visit me and then get hit with this urge ? @ggsarahmony @JERICHO I hear this. In a disappointed mom tone. And its making me laugh. @ggsarahmony πŸ’”πŸ’” @JERICHO @ggsarahmony I know he's making fun of me somehow. I just don't know how πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ @JERICHO Wtf am i looking at @aureylian Erin. I need you to sit down with me and walk me through all the features and stuff I can use on my stre… @LilyPichu Aren't you worried about all the angry people who will be angry about you being happy and having a good time though? 🀣🀣🀣 @JaeBsoNasty Just end my life plsTonight ends in sadness. I asked for ranch to dip my pizza in. Paid for it. And instead......rhey gave me marinara… a fun karaoke night. Thank you @AlinityTwitch for the raid!! Can't believe how many people watched me do karao… @iHasCupquake @ellektrikk So cute 😭 she knows how to get me to buy everything 🀣why are 2000 people watching me do drunk karaoke? @EllohimeTwitch you know what I honestly am not shocked. They are the worstSunburnt ava sings karaoke and gets drunk @Pterodactylsftw πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ @EllohimeTwitch Oh man. This is prime boomer. You cancel order through the app 🀣🀣 @SavinTheBees You really can't see or feel anything other that the machine holding your eye in place. Its your mind… @iHasCupquake It was so cool getting to play with you ☺
@aureylian @Di3seL_ @craymusic Was just dming you what I used since you can do that on ig now 🀣 @Nilkski_ Jesus LOL does he throw up? @aureylian @craymusic LMFAOOO @Fwiz Im dying 🀣 @aureylian @craymusic Dm'd you the top secret on ig!! 🀣 @AnthonyKongphan @brookeab @DrLupo @gorillaphent @H2ODelirious LOL poor gorilla 😭Check out @craymusic new song Bad Summer for 2020 summer vibes 🀣 @oreeeo PrettySome witchy brews from @ellektrikk πŸ₯° @AutismMammaBear πŸ˜’ @toripareno PINK @Dr_L93 Oooh good to know thank you @craymusic @Sampai I gotchu ladies πŸ’• @Azalialexi @SamGorgeouss yeah scarring seems scary. liek what if my boob pops open 😱 and washing myself and shit i might faint. LOL @RadderssGaming I am bigger than a D as well but just that size is so much weight 23 POUNDS?!?!... LIKE WTF WHY DO… @SamGorgeouss oh sheesh yeah thats way bigger than me Idk if I can fight for that then LOL @AhlesBrianna thats what I am at rn and considering. I think I would feel so much better and happier. @AhlesBrianna kk I think I do too tbh @SamGorgeouss what size were you if you dont mind me asking? I am really really considering it but wonder if insurance can help cover costslike apparently a size D boob is the equivalent to carrying around and extra 15 to 23 pounds on your chest. I CAN B… ladies ever manage to convince their insurance to pay for a breast reduction and how hard was it?πŸ€” @alexiaraye @brookeab you're my number one inv DUH @KP5ive @brookeab jokes on you. the hurricane is coming in now that I left the beach HAH @gorillaphent Where at 😏 @gorillaphent When we drinking 😳 @brookeab Secret girls trip somewhere plsArizona... my people. This election has never been so important. Mark Kelly is absolutely obliterating McSally in…
Retweeted by GenG Ava @Crusina_Luachra Our first game I really remember 🀣I grew up here πŸ˜€ @jacksondahl Its so insanely expensive @gorillaphent @DrLupo @TSM_Myth Myth and @DougisRaw are too good πŸ˜’πŸ˜’I still haven't LOLLLLL. I KEEP REPLAYING IT AND LOSING MY SPOT. AND THEN STARTING OVER AGAIN. AND NOW IM STUCK ON… honestly can't believe I'm just heading to bed now. My body hurts 🀣 @dasMEHDI Will have to do so @Sodapoppintv You're attractive @steinekin 🀣 @imaSpaceboy @CB_Cowboy hes done this FOREVER. And im always amazed by it LOLgn lullaby are streamers and then there are ENTERTAINERS HOW DOES HE DO ALL THIS LOL @CB_Cowboy 11 hr stream LOLOL goodnight guysAmong Us time Chang Gang time 🀣 @TR_Shotz @StIcKyRamee @LordKebun @JoblessGarrett @RatedEpicz @OfficialTaco69… into some @TellMeWhyGame First 5 secs already starting off deep af 😱 @bnans @Zedd hi
A transformed Lobster Ava streams!!! Playing more of The Council. REMEMBER WHEN WE COULD TRAVEL!?! PORTUGAL! [Vlog] AvaGG via @YouTube @GassyMexican if yall need one later im down to yell at you and Nick @CouRageJD @Logic301 @Ninja @UMG Music labels need to create a license we can buy or something ....or @Twitch… @coolio770 @Dreamville @JColeNC If you're a size 7 woman's you can borrow em 😏 @TwitchPluto @Dreamville @JColeNC There's a little Mario on the inside and I'm squishing him 🀣 @iamBrandonTV I would love toThank you @dreamville and @JColeNC for the new kicks πŸ˜€ The DREAMERS x Super Mario 64 collab looking nice πŸ‘Œ @iamBrandonTV Omg it would be hilarious 🀣🀣 @iamBrandonTV What if it was a lobby full of gaysBlast @evanescence all day kinda day 🎢Just did an interview to apply for something outta my comfort zone. Have no idea if I will get the job or not but feel proud for trying πŸ˜€ @Mae @hutchinson YESBAD SUMMERβ˜€οΈOUT NOW. I wrote this song in June when I was feeling pretty low & angry at the world.This has been t…
Retweeted by GenG Ava @hutchinson πŸ˜€πŸ’©πŸ˜€Streams resume tonight πŸ˜€ Did you miss me?!?! @bnans What a CUTIE 😍Can't even get Walmart to load πŸ™ƒ
@TheIGCharlie Oooh thank you! @kellygee_fit Hmmm I've been getting migraines lately. But probably not from not eating enough. I eat too much LOL