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#1 professional animal crossings player. Streamer for @elgato Business Inquiries:

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Foster babies adopted and gone 😭😭
@alexiaraye 😍😍😍 @oreeeo @indiefoxxlive My couch is from them LOLIt's so CUTE 😍 @MatthewPinegar Sometimes they poop in the soil. At least the babies do when I foster 🀣 @KaraCorvus Hopefully alive when I get home LOL @TDBoi_ It was a Frontpage stream apparently @malenatudi Whenever you want bb @tpathagod It's really unhealthy to be this obsessed with someone on the internet bro 🀣 all your tweets are about me. I feel so special 😘 @SairaMueller I think so 🀣 @day9tv πŸ₯° @SairaMueller Lololool @_Maral She had another one where he liked normal. But I loved his face in this lololool @syllabolix You have an eye @PowerGPU Wow @GoldenboyFTW Office is next LOL @TrollTerror Yes!!! @ZenithTheNinja You don't water plants everyday lol you'd drown them. It doesn't rain everyday does it? 🀣 @Symedia_ They really don't. I've seen them munch on my snake plant which I am fine with thatThe plane is to make this a gallery wall. So I'll be buying art and stuff over time to hang there. I'm already wait… living room has finally been completed! @StreamsCharts @Twitch @AOC @_biyin_ @blackgirlgamers @sigma_ink @pokimanelol @BeccaTILTS @LilyPichu @negaoryx… on my way home today πŸ™ƒ sorry I didn't vlog but it was nice to take a full on break and not worry about anything.I was at the San Francisco International Airport protest along with a couple thousand other people when he first en…
Retweeted by Ava @CouRageJD DO ITTT. you have so many cool parks out there and shit. @aureylian I think I see a face in the fur @MiltonTPike1 Lion king scared me. And all Dogs Go to Heaven @ToriPareno *phew* @ms_TUFFANY @cynnam1n Double trouble @PENTA_live @cyr I love thisNo filter needed 😳 @ColourPopCo I need more nude lipsticks tbh πŸ€”πŸ€HIRING🀝 Editors. Lots of editors. Part-time with potential for full-time. DM me! No job listing yet becaus…
Retweeted by Ava @redheadedhermit I do not get viewership like that. This list is false LOL
@wthbrett @rolllops It was an insane stream @rolllops @wthbrett Yeah cause I think it counted it being embedded in different places @elliswes Wait. Is it cedar season already?!?! NOOO @vpikula @AOC Honestly that's so fucking cool. I love her. @wthbrett I'm guessing Frontpage sponsorship. I remember I had an insane amt. But I don't remember it being that high. @Rath0X I'm tryna remember. Maybe I was drunk and flashed someone. @SirLambsalot @lil_pedicure @kaceytron Ah yes the random on the internet who apparently knows the full and complete… the fack did I get on here? 🀣 @_Camouchie @abbott_lynn LOL @JERICHO That's why I sent it to you first. Or I tried. Its still loading 🀣 that shouldn't be sexy but are.... @kawaiithepie1 @Jack28316016 🀣 @Jack28316016 Oh no. Who is that 😳 @AutismMammaBear @AndyLunique Where are they mother @LuluLuvely PINKKKKKKK. NO BLUE. OR SILVER @kiwionthesticks Someone just lost their job πŸ’© @MYSTIC7 @laulauhiggs Wow yall killed it @kaceytron I love that you stand by your principles girl. πŸ™Œ @kaceytron This is why we need to stop airing dirty laundry or things we are embarrassed about and calling it SA. T… @GGenaral5 🀣🀣 @GGenaral5 Now wonder you're so brainwashed 😏 @ADualThreatQB Chug chug chug @VaughnWhiskey @Nilkski_ I honestly don't care either way. But her responses before normal men and women responded are hilarious @YahooziePoppinS I never knew he was till recently but Jesus I feel bad for yall. But we have Ted Cruz. If we traded we'd still be fucked 🀣 @GGenaral5 Good grief 🀣🀣 @CouRageJD I'm offended. @LGN_Tuna @NICKMERCS 69696.9I didn't think someone could possibly suck up to Trump more than Ted Cruz, but Florida you may have him beat. Matt… @Lyythos @Nilkski_ @NICKMERCS Stop at 69699Reading these comments before I sleep tonight. Thank you @Nilkski_ 😩😩 @RavenPresser @Nilkski_ I'm deceased.Someone go grab my hat pls? 😩 @readysetjetset @JoshOG Thank god. I hate driving 🀣 @realChasetifer @HiRezTh3B4r0n @MilanKLee When I'm back ☺ @JoshOG Only if you drive. 😩 @megturney @ColourPopCo You might πŸ‘€ have some cool news soon πŸ‘€ @GlitterXplosion YES @OMGLove @Victrix @GFUELesports πŸ˜₯ @AutismMammaBear @AndyLunique Now make me someThe boys got the lurking time, but the homie @AvaGG def got the hype.
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Mutuals: Have some extra @elgato holiday sweaters looking for good homes. Anyone interested?
Retweeted by Ava @Nilkski_ Lmfaoooooo @AndyLunique Leavesssssss @AndyLunique I hate eating leafs though. So boring 😩 @SenValeTV Sleep > everything @CDX_Journalism These specific ones were are all taken on the @SamsungMobile note20 ultraπŸ—£ TAX SEASON SOON @MaddieM @1CarolineMoore @creatortaxforms My heroSome more photos from today @MaurisaMarie @_Lussifer_ Lucky man Scott indeed. You look amazing girl 😍 @oreeeo Me @STEVIEFRANCH1ZE @readysetjetset Come visit!! @LGN_Tuna @readysetjetset My personal pics I posted the other night were samsung. This was taken with a Canon r6 @Drift0r @readysetjetset Yess @andymilonakis I love Samsung (obviously) LOL. Didn't realize they were already releasing the newest one
@STEVIEFRANCH1ZE @readysetjetset It's such a cool place @LGN_Tuna @readysetjetset No she's a professional travel photographer 🀣 @andymilonakis πŸ‘€Willow House in Terlingua ⭐ πŸ“Έ @readysetjetset🀣🀣 @meenaharris @KamalaHarris