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GUA NANGISSSBXHDH @tanyainrl Gak tau pdhl gk lucu2 bgt tapi aku ngetawain ini hampir 5 menit😭
Retweeted by Keisha Die-Young @tootiredryan terrible😍 i wanna sl1t my own thro4t😆 @malapetakay frank ocean purrhello i love my dad, that’s all that’s the tweet. @spicypisces05 because you no sholeh, wallahii’m still trying to forgive my mom. i don’t blame her bc she didn’t have a good relationship with her mom either a… sad thing is, i once cried when i pray, and said “ya allah i don’t ever wanna be like my mom, don’t let my chil… @spicypisces05 damn my mom should’ve played ayatul kursi @1tshana you too bb! @spicypisces05 idk ask our parents, as long as i can remember i was born like this😐 @spicypisces05 HOT GIRL SHI😝😎yok giveaway sepedah @admiraII ngentodIf the COVID not over by 2022 ima try crack
Retweeted by Keisha Die-Young @cr4vingb0B4 @sarahkerenbgt LU KURANG JAUH MAENNYA @olskuyy badjingan 100rb x 200 baru angkut @immascuttle jatoh pas lagi zoom🥲lcd macbook gua pecah anjing @dadmustard whats up with it😝 @cr4vingb0B4 k-kamu ga innocent😁😅🥴 @_mariorizki gaada temen di magelang... @babibersin BANGET @deardenspeedy um... food?🥴 @catboy1sm ahaha😆aku main ujan”an!!! @malapetakay ikay😆 @_mariorizki gua muntahin popmie ni @aetheriecx IYAA THATS WHAT I MEANT DJHSGSJSGSH @F4THERSDAY yea uh let me...🍼😁 @aetheriecx but with you masih nyambung plss i can’t find any similarities with this person😭ahaha my throat... is a bit empty😅 @cr4vingb0B4 grrr bark bark🥵y’all ever met someone so attractive tapi sayangnya socially awkward and way too innocent?😭
i’m gonna stop begging, i forgot who i am for a second🥱hello i’m in so much emotional pain!😆hey god! i just can’t do this today😁jangan pernah mikir kalo orang jahat ga pantes hidup, pantes kok, tapi hidup nya harus sengsara, biar sama” disiksa dunia akhirat
“someone said orang cantik pasti manis but orang manis belum tentu cantik” i-it’s not fair🥺😕 @bluberriela rightttt💀LIKE ATLEAST HE TREATS ME WELL AND MAKES ME HAPPY😭me: *shows a picture of a guy i like* my friend: “he’s ugly” me: ngerokok cowo ngerokok yg cewe suka yg cewe gasuka
Retweeted by Keisha Die-Young @cr4vingb0B4 (((rich))) LMAOAJSJSJHSjujur gua takut sama relationship tuh bukan karena takut sama commitment, gua cuma gamau ngerasain heartbreak lagi ajagua kesepian banget di magelang gaada temen, ngeliat temen” gua di jakarta pada main mau nangisssjakarta rasa ini, jakarta rasa itu, kapan gitu orang bangga ama jakarta tanpa ngecompare sama tempat keren lain di dunia😪
Retweeted by Keisha Die-Youngsemalem gua ketawa lepas yang sampe nangis gaada suara nya gitu, it feels good man udah lama ga ketawa yang bener” ketawa kaya gitu HAHAH @cr4vingb0B4 rahasia negara🤫
PENGEN NGASI TUNJUK COWO GUA LUCU BANGETT T-TAPI NTAR KETAUAN COWO GUA SIAPA AAAAAGGHHH @LilTetw NGACA @bluberriela GET WELL SOON CANTIKK!!!🥺hey lol gua jarang nge tweet lately bc i’m a simp srryyy😝
@olskuyy @masfaiii_ bawaan lahir @hardinyall SKGSJSVSHDVSB @hardinyall OH.... AHGAHSGSHGSHS MMAAF @hardinyall trus ngapain begitu anjirrr kalo mau fwb mah ngewe aja udah gausa pake facetime” ntar baper😭😭 @tegarr_13 AHAHAHHAHAH GURU LU STRESS @malapetakay @keishadayang
@q_____ca thank youuu🥺🤍 @q_____ca apa karena gua gamau ‘ngapa”in’ ya sama dia makanya dia ngapa”in nya sama cewe lain idk haha @annafelicya19 sumpah gua kurang apa ya na @_mariorizki you know the reason why it hits me🤣 @adorbs_disrupts @kristentootie don’t pull the race card, we really don’t care about anyone’s race, but please do not built a house here
@q_____ca don’t🥰 @olskuyy LU BGT ANJIR BYE @q_____ca gws🤍hands and fingers are so attractive... @LilTetw yes, please
girls who don’t stop beefing are annoying like we get it.... you’re miserable.
Retweeted by Keisha Die-Young @LilTetw no im mad @oyowibowooo ga di maafini would never tell anyone that i’m sad (twitter doesnt count hello) bc i want people to see me as that happy and br… @bigcryingenergy @bluberriela i’m gonna cry stop @spicypisces05 no but literallywhy’d you only ever call me when you’re drunk @spitfirebanyu okayy @spitfirebanyu keisha dayang😁recommend me songs to scream-cry to, like these two @delvinYauw michael
@hardinyall i am that sunshine😎i wanna sit on someone’s lap with a skirt on @papeuchi basreng kali @tegarr_13 yh... okh... @EgorBacu not mei mei...😭 @DjenarSekar UDAH KAYA KLINIK KECANTIKAN @fluvoxxxamine thats a cool name ngl @sibudjank when i was 10 i begged my parents to change my name jadi kayla😭 @samverrr akhirnya, manusia waras @spicypisces05 its on ig girl let me send it to u @spicypisces05 ANW I BOUGHT THE BLACK SKIRT! AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!! @spicypisces05 girl my shopee is tired of me @gaaanntttooo almond milk on the other hand>>> @gaaanntttooo whole milk!if my name wasnt my name, what name do i look like? @_mariorizki ur giving me daffa or reza energy @aetheriecx heyy😆 @izznrs tetep serem HAHAH