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@xHitan @PlayVALORANT I need to be able to hold a cubby on bind from heaven with a Bucky @ltsCamo @PlayVALORANT how about 3 though @PlayVALORANT give omen two paranoias and triple the range of the Bucky, what we thinkin team @OGcastroo happy birthday legend @lmChroma 🤷🏿‍♂️We had a Pumpkin Carving contest Twitter, YOU decide the winner. All anonymous. 2 day poll down in the replies 👇…
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@ibrahimelj @milktpapi @Froste @Mako @Class @Valkyrae 👀👀👀 @oreeeo @ASTROGaming wow @_steezuschrist @Mako @Class @Froste @_Mikemo 👀👀👀 @CFC_Ant he slid on this @Frcxlz exactly @adamwilley21 you too my guy @AtomiccT it’s truly truly worth the watch and I never watch YouTube original stuff reallythis How To Behzinga YouTube documentary is incredible, shits so inspiring man @SkreetMan @NitesTV big ups tyty @TheMob get it together
@JhbTeam i really got no words for this oneone of the funniest things i've ever seen
Retweeted by Avalanche @Jobofobic_ @JhbTeam @100Thieves⚠️ Volume warning. Our intern almost killed @Avalanche100T with a mediashare.
Retweeted by Avalanche @JhbTeam @100Thieves you will pay for this @Sliker @LazasBautista WOOOOO CANT WAIT TO WATCH EL CLÁSICO!!!!!!!!You mean to tell me, I have to wake up EARLY on my weekend to watch a team who lost to gulag farmers play against FC Barcelona
Retweeted by Avalancheblood on your hands @realmadrid SHITTTTTTT OH MY GODDDDDHOLD ON?!?!?! @realmadrid @lukamodric10 MODRIC THATS WHAT I LIKE TO SEEEEEE @PapaVisionz Im just praying at this point man @Matt_Lawrence02 @Billy_LDN_ @realmadrid Im about to go out on the pitch myself, sort things outVarane and Militao at the back
Retweeted by Avalanche @_airhawkeye @realmadrid no @axevl what am I seeing man what am I watching right now42' |0-3| Gol de Solomon. #RMUCL
Retweeted by Avalanche @realmadrid I’m done watching this shit @realmadrid @Mako @SamjaySJ 2018 banger y’all just gotta let the tweet sizzle for a little longer it’s gonna take off @Xouped how yall find this one LMAOOO @DaTuxy @DrLupo GGs boss and I apologize again for throwing not only one but TWO imposter games where we both get it together off rip LMAO @Class NAHHHHH @Deansocool YOU ARE MY ARCHNEMESIS AFTER THIS @BigPuffer nahhh I DESPISE YOU BRO LMAOOO I WAS SO HYPEDThis man really thought he got away with this @Avalanche100T
Retweeted by Avalanche @ACHES @DrLupo lmaoooo I don’t know her the other aches I was so confused when she joined I deadass thought it was you @Avalanche100T THERE IS NO WAY!
Retweeted by Avalanche @JhbTeam THIS IS A BORDERLINE ASSASINATION ATTEMPT BRO @Avalanche100T my bad
Retweeted by Avalanchenah that stream was wild some of the best times I’ve ever had on Twitch big thanks to @DrLupo for the host and all… @SesoHQ it was very very very good to see you today goati may not be playing with AOC... but we vibin playing Among Us :)
@koordell Kordell bout to be sliding around the platform with that checkmark? Big W @ahmedanimations nah forreal @TristanGHill real shit?!? @atlantaslatt you on that @24kGoldn shit. Lemme slide into your luggage if you bounce to Tokyo @Nappyboy2330 @100Thieves @Nadeshot @CouRageJD @brookeab @Valkyrae @TheMob @Froste @Mako @Class @LoganDodson @JKap415 facts @mariss im fully trying to get back on the health grind too and I didn’t go for a run today when I said I would smh @Kross I really wonder if I’d die of cringe if I ever went back and looked at my Facebook messages from when I was 13 @Dkuemps 😭😭😭 @miketamine word to @kennybeats @LazasBautista need this pandemic to go ahead and get outta here so I can go respect French football in person @cralph_99 @elonmusk damn I miss this show in it’s prime @LazasBautista need a new kit idk who to get @JoeyTheSuperJew this man in critical condition quick someone please this man a gf @ActualIyCasey It will speak it into existence, word to Lavar Ball @iMercii_ I miss talking to you bout bullshit irl I can’t even lie... @special1st_ bro are counterattacks really the entire thing with this years fifa, I was watching @ZerkaaHD earlier… @COSTCOBACKWOODS bro getcho lazy ass up and get the milk man @realJBA @elonmusk keep it @albert12798 Travis Scott already got the ps5 how come my girl ain’t get it for me yet 🧐 @WhosBreezyUK I do not have the qualifications to advise you on this decision @MxjdTV facts though @hudsonwisler what happened king @StableRonaldo it’s those hours again huh... @JhbTeam i swear some of these LA drivers think they’re don toretto bro these streets are DANGEROUS but you should still get that licensei think im waitin on the day @elonmusk or some genius drops some futuristic 3rd party gaming console that makes eve… @xbarkoo I think my expectations for GTA 6 are too high at this point @LazasBautista Quarantined. Still @JuniorReyes17 they just ass boss RT
Retweeted by Avalanche @xoxabstract I wonder if I’ll have done the dash away from the USA in 5 years time or if I’ll still be here @Leopard100T it’s worth the shot bro you’ll regret it if you do, pull up like Curry boss @Huntrelol well... do you? @OGWERP HOURS HAVE OFFICIALLY COMMENCED... WHAT ARE YALL OVERTHINKING TONIGHT 🤔🤔🤔 @Class @FaZeClan WASSIFY 4th in the @FaZeClan $25,000 Among Us tournament!! LETS GOOOOOOO, TAKING $2,500 HOME TO THE MOB FAMILIA 😸
Retweeted by Avalanche @LazasBautista @JhbTeam they have to pay for what they’ve done @AbelStreams @JhbTeam everyone off the TL catching the inv. Awaiting spectrums downfall @Avalanche100T
Retweeted by Avalanche @JhbTeam block party at the crib the day spectrum goes out of business @silvasalavisa @100Thieves @Mako @Froste @Class @CouRageJD @Valkyrae @brookeab @Nadeshot @LoganDodson @jacksondahl @Class WWWWWWWWWW BAG ALERT BAG ALERT @100Thieves @Mako @Froste @Class @CouRageJD @Valkyrae @brookeab @Nadeshot @LoganDodson @jacksondahl strategically p…
This might be the sweatiest game of IRL Among Us ever. Presented by @Totinos!
Retweeted by Avalanche @Class bring it home win it for the boys @Avalanche100T Our casters need to know, is it Ava or Ava?
Retweeted by Avalanche @FaZeClan some people say Ava, but I really prefer Ava @Class AYYYYYY @Froste @Mako MOBCRAFT WE OUTTTTTTT