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@Yassuo will not be held responsible for my previous tweets. - Ava @n_axel 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 @silvasalavisa @TristanGHill all I’m saying is a few transactions might’ve been wired @TristanGHill match fixing in broad daylight you hate to see it! @F_Edits theres nooooo way manMATCH FIXING!!!! @TristanGHill direct deposit must’ve hit late @KeviSkillz MATCH FIXING!!!!no fucking way hahahahaha @CFC_Ant nah bro you funny as hellMbappe boutta come out the half time locker room with a full kit on like
Retweeted by Avalanche @Johnt2005_ ~ ooooooo ~ @TristanGHill get this all sorted out in the second half goat @Oualid036_ @JuniorReyes17 Mbappe gotta smack the shit outta this mf at halfDISASTERCLASSSS @ImMichaelChavez 3-1 Atalanta @CFC_Ant @TristanGHill @TristanGHill @CFC_Ant need Atalanta to bag another @CFC_Ant I would’ve had to have deleted my tweet @LazasBautista finesse reminds me of Big Meech on the pro clubs pitch @Beneliuspaige don’t mind me just letting some agendas fly @BIackJohn sold twice in front of net @Evaangelionn quality meme @CFC_Ant LMAOOO @BlancoHarsh @JuniorReyes17 LEVELS!!! @AnimalFriez THEY GOT A LOOK ALIKE ON THE PITCHNEYMAR IS A FRAUD LMAOO @WhosBreezyUK needs to tweet the stream stats out after😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Avalanche @100ThievesLive @ElevateFN @beastcoast Godspeed my bro @ElevateFN @shadxwball @xopepe_ direct deposit must’ve hit @xopepe_ HE GOOD? @pogker LMAOOOO @blakeir if he doesn’t read every single name of all 13 thousand and counting, he has an ego!! @DNPthree it deadass looks like this @JuniorReyes17 lookin like Froste when he played with ThumpI loved @shroud in Uncut Jems
Retweeted by Avalanche @lmChroma man getting 100 gifteds casually like they some twitch primesI’ve never seen a Twitch chat move like Shrouds chat is right now @leahdb98 @TristanGHill @UnsolicitedDiks LMAOO @Oreologist @avalanchetwitch why do 100 people I follow follow that account I’m legit never gonna tweet off it I do… @Oreologist @avalanchetwitch fuck that kid @StopItPIz 🤷🏿‍♂️ @gomufc69 nahhh that’s legit tough @haleyalesa @Frankie_lake LMAOOOO DEADASS THESE ALIENS NEEDA BANG OUR LINE @WhyRizzy soon king trust @ItsPix_ good luck boss go kill that shit @WiiSportsPro_ what they planning on doing @alexschinkel @MikaelaNicole__ keep prospering 🗣 @Brundoooo this some real gamer shit right here @vSwishhh she taking a SHOWER shower bro don’t worry she’ll tap in soonshe said she was taking a shower 37 days ago and still hasn’t responded... i hope she’s ok
Retweeted by Avalanche @EpixPowned IM FINNA STAND TALLLLL IN IT IM ALLLLLLLL IN IT YOU BE ON MY BACK, LIKE A CAAARDIGAN @PilotXT you off that pack @KingEmail0 COVID type beat, we will get through this brother @TM298_ yessir covid and all @thecaspet i be wondering this sometimes too @Daymeeein it is my guy @ijdawg998 facts tho @axevl id do anything for that man and I’ve never met him @kyoiwnl they must be livin off the land @zw1ph half your friends anti maskers or some shit? @TheSamsman we all going thru it but we going thru it as a unit @xopepe_ Pepe youre a king don’t ever forget that @Gladd @sebthe_crab never loool twitch con finna be canceled because of covid for the next decade @ecoiwnl it’s those hours man @WhosBreezyUK you on the pitch ? @PositiveDupp why did @EASPORTSFIFA not update pro clubs is what I’m still thinking about @MrZenzero mf where do you live !?!?!, @ItsODJ the deeep late night thoughts huh @_pinktaylor that’s what I’m thinking after this classify stream @may_wedda real shit tbf @ripxRain enjoy every moment @notedub yeah it be like that sometimes @Leo__ffs we’ll be waitin for you out west boss @hudsonwisler Europe 😍😍😍 @SkyDW5 i do this @Oreologist what are YOUR top 3 apps rn Oreo @MrFuryRevenge hating in 2020 kinda weirdchamp if you ask me @Leo__ffs see you in 2027 Leo @CFC_Ant covid fucked EVERYYYYTHANG up man it’s upsetting I’m sad I’m disappointed @Blindage_ thats that shit @Avalanche100T Where she at man...
Retweeted by Avalanche @Xouped VA???? LETS GOOO @scrymzyur you right @eizamusica @Avalanche100T When you empty out a vacuum cleaner, does that make you the vacuum cleaner?
Retweeted by Avalanche @Stagelyy them late night thoughts @JoeyTheSuperJew and a pandemic decided to pull up in the middle of it, basically said fuck our 20s smh @jlent1208 oh nooo la croqueta @albert127946 ALRBERT WHERE SHE AT MAN IM TIRED OF IT @Froste gotta find the queen of all queens @Froste “we riding solo dolo baby!” @Froste being in a relationship? Kinda cringe if you ask me we riding solo dolo baby! @AidanForMayor24 I think @Froste should run for President