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@clodgett Someone get Tim Apple on EarTime right now
Retweeted by nard the builderWhy isn’t FaceTime audio called EarTime
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@chunkyfila she said rip to democracy but i’m built differentany coney barrett is fucking annoying as hell on her finsta smh
Retweeted by nard the builderfuck amy coney barrett. all my homies hate amy coney barrett.
Retweeted by nard the builder @Keefler_Elf this is some gas bro
@alex_paganoo i’m pretty much locked up due to rona :( but imma come hang soon don’t worry @alex_paganoo i miss you too 😭😭 we gotta hit cowboy again after all this @leong_brendan lmao yeah i’m quite the catch @clodgett LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHim and Her (happy anniversary y’all cute)
Retweeted by nard the builder @kerryfjones @xxxrock42069 lmfao bro u are down bad @kaylahorisk LMAOOO that’s fair @fuckmarrywill thank u fellow beautiful human :) @ratgirlxx thank u :))) @bowserstanacct she loves when her fits get appreciated @xxxrock42069 that’s all i want rn @DDenkler thank u bro i’m just tryna get (handsome) like u @BrokeButBullish she considered this a wonderful compliment lmao @userjaymes thank you king!!! @ThaMagicDragon thank u king 🥺 @Skoog LMAO i love this concept @CapriCornyCait she appreciates iteveryone tell my my gf how pretty she is it’s our anniversary
@clodgett ppl who don’t understand theory love trying to explain why it won’t workI promise that 99% of people who criticize BLM for being a “Marxist” organization can absolutely NOT define or describe Marxism whatsoever
Retweeted by nard the builderTLDR stands for The Lord of Da Rings
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tried to vote today but lines were too long. good job america i’ll try to democracy later
@M3reKat he’s killing it no lie @latergatorhater trust me i’ve watched every video on his account @bocxtop @ReagansTweets ur both taller than me idk how that’s supposed to workwhy is hillary clinton wearing a duragthis tik tok lives literally rent free in my head @moonandstar8765 thank u king let’s pray they have itit is free to listen to my music just click it
Retweeted by nard the builder @warmfourloko dude this is impressive ur a pro fisherman @_xells @kbianchi14 this is beautiful @kbianchi14 we need a large sample sizeCould @avantnard bench press me
Retweeted by nard the builder @kbianchi14 yeah absolutely i could
@Sully_is_a_Dime i could def bench kennydoes anyone in buffalo know where i can buy heavier dumbbells than the 0-25 lb sets they have at dicks
@glickzac @Keefler_Elf these dudes loving telling us how rare them actually interacting with a girl is @bocxtop feeing joy for the first time since marchwatching aoc stream don’t text it @andrew_beecher i’ll check it out
@andrew_beecher oh my god i should go on sporkle @tequilacowgirl LETS GOOOOOO for the like jack i knew you’d appreciate this onefound some of my old hot wheels. gonna make dnd style stat sheet for each of them and then make them have roll base… will not be streaming tonight because we should all be watching this @Mreusch97 i didn’t know i could physically reach a point where i’d played “too many” video games but here we are.… need something mentally stimulating to do does anyone want me to do their taxes or somethingi might spend the evening doing differential equations just to feel alivegot to the point of boredom where i just started googling math problems and answering them cuz i have nothing else to doCome hang @kerryfjones don’t worry king we gon get through this together. boutta start in a secgonna stream in 10. were playing some genshin impact tonight in honor of @kerryfjones asking me to play it @kerryfjones good you’ll be more ready for some genshin impact brothashe’s looking for a wife to feed to the tigers
@alexkelley430 LMFAOOO @alexkelley430 these pants are too dangerous to be legal @couribruv same dudes who are calling for a race war are the ones who lose their minds whenever a company does some… @chunkyfila all those apps and not a baddie in sightok next try loading texts from hot girls
Retweeted by nard the builderi’ll be in costume, chilling in my house taking shots with the gang on zoom | Buffalo gets the national spotlight on FOX tonight, matchup between Allen and Mahomes and @DavisGB1 o…
Retweeted by nard the buildergo bills babyyy @ReagansTweets yet another piece of joy which the capitalist has stolen from usoh y’all are awake fr ok enjoy the early bird special at the local diner @ReagansTweets that means you get to enjoy the sunrise every day. that’s a delight6am is upon us. hang stream in 10 @wvrdsmxth yeah
Retweeted by nard the builderthe Democratic Party 0.284 seconds after the election ends
Retweeted by nard the builder @bad_pita u killed this look @tw33tinggggg correct @goodbeanaltalt u got me shaking like courage the cowardly dogneed dat to mod ur tech decks
@BigTucsonDad nightcrawler or moonlight @ThaMagicDragon ur telling me that’s not just photoshopped onto his headhonestly one of my fav things about tik tok is how it’s resurfaces old party/dance songs like im ngl hearing hit th… @onlineryn blessed be the pen
Retweeted by nard the builder @tw33tinggggg KING!!!!Come hang @_xells i’d simply be too scared if it were offscrew scary games i’m gonna stream DOOM @ 9:30 pm baby
@JackWilliamRtF @Gunnza_Blazin @Nadrojo CONGRATS we really are just gonna let those senators get away with insider trading at the beginning of the pandemic huh @TimTamShortage yeah it’s pretty fun but it’s tough @kerryfjones always has beenhollow knight is just cute dark souls @M3reKat i wanna finish evil within but lowkey i might just play doom lmao @M3reKat i’ll stream tonight i bought a 2tb hardrive and now i have like 50 games downloadedi knew it happens to others but i never thought it might someday happen to me... i’m getting my wisdom teeth @ClintonEgeland instagram is just the highlights of twitter but i’m already in the trenches 😈💅