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@fuslie @iGumdrop @yvonnie Trip to the trash can? You live in a castle or what @ChrissyCostanza you low key look like that tho LMAO @pansy any spot that you go with me to @CouRageJD Holy shit LOL
@mimimimichaela @333MAGiK yeah I knew this championship was gonna get to your head LMAOAAOAOAO @Blitz_DotA I can watch @qojqva1 till I forget to eat sleep and drink @VioletLex I don’t have a social life on the internet either @VioletLex 🥰🥰ty @heroicgg Broadway! @MikesHD_ @DerrekOW Personally I wouldn’t take that
@Keeoh My bad bro @Orb LMAOOOO 🥵🥵🥵AiVERAGEJONAS @LiQuiD112 😍ILY @AlienwareRTX 4090 GAMING! XMAS CONCERT AND ALAN WALKER CONCERT RECAP, CHAMBER NERFED HAHAHAHAH GET IN HERE NOWWWW @VeryCuteAndCool Thank youuu ❤️❤️ @brichey02 I think the angle is fooling you, and I dont want neck pain @Trainwreckstv 🥹 @DerrekOW Wait you buy that crap? @carolinekwan 🥹 @ironmouse Ohhh thank you!! I was telling my friends how ur pitch was so good actually 🥰 @HarrieSilver Thanks love! @Zizaran ❤️ @kiran__p Nah I play alot of Ligma, it requires a good GPU @Trainwreckstv I wish man 🥲 I hope I get more opportunities to perform next year @AutumnRhodess thank u <3 @VeilFPS 55C @TheSommerset 2 pillows is asking for neck problems @ironmouse it was lovely to meet you! even though I was constantly in the way :D @Natsumiii LOLL tyyy I felt a little rusty but it went okay!! we should sing more!! @Natsumiii u did great! @im_jeq secretlab magnus monitor armsSo far I tested Overwatch 2 on Ultra settings 1080p LMFAO @endercasts <3 @x_d0ugh @DrillReaper 😂RTX 4090 mode activated. Christmas came early 🥹 @VirtualWolfGirl ❤️ @seshiriaa_ 🥹 @Ninja Multistream philantrophist @Alixxa Also how do u look good on every picture ever @Alixxa I teach nppp
@emijuju_ NOO STOPP thanku😭 @EiyaWoW 🥰🥰 @starsmitten_ @jessicahkim @crownchannel @PlayVALORANT Yeah what she said @vGumiho TANKU @Alliance_iPN ❤️ @tjbrownmusic No u @Athena Fanks!! @BritanniJohnson Just woke up didn’t even notice @BritanniJohnson Hahahah @_JunoTheCat ❤️❤️ @GrimValorant First me, now they got you too:( @vykaan ❤️❤️😂 ill let you know haha @hasanthehun @kurtisconner @dannygonzalez U did great @CarlosR ❤️ @msscottytv Lyric baritone, I can sing both voice types @Electra Thankuu ❤️❤️❤️Guys I’m so happy 🥹 These last two days of shows, friends and adventures have been so amazing and now my new RTX409… @EmilyKrumlinde I am pretty average at taking time off 😂🥵 @_modelmorg THANK U COOL MODEL GAMER FRIEND @ddofinternet Hap birf from ur besties ❤️ @LilyPichu @ddofinternet We love u Jason thanks for making memories together @DamianEstrada THANKS DADDY @MitchMan Ily @sapphiReGG Awe thanksss ❤️❤️ @LuluLuvely Oh please Kraber Queen dont try me I would sacrifice my left leg for ur aimAlso if anyone wants full version ❤️ so much fun singing and making new friends! Thank u QT for the inv ❤️ @ceceliawithsoup ❤️❤️❤️ @qtcinderella THANK U FOR ALWAYS DOING AMAZING THINGS AND GIVING US AWESOME MEMORIES ❤️ @proxyfox ❤️ @TiffaJessi @Gildersons_ Oh ffs 😂 @endercasts LMAO STOP @Gildersons_ Ty bro ❤️ @Gildersons_ Just like 100.000 people before you 😂 @TheWillNeff Love u bud @FNS Hi bby @Cr1ngle Dad @_modelmorg ❤️ @ZebraTwitch 👀 @Naguura AWWW STOPP 🥰🥰🥰 @AriaSaki OMG YESS @Jollztv Woof @AriaSaki Do you have the cosplay?? We could duo @rinaeles Ayo??? Ah you mean ChamberTIME TO SLAY @PlayVALORANT @crownchannel Hi @sophieshemas We gonna slay @qtcinderella This is gonna be so fun!! @neekolul @qtcinderella 🥹 @Methodsco @Warcraft That looks so cool omg
This will be cool 😎 Thx for the invite @PlayValorant & @CrownChannel #ad @AdamEcclesBooks @Alienware A man of culture @Keeoh @MelissaDicksonn And here I thought we had something…SEE YOU THERE!! ❤️ FRIEND @qtcinderella Can @IAmAlanWalker come? He’s free tomorrow
This is a controversial tweet. Please like and react accordingly ⬇️ @EpheyDota Nothing like some midday Goth Romanticism