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Hey @PlayVALORANT @riotgames I think I just broke your game.. Might wanna doublesho.. I meant doublecheck this! creative today! Time to make new lineups! Starting with Sova first! @_JunoTheCat 😂 Dw I have a few new I gotta show you @MahdTwo Hey no fat shaming! I was chonky 😂Throwback to ChonkyJonas the Overwatch caster 😂 Reinhardt/Gibraltar main btw few months ago I remember playing Fall Guys with Carol while talking about mental health. She had 40 viewers and… @yojupi @TheVampsCon @kikii_cs @PlayVALORANT Thanks Reyner😎
New video on YT with my boy @TheVampsCon @TheVampsCon @kikii_cs @PlayVALORANT Precision! @MitchMan @TheVampsCon @kikii_cs @PlayVALORANT I aim to please. @kikii_cs 😂 @kikii_cs sure np! 10 feetpicsSimple Geometry 🤓 @TheVampsCon @kikii_cs @PlayVALORANT @JoshNissan Hahahah I have my sunglasses I'll be ok 😎LIVE! Today we are doing an educational watch party review of the TSM vs FaZe First Strike finals! For more educati… morning 🌞 Streaming soon! @realSantyx Go see a vocal coach 🤞🥰 @Flights1_ @TeamCommandGG Yeehaw! I'll have a six pack of both and a radiant dorito thanks bud
@TheVampsCon @pricelapj LOL 😂😂😂 I guess there is hope after all @Tinyladyy Thanks lol ❤️ @Luddee_OW they have one called skeleton shaker, but seems like u have that already :D @zCherryy_ actually this was on my main, immortal 3 atm :D @Luddee_OW dafuq. I recommend johan bulow with habanero @Luddee_OW I recently had alot of licorice and it's effect is clearly showingSova main btw During this Black Weekend, we will have an exclusive Xsleeve challenge! The first 50 people that…
Retweeted by AverageJonas @Boopasaurusrex These kind of gliding exercises are very helpful to identify where your difficulties lie both as a… @Boopasaurusrex it's abit hard to explain as it depends on the person listening, but for a male atleast you usually… @SmoothCasts I think chewing gum can cause alot of tension that perhaps you don't want when u talk/cast and DEFINET… @Fickle_Platypus Maybe I'll try make a more thorough guide eventually!WE Live today! Wearing the slick Xsleeve :D The first 50 people that post about the Xsleeve Kickstarter and gets 10… @jamesbardolph Yikes, that does make a big difference 😂 @G2esports @valesports_eu Ouch @jamesbardolph I see what you mean, even though it's not a problem to sit with great posture. I think it more relie… @Annie_Dro I'm gonna become a beat saber star @JCURSE7X Thanks! Dont worry I already lost it :D @MitchMan GET TO WORK SOLDIER, HEALTHY VOICE MASTERRACE @JCURSE7X yeah regardless of how you use your voice, it starts with your body :) @jimmy_deadly <3 @BanKsEsports the 2 one is surprisingly difficult haha :D It's all about finding the right amount of pressure, comp… @JCURSE7X I think screaming is one of the few genres I don't have alot of experience doing as I don't actually unde… @BanKsEsports anytime brother, I think it is an extremely important thing that possibly could damage people if they… @Maniac_CSGO3 Quick tips to increase your vocal health ❤ Share this with your caster, singer & streamer friends! I will reply… @jerilzs YesGood morning from Norway ❤️ @yojupi @_SoMarcus My son is a good guy 😎 @flexinja @plooful Damn I literally came here to write that :( @TheVampsCon @kikii_cs @kaquka @Alliance_iPN Hahahah 😂I swear sometimes Valorant feels more like a horror game.. @TheVampsCon @kikii_cs @kaquka @Alliance_iPN
Over on Mr @Average_Jonas ‘s stream this morniiiinggg! Go show him some loooveeee
Retweeted by AverageJonas @ChicagoPQ @Bjorlulu it really is. @BanKsEsports @MitchMan personally more a vandal than an operator but I'll take it :D @BanKsEsports @MitchMan Darts *Norwegian Opera singer takes British Rock star to the Valorant trenches 💪 are you ready @TheVampsCon 😂 @Bjorlulu There is a similar one on Bind B behind tube 😂 @kim6erlyyyy @AFK_Creators 😂🥰 @kim6erlyyyy @AFK_Creators I know, but it was a salty joke :D @MitchMan So ur keeping the gun one round on Icebox, got it 😎 @kim6erlyyyy @AFK_Creators Well haven't you watched a game and thought: I'm not gonna like this game even if I try… @AFK_Creators Among us 👿
@MonteCristo Watching you guys cast OGN was an absolute blast! Cool to see how much it has done for you! ❤️ @kaquka @Alliance_iPN @TracK_OW Might wanna chill on that Red Bull miss Kaqu:DPlaying with @kaquka is just free content 😂 So nice to play with my old Overwatch buddies @Alliance_iPN @TracK_OW a… y'all it's ya boi VarietyJonas coming in hot with another Apex Legends stream! Come join the GOOD VIBES! @kikii_cs Get well ❤️Role model ❤️ @twulytenzin @SovaSimp Thanks I'm honored @ItsLmntrix LOL @plooful @Hiko I mean I was gonna say it would explain why I hit Radiant 😂 @parallelzoee Monstercat gold is 5 dollars a month, so much chill music
@mel_anji Law of attraction 💪 @TheVampsCon @BanKsEsports @Specsavers Thursday 11am CET, the two sickest singers in valorant?? @TheVampsCon @BanKsEsports @Specsavers We still need to do a stream.. I have a diamond 3 account too:D @BanKsEsports @TheVampsCon @Specsavers Long story, a year working on a cruise ship, waiting for 30xx series, covid,… @BanKsEsports @TheVampsCon @Specsavers Damn son let's get to it! Imagine if I upgrade from my gtx 980 (not joking b… @RohnJobinson To top it off the EU scene had four bo1 qualifiers instead of 2 bo3 in NA 😂 @brookeab Been doing the same thing lately and it feels amazing 😍 @_JunoTheCat @MonsterEnergy 😎 @_JunoTheCat @MonsterEnergy Must be from all the HotS scrims late at nightalso @Alliance_iPN @Vinci1502 thanks for the awesome games and 6 wins!!!!McCree & Winston main gameplay 🤓My first ever variety stream peaked at 1.1k viewers. I am so grateful that I have a… @karagii YESSSSSS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Celebrating my first ever full Variety stream with 5 gifted subs per @PlayApex Victory! @merrkelele Damn now that's a manGood morning internet, be kind 😍 @LuluLuvely @Dezignful Wait, you guys take them off? It's so nice and warm! Also, gorgeous pic Lulu 😍
@karagii Still better than ur normal sleeping scheduleVariety Andy coming in with the Collat Sniperino 😎 Looking forward to do more Apex Legends when I need a break from… @TheVampsCon @BanKsEsports @PlayVALORANT hahahaha :D I think he needs to play with the arrow god @_SoMarcus gotta frag harder manRADIANT Adventures w/ Marcus 🏹 @HemSyxx @TheVampsCon @PlayVALORANT 😂 @MattheosTV @dontzi @Felineforever @StianBlipp Who's at the back though, me or you? @TheVampsCon @PlayVALORANT Now you just need to learn to shoot with it @Alliance_iPN @kaquka @karagii @bbnectar @kaquka @Alliance_iPN @karagii @bbnectar I wish there was a "100% same" button I could smash to this comment ❤️ @riverkingnami @kikii_cs @NelC95 Has a mission to spread love around her. Icon @kikii_cs Funny German with a heart of gold, always m… Helped me gain exposure when I was a lil streamer, awesome guy @Hiko Sova brothers 4ever, so proud…