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The sass is strong with this one. USAT & WSJ bestselling romance author. Opinions mine RTs ❌ endorsements Doesn’t speak for RWA She/Her Repped by @ElaineSpencer

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@shannonstacey @angelajames I still love you. Announcement! Join us for our Diversifying Romance Panel 😍! When: April 25, 2020 Time: 11:00am PST/2:00pm E…
Retweeted by Avery FlynnGood Morning from the Bronx
Retweeted by Avery FlynnMy Summer TBR recommendations @AuthorsGuild #supportauthors @PrisOliveras @KwanaWrites @barbaraoneal
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @BookNerd216 Mmmmmmmm pizza. @Darynda Just got my copy from #AppleBooks!New @Darynda Jones???????? Y’all. That is called a silver lining and I am here for it! In The Woods is a fucking fabulous book. OMG. SO. GOOD. Sprinkle that shit everywhere.
Retweeted by Avery FlynnNo and you can’t make me. @angelajames @shannonstacey @angelajames @taradwyatt how I feel about extra crispy fried chicken too. @IsobelCarr cuddles. would go a long way right now
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @K2togetherSSK Yes! Juanita! @chloe_clouds90 Yay!!!! Thank you for reading!!!!! @Havenprincess XoxoxoxoSupreme Court: We're going to delay oral arguments for the first time since the Spanish flu because this pandemic i…
Retweeted by Avery FlynnIt's teaser Tuesday and if you've read Parental Guidance and wanted more, you can grab the next book in the series… @EssexRomance So true. Picks Up YA Vampire Novel 'Crave'
Retweeted by Avery Flynn43. Look at this long line of cars waiting to pickup food from the Central Texas Food Bank Our fellow Americans ar…
Retweeted by Avery FlynnI love this.’s Joan Wilder time.
Anyone else's fur babies act like this? 😂 @kharmakelley I will!Lucy didn’t find a forever home last week, but maybe today is her lucky day!
Retweeted by Avery FlynnCo-written by Avery “why do I always do this to myself” Flynn Dark Knight. Inception. authors of the Racy Reads Party Room, are giving away a book a day - all via our Blind Date with a Book game!…’m doing a giveaway!!! RT to win TP... Just kidding. I know what you really need is TP, but you can get TOXIC D…
Retweeted by Avery FlynnThat’s a choice.👀👀👀 from how joyous this is, this fox appears to be a BRILLIANT Director of Photography: first shot is mysterious…
Retweeted by Avery FlynnMonday Mood 😂 @NaliniSingh @AppleBooks Whoa! Thank you Kiwis!!!!
THIS!!!! @_AJCousins Wow!Reminder- Fiber Artists of Romancelandia meeting via zoom today at 3pm EDT. Let me know if you'd like an invite.
Retweeted by Avery FlynnICYMI...A huge thank you to all!!! Xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️! Tuck in for some stay at home and flatten the curve reading with THREE FREE READS! The Negotiator, Butterface… absolutely enraging story from @attackerman: the pentagon is nickel and diming national guardsmen called up to f…
Retweeted by Avery Flynn2. For those of you who don't think you have a Paula in your life, our fund for hourly/tipped workers has raised ov…
Retweeted by Avery FlynnSewing your own face mask? Some fabrics work better than others, finds new research via @nbcnews
Retweeted by Avery FlynnSo the stimulus checks they are sending are technically an advance refund of 2020 taxes?!?! @Forbes @HRBlock @MSNBC
Retweeted by Avery FlynnY’all! This is the coolest.
This is where we're at in buying PPE. An Illinois official sped on a highway to get to a meet-up in a McDonald's p…
Retweeted by Avery FlynnTimes like this show you just how big of assholes some people are but also that so many more people are absolutely… you’re able, take a moment this weekend to call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Send a message to you…
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @laurendane OMG! When my mom got married for the second time, I stayed with my best friend and her family while mom… fav thing on tik tok is now finding celebs kids. here’s daniel dae kim’s son 😭
Retweeted by Avery FlynnSame. And Happy Days. are worried about their kids getting too much screen time during this crisis and Gen X is like shit, at…
Retweeted by Avery FlynnAfrica isn’t a testing lab you pieces of shit.
Retweeted by Avery FlynnSaturday Silly 😂 a series to binge read his weekend? Have you met the Hartigan’s? Check them out here -… team spent last week trying to understand how the Administration is or isn't directing the medical equipment sup…
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @SandiRamirez2 Oh honey. I’m right there with you. @aboutthatstory Xoxoxo @bandherbooks The cuteness!!! @ReeseRyanWrites They did me do right! XoWildlife is finally returning to Britain’s streets. Nature is healing 😍✌️
Retweeted by Avery FlynnThis. Right. Here. moe, this is the Tik Tok of the year. Fuck everything else 😂
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @AuthorCharish Adorable!!! @LinasMusings It’s this personality test thing. The website is on the next pic I think.Get ready for a sexy, new rom-com! Pre-order your copy now! Amazon - Kobo -…,4,9 @CandaceHavens What if they’re smirking when the towel drops???? Somewhere Liz just gagged.I, for one, am exhausted by low information, high ego white men who think they know everything better than actual e…
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @VictoriaDahl Oh my goodness. That poor sweet child.
@RdotSpoon I might have made a Caipirinha before dinner. I maybe shouldn’t have missed lunch today. @helenkaydimon What the hell??This is the most valid career goal ever. I wanna be Joan Wilder. The Joan Wilder. NYT crossword are you doing ok?! 😂 Gov. Phil Murphy has ordered flags in the state to fly at half-mast indefinitely.
Retweeted by Avery FlynnOmg. I love him so. Members can find regular updates from the Board of Directors on the work they're doing in our RWA Updates forum…
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @XioAxelrod RIGHT?Every damn time when I’m writing the declaration scene. Every. Damn. Time. And I am an ugly crier, y’all., maybe I have old eyes (I do) but which one of the oranges is DC and which one is Philly?????? @KatherineEHunt_ True.When you’d rather admit you’re a complete and total moron than that you fucked up. @AlizaMannAuthor Ha! Otherwise it’s the smack to the back of the head. Ha! OMG. Moms of a certain age, man. @AlizaMannAuthor And that look. Just a slide of the gaze over to you. *shivers* @Sarah_Nicolas Stringer Bell is good. Also, GO WATCH THE WIRE!!!! @AlizaMannAuthor This reminds me of my mom’s famous (often repeated) line: Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.That is, in fact, exactly what it’s there for. Get states the resources they need, or get out of the way.
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @LyssaKayAdams And you didn’t share a link? What the hell!LESSONS IN TRUST is a @AmazonKindle Daily Deal today! Pick it up for just $.99!
Retweeted by Avery FlynnThis is Lucky, a 9 year old Shih Tony/Maltese mix. He’s timid, but he really just wants to crawl into your lap. He…
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @HeatherGreye This was one of those movies that pretty much defined romance for me when I was little. :)Today’s soundtrack: The Man From Snowy River soundtrack., from 3M's statement last night
Retweeted by Avery FlynnThis is every every everything.....
Retweeted by Avery Flynn @mariahankenman I just snort laughed over here. But really ... this tells me you are smart, a survivor, and you mak…