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AVID @AVID4College San Diego

AVID is a nonprofit helping educators close the opportunity gap so they can prepare all students for college, career, and life. #ThisIsAVID

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@IGH_AVID OMG! Can we share this on our other social media channels too? Thank you. :-)“I truly want every student in the country to have the resources, support and self-esteem to achieve whatever they…
Retweeted by AVIDWeek 10, the final #AVIDPolyChallenge week starts today -- right in time for #CSEdWeek! @PolyupInc's new machines i…
Here's an epic way to celebrate your AVID senior acceptances! #ThisIsAVID all about AVID in middle and high school (including how our students perform after high school)! #ThisIsAVID someone who should share their AVID story with the world this summer! 👇😃 #ThisIsAVID #ThanksAVIDFamily.@BetterMakeRoom our AVID students continue to #ReachHigher! College here we come! #ThisIsAVID #BetterMakeRoom of AVID’s 82,807 alumni who are either low-income or first-generation have earned bachelor’s within 6 years of…
Retweeted by AVIDWe are committed to helping open the doors to postsecondary education and turning #WhyApply into #IApplied. Hear fr…
Retweeted by AVID @normzrib AVID is not a place for shame. If you would like to tell us more, please send us a direct message. Thank you.I don’t know how a person picks just one AVID strategy as their favorite. #OnslowAVID - any thoughts?
Retweeted by AVIDYou are NOT alone. Apply for a scholarship and join the nearly 5,000 DREAMers we’ve helped…
Retweeted by AVIDI'm so incredibly excited about this partnership with @AVID4College & @codeorg - I already partner them up within…
Retweeted by AVIDAnother universi-tree! #ThisIsAVID #BetterMakeRoom #ReachHigher #EdChat more about our journey to define what STEM means for the AVID Family, new STEM offerings, and collaborations…
"AVID, for my school, has just really helped us turn a corner. AVID lessons are designed around teaching tenacity,… students getting not just college, but career ready too! #EdChat
What's your favorite AVID strategy? #ThisIsAVID #EdChat all AVID alumni and educators! Join our AVID Class Directory to help make our entire #AVID community strong…
Look at these AVID elementary students shine during a philosophical chairs debate. The skills they're honing will h… AVID tree, O AVID tree You look so college and career ready! #ThisIsAVID #HappyHolidays #CampusCulture @AVID_MASSVI @PBHSPrincipal @PB_AVID @AVIDEasternDiv "She really is the spirit behind our school!" What an amazing… @RBMSAVID @ahpa80 @rbmsROCKETS @AVIDNortheast Please tell your presenter to join our new AVID Class Directory! @AmandaMackereth @AVIDMWStates @Spectrumsting How did your #AVIDCSGs go?!AVID is the coolest idea ever! Your students must've represented the AVID Family well! 😁 #ThisIsAVID you have to #ReachHigher to get the star on the Universi-Tree! And you #BetterMakeRoom for those college… @PHS_AVID We would love to know some of the recommendations from the seminar!
#AVIDNC19 is one week away! What are you most excited to see at AVID National Conference? #ThisIsAVID you for visiting with Harrison High School AVID students and educators, @GovofCO! They are one of our most st… @pbriggs728 and other experts for our upcoming webinar: Leading Through A Lens of Equity. Learn more and regis… always make great guest speakers for the AVID Elective classroom! Have you invited yours yet?… @NorthHS_AVID @SalemKeizerAVID @AVIDOregon @NorthSalemHS Please ask your alums to join our new AVID Class Directory!
Looking for inspiration? Read this piece by AVID Alum Maryam Karimi in @Forbes! She is thriving at @Berkeley.… AVID students are often the best recruiters for the AVID Elective! What are your best recruitment tips?… you build in time for "noteworking" in your classes? Giving students time to compare notes and discuss helps the… only, an anonymous donor is matching 50% of contributions to @DonorsChoose projects! #GivingTuesday to give back to a teacher and support their classroom? Pick a book project and take advantage of our 50% match…
Retweeted by AVIDCongratulations Northeast High! #ThisIsAVID all AVID Juniors and Seniors! #ThisIsAVID
@RHSAVIDBrown @QuestBridge @AVIDatRHS @Yale @AVIDSRO @AVIDRISD @RISDCCR This is such awesome news! Way to go, Misheal! @AVID_Aztecs @EDAztecs_HS Please please please ask Marco to join our new AVID Class Directory! We'd love to connect… @AVIDMichelleB @mraspinall we see you in Dallas next week for #AVIDNC19?!? There's still space if you'd like to join us for the best educ… #GivingTuesday, help support #AVID's mission to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for colleg… Alum, Alina Garcia Taormina, a @USCViterbi Ph.D. student, was named Graduate Student Role Model by @SHPE in pa…
The holiday season is a great time to try #crowdfunding for your classroom with Here are 5…
We know #ThisIsAVID educators love teaching metacognition! Check this out! "An adolescent can learn about what’s go… AVID helped you believe in yourself? Want to help others like you? Join our AVID Class Directory:…
So should students be paid for good grades? What do you think and why? #EdChat #PhilosophicalChairs #ThisIsAVID
What a great way to spread kindness on your campus! #ThisIsAVID #EdChat are thankful for all of the educators, students, and alumni who are the AVID Family. Together we change lives! I… Kindness Crew! We like the sound of that. How will you bring kindness to your campus after the Thanksgiving br…
While many AVID students face challenging circumstances, they do have one important We hope all of… educators and staff have helped inform and enrich the work of our friends @PolyupInc! #EdTech #STEM #ThisIsAVID do you keep parents and families informed about college readiness? #ThisIsAVID #AVIDFamily #ReachHigher't miss our new webinar! We'll explore how leaders are creating and sustaining a culture of equity, access, and…
We love hearing from AVID parents! #ThanksAVIDFamily #ThisIsAVID #EdChat #AVIDPolyChallenge Week 8 winners! Remember, the challenge is on hold for #Thanksgiving this week but back…
Learn more about how AVID partners with 2 and 4-year colleges across the country! #ThisIsAVID #HigherEd #EdChat Tha… can make your AVID Family "ugly cry" too! Create a #ThanksAVIDFamily placard at @NBDabrowski @fc_hammond Thank you for taking the time to meet with some of our AVID students! @naupakakuakai Have you joined our new AVID Class Directory yet? Please do! @DocWLHPlatt @cgreenlight do you have any insights? Thank you! @NSBAPublicEd @RichlandTwo @DrBaronDavis we so appreciate you and your team and are honored to be a part of the great work you do!"I’m excited we started the year as an all-AVID district...about the common language, the culturally relevant teach… to celebrate your AVID students for pursuing their college dreams! #ThisIsAVID #EdChat #ReachHigher
Invite parents to join the learning through shadow opportunities. #ThisIsAVID #EdChat #AVIDFamily all AVID seniors! The deadline to apply for the Dell Scholars Program is 1 week away. Get those application…
"As a retired AVID teacher, I can now say that the paperwork is done, but the heart will never stop caring. I truly… is what #AVIDFamily means! Help us bring together every graduating class of the AVID Family by signing up for… to make the school walls talk! #ThisIsAVID #EdChat #BetterMakeRoom @MissWesleyODY @AVIDatLC Hi Folks! The problem has been fixed! Can you try again and let us know? Thank you!
So many amazing lessons are happening here! #ThisIsAVID #QuestionEverything @HeidiOanes Please ask Beth to join our new AVID Class Directory! holiday season, let a classmate, student, colleague, teacher, counselor, principal, or tutor know the differen… an AVID Showcase see AVID in action! #ThisIsAVID #EdChat #SuptChat #CPChat #Education @PCS_AVID @WeAreNorthPitt Please ask Brielle to join our AVID Class Directory! @MrGrimes5 We hope they plan to enter our Summer Institute Speaker Contests (so can you)! out to all the AVID tutors who mentor and guide student learning! You make such a difference.… a great way to give back to your community this holiday season! #ThisIsAVID #ThanksAVIDFamily today's @AVID4College Showcase at Seminole Trails ES, that's ok. Everglades ES will be hosting a Showcase on…
Retweeted by AVIDCongratulations to @RampelloK8 on being named an @AVID4College National Demonstration School! Schools from around…
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Congratulations to Florida's newest Demo School, Rampello K-8!!!@RampelloK8 @AVID4College @HCPS_AVID
Retweeted by AVID @Sarah__Spence @MorganStateU @Hall_Pride @CraigTReed_PHHS @HRCWooldridge @BCPS_AVID Please ask them to join our new… @Forbes Learn more about the equity work that makes these results possible at our upcoming webinar, Leading Through… low-income, first-gen AVID alums graduating from college at similar rates as students in the top income quarti…, listening, and collaborating are all skills that need to be taught and practiced! That's why we love Socr…
If you're part of an AVID Family, we want to hear from you! Tell us what AVID Family means to you in the comments 👇… might be fun to stay at the YMCA, but it's even more fun to attend an AVID training! Just ask our educators and…'s more than a scholarship! Please encourage all AVID Seniors to apply for the Dell Scholars Program. The deadlin… is the foundation of everything else we do. Thank you for sharing Principal @alexstubenbort! #ThisIsAVID do you celebrate the educators who make up your #AVIDFamily? #ThisIsAVID
Check out this webinar from our friends at @SMART_Tech focused on the AVID classroom! #ThisIsAVID we teach students the AVID Focused Note-Taking Process, we teach them how to take control of their own learnin… @AVID4College My 3rd Gr. Ss love our Stop and Jot strategy we use every time we read an article!! 🙌🏾 #winning
Retweeted by AVID @RHSAVIDBrown @AVIDSRO @AVIDRISD @AVIDatRHS Make sure that AVID alum joins our AVID Class Directory (and doesn't wa… out to all of the AVID school moms and dads out there! #AVIDFamily #ThisIsAVID for recognizing how amazing our AVID students and schools are! #EdChat #CPChat #SuptChat to the #AVIDPolyChallenge Week 7 winners! The challenge will be on hold next week for Thanksgiving…