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Looking for something to do this summer 🤔
@BPhysicism @kayla_reeds Very cool! @wolfetours Click the +- buttons in the top left! @dylanuab ok
@gramschr Hey, Russia and Kazakhstan are both in Eastern Europe and Central/Northern Asia!
@Celesti49993008 @TechCrunch @jshieber In what way? @camvalentinaa @hauler52 @CoachDShack 👌🏻 @TechCrunch @jshieber That’s a lot
@kayla_reeds It was a good pizza 😎Our generation is in good hands with this guy. Excited to see where your future takes you @AviSchiffmann
Retweeted by Avi Schiffmann @archillect Where is this
@lucymunger @albert3801 9 billion? @wiremother I agree, the actual numbers are wayyy higher than what’s officially reported
@billbellew @julesmorrow @RadioNational @MelissaSweetDr @normanswan @sophiescott2 Was great to chat! @EricJablinski Probably wayyy more than double tbh @ZeddZull There’s definitely more infected than what is officially reported @erufailon4 True10 million cases 6/27/2020
@Collinsanele Just key framing images in after effects! Very simple @said_elcaidi Good luck! @Andie00488163 November is when I find out if I won! @LindaBeller1 Thank you!This took me foreverrrrr to do btw, I used after effects, photoshop, and illustrator to edit the video if anyone is curious.I entered in a competition to make a sub 3 minute youtube video explaining a scientific concept. Here is my entry o…
@imactivist hopefully soon I'll add graphs, just so busy
Ep.19: Tracking COVID-19 W/ @AviSchiffmann is out NOW! Listen on any platform you like!! Avi chats about his backgr…
Retweeted by Avi Schiffmann @BBCScienceNews I’m so hyped for the helicopter
@jimsam2000 Fixing itMore then 183k new cases on Sunday, worst spike so far. @Stef34621729 Probably updating at different times @JacksonCDavis Great talking to you! @sweetgroove69 @nowthisnews love the headline @DubseaTV Who woulda thought @traversymedia Cloudflare @debjasso 1DX Mark III @not_rushin Shows you how expensive college is in america @StudioEFoto I rented a Canon 1DX Mark III, not quite cinema level but still fantastic @B_SMART_TV @Chiara2andreis I’m getting a haircut today ;) @debby_marriott loool I was thinking about that, if I win it would be very stupid not to goI rented a cool camera for a video I’m making on R0 and pandemic modeling, it’s for a science competition called “B…
❤️ adafruit @DFLTApocalypse @nickcaponee @JimDugan17 @AndrewYang So they just stay home forever?
@jensechu I want one
@Progres59917890 You can try emailing him @mocarski_p @CNN @MSNBC I’m fasterFour counties advanced phases since Wednesday. 🟨 King moved to Phase 2 🟩 Grays Harbor, Mason, Lewis and Island mo…
Retweeted by Avi Schiffmann @bebobob77 I have 3, a windows one I built myself, a Linux one on a raspberry pi, and a MacBook I use mainly to code
After reopening, Apple is closing stores in four states as COVID-19 numbers climb by @bheater
Retweeted by Avi Schiffmann @jonathancousar @rtblues Try refreshing a couple times
@ravinwashere markup @bluecart2020 Glad to help @AviSchiffmann,17, has created two most popular sites—one to track Covid-19 cases and another to track protests. W…
Retweeted by Avi SchiffmannFor those in the U.S. protesting for #BlackLives: this database by @AviSchiffmann is keeping track of active…
Retweeted by Avi Schiffmann @EngnRoom 🤩 @hhaammmaadd haha it sure is interesting to read @rtblues yeah im working on changing up whats in the data tables to make it more interesting going forwardMost interesting things about internet fame: conspiracy theories of you online, memes circulating on instagram, peo… @janieho16 @TheDailyShow @Trevornoah Haahha I loved that interview, def unique @yantcaccia Matter.js @garrry_k no I dont do it manually, I just mean I am my own API lol. I have my own webscrapers instead of using som… @FoundingF 🔥🔥 @statmaven @breland_joseph @epi_twit @SelenaMaranjian @georgewillmdole @PaulaGandolfo6 @strazydaze @nicolaslatour @IsvariM Send us an email at @garrry_k No API I do it myself @Shannon61077561 haha I hope so too, thanks!
@KiltedVanLife enough to make my early 20s more open in terms of opportunities @reubenmightcode its prob a decent sized array maybe? But its not THAT many numbers so I would be surprised if its even a megabyte @reubenmightcode thanks appreciate it! good luck w whatever you're up to! @reubenmightcode No databases, I just store it as an array which is basically in the memory of the computer I guess? @reubenmightcode Things could maybe be faster in other languages, but it doesn’t matter bc I don’t scrape every tim… @reubenmightcode Using stuff like puppeteer and selenium to get around it @Anthony63660441 @tanyabasu Appreciate it!AmA is up, I tried to answer as many questions from Twitter and Instagram as possible, hope it is interesting to so… @dmccaud its up? link is @Collinsanele @BabiesFree still uploading @BabiesFree I know its not a MAJOR breakthrough, but anything positive these days is worth sharingGreat news 👏
A lot of people have questions for me but usually the interviews I have done don't answer them, so ASK ME ANY QUEST… @reginar918 Sure, I can send you a higher res photo if you give me your email! @1966Jla I would recommend the mavic mini for the cheapest drone to buy thats actually good. Anything by DJI is amazing!
@vincenz40946891 Make it a free repository for all the trend data on covid19 for future researchers, all the info y… @A_Sane_Skeptic @JBoushka I might go and do that @samuel_rosie It’s not super new, mavic 2 pro @ChengNathanw Thank you :) @MegCrockett2 Some state’s have had issues because of the protesters, but I don’t think any number isn’t what’s reported @NancyMihalich Glad to help ;) @danielarribas96 Sleep @coburn_gerry @dyannleroy we’re probably way higher than the reported numbers lol, the average death rate is way too high @vesti_s_polej Yeahhhh this was just a temporary color scheme from ncov @polyinnovator Thanks 😊 @rbeck425 Mavic 2 Pro from DJI :), however I recommend the mavic mini, a lot cheaper and easier to use and can take pictures like that one ^Picture of Seattle I took with my drone last night 😌 @gene_in_boston that would be seriously cool actually I’ll plan that for future versions (I need it simple for the video first)I’ll add this as a page to ncov with a bunch of fun simulations to play around with. This is done using Matter.js btwAlso changing the UI of ncov slightly to add population numbers and deaths per 1 million, plus positivity rate and…’s very simple rn but I’m working on a virus spread simulator for a video I’ll post soon 😉 @brkthroughprize I only just started hehe @mdgrkb idk it’s still increasing everyday so maybe once major countries like the US get things under control, but… @pjjp1 Probably another 100-200k