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#NeverTrump #SMOD2020 3rd class Elder of Zion. Wilderness conservative. Ed. @conpathways. Co-founder: @repdisc Podcaster: Open DMs.

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Can we please talk about something else?OK... @AstorAaron So it seems.Police reform is going to be a long, messy, complicated fight. @AldrichPatrick Indeed. @whsieh @SWGoldman That would explain the excessive use of charts and stats in debates on here.A MOONFLAW is a short-lived whim or idea.
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺 @morley_89 For better or worse, yes. @HeathMayo Huh. Thought you were younger. Happy Birthday!As an aside, I think the "free market of ideas," while an apt metaphor for what's going on today, needs to be taken… else it's doing, the debate over cancel culture is finally leading us to understand social rules and clima… Protocols is one of the exhibits against the idea of "just tell the facts" being a cure-all. It was revealed to… @SamuelSokol You think that's Soros'...that throne is actually meant for the real Prince of Darkness and boy did he give us an earful.No need to bribe, we control the money supply, anyway. Done. - The Elders @SamuelSokol Says the guy who's been barred from all meetings after he ate all of Moyshe's cheese wheels...Will do. - The Elders I started with the "Elders" shtick after a politician wrote something insane about how the Rothschilds co… @SmailliwNitsud Yup. Resist the social media vortex and learn to grow instead. @bernybelvedere Well, then, happy to be in the jolly company of morons! At least you're friendly!My absolutely unsolicited advice to the football player: Take some time off, avoid interviews, stop digging.Does anyone know how to get melted crayon out of carpet? It’s bad.
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺😍, AJP Taylor...fascinating character and no small SOB. @bootydust17 True enough, which is why I live in the hills. My experience living near the coastline was...not pleasant. @andrewdgravy @ncpack2010 There are secularists in some parts of the D party who would like to harm religious insti… @ncpack2010 A sober discussion of the issue would say we're winning some fights and also facing serious challenges.… @Novamoose @Holden114 Given how Democrats have no problem subsidizing all manner of goods and services directly, I… @bootydust17 Right now...pretty darn hot! Though it was worse a few weeks ago. @bootydust17 Yes, indeed. The holy city. :D @Holden114 I'm all in favor of direct federal subsidy. Small price to pay for ending this rigmarole. @Misanfrog Sure, though there are limits with the whole "can't take on debt" thing. There's a reason most people us… course, I try to avoid debt like the plague in any event, but not even being allowed to go into overdraft is a good brake on that.I actually used a postal bank service when I started "adulting." It's pretty useful when you want to avoid debt or excess fees.So do I. @bootydust17 Good idea. Go have some ice cream; lord knows it's hot enough! @amlivemon I have yet to see a poll that doesn't show him ahead, anyway, so why bother?Every religious fanatic hates the ingroup heretic or dissident more than they hate the nonbelievers
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺And if you're a American government official or employee, the odds are close to 100% that China has stolen your per…
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺I mean, just look at all that food, energy, and transportation infrastructure being used by the citizens of a free…
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺So...Trumpism in a good way? Little Sisters of the Poor case is exactly why the First Amendment exists: to prevent the majority from crushin…
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺Habsburg Lemberg: Architecture, Public Space, and Politics in the Galician Capital, 1772-1914 via @academia
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺It's a universal practice, and it goes beyond "forts are cool" (but that's also still true).
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺Hmmmmm... @noghiri All that's left is inflation, I guess.Correct., follow @olivertraldi. That is all.“Controversial” is how you’d describe a play with full-frontal nudity. His comments were anti-Semitic.
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺Wow. A neutral headline. Imagine that. know of a good history of the Church of Ireland ca 1750-1850?
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺 @bad_enthusiast @trumwill They're two very different skill sets. @bad_enthusiast @trumwill In 2008, a professor friend said I would love talking to Obama since he was a professor.… @trumwill Buckley wasn't right on everything, you know. Also, I don't consider professors good candidates for politicians.It's the nineties all over again! recommendation to Facebook would be to form a special commission to craft a fair procedure for adjudicating the…
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺- All thinkfluencers want Facebook to become a political actor. - FB is desperate to make political decisions only…
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺 @AviWoolf Oh, no. In a healthy system he never would have become President, for a start.
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺Never forget: @KamalaHarris opposes First Amendment religious protections.
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺 @AyleneWright Yup. It's the Russian aristocracy pining for the return of the Czar, more or less.Massachusetts had almost twice the per capita number of deaths from coronavirus as Italy. The disease galloped thr…
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺It makes sense when you pay attention to the desire to destroy the whole party and replace it with Me, Too-ers. is a skill. So is leadership. These things cannot be learned in a short, term-limited time any more than m… Of all the f--king stupid ideas, this takes the cake. @kilovh Billy Joel is one of America's greats and I'll hear no dissent on the matter.---------------------> love the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania. But here in 2020, it shouldn't take several phone calls, filling ou…
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺Yes. And a good thing, too, since independent scholars often make important contributions. @AviWoolf
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺Got a haircut just in time! to see @JoeBiden's reaction to these rulings; not only as the presumptive Dem nominee but as a Catholic himself.Kanye literally is doing American Five Star Movement all the way down to the unsavoury anti-vaxx stuff the party has tried to push out
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺 @FlintCruneck You, too.Maybe SCOTUS is not such a disaster after all for us socons? *ducks, runs*That's hardly giant. In fact, it's fairly limited. @fredbauerblog Trump's coattails are very short. @gobsmackled Which is something, but not everything. @MarlaMHughes Yup. @sporkboot I think so, yes.I'm against Trump and think he's caused a lot of harm. I also think he inadvertently exposed a lot of real rot in t… @FlintCruneck I think this debate is going nowhere. Have a good day, sir.🤕 head-hurt + 😋 licking-lips =
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺 @FlintCruneck I already said he bears much of the blame, but not all of it. You seem determined to absolve everyone else at any cost.The tweet reveals (again) that Trump is a horrible person, but as a practical matter, Title I funding is programmat…
Retweeted by Avi Woolf, Wilderness Conservative🐺 @FlintCruneck I highly doubt they would have done better given the actual institutional response. @FlintCruneck I think the truth is there's a lot of blame to go around. Trump shares much of it, but not only. I'm… @FlintCruneck No, he didn't. He put pressure that was rebuffed and made dangerous statements, but many of the CDC's… @FlintCruneck Intentions matter a lot less for me than results here, esp. when it's your one job and reason for bei… @FlintCruneck These are not routine issues. Their literal mandate was to cope with pandemics and they almost comple…, they wouldn't. @FlintCruneck They kind of are. Lots of reports going out on how the CDC blew it. In the New York Times, not some r… @FlintCruneck They would have been more trusted, but the President is not an absolute monarch and a lot of moving p… @FlintCruneck He does. As do the public health experts who went dumb when protests broke out across the country. @MarcusWhaley1 As for being scared, we all are. That's why you need proper planning, &c. But I doubt we'll see it. @MarcusWhaley1 Budgets are being cut across the board everywhere because of the dropping tax revenue. It's not just… @FlintCruneck Sadly, he's a symptom and accelerant of the declining trust, not its creator. @kilovh Part of it is they're so comfortable living in the world's most powerful country that they fail to understa… @kilovh In the 1920s, newly formed European states in Central and Eastern Europe formally signed Minority treaties… @SmailliwNitsud It's crazy.