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@mitchellvii @swin24 Because you’re a misogynist asshole, is why. @mschlapp Probably because the Dems manage to avoid nominating sexual predators for the SC? Just spitballing. @chick_in_kiev Yahoo Answers ➡️ Science & Nature ➡️ Are dick twins a real thing??? URGENT!!!!! @Zeddary This was a good one from before Ford's story became public. @EWErickson Except the reaction by Democrats to his reporting on Schneiderman was "Wow, this guy needs to resign ye… great, Brett! @gabrielmalor
@HashtagGriswold Let's see if this pans out as well for them as the RateMyProfessor scoop did. @thehill Gorsuch? @samknight_one I move for a bad...hearing...thingy. @FroniterLyn @charliekirk11 Which day is that again?Lol does literally anyone think this party diary gambit is a good idea? @Bro_Pair “As you can see your honor, the phrase ‘armed robbery’ appears nowhere in my client’s journal on the date… @torriangray Even if you did, would you put “underage drinking party” on it? @dandrezner Obama won independents by 8 in 2008 and the GOP won them by 16 in 2010 on their way to gaining 63 seats… @JRubinBlogger Remembering George Will’s comment on how Graham had enjoyed ‘derivative gravitas’ from his association with McCain. @jslovegrove @LindseyGrahamSC His life will not be ‘ruined’. He will get to go back to his lifetime appointment at… @daltonposse @BradMossEsq To give as full an account as she can of who was there. If the whole thing’s a setup why… @MichaelVonIrvin @Kristina_Why @idahotammy @HarriettsPlace @ShawnRobb3 @seanmdav @DocWashburn @realDonaldTrump
You’d think he’d have amassed more possessions in 61 years
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @mdr651 @DineshDSouza You'd prefer the man who endorsed a guy who insulted his wife and called his dad a murderer? @Mellish72 @TheTruthToday4 @DavidLammy @BorisJohnson Me too, presumably because I liked your reply. Snowflakes etc. @Mellish72 @TheTruthToday4 @DavidLammy @BorisJohnson He was probably cheering on Povetkin, lol. @erinscafe The response from the judge, jfc. @slowbeef Found something that matches on myspace but it doesn't look like the songs work any more. @calvinstowell @JWGOP Jesus christ. @Wally389 @gabrielmalor @LeahRBoss Yeah, or she could have used some sort of floating metal craft to travel across… @EmojiTetra People. Why are you not voting right. Why.Washington Post reports that Ed Whelan was looking into Christine Blasey Ford even before her name went public. How…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @mariacebreco @mschlapp You think pinning a girl down on a bed, trying to pull her clothes off and holding your han…
@NickGz13 @AmberLCurrie @MeredthSalenger Jesus. The Law Understander has logged on. @jljacobson I have it on good authority that water boarding isn't torture though, so @jonswaine Benny Johnson being a dishonest hack? I shan’t believe it. @SmallCapOTC @EWErickson @benshapiro Ah yes, that extra text completely explains why the hearing has to be held on… @SmallCapOTC @EWErickson @benshapiro I’m sure Ed Whelan will be along any minute with timetables and road maps show… @neontaster @gabrielmalor Presidential advisors Fox & Friends? @victorbreaux @TheWisemanSaid2 @ColdEddie1 @GreggJarrett @victorbreaux @TheWisemanSaid2 @ColdEddie1 @GreggJarrett He didn’t though. @EWErickson @FederalistPitch @SenatorIsakson I can smell the flopsweat from here Erick. @AtticusGF I assume he means responses by Kavanaugh's advocates rather than responses from Kavanaugh himself, but yeah it's poorly worded. @IsaacDovere It's pretty easy to misread tbh. @NerdGeof @ttssags @molly_knight @EdWhelanEPPC Great so he breaks down the timeline and gives a likely location and… @Popehat He apparently tweeted and then deleted another theory a couple of days ago that Blasey may have had false… @drmistercody Your honor, my client is guilty of nothing more than ATTEMPTING to *paralegal bursts into courtroom,…
@VirginiaOPossum @HeerJeet @emptywheel There’s definitely some funny business going on. How did Whelan decide on No… @RBPundit I’m sure there’s already several dozen people much better qualified than I doing just that. @LPDonovan Kavanaugh, Garrett and Judge can have a little personal reunion at the Hart Senate Office Building imo. @Lollardfish Damn I guess we’ve gotta got Chris Garrett to testify too now huh. @RBPundit Ford: I don’t know where the assault took place. Whelan: WELL GOOD NEWS HONEY BASED ON THE DETAILS YOU R… @_Almaqah He’s also one of the guys who signed the letter attesting to Kavanaugh’s good character! @mallen2010 @JRubinBlogger @mallen2010 @JRubinBlogger Cool, let’s get that FBI investigation then. @mallen2010 @JRubinBlogger Damn that’s quite some investigative work. Wonder if the FBI would be interested in it? @TaskForcePepe @EVegas777 And now you're here boasting about 'serving in the Meme War' like an obese 15 year old. What an arc. @jaredlholt Dunking on O'Keefe is about his level tbh. @DemocraticLuntz @LibbysBooks @hughhewitt Or Schneiderman. It’s honestly remarkable how many sexual misconduct scan… @LibbysBooks @DemocraticLuntz @hughhewitt Hasn’t Brown’s ex-wife retracted those claims, supporting him and holding fundraisers recently? @mannysanderson @JRubinBlogger @marcorubio And uh @seb_uHu I believe “Nerfing Cheap Strats” is the subtitle of the latest US Army Field Manual. @bradjohnson71 @007 Directed IT and the good season of True Detective.
This is murder.
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @MikeDrucker Hell yeah, first two levels of Ratchet & Clank 4 life. @bigcox40 @CarlaCovfefe @maude191 @therealcornett But what would you guys be saying if Ellison was a Republican and… @bigcox40 @CarlaCovfefe @maude191 @therealcornett I actually think he should withdraw from the AG election until th… @UBeExcellent @budfaucett @WhoWolfe @budfaucett @jbouie He also said O'Rourke was "too quick to blame the police officer" and it all might have been a… Bird: you mean when someone gets hurt, you don't feel sad for them? Muppet Paul Ryan: That's right, Big Bird. I feel different things
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorPaul Ryan looks like a muppet they introduce to explain sociopathy to Big Bird
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @JordanUhl I dunno man this guy seems to have sources everywhere maybe we should hear him out.
I know a few other things are happening right now, but this is an enormous scandal.
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @PeterWaldoToo I know, right? Dude seems to have quite the impressive set of connections! @Walldo It’s all muppets and mushroom dicks, I’m very upset. @vjeannek @sallyeastman1 @therealcornett This guy constantly tweets about explosive revelations from mysterious sou… @NatashaBertrand 🤔 @EWErickson Do you really not see how your second sentence completely undercuts the thesis of your first one? @PeterWaldoToo This guy seems to be ground zero for these claims. @Salon I’d...probably want a better source on this than “An ‘excited’ Tom Arnold said it at a party just before he got into a fight”. @WillB31782614 @rossgross276 @brithume @AndrewCMcCarthy Pretty sure it’s Kavanaugh’s buddy who has admitted they we… @MartinsenDan @jjilmary @therealcornett Stating accurate facts is ‘trolling’ now. Aces. @jjilmary I KNOW the case exists. The point is that Ford’s parents didn't lose their house, never entered a courtro… @CarlaCovfefe @maude191 @therealcornett If you’re happier believing Josh has highly placed sources in many organiza… @MartinsenDan @jjilmary @therealcornett You didn’t state that it was dismissed, and only correcting that it was a f… @maude191 @therealcornett This guy routinely makes shit up. @MartinsenDan @jjilmary @therealcornett You might want to stop spreading the story altogether then. @jjilmary @therealcornett That’s nice. @HashtagGriswold Wow this dude’s got connections. @JohnDingell @RepDebDingell Glad you’re still with us sir, be well. @BrandyLJensen what are they gonna do @yashar When your defense is “I don’t recall” and you’ve literally written a book about the times you got blackout drunk at high school... @00evidence @nathanTbernard Everyone who ignores Weinstein, Schneiderman, Conyers and Franken, sure. @mkraju @Acosta Is this why Collins has suggested Kavanaugh’s counsel should be able to question her directly? Trying to scare her off? @therealcornett Just making shit up then? Awesome. @Popehat I just can’t believe we’ve had two political scandals involving cryptid genitalia in the last two months. @RileySnyder @ParkerMolloy @jaredlholt The President Has A Weird Hog, And That’s Okay“Oh nice, has there been an announcement of a new Mario Kart game? Oh Oh no.” @JenAshleyWright Jen you gotta put BOOM in the tweet or he won’t see it.
@novelnivloc @frfrankpavone That's not her. @redfcar @dcexaminer isn't a 'news agency'. @LynnePatton @jaketapper @KFILE How is that a false claim? You literally wrote "what else are they lying about?" an…