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@ParkerMolloy It’s a Michel Houellebecq article so “purposeful contrarianism” pretty much covers it, yeah.Read this thread. Schools are supposed to be places for students to learn, not be harassed by police officers, yet…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @ManMadeMoon Bolas. A bolo is one of these.
@BrusselsKevin @brianmoore666 Never going to stop posting this article. @alternativepols @drmistercody @ScottAdamsSays That last quote is literally by Adolf Hitler. @ContrarySarie @drmistercody @ScottAdamsSays Don’t snitch tag dude. @joshtpm 😶 @bbclaurak Enough, I expect. @zhandlen You made a good decision. @steak_ham Tedious. @spookperson And I'm pretty sure injecting people with seawater was some Unit 731 shit. @spookperson This doesn't seem very likely at all!
@gnuseibeh Yeah except the accompanying article makes it pretty fucking clear why he was chosen. bee: just getting snack Me: no prob bee Mason bee: just make house Me: build a way b Honey bee:jus sampling…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @MykeCole Pretty sure it's Prince Phillip's last horcrux.
@shaun_jen Ahahahahaha this fuckin guy. "I got gooooold, woman!" @swin24 Looks like someone's about to have a @trm10trm @ZoeTillman @OMAROSA It isn't. It's someone called Jessica Denson. It's in the subhed of the article. @MEPFuller @JamesAlger1978 @SavannahsTennis @juliamacfarlane The mace represents the queen and parliament can't legally sit un… @pbump He is indeed a billionaire dipshit. @jbouie The actual recipe calls for 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper to season a pound of chicken I mean why even bother. @zombapocal @DVATW This meme could really do with more shitty compression artefacts, maybe reupload it a few more times.
@RyanTHC3 I know right, how on earth did it take them 7 hours to reach that verdict? @RyanTHC3 He accelerated into a crowd with the intent to kill indiscriminately. Get fucked. @studentactivism Lol this guy’s apparently got nearly 12 thousand followers and nobody ever likes his tweets.enjoy dying in prison, nazi
Retweeted by Aviator::Operatorcc @whatatimepodw h a t @tx_pros @misslaneym It's a straight-up grotesque abuse of power is what it is. @Lowenaffchen @jfreewright I mean, he died a week later so it wasn't *great* for him. @SebGorka @BarackObama @LarryOConnor "We're saying Merry Christmas again folks! Yeah, you morons like that don't yo… @Lin_Manuel Collateral whips though, in fairness.
@UweBollocks I’m at least 70% sure “Ross Duthot” is a Chapo joke. @panelpulp where's that web comin from @waydownLo @PG1701 @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch Yeah, getting into "dining room table" territory tbh. @PG1701 @waydownLo @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch No, Asher mentioned Quakers AFTER your reply to Lori's anti-Muslim pos… @PG1701 @waydownLo @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch So it's a complete coincidence that you suggested suing Congress to st… @PG1701 @waydownLo @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch Not until after your reply though. Jesus lady, just admit you don't w… @existentialfish @AdamSerwer Holy shit lmao @PG1701 @waydownLo @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch So it's a complete coincidence that you thought of that and suggested… @PG1701 @waydownLo @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch You're the one who said "anyone who cannot swear to uphold the Constit… @PG1701 @waydownLo @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch Why can't Muslims do that? @PG1701 @waydownLo @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch Lori's original post said Muslims shouldn't be allowed to serve in Con…
@suetonii @Lrihendry The Constitution itself doesn't allow a religious test to be used to deny anyone elected office in the United States. @PG1701 @waydownLo @Lrihendry @JudicialWatch Upholding the Constitution would also mean upholding Article VI, which… @travis_view Jesus Leslie Hillary hasn't been arrested yet because the Q drops are being posted in reverse chronolo… @ReplyGoose Sapiosexual af. @thecoderjo @Jenwifonen @gracepetrie @MobyDickatSea It's got groove, it's got meaning.that this administration is flat-out lying to the country in order to cover up the murder of a journalist for a mon…
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorIt is a very real outrage that Trump tried to block testimony from Haspel because he knew Mattis and Pompeo would l…
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorI cant stop laughing thinking about deciding to write an xmas song, then sitting down and writing the sentence "here comes santa claus"
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @BorderBiscuits What sort of pervert would dunk a biscuit into mulled wine? @thetomzone The fact that Rudy didn’t put a space after the period isn’t exactly the main point of the article anyway!Rudy Giuliani tweeted a hyperlink by accident when writing about the G-20. Someone bought that hyperlink and made i…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @GraciousMachine @RonHogan @studentactivism Don't you mean . . . spotting fish in a . . . pond? @Popehat So, probably not, right? @discretepi4you @thehill I don't necessarily agree with him but I can't say I don't understand where he's coming from. @discretepi4you @thehill John Dingell never served in the Senate.
@chrisneath @ParvaPower @Michael_Heaver @Nigel_Farage
@wyatt_privilege pausing occasionally to duck behind a rock and slam some minted roast mutton and brandy @nathanTbernard The Girl Who Was Too Online @IrekJanek @southiraqi What about hatred of corruption? @mehdirhasan You can clearly hear him say "No, get me outta here" at 16 seconds. @greg_doucette @Knwl1129 @TheRickWilson Charlie Baker. Struggling after that. @DaftLimmy Just Cause 4 @ZeleikaRobinson @andywigmore @StephenKing @Arron_banks @jk_rowling Christ, you really are thick as mince.
Local Husband Saves the Day, Prevents Lame Ass Party
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @AliasNestor1 @soledadobrien Accurate though. @Lollardfish Muppet Christmas Carol is the best Christmas movie. Otherwise, yes. @ZeleikaRobinson @neilhimself [addressing a woman who made millions and a worldwide franchise from writing one of t… @ZeleikaRobinson @neilhimself Lordy, the bitterness just radiates off this tweet. @Borvis_ @surfbordt She’s got ‘tudes for days, it’s true. @surfbordt Glamor shot @Tangueray41 @misstine718 @jgm41 @JakeSherman Eh, the Amalekites would disagree. @BMARSHio
@BretStephensNYT @TVietor08 bret please @LLW90210 Sam Grady remains undefeated. is KEY: how can CNN fire @marclamonthill while keeping onboard @RickSantorum whose views of Palestinians are l…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @michaeldemoore @RossSte68858206 @benshapiro It wasn't a 'poll' as such, it was a meta analysis of a bunch of clima… @RossSte68858206 @michaeldemoore @benshapiro (And it was 97% in favor of the consensus btw.) @RossSte68858206 @michaeldemoore @benshapiro The guy who did the study says that 65% figure is because AGW is so wi… @RossSte68858206 @michaeldemoore @benshapiro What's that based on?What happened when a white police officer tried to de-escalate an encounter with a black man holding a gun, rather…
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@RubinReport If by moxie you mean acting batshit crazy and getting mocked by everyone, sure. @Timcast own the libs? @miss9afi @michellemalkin @jack That already exists, it's called Gab.The police ask Laura Loomer what she wants. Loomer: "I want my Twitter!"
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorOkay, moving from “lol what a loser” to “this woman is legitimately mentally unwell”. @the_SKOL_train @ABC7Veronica @SouthwestAir @JohnWayneAir @ABC7 Your daughter’s name must contain a minimum of 8 ch… can just text the Proud Boys new leader and he gets really wet and mad
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@WeAreSinclair @BorisEP Why did you force stations to run it then? @__earth @JustinWolfers The question is asking for people’s first, second and third preference though, not A or B. @JustinWolfers Wait, how do you turn a question asking you to rank three options into three two-option pie charts? @LouDobbs The words “future Trump cabinet member” didn’t give you a clue?Get bent, @glennbeck, you old weirdo. While I was working through law school so I could maybe help alleviate some m…
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