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@TheQuartering You’re the one whining that the cartoon isn’t sexy enough my dude.
@RadioFreeTom Did you see Mike Rounds' insane rationalization? @ErikWemple @ddale8 Their names are Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess. @whmullally @truongasm Aaaahhhhh yes, inject this shit straight into my veins. @McKelvie @EWErickson @Timodc Don't worry Erick I'm sure the Left will do something in the next few days that forces you to p… @TPingitore @ClenchedFisk Oh yeah. @jonlovett Goodness me, white nationalist dog whistles from Tucker Carlson? *faints dead away* @TPingitore @ClenchedFisk She sued a millionaire ex last year for giving her herpes which broke her brain. @Harkaway Musk sure picked the wrong day for his meltdown, huh? @jimmyotx @PeterWaldoToo And it's Obama's fault for not stopping them anyway, if they did it, which they didn't. @KenTremendous He already 'clarified' it in a tweet! It didn't help much! @DavidAFrench Something disgustingly abnormal that congressional Republicans will cluck their tongues at for a few… @SentinelVI @newtgingrich Yeah, nice try. @newtgingrich Well he's not going to, so what are you going to do about it? @SentinelVI @newtgingrich Hey cool and what did the rest of that sentence say? @brianbeutler @dandrezner Ten bucks says this is the only acknowledgement she gives. @ManMadeMoon @Tesla He's a complete douche. Happy to help. @GregAbbott_TX @FoxNews This aged well. @DavidWohl You and your stupid kid are going to prison. @ddale8 "I have great confidence in the LAPD, but I will tell you that OJ Simpson offered to assist us in finding t… @BreitbartNews"Russia interfered in our election but Obama didn't do anything about because he wanted to be friends with Russia!… @ArmyStrang Last year even! @allahpundit The fire and brimstone McCain just laid down for instance.I can’t think of a bigger propaganda victory for Al Qaeda than having the leader of the free world declare publicly… @firescotch Ballin too hard. @horowitz39 Hi Dave I found a new avatar for you. @RalstonReports Behold: @theshrillest The Master’s trailer was great, I’d probably choose Inherent Vice over it though. @theshrillest Yeah the Man of Steel trailer was roughly a billion times better than the movie itself. @maxwelltani Well yeah we have no clue what happened in that room because Trump didn’t want anyone else there “for some reason”. @ddale8 @LindseyGrahamSC @MarkSZaidEsq This is a pathetic response. The President of the United States stood next to a murd… to god, the former head of the CIA bin Laden unit advocates death squads for his perceived political enemies…
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorYou could teach a screenwriting class with this gif-
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @cjmesq1 @JonahNRO Ah well that’s okay then.
@InPermafrost @pixelatedboat "I said. Hop. In." @KevinMKruse "And in the dream I knew he was going on ahead. He was fixin' to make a fire somewhere out in all that… @KevinMKruse No Country For Old Men, Anton Chigurh @EricSchultz I’m pretty sure he’s being ironic though? @Popehat @Tesla @elonmusk Does what he did qualify as actionable libelslander though? @chrissyteigen @boring_as_heck Lol chrissy noMbappé high-fives Pussy Riot. World Cup highlight.
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @DaftLimmy @KT_So_It_Goes And now he's apparently going to have some stooges shove it halfway down the cave system and claim victory.
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorWelp. #FRACROHe could do this while legitimately changing the world for the better but he made a shitty submarine and called a g…
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorDude could afford to just shoot a new season of his favorite show just for him with his favorite chef making his fa…
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorImagine being as rich as Elon Musk and not spending your entire life just lounging at the pool drinking champagne or whatever
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @KingTer74261333 @TMclaughlin3 Interesting that you don't find Musk's obsession with sealing boys in small tubes to be at all suspicious. @Relyt_ttocs @mikemuon @tomgara A: That in no way makes it better. B: No, he was talking about the diver. @andrewpunton @elonmusk @codehitchhiker @GlinkLive @cd_hooks He should volunteer to be sealed in there. @blakehounshell @dandrezner He's doubling down, the absolute madman. @elonmusk @GossiTheDog Hi Elon roughly what proportion of the British ex-pat community in Thailand are you accusing of being pedophiles? @elonmusk @zeynep Okay I should reiterate that my submarine idea was a good faith attempt to help the children. I apologize if… @ashleyfeinberg when it’s going great @aquastellaris @leechy3 @elonmusk @zeynep The man who organized the heroic rescue of 13 people IS ‘the dude who started it’. @timheidecker I mean I’m not sure Elon Musk could build a submarine small enough but we could ask the guy. @MaxLebled @pixelatedboat I’ve got people screaming “WELL THE DIVER GUY STARTED IT” at me rn. @_Almaqah Literally says that two tweets later. @leechy3 @aquastellaris @elonmusk @zeynep Yeah but in fairness I didn’t call him a pedophile. @aquastellaris @leechy3 @elonmusk @zeynep No dude an ad hominem is calling the man who organized the heroic rescue… @BrianOMalley79 Sure and if Musk has got any evidence for that beyond the fact that the guy lives in Thailand then… @aquastellaris @leechy3 @elonmusk @zeynep Oh don’t worry, Musk’s reputation will never be destroyed as long as he’s… @mrsocial78 @BuzzFeedBen @alexburnsNYT ‘Suspicious’ @mrsocial78 @BuzzFeedBen @alexburnsNYT I mean even in that tweet “expat guy who lives in Thailand (sus)” is a pretty clear insinuation. @mrsocial78 @BuzzFeedBen @alexburnsNYT He calls the guy a pedophile 2 tweets later. @woodruffbets Lol cool maybe Trump should declassify it then. @aquastellaris @leechy3 @elonmusk @zeynep Also speaks to how much Musk actually knows and cares about Thailand. @aquastellaris @leechy3 @elonmusk @zeynep He said it was an unworkable publicity stunt that distracted from the act… shit, Musk is losing it. @leechy3 @elonmusk @zeynep He just called one of the experts who organized the operation to save the children a ped… @elonmusk @zeynep What the FUCK? @BuzzFeedUK @piersmorgan Yeah well done Piers this doesn’t make you look like a petty twat at all. @charles_kinbote That second reply’s a fake account tho. @MikeDrucker Look the important thing is that we have a dialogue with the sharks and try to steer the feeding frenzy in wise directions.