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@terryforbers Please provide examples of someone on the right losing their job over a tweet that was corrected with…, I'd like to see ol Donny Trump wriggle his way out of THIS jam! *Trump wriggles his way out of the jam easily* Ah! Well. Nevertheless,
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @kantbotjr @chick_in_kiev Yeah. @chick_in_kiev Yeah I’m pretty sure he’s got one too many felonies under his belt to be able to refer to anyone else as ‘disgraced’.
@DineshDSouza @nyuniversity @chick_in_kiev @IngrahamAngle She made a mistake in a tweet which she retracted, apolog… @haramgirlfriend @patanicsanics @gunsmoslem It's a fair bit different so far, quicker paced and more narrative and…'s Laura Ingraham displaying my face to 2.5 million viewers and calling me a "little journo-terrorist." I am…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @BradMossEsq And compared to the crises that Obama and Bush II faced he’s had hardly anything to do.
@dkm8890 @KatiePavlich Yeah I’m sure he’d have found it easy to murder 51 people with a golf club.It turns out that taking headlines out of context to play into white nationalist talking points leads to all the re…
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorWhile we still think some of you may have jumped the gun (ahem, @AJC, @Wikipedia), we're happy to join in and recog…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @BitesDogMan1 @Gus_802 It’d be less painful than voting for Trump in 2020 so sure why not. @ArmyStrang Didn’t even @ him smdh. @RepDanCrenshaw Dan you gotta @ him if you want him to see this. @Gus_802 No you’re right “BERNIE BROS TAUGHT ME TO HATE!! ✨🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸✨ BEYOTCH” is a totally mature and cool attitude. @TerriakiSan @BAKKOOONN @MikeElk @MorningBluberry @IsaacDovere Lol you’re literally a child. @TerriakiSan @BAKKOOONN @MikeElk @MorningBluberry @IsaacDovere Cool, then what? @firescotch Buttigieg is actually pronounced “mɪlkʃeɪk dʌk”. @henkkuli is this tweet still up? @lummox_ict @DanaPerino @tara When was the last time a presidential candidate campaigned in Delaware? @CharlesPPierce And it’s not even accurate. Clinton won 58 counties between Texas and Georgia alone. @bad_takes The guy really doesn't get enough credit for what an abominable piece of shit he is. @Patrick58190787 @SethAMandel @yashar Yeah well 65% of Floridians disagreed with you in November, which is why the… @TaraRoss Good thing that's never happened! @BearDown1722 @charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump The only other one he might have done was the Russian sanctions bill,… @christopherhope @Telegraph Maybe sit this one out Nige. @DavidCornDC Starting the “Trump calls Schwarzenegger a loser who ran both California and The Apprentice into the ground” countdown clock.
@DLHay @Sukhiee199 @Timcast A. That doesn’t make sense. Millions of Republicans in New York and California would ge… @leonardpierce Small town councillor who assumes command of the zombie shelter and won’t let the protagonists in. @tomtomorrow He temporarily deactivated his account in January after making a poorly-received Roger Stone prison ra… @chick_in_kiev He really learned his lesson from when he last did this in January huh? @GottaLaff @hey_leia At least he learned a lesson! @GottaLaff @hey_leia Yeah he quit for a while in January after making a Roger Stone prison rape ‘joke’. @charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump He’s only been in office for two years, and his party has had unified control of Co… @hopenothate White genocide for thee, not for me. @starchild793 @skoczela @BretBaier At the moment if you’re one of the millions of Republicans living in CA or NY or… might seem that there would be better ways to mark 16 years since the inception of Bush 43's Iraq War than to sh…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @mywifecameback “The majority of the population is centrist so we need the electoral college to stop the majority o… cat stuck his tongue out right as I took this picture so it looks like he has horrible little human lips and im…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @OregonJOBS2 They Baked Alaska’d themselves. You hate to see it. @mjlp716 @jaredlholt It’s Australian telecoms companies who have blocked the sites for continuing to host the shoot… sowing: Haha fuck yeah!!! Yes!! Me reaping: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.
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@classiclib3ral @James24455601 Lol did he delete his account? @socialistdogmom World’s most miserable billionaire. @JohnPierreMaeli The account’s indistinguishable from any random hack who thinks saying “Did you just assume my gen…, what an asshole. @VeryLitTweets @broderick @atrupar I mean it’s appallingly written and shallow so he probably did. @ddale8 Also, lol at the byline pic. @ddale8 Definitely not paying to read that rag, does he specify which advice she ignored? @DavidCornDC @iamsambee I can’t be bothered to check but I’m 90% sure he said it’d be the end of America if Obama won in 2012 too. @BrandyLJensen Butter JudgeLet’s all take a moment to remember this, that look on Tommy Robinson’s face will never get old, absolutely rinsed…
Retweeted by Aviator::OperatorOkay, Pete Buttigieg has my attention
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @TonyFratto Nobody campaigns in Mississippi anyway. @SteveInWatford @DouglasKMurray @JuliaHB1 I wasn’t expecting you to “answer to me” I was just wondering if you had… @SteveInWatford @DouglasKMurray @JuliaHB1 You want me to tell you what your opinion is? @DavidAFrench You could almost say...deplorable people. @SteveInWatford @DouglasKMurray @JuliaHB1 So are you agreeing with both propositions or neither? @BBCPolitics Excellent filibusteringAnother right-wing, anti-Muslim terrorist attack! Counter-terror police are leading the investigation after far ri…
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@JordanUhl Oh my god @luke_j_obrien Oh yeah this popped up last month. It’s real bad! know it is the baseball crank, but this is a great example of deceptive argumentation through eliding the details…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @ThePlumLineGS @nycsouthpaw A single badly-worded poll at that. police got the #Utrecht shooter.
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @DavidRutz Where’s the lie?As much as it pains me to admit it, Michael is in the right here, as he often is. Leftists should immediately and u…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @JanisSaxon2 @Yair_Rosenberg @UN @jeremycorbyn @IlhanMN She's been a strong critic of Saudi Arabia before and after… @MollyJongFast @chick_in_kiev Wow hadn't heard the name Matt Forney for a while. Yeah, he's trash. @SonnyBunch I mean if you don’t get chills when he says “Not without incident” then I don’t want to know you tbh. @MykeCole Wow, can’t wait for the tide of denunciations from his party and congressional resolutions opposing civil… @RadioFreeTom Extremely normal for a sitting congressman to be idly fantasizing about civil war too. @ddale8 :(
@dolladollabille @richjmadrid Yeah, wasn't the encounter with the viral ranch lady at a campaign stop? @FTSEputs @brianschatz The algos censor Nazis in Germany because it’s illegal not to; Twitter chooses not to do it in other countries. @brianschatz @KagroX Go off king @DrewTurner73 @travis_view President Namesearcher, I’d believe it. @jaketapper Well he just retweeted a QAnon account so buckle the fuck up. @travis_view They don’t have that many followers and didn’t @ him, how did he even see the tweet?WE DID IT!!!!!!
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @robmonster @D_Dobrovetsky @JamesFourM @EpikDotCom Ah, so you’re not just hosting these sites from some misguided c… @DaftLimmy Kelsey Grammer is cancelled. @jack Why do Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern still have accounts here again? @ddale8 They had him at 52% in mid-February and he's had that figure stuck in his mind ever since. @robmonster @MariaArriola4 @Immanue18964861 @JamesFourM @EpikDotCom You have made an affirmative choice to host web… This is always the case with the white shooter. Was he mentally ill? Lonely? The Muslim killer is al…
Retweeted by Aviator::Operator @EaleyGregory @JoshuaHol @cliffschecter For criticizing Hillary instead of the Kochs, which isn’t true. @EaleyGregory @MattBinder @JoshuaHol @cliffschecter You were moaning about him not pointing fingers at the Kochs wh… @EaleyGregory @MattBinder @JoshuaHol @cliffschecter He’s right tho. @onesticknick @FoxNewsSunday @PeteButtigieg You’re extremely stupid. @lookfromhere @FoxNewsSunday @PeteButtigieg @TheTownCrier5 @FoxNewsSunday @PeteButtigieg He’s a veteran and a Rhodes Scholar. If he just cared about money ther… @KT_So_It_Goes Where does 52% come from? Is he still fixated on that Rasmussen poll from mid February? @ConnieSchultz @nycsouthpaw I’ve been more and more impressed with Pete the more I’ve heard. @peterdaou Good god. And this person might be a doctor? @DunkirkRick @IlhanMN It’s an airport you dumb prick. @DunkirkRick @IlhanMN Go fuck yourself Rick @Apricity__girl @AuStinkTank @deemadigan @LiberalAus That picture is from 2014, the white power usage was populariz… @barfolo1979 @wck47 @SkyNews What the hell are you talking about? Are there no murders in Poland?