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I miss y’all @avvryy @__everson_
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Next week my come up and big moves begin.. stay tuned ;)
we deadass nothing without women
Retweeted by avery••im really a multipurpose friend, im down for WHATEVERRRR!! the club, gym, yoga, movies, church, cookouts, A SHOOTOU…
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If I was walking towards a guy I’m supposed to go out with and I saw him with FOUR other men I’m turning around and…
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I’m 23 , My knee 51 , My shoulders 47 , my Back turn 62 tomorrow 😭
Retweeted by avery••I want the parents chastised, directors electrocuted, children put in therapy and anyone else involved arrested.
Retweeted by avery••When I see my friends succeed in spite of all the challenges they faced
Retweeted by avery•• @ChicagoTEVIN I’m in htx rnFirst thing I’m getting is whataburger
the perfect tattoo DOES exist
Retweeted by avery••That is why it is so important to remind your babies everyday how beautiful they are ❤️
Retweeted by avery••Imagine you called off that night
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if you’ve ever cried or passed out because of period cramps rt this im trynna see something
Retweeted by avery••No way a cop should be earning more than a firefighter , change my mind
Retweeted by avery••Students disrespecting teachers will never be funny to me
Retweeted by avery••thank you @zaful_official 😘 have so many different flights and destinations in the next few weeks Lordy
ppl with mixed music taste have the right personality for anything
Retweeted by avery••eating the same subway sandwich you been ordering since 2009😂😂😂
Retweeted by avery••when someone i’m eating with gets a pickle on the side
Retweeted by avery••A random man messaged me on here, said I was pretty, sent me $75, told me to have a good day, and left me alone. MEN, take notes.
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Hi my names avery
I have never related to anything this much
Retweeted by avery••okay I will swim with dolphins when pregnant
Retweeted by avery••So many people I know and friends of friends overdosing lately, everyone please be safe and careful 🥺💛 my heart is…
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Y’all got serious commitment issues.
Retweeted by avery••Missing 15 year old: Breck Jensen was last seen around 5am in the area of 56th-70th/Pine Lake to Yankee Hill. She…
Retweeted by avery••I wish I could have another conversation with you. I wish I could tell you how I love you. Your glow lit up the wor… an educated girl with an opinion ain’t for the weak 😭😭😭😭🙂
Retweeted by avery••Today has been the worst day. I’m tired of loss. I’m tired of this fucked up world
I’m tired of being the “strong friend” man i been wanting to die for the last 3 years and nobody noticed
Retweeted by avery••Men over 200 lbs how y’all feeling today?
Retweeted by avery••Jeff Bezos bank account transferred into mine
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i think i got bieber fever again🥵
Retweeted by avery••This is the most beautiful picture you’ll come across today🥺❤️
Retweeted by avery••Me drunk at work walking down the stage stairs going to get my table another bottle of Ace want a rainy day.. lmk when it’s supposed to rain in Houston & I’ll book a flight.SZA LOOKS SO GEWD
Retweeted by avery••Men are not going to be able to make you happy LMAOOOO @KayLeeCost C’mon!!!I’m your girl baby he said “hey lemme call u right back” and don’t call u back
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My family turning the lights on to talk to me like I can’t hear in the dark
Retweeted by avery••when the world needed her most, she returned
Retweeted by avery••Hulu don’t give af at all if you was sleep for 7 hours. They will play every episode 😭😭
Retweeted by avery••harmless, non-busive, actual pranks from people who don’t lowkey hate their partners >>>>
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Me back in April thinking COVID would be over by now
Retweeted by avery••When your sister buys you a flight with her only fans money 💕💕
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Me showing off my nieces , nephews and god children 😌😊
Retweeted by avery••Say yes to mask and no to bras. Free the titty, protect the city
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that's years of evolutionary adaptation due to the lack of pockets in most women's clothes
Retweeted by avery••YOU LOOK AMAZING“Thank you for coming Frank Ocean, he was your biggest fan” Me:
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They would’ve been taken care of COVID
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These raids >> Drug raids
Retweeted by avery••“Thank you for coming Beyonce. She was your biggest fan.”
Retweeted by avery••LEG DAY ‼️
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When I’m on my period and trying to get in a position that relieves the pain.
Retweeted by avery••It’s crazy how your siblings actually have their own lives I literally see them as side characters in mine 🌚
Retweeted by avery••Hear me out....all of them.
Retweeted by avery••I hope everyone I know out there will be smart and take the precautions man 🙏🏿 please be safe.
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One of the best shows ever made in human history.
Retweeted by avery••I can do that too that fish ain’t special
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yall are getting creative
Retweeted by avery••You can meet a GIRL that’s 35 and a WOMAN that’s 21 ... read that again .
Retweeted by avery••do y’all have like no sympathy at all?
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I can’t express how important it is to have friends who pour back into you as much as you pour into them
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Retweeted by avery••You in ya 20s live ya life!!!
Retweeted by avery••I don’t think anyone is capable of making me text back, 3-5 day shipping and handling
My boyfriend didn’t come into my life when I was stressing or sad or depressed, he came when everything for me was…
Retweeted by avery••i can’t wait to have a daughter so we can go on dates like this with daddy’s money.
Retweeted by avery••entering these people homes publicizing their struggles and then not doing anything about it should be a crime
Retweeted by avery••now that I actually edited these normal... I am in awe. My jaw has dropped. I am in heaven. If you live up north,…
Retweeted by avery••i wish i could meet jesus for a coffee bc i want to ask him why the good ones go
Retweeted by avery••When I say retweet this to save a life I literally MEAN retweet this to save a life
Retweeted by avery••learning to wait 72 hours before i react to things. If I’m still mad about the shit 3 days later then I’ll react bu…
Retweeted by avery••It’s becoming so clear about who’s good for me and who ain’t
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We not 13 🤦🏽‍♂️ come spend the night .. wtf is we texting all day for 😂😂 bring ya makeup and eye lashes too.
Retweeted by avery••no
Retweeted by avery••LADIES lemme put y’all on!!!! It also saves DNA in case they get away
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My niece called me to tell me she opened her pretend restaurant. She told me to make a decision & I decided pizza b…
Retweeted by avery••shoving your dick up against the body of a STRANGER regardless of their age makes u a predator lmao men stay exposi…
Retweeted by avery••you ever wanna go onna walk or a hike by yourself, but then you remember you’re a girl..
Retweeted by avery••$1000 TATTOO GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!! Giving away 2 $500 Sessions to any follower who retweets and likes this tweet!!!!!!
Retweeted by avery••no friendship or relationship should be draining you
Retweeted by avery••It’s crazy to look at the bitches I used to envy or look up to now...
It’s been five months........
Retweeted by avery••Any finger that retweets, your pocket will not run dry this year.
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How opportunities start falling in place after months of being patient and keeping my faith in God.
Retweeted by avery••See y’all in jail
Retweeted by avery••i feel like all women that just gave birth should be showered with gifts like this.
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