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@Phons0 is it so weird to watch the Kirby anime in its original Japanese language?... I keep expecting to hear King Ded… @BaphiDoodles Oh jeez... been awhile since I seen anything like that. I forgot they were called that. I sincerely t… @BaphiDoodles what's a gacha account?... o.o @DroseAttack Lavender Sky - St. George gin, pomp & whimsey (whatever that is), lemon, egg white, butterfly pea flow… was a lavender... something... I forget the name... but it was good
Core memory instances today: -saw a Mexican stand off between two moms on a narrow street w/ their strollers. One…
Retweeted by Andrew D💜C @Nyxum_ Now THAT is a sleeping pose of pure bliss... @BronxDen @NPCZoey Oh heck it's your birthday?!?! Happy Birthday dude!!!They deserve a celebration. This is just... really beautiful news and I hope it stays that way for them <3So... today is pretty amazing... As I'm honestly crying at the words that someone I know beat cancer ;_; EVERY ounce of happiness to them! @VanillaMilkNSFW YAY!!!! You're amazing!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!I never said anything but figured I should I managed to get another piece done by @AWDtwit of my girls Zorrena and…
Retweeted by Andrew D💜C @CheesyDraws Whew... well be careful about Tonberry's @Grind3h I missed out on the frogs before... I don't wanna miss out again ;_; *cries in dollars* @Grind3h oh dear ;_; *opens wallet* @ImKeithDavid @RickandMorty @BoJackHorseman @Halo @SaintsRow @CallofDuty @disneyplus @Disney You are the King @CheesyDraws Hope you have random encounters turned offA friend directed me to a "Fakemon Maker" website and now I'm like.. "uh oh... dare I spend some off hour time?..." I wasn't that thrilled with the games, Mega Man Star Force was like... true Mega Man meets Sentai/Tokusatsu..… @madjackrabbit awwww XD so cute! she does look a lot like Moonie!Moonie is such a cute lil gremlin @bobservo unsure if you follow Simpsons production art but I found it amusing that this early merchandise productio… is hard and stressful enough as it is, let alone during this crazy year and a half. You don’t need to add to t…
Retweeted by Andrew D💜CIt's hard to draw a Disney styled panther and NOT have it look like Bagheera
Retweeted by Andrew D💜CI just took inspiration from all over the place for Star Wolf... I don't think I've ever seen Marc Davis draw these…
Retweeted by Andrew D💜CMy take on Krystal in Marc Davis style
Retweeted by Andrew D💜CUncle Andross
Retweeted by Andrew D💜CI'm daydreaming of a Marc Davis styled StarFox game...
Retweeted by Andrew D💜CIt's hard to draw a Disney styled panther and NOT have it look like Bagheera just took inspiration from all over the place for Star Wolf... I don't think I've ever seen Marc Davis draw these… Andross @junkmixart thank you so much ;3;
@jongraywb Twonk is one of my favorite sounding British slang insults.My take on Krystal in Marc Davis style @KendraEevee funny thing, that... @AlexBaxterScot1 @JoVLande I was actually looking at this images in my computer recently, haha... @silverxara85 Wow, I'll take that compliment! I was looking at a LOT of his illustrations today, lolI'm daydreaming of a Marc Davis styled StarFox game... @MatiasHannecke "I wish I could quit you"Sora looked way different in the 90's heat is gonna be rough for awhile...
Retweeted by Andrew D💜C @th3Engineer oof, sorry... I honestly envy your handyman skills... @OfficialTox1d ^^; I haven't the heart to tell you she's a fox, lol @th3Engineer Are you in this perpetual state of fixing things? ^^;;;I was sincerely asking for boba pics, lol... ^^; I think some folks confused my intentions...Making lunch while dodging these two in the kitchen @FuckThisShit747 good lord... ;_; @SteveYurko great work, dudeDecided to feed a stray cat this evening
Retweeted by Andrew D💜CSquarenix should do a gritty, monochrome reboot of their NES classic "3-D Battles of WorldRunner"This heat is gonna be rough for awhile... some support to an amazing person who needs it, please @PokemonTCGDrops Well that went fast... Dang... I wanted that Lugia coin... @jordizzle What I wanna know is where's the cave man?I finally found a twitch channel that plays TAS videos all day didn't last long now did they... The name was very apt...Every day is worth waking up to these two every morning Looney Tunes Cartoons arrive August 19 with a Back to School Special episode! @ChristinaDrawin that's some good bobs! oh yeah!Wait... it's Boba Day Show us your bobs @Lobsteritus_Art thanks budoh yeah... happy boob day or something?...gobbo goorl... @meatgirI yikes...I wish things like this were real...
@OhTheSunnySide @Gafagear @thatbennybee Your skills are phenominal @itsleahelaine Happy Birthday Leah, wishing you nothing but the best ^_^I've had this Snow White and the Seven Dwarves silver coin collection on my ebay listing for years now, for about 3… you for making an amazing and inspirational game series.Finally got the rest of my Shantae collection! @WayForward @MrBozon really want that Robotnik Toy... I can't though... @Brolyberto oh heck! that would be very nice of you if you don't mind parting with anything =)I feel like I should chime in with my experiences with the industry growing up after watching a certain someone sud… @CosmicPussyCat Dad voice: "well... Why not read a book, then?"Moonie looks so precious at this angle ;_; Update! Read on the site or Webtoon and Tapas #webcomic #comic @allsundayjelly @TheRetroReplay I am kinda itching to at least get a Booser Box of Rebel Clash and Darkness Ablaze,… @allsundayjelly Troll n Toad?... o_oDoes... anyone know if Pokemon TCG re-release older stuff? ^^;; I'm just curious... as I would love to get a Darkne… adopt is still looking for a home ♡
Retweeted by Andrew D💜C @covikt @ariga_megamix Well... I feel I missed out on something I desperately wanted XD lol @covikt @ariga_megamix THere was a Felicia one?...Her favorite spot is on a bag filled with used ink cartridges right next to the printer... You don't find comfort,… is now the best Pokemon card I got @ariga_megamix @YeAungAnimation @HeroofHeartJill @RoseRedLemonade My guess is Saturn, Mercury and Uranus or it's just whatever color fits their personality best haha X3 @HeroofHeartJill @RoseRedLemonade I love that Angel is Jupiter XD @no_ellawillett This is a toy I practically BEGGED for a reality of as a kid...You all missed this amazing piece of my girls that Rose made last night. apparently I pulled two very expensive cards tonight XD if I gotten Moltres V, folks would've shit a brick @ChristinaDrawin @DerrickMalikJo @KaitSnod @MatthewB64 Oof...Tonight was amazing is the most beautiful art I've ever seen ;3; This, among other things, made my night!!! you gotta be firm to your bad chicken nuggets's!
Retweeted by Andrew D💜CGift art for: @AWDtwit hope y'all like!!! I wanted to draw something relaxing after I got done working, it took a b…
Retweeted by Andrew D💜C @RoseRedLemonade OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!Gonna open up more Pokemnon TCG packs. Wanna join? I'm on Twitch or Picarto swear I saw one jump out of the box and walk out the door...