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Brandon Dail @aweary Seattle, WA

frontend engineer @facebook 👨‍💻 core contributor @reactjs ⚛️ generative art and plotters 🖋 new dad 👶 he/him

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@_developit idiot called it “when the tech bubble bursts” and not “when shit hits the FAANG”?
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @YasmineEvjen I am pro-sack
Retweeted by Brandon DailAbstraction
@_developit I think it’s python 2.7Live in NYC? Love helping internet companies grow faster? We're hiring a lead product manager for…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @acagastya @sebmarkbage So many use cases require controlling a value though, like toggling light/dark mode. You can get halfw… I know at @stripe absolutely loves it there. You should be all over this if you’re looking for (or intere…
@kentcdodds @reactathon @ReactAmsterdam @ReactFinland @ReactLoop Looking forward to @ReactAmsterdam! 🇳🇱 @Baconbrix @reactjs Might be worth filing an issue about? I'm using it internally at FB. @asolove Looking forward to 2121 next year @freezydorito if u cant handle me at my worst u dont deserve me at my bestDid you know that because of hoisting, you can define functions *after* a return statement?👋 My team is hiring an engineering manager for Stripe Checkout. We're 8 engineers today and will be growing rapid…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @HugoLiconV @reactjs Facebook’s internal build system. @shaycojo @reactjs Mainly react-hot-loader’ve been using Fast Refresh for @reactjs at work at it’s an incredible improvement. Speed and stability are league…
@sompylasar I just can’t quit vim
I'm so excited for @ReactAmsterdam! I can't believe I'm part of such an incredible speaker lineup, in a gorgeous lo…
Retweeted by Brandon Daily'all this is just a common mistake I make (typing useRef instead of the name of the ref I created). It's not some… @tjrcodes It's a common mistake I make, just a typo 😅I wonder if I'll ever stop doing this 🤦‍♂️ @ryanflorence @1Marc @FrontendMasters More contributions than the billion and million dollar companies, amazing 🙏 @sophiebits @jdan find the optimal strategy for eating the most raw garlic in one sitting @brianleroux I think this case is a bit more nuanced, the unsafe actix saga has been coming to a head for awhile. @jdan @williampietri If you want to be more efficient I recommend skipping the intermediate step and just whiteboar… @sophiebits why stop at two? @dan_abramov @jaredpalmer @acemarke @jlongster @acdlite I am down to build the sneakiest compiler you've ever seen, let's do this. @dan_abramov @jaredpalmer @acemarke @jlongster @acdlite Get me a hackamonth and I can deliver an insufficiently adv… @dan_abramov @jaredpalmer @acemarke @jlongster @acdlite Will you get the tattoo if I succeed? @dan_abramov @jaredpalmer @acemarke @jlongster @acdlite I'm going to get "a sufficiently advanced compiler" tattoo'd on my forehead
@acdlite Yes please 🙏 just tell me what you want the people to hearThinking about writing a talk about "The path to Concurrent Mode" to talk about when adoption is feasible, what val… 🙂 Feb 👍 Mar🎶 Apr 😍 May🤷‍♂️ Jun 😅 Jul 🥳 Aug 😅 Sep 🧏‍♂️ Oct 🙏 Nov 👼 Dec 🇺🇸's a lot like regular expressions. A complex regex can be a great tool for hard problems, but trying to read and… @jdan ever heard of a calculator jordanMacros are a great language feature when you author them, and a major hinderance otherwise. Onboarding into a codeb…, I'm Jess 👋 I've been let go in the Mozilla layoffs. I'm now free 2 days/week for contract work in developer re…
Retweeted by Brandon DailAre you into #ReactJS / #ReactNative or related technologies? Would you like to share your project or idea on stage…'re hiring for 3 *fabulously interesting* lead product roles at @stripe: one in San Francisco, one in Seattle, an…
Retweeted by Brandon DailThe Accessibility Program at Facebook is looking for a Product Manager to work with us on App- and Company- wide in…
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@TatianaTMac ARIA spec for aria-disabled says it "indicates that the element is perceivable but disabled" which see… @bernam92 @gurlcode Indeed I did @RubenNorte Yupp 👍hmmm @chriscoyier
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @raibima @gurlcode The anti-pattern I see here is immediately using a new named prop like "content" instead of just using children. @raibima @gurlcode Using a named prop and using children is effectively the same thing, but IME using children is m… @TatianaTMac If my baby was a feature he'd be props.children because he's the best 👼props.children is the best feature in React send tweet @gurlcode I will wear the honor with the shame that comes with correcting people on the internet 🇺🇸Even without the render props pattern, it's so nice being able to just move parts of the component tree into a func…'ve been working on integrating new functionality into an older codebase that uses lots of class components ⚛️ I… @gurlcode The first screenshot would cause an error as it's trying to render a function (content) directly, I belie…
@JoshWComeau @cassidoo’s!
.@IncrementMag is now available in print! 📬 Sign up for a quarterly subscription or buy individual issues:
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @DasSurma A classic dachshund move 😂 @dan_abramov @jackiehluo Happy birthday! 🥳
@sophiebits @mikesherov @AdamRackis DBSORWIHAYG just isn’t as catchyI understand why DRY bothers people; it’s a popular and people have treated it as scripture over the years. But pus…
@dan_abramov @sophiebits React is probably the least DRY team at FB @sophiebits You can be DRY and still optimize for the things you listed though. @sophiebits I feel like that’s a non-contentious definition and we spend a lot of time arguing against a straw man… zero is cool, but have you tried inbox triple zero?
If you have a library or website using rollup for compiling JavaScript I’d really like to work with you and try inc…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @souporserious So good. Fawning over parts and builds is one thing I miss most about biking all the time.I used to be so cool @tropical_nerd "When the main content of the page (i.e. excluding footers, headers, navigation blocks, and sidebars…
@wongmjane I'm disappointed its not higher on mine @ryanflorence yeah spec says that it does a structured clone of the data, good callout! @_jayphelps Good point. In this case I know it's the native implementation, so that's what I'm curious about. As fa… other words: is replaceState idempotent?Does calling window.history.replaceState() multiple times with the same arguments have any effect? #lazyweb @alexlande noise band that exclusively uses Super Mario and pastries as instruments @dabit3 @cassidoo @ryanflorence @ijoosong Also if you like shrimp, the shrimp & pork shao mai is so good. And the c… @cassidoo @dabit3 @ryanflorence @ijoosong You have to get the pork xiaolongbao too! It’s one of the best dishes they have @ryanflorence @dabit3 @cassidoo @ijoosong Then after that you should go to Doughzone, an equally amazing dumpling house a few blocks away 😋Interested in trying out a new way to use @Stripe Elements with @Reactjs? We're looking for a few more beta user…
Retweeted by Brandon DailHelp move a disabled activist and artist out of an abusive space to access treatment, better climate, and housing/e…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @tannerlinsley @stripe The rewrite I linked earlier uses a hooks API ↪ @scotttball @fox Vortex Race 3 @tannerlinsley @stripe Maybe! I haven't had any obvious problems with it in 16.12. Hard to say without a repro 🤷‍♂️ @fox Slightly disorganized @dabit3 working at home with a toddler @tannerlinsley @stripe Seems to work OK for me!
@tannerlinsley @stripe Looks like they're working on a rewrite though @dabit3 I guess I need to tweet more @modernserf I think about this all the time. I have no clue how I am perceived and it’s a constant source of concern 🤷‍♂️I still love this little application I wrote to arrange a workshop schedule: * Drag and d… is my two year anniversary at @fb_engineering @threepointone Is that a sign for an...antique camera? of the time someone is slow to reply to an email of mine, it’s because they’re busy. But 5% of the time it’s…
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@sophiebits True, but it was the first half for my team! H2 was the first half for this newly created team 😃The crazy thing is that the first paragraph is somewhat accurate. It *was* our first half and we *do* have things to improve upon!Letting an AI write my self review this half @jkup me irl @blvdmitry Remember that React might call the component function more than once per update. So if you put side effe…, I hit the “terminal level” so I can just chill without being promoted as long as it suites me 😍