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Brandon Dail @aweary Austin, TX

engineer on accessibility @discord, writing a compiler in @rustlang, prev @facebook, @reactjs core collaborator, average incarnate, he/him

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@kartik_sharma07 Oh, this is just an example of the syntax. Not a real API or anything 🙃 @kartik_sharma07 Not sure what this means? @sjroot Right now the syntax is just a function call, which supports named parameters. @NavicsteinR It's a language I'm working on @lukeed05 that behavior is undefined atm, but there will likely be a way to configure the runtime representation @lukeed05 Oof, I was tinkering with stuff before I screenshot and forgot to revert. It should be method: MehtodThis all parses and type checks ✨ @sophiebits well how many teeth are you selling per year now? @sophiebits Have you simply tried genetically modifying your teeth to be resistant to the sticky crumbs?
@HobbieJacob that's basically social distancing though. I'm talking about people who socialize as if they live in a… @hey_rudy901 be clear, by social bubble I mean a group of people who don't live in a single household who have agreed to only… you have a COVID-19 social bubble? @ericreisn @rustlang Forgot the link: @zachleat @sarah_edo Will a pull request to boot! @zachleat @sarah_edo Beat you by 10 seconds 😅 @sarah_edo It looks like it doesn't check for reduced motion, you probably want to disable the animations by defaul… @ericreisn I haven't started on that yet but I'd like to re-use chalk, the new logic system that implement's… @sjroot I haven't implemented pattern matching yet (still deciding on syntax) but yes, it will do exhaustiveness checks once I get to it.New @discord community stuff is amazing, it replaces most of the stuff we'd set up over the past couple years in @reactiflux 🎉
Retweeted by Brandon DailThis also shows another small change I made recently: you can omit the parens for functions definitions that don't accept any arguments. @ericreisn What do you want to know? 🙃 @sjroot I'll think about it! I don't personally like it very much, but tbh I haven't used it a ton @zachrip_ No the enums work like Rust, they can hold arbitrary data. In this case they just don't. @zachleat @Netlify 62,306 ✨Got the first draft for the syntax for structs (record types) implemented in the parser and IR, with type checking… @tadeuzagallo @dan_abramov @sjroot The goal is similar here, I’ve been implementing the row polymorphism from Koka… @dan_abramov @sjroot Working on it 🙏 @dan_abramov @cdvillard Where is this Twitter, I need it
@dan_abramov @swyx React is this thing where you write HTML in your JavaScript @guywald No the parens are required, I mean the brackets (block) are optional for the *body*. You can have if expre… @devonbl @TheAmyCode @BOMBAS also they have the coolest patterns!I made some nice usability improvements to the language this week ✨ * Semicolons aren't used at all, newlines are… @seldo I mean, they are technically correct, except that they don’t realize that the gap between “necessary for the… @nullvoxpopuli @adamwathan I'm not sure I understand the question, but the production version of React is built fro…
@brian_d_vaughn @dan_abramov Either that or Dan is currently in the Atlantic somewhere @dan_abramov Meet you half way?I installed this extension recently and it's been helpful: It forces you to add Alt text t…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @adamwathan @adamwathan React has tons of feature flags @quackgyver @discord Not at the moment!Time for The Goonies at the drive-in theater 🍿 @codervandal I am better at support than carry, but I almost exclusively play turbo and random 🤠
@codervandal I actually call it dots with my friend all the time so I didn’t even realize the typo 😛 @jwyung Lmao I’m just saying I’ve got numbers to prove it 😅proof that I'm a nice guy @jessejanderson @drhallowell Yeah that feels pretty relatable! @andrewvijay Yup! They are defined with the same syntax used hereToday we're releasing a slew of features for all community servers, including Announcement Channels, Server Insight…
Retweeted by Brandon DailIs thinking you have ADD and not ever doing anything about it a symptom of ADD? @rachelnabors @jwyung I don't want to have to write it from scratch pls @rachelnabors open 👏 source 👏 redblock 👏 please @Peer_Rich It's definitely inspired by SwiftUI but I'm not looking to re-implement everything they do, so it may di… @Peer_Rich It doesn't compile to anything yet. At the moment it's just parses, generates and IR, and type checks th… @buildsghost I totally agree! I haven't given much thought to how I'd want to handle it, but working with Android r… @devongovett 😀 @_alex_strand Yupp! @carlos_paelinck It’s definitely just SwiftUI-but-worse at the moment 🙃Inlining values as strings is ok, but I actually like how android handles resources with R.strings and stuff. I'd…, except it's part of the language ✨ currently parses but doesn't type check (yet) @comradec0re from The Onion
Retweeted by Brandon Dail🌠 Well this is pretty cool! Chrome has a new CSS Overview tab, which highlights a bunch of information about how th…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @davidbrunelle I just looked up how it works and I am shocked that my oven can get that hot 🤯
@bhdecker definitely the right move @gdg @GCPcloud @the_thagomizer @martinomander @swongful @kelseyhightower I ask you, with multiple videos like this…
Retweeted by Brandon DailI can’t express how mentally exhausting it is living in an empty apartment during a pandemicIt's been 20 days since our first available delivery date and our movers still haven't even dispatched our stuff from WA, what a nightmare.THEY OPENED AN INVESTIGATION FOR THE DEATH OF BREONNA TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Retweeted by Brandon Dail @asolove I got this along with the Jarvis Crank-Powered Standing Desk ✨ thanks for the recommendationjust wanna talk real quick about how we get to "public housing" as a highly stigmatized, not-so-subtle dog whistle…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail💡 Inspired by @aweary's browser extension 🖼 I added a new feature to Refined Twitter Lite…
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@buildsghost @aexmo @jongold The mental gymnastics it takes to keep working there are really exhausting. Every ex-F… @rickhanlonii I scheduler.yield() my time @gdavis92 @swyx 😄 I just meant that I map the Capslock key to Escape, for switching between modes @gdavis92 @swyx I always map it to escape for vim anyways 🤷‍♂️ @__apf__ I'm surprised he's not 6 inches away from the camera like he always was for his Q&A streams you tweet images to anyone in your audience, you have to include alt-text which describes what is happening in t…
Retweeted by Brandon DailI’ve been working with Kotlin and it seems like it tries really hard to provide ways to write “concise” code and I… @swyx Capslock has some prime real estate for a mostly useless feature @ferdaber Mostly TalkBack right now because I'm working on our Android app, but also VoiceOver (iOS and macOS) and NVDA (Windows). @TatianaTMac Totally. I max out at like 70% on iOS, anything past that is basically just noise to me 🤯I have gotten to the point with screen readers where the default speaking rate is unbearably slow 😅Would I give up a couple thousand dollars to end hunger and poverty?????????? BITCH OF COURSE!!!!
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @ryanflorence Of course not, it was a measly 300k!🤮 @jbaxleyiii @peggyrayzis Idk what we’re celebrating but congratsssss @peggyrayzis! 🥳NYC is taking after Portland - a trans femme protestor was pulled into an unmarked van at the Abolition Park protes…
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This has saved me so many times since I've built this, highly recommend 😏 @giuseppegurgone Go for it!If you're trying to implement a cache for Suspense, this is a good thread to read through and watch. The timing of… @buildsghost @sjroot This is probably the only approach I'd seriously consider. I don't want to introduce some nove… @kyehohenberger Congrats! 🥳
@sjroot Yeah, mostly because I haven't decided if I want them. I'll probably just remove semicolons all together @sjroot It's a UI focused language, so it will compile to web assets like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. @sjroot The backend of the compiler isn’t implemented in yet, so there’s not too much to play around with atm 🙂 hopefully soon though!Had to do some small tweaks to make sure generics and lists work together, and it's looking good ✨ I think the type… a normal person saying normal things @codebytere that was exactly my question! @hlynur though I don't think I use "a11y" anywhere online to describe what I do (I try to always write accessibilit…