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Brandon Dail @aweary Austin, TX

engineer on accessibility @discord 🧑🏻‍💻worlds greatest dad according to the latest available data 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 he/him

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@dan_abramov there are probably hundreds of people pressing the tips of their fingers right now
@Kosai106 @vercel I accidentally deleted some files I had deployed but hadn't committed yet @Jeff_Bledsoe Good luck! It was a steep learning curve for me, but I think it was worth it.Nonsense text courtesy of GPT-3Finally got image uploading working. A fun consequence of a private journaling app: the images will almost always a… @Jeff_Bledsoe I didn't spend too much time weighing all the options, but I felt like the Slate APIs were at a low e… can just download them one-by-one but it'd be nice if I could download entire foldersIt looks like deployments on @vercel have a Source tab with the source files for the build. Is there any way you ca… had it write a story about "Lord Shamu, the first whale to conquer the world" and it's wonderful am using GPT-3 to generate mock data for my journaling app and it's such a joy to read the absolutely unhinged content it generates. @wongmjane @verified @TheAmandaGorman 155.4k follower increase between screenshots 📈I am equal parts relieved, underwhelmed, optimistic, and skeptical watching this inauguration.Are there any iOS apps that do a really good job supporting reduced motion? #a11y
I’ve had mine for a week or so now and it really does exceed expectations. The battery life is wild, I streamed a w…
🎉 Exciting news, we're hiring a Lead Designer to join the Tailwind Labs team! Help us build awesome tools that emp…
Retweeted by Brandon DailJust out supporting my local bodega ♥️
@Tay1orJones someone running Big Sur 11.1 tell me what navigator.userAgent shows for them in Chrome 👀 @threepointone depends on how the % change in bundle size correlates to changes in key user metrics.guy who's currently deploying a schema migration to change the type of `presidents.impeached` from bool to int
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just picture Trump fuming over his second impeachment with no social media platforms to complain on lmao @wongmjane @shanselman Excellent reply @TatianaTMac It's a hard issue to talk about without collapsing into the "both-sides" argument that the right wants… @TatianaTMac This issue of disinformation feels even more complicated to me, but I'm hesitant when I see the sentim… @TatianaTMac yes, sorry I should have wrote *misinformation* @NickColley What I mean is that we're all susceptible to confirmation bias and it's easy to believe disinformation… will be both well-intentioned folks and bad actors spreading disinformation, with the net effect of undermini… think a lot of us need to remember that disinformation is bipartisan and we're going to be dealing with a lot of… @nokusu @sjroot We fixed this last week. Just checked and I can't reproduce this anymore on macOS in the web client…
@rachelnabors Absolutely, I always tell people I'd much rather give a talk to 500 people than just 5 people. @bitandbang that's why I use > git push > fuckI told myself I'd be getting an M1 Macbook if this fell through so at the very least that's something to look forward toAs a former technical support person: If you call customer support and they ask you to take a survey, TAKE THE SURV… @chancethedev Yeah it's a bummer, this took so long that we're no longer able to go through the process again with… fell through 😞
@TatianaTMac @kurtkemple my back hurts just thinking about it again @kurtkemple I have this chair and it's pretty good @jackie_cs_ Nice, thanks @_seanohue That’s not how I saw the situation described: @jnsdls afaik it involved exploiting their authentication system when their two-factor auth wasn’t working and then… @anaisbetts yeah I'm not thinking about civil charges, I'm more curious about the criminal charges that could be br… love this and I'm curious what the legal situation is here. Is it fair game for researchers to use this data? is… @MatthewACherry They gotta make sure it wasn’t any of their own off-duty officers before charging 👀 @gerrit_alex @kettanaito @discord It was a bug. Currently fixed canary, will be in stable next time we deploy! The… @pacman326 I just want to know the line of reasoning, even if it’s faulty. @paulgb But 230 is what allows them to act as a service provider right? Without it I don’t see any logical way they… do conservatives think repealing Section 230 would allow them to sue social media sites for censorship? You can…
I managed to integrate @mattdesl 's canvas-sketch and @aweary 's ln.js port - now I can make postcards with 3d obje…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @ag_dubs It’s really coming down up north! @richardiii second one on the way @_developit jason no
@anagobarreto I did remote technical support at Apple for 5 years and it was pretty decent: @buildsghost @cassidoo I still eat pizza lunchables all the time @jordwalke Good luck 🚀
After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanent…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @jbrancha Yeah Slate is extremely extensible, you can basically do anything you want. It imposes very few constrain… @jbrancha No real parsing, except for some basic matching with regexes. It uses the normalization step to look at t… @richardiii tbh I'd probably make it a paid product if I ever share it with the world 💸 @niw @discord No worries, I appreciate you bringing that up! 'd like to someday generalize it so that it could have… @MarcoInEnglish It's a React application and I'm using Slate for the rich text editor: fun details: * Notice that it auto-completes the brackets. It does a check to make sure you want this based o… @niw I haven't looked into supporting other languages yet, it's pretty early on. Hopefully I'll figure that out someday though 🙂I'm starting to enjoy to the backlink editing experience I threw together in some spare time.… @nokusu @sjroot we have a discord server for it: but you can also just submit a bug report… @nokusu @sjroot Thanks for the report, that's a bug. It should only be using cmd + [ and cmd + ] for navigation on macOS. We'll take a look!
I applaud the people brave enough to leave the Trump administration now. It takes courage. After airline flights,…
Retweeted by Brandon DailSo yes. They literally waited until he was literally in the midst of tearing down the entire country before concedi…
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Congressional leaders are in the undisclosed location and focusing on the 25th Amendment to get @realDonaldTrump out of office!
Retweeted by Brandon Daileither @Twitter has decided to reverse course on their presidential record policies or some staff @Twitter decided… @EricaJoy @jack Looks like they're starting to delete his tweets now 👀How many foreign intelligence agents were in that crowd? Definitely more than 0.
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @MikeIsaac Only took a few hundred thousand likes and shares 🙄Looks like it was finally taken down @LeahLundqvist @Twitter @Facebook Not at allAt the very least @Twitter quickly enacted some half measures to try and stem the videos' reach. @Facebook hasn't… that Trump's video is still up on @Facebook 170k+ likes and 60k+ shares so far 🙄If your people aren't actually saving lives right now, let them go. Today is going to be in the history books.
Retweeted by Brandon DailI am drawing up Articles of Impeachment. Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & re…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail🥰 we love you 🥰 you're very special 🥰 don't stand up to the evildoers who have stolen the election from you 🥰 go ho…
Retweeted by Brandon Dailnarrator: it wasn't's official: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Retweeted by Brandon Dail.@tedcruz should resign from the United States Senate immediately.
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @brian_d_vaughn It's totally unsurprising and still sickening to watchTrump's video will do nothing but incite more violence. He just echo'd all his previous unfounded claims and empathized with the rioters.the tears of joy did not last long 😞 can’t describe what’s happening in the Capitol as a “small group of extremists” when they’re being supported by…
Retweeted by Brandon DailI believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to…
Retweeted by Brandon DailA friend just said to me "Are we supposed to be working during the coup?" and honestly it was the most American thing I've ever heard.
Retweeted by Brandon DailNo one is "unprepared." Capitol Police are standing down as ordered. There is no National Guard because they are un…
Retweeted by Brandon DailThese people were all radicalized on Facebook. This event was organized on Facebook. This violence is an inevitable…
Retweeted by Brandon DailWhite privilege is on display like never before in the U.S. Capitol. If these people were Black. . .well, we all k…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @chancethedev holding back the tears until it's official 😭Donald Trump is not a calamity that happened to the Republican party, he is the purest expression of their ideals.…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @coreyalight Very briefly, yeahthe erasure begins.
Retweeted by Brandon DailGot a basic implementation of the backlink syntax working in the editor. Clicking one takes you to a page for that… @iamharaldur @kwuchu Congrats y’all!Kamala Harris wrote the bill. Stacey Abrams PERSONALLY championed democratic votes. Black voters showed up and vo…
Retweeted by Brandon Dailtears of joy, obviously