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Brandon Dail @aweary Seattle, WA

frontend engineer @facebook 👨‍💻 occasional maintainer @reactjs ⚛️ compilers and @rustlang 🦀 generative art and plotters 🖋 new(ish) dad 👶 he/him

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@vincentriemer @kurtkemple Can't wait to see y'all in the secret 10k+ followers edition of Twitter @modernserf The keyboard is static, but I’m constantly making typos to the point where it’s unusable. It’s infuriating. @bitandbang The only tweet I’ve ever promoted
This one was a pain. I really wanted labeled arguments to just be syntactic sugar that the parser/IR can normalize… even works for inferred function types. It makes a best-effort to determine the signature of the function based… support for labelled arguments for function calls ✨ @zpao Sesame Street albums all day every day @sorodrigo @Fausto95_ @Vjeux Parser currently supports both, unlikely that will be the case for long. @necolas @Fausto95_ @Vjeux That’d be great! @Fausto95_ @Vjeux Still a work in progress 🙂I like how tech bros are only pro-capitalism when their exorbitant salaries are protected by an inequitable hiring process 🙄 @baddox @runner_ca_to_me That's also a very short-sighted perspective; if all existing employees retain their salar… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me Yes and there's also the option to double everyone's pay. You're not really making any sub… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me If I'm working remotely in another state now, and I want to stay in that state *indefinite… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me Right. @baddox @runner_ca_to_me Again, we're talking about a *long-term* remote policy. That is not the same as the tempor… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me I don't really want to get into the weeds here, but a mass exodus is highly speculative an… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me I'm not sure why you think the virus will force people to relocate, but again that is not… @baddox @jeremyfiel He explained the market rate policy and outlined the most common likely scenario, since most em… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me No, remote is not the default. It's currently only an option for some more experienced new… @baddox @jeremyfiel You felt pretty safe assuming that Facebook would be decreasing pay for location changes 🙄 Face… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me Those who want to work remotely long-term will of course have to request to do so, which i… @baddox @jeremyfiel Approvals for switching teams/roles is a different topic than location-based pay adjustments. I… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me You keep framing this as involuntary pay cuts, but that's not even close to the reality of… @baddox @jeremyfiel Pay bands have always been determined by market rates and automatically adjusted. Managers don'… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me I think 8-9 months of unrestricted remote work is a more-than-fair amount of time to allow… @baddox @jeremyfiel Yes I am sure. That's what paying the market rate means. Facebook already does this if you move… @baddox @jeremyfiel Pay adjustments absolutely work both ways. @baddox @runner_ca_to_me We're talking about the long-term remote policy, Facebook has already said that employees… @jeremyfiel Also this wasn't even my point; I know that paying market rates is itself a debatable policy, but Faceb… @jeremyfiel You're asking why market rates exist. There are already people in Kentucky doing the same kind of work… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me You're making a very broad argument based on a very specific scenario, where no optional a… @baddox @runner_ca_to_me Nobody is having their salaries reduced by default though? People are free to remain onsit… @JacobRuizDesign I'm not sure anyone has a good answer to fair compensation + taxes for nomadic employees yet. @Saeris Market rates already exist and there are plenty of very talented developers in markets outside of SF that a… @runner_ca_to_me Facebook already pays market rates based on the location of your home office, so that's not a new… are plenty of valid reasons to dunk on the decisions Facebook has made, but framing them as an exceptionally… hope everyone realizes paying market rates for remote employees is not a new concept, IME it's the rule not the exception.
👋🏻Once upon a time I worked at Fog Creek. They then became @glitch. After 6.5 years there, I was laid off yesterday…
Retweeted by Brandon DailHi friends! I lost my job yesterday. Glitch laid off roughly half the staff, including me. If you or a team you k…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @Farzad_YZ Congrats! 🥳 @aarondjents @chalcidfly for good, now that WFM is a policy 🙂 we lived there for five years before I joined FB and… @aarondjents @chalcidfly Didn’t know you were in Austin! We’re headed back to Austin towards the end of the year 🥳
@chancethedev @chancethedev Ok try it now @EricaJoy Austin 🙌Let me know if you have questions about the interview process :)
Retweeted by Brandon DailIf you're interested in working remotely at Facebook, we have a new careers page where you can let us know you're i… excited to see Relay LSP commits from @aweary in the Relay repo! This is something I've been thinking about and…
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @gziolo It's a long-term remote policy. Mark predicted 50% of the company will be remote in 5-10 years. @IanMitchel1 Yeah I assume Facebook will continue to be one of the more attractive companies, even with remote. So… @IanMitchel1 I'll add myself as a data point: I doubt I'd stay at Facebook long-term if I had to be onsite the whole time 😅 @IanMitchel1 I doubt it, its offset by cost of living and housing markets that are more aligned with that cost of l…'s new remote policy is going to do so much for long-term retention of experienced engineers.Facebook is unlocking remote hiring for experienced engineers, starting in the US and Canada 😍Mark Zuckerberg is streaming live talking about remote work at Facebook @DavidKPiano I mean, it’s true though. I’ve lost a bunch of weight not having that delicious food around me all day @markdalgleish Test failed 😭 I guess I’m not cool enough to have the cool new echo chamber feature on Twitter @cpojer @sebmck How much if I send a PR with an improper fixInspired by @aweary and some free time
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@yevrahjleinad Rust! @mattdesl How does the discriminator work?I'm trying to build a new blog with @eleven_ty for this series and 😙👌 love it so far @ayrton Yup. More correctly its μs. 0.07 milliseconds. @paulgb Mostly making it up as I go, driven mainly by my own preferences 😅 It currently supports a bunch of differe… @buildsghost There we go night I got type checking for user-defined generic functions working 🥳 it's starting to look like a real type… @nikhilthomas90 Very cool! Btw there's the `Display` trait in the standard library that does what `Showable` does h… @andrewvijay Haven't built any of it, but probably not. Using Rust and its standard library would be easier (e.g.,… server-side VM could be built in Rust and made really, really fast. It could handle the HTTP/WebSocket connecti… about the final output of this compiler. It'd be cool if it produced a sort of "image" that could run on t… @_jayphelps totally, I think this can be ergonomic on a case-by-case basis. For example, `type` as a variable name… great example of how you have to make *really big decisions* early on. Retrofitting this is often super dif… @EvynnMcFalls I was a terrible and disruptive student and I was absolutely mean to our chemistry teacher 😬 I still… @TatianaTMac I think I used up my yearly supply of intimidation with that one, see you next year for another spicy-… on the lexer implementation for my blog post on parser in Rust. One thing I want to focus on is how we can…, maybe 3/10? I have no clue @mjackson If we ignore the miscommunication, the point that HTML/CSS are complex and require expertise is worth mak… funny thing about this never-ending debate is that both sides actually agree but they just talk past each other
@alexandrelucch Yeah I think that one works both waysLearning compilers: guess I need to learn Haskell Learning ML: guess I need to learn Python @mattdesl did you end up deciding on RNNs or something else? @sebmck @discord Congrats 🍾 🥳🎆 Chats with Kent, Season 3 has been launched! 🎆 Enjoy 12 new episodes with these fine friends: @tannerlinsley
Retweeted by Brandon Dail @ohhoe Wait, is this...not how everyone feels? Oh noFlow Types-First mode is out! It unlocks Flow’s potential at scale by leveraging fully typed module boundaries. Rea…
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@swyx Hey it wasn't my idea to rewrite it, just good timing 😎 @swyx I normal do run-of-the-mill product infrastructure for some internal teams, but this month I got to build out… @sjroot Yup! @jbaxleyiii Thanks 🙂 there's still so many awesome things we can do to improve DX for GraphQL within IDEs, I'm exci… totally forgot that the work I've been doing with Relay this month is open source 😅 Here's the progress I've mad… @dan_abramov Saw it written and I saw it say @intelligibabble @buildsghost yeah it's something that would be trivial to add, but I'll probably avoid it. The onl… @buildsghost Just lazy demo writing, I think it'd end up just shadowing the function atmHere's a cool proof of concept of what an effect system can get you with components. We can infer that functions ar… @sebmck My son will be devastated @threepointone In this economy?! @sebmck He has his mother's eyes @GrantGlidewell Here you go! classic duo