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You should know that before anything else, I am Pro-Black. That's Black Women, LGBTQ+ and Men (when they deserve it). Favorite Pastime: Trolling racists.

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Please I'm begging you wear your mask over your nose
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoSay it again for all the people who don't seem to understand: Freedom of speech protects you from government censor…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @DisgustedPat73 @TheRISEofROD @mrschuls Hey. No one said they were perfect. @swbhfx @TheRISEofROD @mrschuls Jeez is right. Some simple research is all it takes but you like to keep regurgitat… @dknight716 @TheRISEofROD @mrschuls Sure it is sweetie. @TheRISEofROD @mrschuls So... no one has ever heard of political realignment??? I'm going to take that as a no.
Trans women have been found dead consistently every week of the summer and y’all don’t see anything wrong with that?
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @noen1337 @CountDankulaTV Why are you so damn stupid? @IndyaMoore The fucking audacity!!!! are upset at stores with signs that day “Mask Only” Now, imagine how it felt when it said “Whites Only”
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @drewiieee @jstcwarrior apparently it’s a film !!! stan petty in pink it’s an LGBT independent film and it looks incredible so far <3
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoSay his name: Philando Castile. When a Minnesota police officer pulled him over four years ago, he did everything…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @MrBuddington_ @NormVeasman @kendenman @sarahcpr So..... you're just stupid. @Nashville_r5er @THV11 How? @sacha_babez @blazing_eyed Cops have a habit of killing ppl just minding their own business in their own houses. Wh…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoSo apparently they thought this VICTIM was a suspect and ended up finding the person they were looking for AFTER th…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @milli_vanilliii @JudusMaximus Naw, that's your post.
@TheGrapevineTV And what is even sadder and even more rage inducing is that they have Black daughters. White folks with guns came out to intimidate BLM protestors — and support confederate monuments. So t…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoThese racists assaulted and attempted to lynch Vauhxx Rush, a black man, in Bloomington, Indiana.
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoAnd ppl literally fought me on this. Algorithms have changed. You have to seek it out now, it’s not trending. Prote…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @AndrewNorton77 @TheRealNubian2 Look at you... Not knowing how to spell these big words you're trying to troll with… @AndrewNorton77 @TheRealNubian2 Thanks for letting us know that you are as dumb as you are stupid. @unmundig @diamonddoll1008 @ReminderGreat @TheRealNubian2 Then you and whoever you give that "pass" to would be pun… @AndrewNorton77 @TheRealNubian2 Thanks for letting us know you're illiterate.
“Black on black crime” does not exist. The idea that intracommunal violence is exclusive to Black people is a white…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho“Why can’t I do it? Because I’m a blonde whites woman wearing a $40,000 Rolex?” I’m dumbfounded. How can you simul…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoCan you believe that cops are resigning all over America because they’re being told not to choke, beat or kill black people anymore?
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @funsizedyogi @DosRivers Exactly and ignore the fact Kanye, ‘I’ve never voted in my life’ West is nothing but a syc…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShothe performative activism jumped out
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @KwCongressional Sir, I just to ask... Is it drugs? @LesstalkingL @KwCongressional Shut up troll bot.
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Florida had 11,458 new cases in ONE day. But everyone's at cookouts and BBQs today for a country that wouldn't give…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoOh now all of a sudden it’s my body my choice?? Interesting.
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho*Indigenous and black people protest and fight genocide, police, colonialism* "LOOTERS!! LEFTISTS!! VIOLENCE!! ANIM…
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@eleven8 This is actually quite terrifying. No cap.ask yourself, why is it easier to donate to mutual aid/bail funds but not to blk trans folks? this is why i love…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoFor your consideration when voting... @TelevisionAcad #Emmys
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoSorry this Country has failed you both. 💞
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @GoodGuyChilly Black women ain't a monolith. They can get degrees (Black women, as a whole are the most academicall…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @djelzee @still_sexellent @cjgotthajuicee
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Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoFuck this "apology". She can't walk back what she said. The sickest part is that she has a Black daughter. Women li…
On another note, if any of you are looking for something to do - these sweet people would love new pen pals! 🥺 👉🏻👈🏻…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoy’all have desensitized tf outta breonna taylor’s name. ppl will post a selfie and caption it “anyways, breonna tay…
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@eleven8 their whole life mad and miserable cause one girl said no in middle school....... sick
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@_Romero112_ @noprettylilys ACCOUNTABILITY 👏 ISNT 👏 CANCEL 👏CULTURE
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoFuck Jeffree Starr Fuck Shane Dawson Fuck Trisha Paytas Fuck Gabbie Hanna Fuck Jake Paul Fuck Tana Mongeau Fuck Ac…
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Black people don't care if u stop saying "master bedroom" or if u remove problematic shows from decades ago from hu…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @BackupCoolCam I love this video so much!That Stephen King sticking up for trans women was enough to make JK Rowling delete her tweets praising him and bloc…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @cpoliticditto Having a car or living in a house vs an apartment. @V4N3SS4CH1B1 @MackkAndCheese_ @kadey180 @Im3riklol @KEEMSTAR @xD1x @JohnScarce I said no. Plenty of times. It didn…
First of all, they were in mud masks not blackface. And second of all, in what world does "Stop killing us." sound…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShodoing everything in their power to make BLM look petty and annoying so people will shut up about it.. y’all know wh…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoWhy the oppressed gotta educate the oppressor?
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoTHIS will NEVER sit right with me. They got Children in CAGES! ITS FREE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS UNTIL ITS BACKWARDS…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoAmerica knew exactly what defunded meant when they talked about Planned Parenthood what’s not clicking all of a sudden
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@BrentPerkins4 @FrankFrancesa @claaky23 @DARollins Obviously the store workers just did for her since they kicked her ass out the store.Black people to realtors: we’d like you to stop redlining and other facially discriminatory practices. Realtors…
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You rushed to open the state so you could kick people off unemployment, even if it meant people would get sick and…
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Also as much as I appreciate the discourse around Elijah McClain all the “he wouldn’t hurt a fly” “he played violin…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @singlecatmom @brendonurie @jwcreighton3 @singlecatmom @brendonurie I love this!!!
@islaflow We are no longer the Bey Hive.... We are the Marie Calendars!!
This is why we protest! This is why we demand change and action. The excessive force used by this officer was compl… @verdusaa @slay_manny defund the police!!! so confused on why he was even attacked like this??? you can clearly tel…
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In case you needed a visual to explain defunding the police.
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @_wheredrakego @JudusMaximus White people hated us before social media was even a thing... Do you remember this per… everyone who says, "If Rayshard Brooks didn't resist arrest, he'd still be alive":
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @Chadwick_Moore This made no sense. You are idiotic and at this point you're just a f*cking troll. Have you conside… @Chadwick_Moore You are incredibly ignorant. You beat the mob? Whoopee! That doesn't detract from the fact that mad… @DevinHudson214 @virgothanos That is the bare minimum. The bar is so fucking low apparently.☀️ BLONDE
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @mathbeedie @tourahh @nxggachakras @IamKasheba @__Roseee No, tap dance your ass somewhere else. @tweetsmacghee @Inevitable_ET Hey, as long as you are wearing a mask, I don't care what's on it. @talentedtohvae Girl, they are up and down the timeline trying to get that trending... This hashtag apparently.
@TrulyTafakari All of this!!!!!*THAT* is my problem with most “educate me” prompts from either men or white people on the internet. They say “edu…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoI don’t mind *sharing* information most days. But I do it on my own terms. And I don’t ever debate people who wan…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @rafael_bugarin @evolparadise @usatrump14 @Mufaa6 There is such a thing as party realignment and it happened. @X_Wing_Cmdr @JacksonKejun @auralfixationz @percinmyamf are calling for Juneteenth to be a national holiday. How about we go further & pass healthcare & living wages…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoAmerica is one of the best countries of denial I’ve ever seen. Covid-19? Nope we’re opening everything Is great. Ki…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoWould you support Juneteenth, the day American slaves learned of their emancipation, becoming a national holiday?
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoShoIt’s #JUNETEENTH2020 may it be blessed
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @victori21168585 @ToastPT Awww... look at you. now do the Redskins
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho.@Disclosure_Doc — from director Sam Feder and producer Laverne Cox — features interviews with MJ Rodriguez, Jamie…
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @RosaryAdorned @DebraBr81576310 @aubrey_huff
Retweeted by JoJo4ShoSho @realDonaldTrump @winds_of_simoom @KarenPrentice @eastfeed @TheDruidDale @david8029 @prettyultimate @abbypaiges @Tribal_Andy @MahyarTousi Also, there are white people with th… @TheDruidDale @abbypaiges @david8029 @prettyultimate @Tribal_Andy @MahyarTousi Dude are you still on this? Get a life you pathetic troll.Funny how a taser transforms from "less than lethal" to a "deadly weapon" the instant a civilian is holding it instead of a cop.
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