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@wangjjiae @freckleseason wow worlds colliding @freckleseason MEEE @yousawthroughme heck yes ! @ericthelemming @coolgirlmina hahahahah that was funny tho @JannesVerl @Lil_lad_Eabha we can always continue the groupchat’s planning and get all married x @Lil_lad_Eabha we do @Lil_lad_Eabha oH @doddleoddle @JackHoward why is this me every time anyone tries to explain anything to me @orlaoriented we look haps aaa @coolgirlmina @ericthelemming HAHAHAH eric’s backgrounds make zoom calls even better @Lil_lad_Eabha wild @doddleoddle @dodiebridgers ur too powerful part 2
@dodietrust thanku💛💛💛 @sleeplessviolet thank uuuu <33 @M4R4UDERSM4P thats YOU @coolgirlmina I LOVE UUUU @sapphicdodes <33333 @orlaoriented @TessaViolet it took me one second to find this“i gifted leo a poop cleaner” - @orlaorientedfelt kinda cute which is probably just cuz i have a baby face x @corneliousoncob wAAAH 🥺💛 @SEAMECHANlC hey thought i’d let u know i managed to get my hands on one :) but thank u anyway !! @taIktothemirror her merch store has never messed up sb @taIktothemirror has ur vinyl been shipped yet? mine still hasnt :/ @Lil_lad_Eabha yes @kodzukenprint my own art,, if anything it makes me insecure but the artists some of these collages are inspired by… @doddleoddle it hits different with earphones and volume loud at 2am OUCH Ouch
@AptermusPrime i ended up with two copies of the CD but now i've bought orla's vinyl i'd like to have a few vinyls… @AptermusPrime love that for u @SEAMECHANlC thank you sO much <3 @SEAMECHANlC omgomg are u sure? 🥺 @SEAMECHANlC lowkey jealous aaa @doddleoddle WOW @doddleoddle wait wow this also made me realise alosia 2016 was fOUR years ago what is time @doddleoddle i hope this means what i think it means @dodiebridgers i think i overplayed it 😳😳 @dodiebridgers i’m not the biggest fan of in the middle Anymore (live its great tho)new day, new collage. or something @LYDSLEEPY mil 😌 @MrStupidDogMan i @doddleoddle ur music is too powerful and @dodiebridgers ur filter is too powerful ??? sftm literally came on shuff…
every lebanon petition, carrd and places to donate i find. please rt so more people can find this and add more petitions in the replies.
Retweeted by emily 💔 @FILMDODIE @usinthelouvre fair! me too but im not sure why it makes me nostalgic cuz i never listened to it much @usinthelouvre @FILMDODIE i thought i was the only one??? wOW @usinthelouvre @FILMDODIE valid!! i guess i like the youtube version cuz it sounds chiller, better vibe??? idkYOU CAN DO THIS ONCE A DAY!! BOOKMARK AND DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW!!!
Retweeted by emily 💔 @lotte_ettol wHAT orla’s merch store hates me @lotte_ettol apparently theyre short on tote bags >:((i miss walking around london and taking photos of everything ; @FILMDODIE also not a big fan of 'in the middle' cuz i overplayed it @FILMDODIE i dont like the studio version of 'you'isnt it weird that ppl who ordered orla’s vinyl bundle after i did already got theirs whilst mine is yet to be shipped? >:((
@SPEClALGlRL UR SO PRETTY @lcvefoolish i love u 💛💛 @lcvefoolish theooo 💛 @dodiebridgers @sapphicdodes @doddleoddle just like dodie got cool girl earlier today, ur filters are too powerful @sapphicdodes @doddleoddle @dodiebridgers the way everyone in contactless got egg first or second try u m a n
@tlgadvinyl @doddleoddle from this i think @doddleoddle wow @JeffCurley1 @verge some of us have adhd, jeff @Hartmannn_ @nexilmao @LJP_Productions @JeffCurley1 @verge same here @babieneekos @babieneekos @babieneekos @dodieseggupdate oh @WildenbergMaud zo scherp ook !!!the artist vs the art 👩🏼‍🎨 @doddleoddle <333
@orlagartland i wonder how long it will take until someone makes an orlaholdingurfavealbum account on insta @orlagartland heck yes !!side B, freckle season
@orlagartland 🥺🥺 @awfullyloud hOw are u so talented
Retweeted by emily 💔 @taIktothemirror @intergalacticej says one of the coolest ppl i know !! thank u <3 @yousawthroughme YOU @blindfaith1989 thank uuu u u @yousawthroughme YESthe way dodie said a while ago that she forgot the chords to ready now but we all kept asking her to play it and sh… @zarrocu @richlesbianceo_ wow mind blownand to my surprise, we found my words
@coolgirlmina beautiful 💕💓💞 @yousawthroughme I ADORE U 🥺🥺🥺 @SUPERLIKEMP3 WE COOL @melclouds AAAA @feelinmp3 THANK U UU @FILMDODIE THANK YOU CAMILA 🥺 @BL0NDEISH thank U !! @jasmijncovey thanku 💓💓 @laurxnxdavixs thank u !! <3 @fineIinesyd @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle YOU WHAT @pa3weg ive received many emails like those but not since ive ordered the bundle </3 @yousawthroughme AUTUMN💕💓💞 @lcvefoolish hi i love you @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle we rly do like it strongly @SUPERLIKEMP3 me TOO @wormybel @itsjustaino thats lowkey near me @itsjustaino you’ve been to schiphol? :o