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@TeunIsDutch @orlagartland i want you to know i yelled ‘tEUN JOINED THE SDC’ in class, the other orla stan in my cl…
💙WIN A DEAR EVAN HANSEN BEANIE💙 Still trying to turn #BlueMonday into a positive? How about a chance to win a…
Retweeted by emily 💔 @orlagartland added it to the playlist my classmates and i made, forcing the art students to get sad @lcvefoolish @fearlessdodie ;) @kissyalessia @doddleoddle legends! ive never seen this pic nor do i remember it being taken 😳😳 @yousawthroughme this was my favourite scene 🥺🥺 @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle monster @ hmv was something else omg i miss it @orlagartland @whyamimina mina ❤️❤️
@bIoomava SEE U THERE @corneliousoncob @bIoomava @doddleoddle @mnstermimi @vinylpiIots @flatlineorla @ayedeeen @freckleseason @flatlineorla @doddleoddle LEG ANDSSS MISS UUUU @whyamimina i think i’ll update everything at the end of this semester cuz im too scared anything will get lost @flatlineorla @mcalel_ @mnstermimi @usinthelouvre @thelovingcupp @ayedeeen sounds correct @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle miss u :(( leg ands @ferskenvann oh bij mij werd het blauw als de grammatica niet goed is @bIoomava u look so confused hahahah bless u @ferskenvann hahahah ik heb die controle hard nodig @whyamimina update.. i havent updated anything since i got my mac hahahah thank uuu @freckleseason the christy emoji @freckleseason omg @bIoomava the moment u all realised i was a vegetarian in nandos was iconic @bIoomava i want nandos @usinthelouvre look at u 🥺🥺 @lcvefoolish just thinking abt when we heard human live for the first time in bham and we broke 🥺🥺 miss u @doddleoddle i’ll have u know this is what i looked like every day for a week when u released human @bIoomava i love u 💓💞 @bIoomava legands i miss u allll @bIoomava @freckleseason “sophie just talking to me about toothbrushes” miss sophie coming for my brand i see 😳😳😳 @freckleseason a year since we were too scared to speak to each other @usinthelouvre @doddleoddle @flatlineorla @freckleseason @bIoomava @ayedeeen @rllyintododie @thelovingcupp @mnstermimi i miss u :(((( @bIoomava we cute i miss u @usinthelouvre @rllyintododie a year ago i took the most iconic picture believe its been a whole year since i had one of the happiest days with the most wonderful people in my favour…
@tearinmydodie AAA @thelovingcupp @flatlineorla !! i felt the same with my old job, han if u can maybe pls try and find another job, w… @TeunIsDutch she iconic @TeunIsDutch even huilen @TeunIsDutch ik hou van dodie @fearlessdodie @doddleoddle my favourite sticker 10/10 cuz orla does rock my socks @cakesandsnakes THANK U @FILMDODIE camila aaah💓💕 @TeunIsDutch TEUNNN @party_tattoos THANKUUU AAH @ChildishGiant @whyamimina @orlagartland mina i cried to the one u sent me on snapchat and this sounds even more beautiful 🥺 u did: that @whyamimina @orlagartland mina this is so beautiful, ur voice is so beautiful 😭 my heart woah. i love uJUST A COUPLE OF MONSTERS
Retweeted by emily 💔 @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle liSTEN IM AN EMOTIONAL PERSON @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle “see u tomorrow” we get to say that again in july 💓💞 @doddleoddle take me back :( @doddleoddle a year ago i was in london now to celebrate the release the next day with so many pals at the hmv signing 🥺 @doddleoddle thank you for the ep that means the world to me 💛 @doddleoddle #happybirthdayhuman @doddleoddle haps 1st bday human ep #happybirthdayhuman @Corey_Tobin @doddleoddle i know!! its human’s birthday @doddleoddle can u believe the EP this song is on was released a year ago today? @doddleoddle AMAZINGnew painting. 🐫 @goldenevenings + the mom jeans and the way she dresses generally, dont tell me shes straightits been a year since dodie released human and i cant even put into words how much this EP means to me; this EP + t…
@thelovingcupp @doddleoddle nope i dont have tiktok, i dont use my phone much anymore (except for the last couple o… @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle maybe, just maybe i should download tiktok @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle dodie rly b thriving on tiktok @orlagartland ur hand reaching for them cheetos
@doddleoddle can u believe in a couple of days its gonna be a year since u released human 🥺 @bIoomava @usinthelouvre WHAT THATS SO CHEAP @thelovingcupp @rllyintododie issa rough n bad sketch of a goat @TessaViolet @ALITTLEMPIRE imagine even being allowed using the front door to get out @DarcyTheLunatic dit is vlaams ahahahah @orlagartland ❤️💔 @DarcyTheLunatic hahahah ik kijk wel gewoon die replied worden op dodie’s tweet @DarcyTheLunatic @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle ive never even downloaded tiktok but i feel like it would have been a… @ericthelemming HAHAHAH @tennseventeen @sunfl0werdw @TessaViolet @ALITTLEMPIRE nah im from holland and we have two doors @thelovingcupp @doddleoddle @DarcyTheLunatic HAHAHAH us at the antwerp show cuz of yt captions @bIoomava @usinthelouvre thats so wild, once ur 5+ u pay as much as everyone else here @party_tattoos p- pls add me 🥺🥺 @bIoomava @usinthelouvre cant believe y’all even have child tickets @TessaViolet @cakesandsnakes @bIoomava @orlagartland shitc ‘19 was next level chaotic tho hahahah
@thelovingcupp @rllyintododie its just a bad sketch ahahah but i’ll show u tomorrow! remind me tho pls @rllyintododie i sketched one last week 🥺 @rllyintododie GOATS ARE SO CUTE I LOVE GOATS @TeunIsDutch @TessaViolet nijmegen >>> amsterdam @bIoomava falling.. bby u rly were going through it @bIoomava ur not alone @Lisa_Kokx @WildenbergMaud ik zou emma zijn.. list > emma @bIoomava @orlagartland this meetup was so chaotic, orla tweeted abt it and i just ran off and left my backpack in… @TessaViolet @TeunIsDutch @TessaViolet nijmegen nijmegen nijmegen @notoveryoutessa @slongasimhere @TessaViolet HAHAHAHAH @TessaViolet amsterdam misses u!!!! nijmegen would be even better @ZoeFirth_ @orlagartland @artezaofficial woaaah this is so good @IFIMBEINGH0NEST abt the project or the demos of heavy? the project was organized on the discord (by rea) @thelovingcupp @orlagartland HAHAHAH this is why u should join the sdc x @freckleseason @orlagartland !!!! this @fearlessdodie what a nice print that is 🤭🤭 @orlagartland @thelovingcupp felt like i’d expose my playlists too much if i didnt speed it up 😳✌🏻 @bIoomava you did SO WELL especially considering it was ur first time