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whale fact for you. Justice for Breonna Taylor. Black Lives Matter.

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@Canadian911Guy @CAFinUS whale helloooOoOoooo @blstremel the whales are not responsible for what humans do to them
@earlyamhistory delete this 😡 @cobaltfalcon121 swimmin!!!!! @cathylanski smart kid 😌 @wundertollerer i mean i tweet like every day so i had to cover the topic eventuwhaley @Maiikkell thank you i can alwhales count on you 🔥 @LlamaInaTux way to not assassinate bro!! @LlamaInaTux we literally didn’t do anything @_akpene_ @lesley_lartey 👀🐳 @simahabach ocean 😡 @bethonieboost i literally just said the whales were not involved though @lesley_lartey yesthe whales were not involved in the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand the whales had absolutely no part in starting world war 1
@simahabach that would be convenient but whales still gotta breath air @extrafabulous this has definitely never happened to me not once nope i don’t wanna talk about itthe whales moved back into the ocean and so could you
@TerrierTwitch and, in conclusion, whales 😌
@jasminericegirl that’s between you and your godif you purposefully hurt an animal you deserve whatever pain befalls you
@Maiikkell i debated not sharing it but whoever did this needs to be found immediately @RareBG_ i don’t fucking know what to sayi don’t have the words to express how angry this makes me @missusjipperz congrats on the teeny tiny lil one 🥺 @JeromieFC @AmorettaNoel @Kel_Kels_ more like 4-6 gallons but yeah it would probably kill you if you were too close… @czarlatans but no cuddles 🥺 @mayaisfiya sometimes whalefacts are sad :/ @_heytheredemon ily 💙 @_heytheredemon im tryin rn 🥺 @XtraMediumNancy @Kel_Kels_ @Izzyalright this image might be my most hated viral whale “fact” in existence. it is e… @Kel_Kels_ humans that do not want to be covered in whale semen will be happy to learn that this is 100% false @MaxenceFrd damn good point 😔 @hexisphere you know what that might just work @sracreo don’t make promises you aren’t whaleing to keepwhales very rarely get to be the small spoon @sndwx @HemdiWilson my uncle once ate 40,000,001 in a day and we were all like 👁👄👁 @HemdiWilson actually krill essentially feed off of the iron in whale poop, so the more whales there are the more k…
@RespectfulMemes now let the whale sleep in your bed with you please, if you’re cold they’re cold @joel_a_clark @ch00beh i hope you are both whale as whale
@jasminericegirl just doing my duty 💙 @krisinsler technically that’s what i’m doing literally rn @seattlecrow but that’s where the whales are @lovergworl we would rather not poison the fishes @Maiikkell part of an ongoing initiative to remove trash from the whales’ hometrump has been permanently banned from the ocean
@Super___Salad @ohheyohhihello you are whalecome 💙 @thegallowboob i’m just kidding but you should probably be best friends with your neighbors now i heard they have a… @thegallowboob mind your business @itskristofer @smithsara79 @ElyKreimendahl @PallaviGunalan @showmetheyamz @abbygov @literElly @ContraPoints @benandjerrys fuck yeah ben & jerry’s
@jachristian i whale see you there 😊 @AmandaFuni @PrimoProblems01 omg no it’s so good the penis fish feel represented @AmandaFuni @PrimoProblems01 look, some fish look like penises... but that drawing... that’s a drawing of two penises that look like fish @quiero___morir @yungdatt especially if you bring a snackreplace all governments with whales @jazz_inourpants @david8hughes this is confusing for me but i think i’m into it @jazz_inourpants @david8hughes just floatin around with the pals :) @david8hughes @jazz_inourpants from the picture!!! @jazz_inourpants @david8hughes lmfaooo so real @RobDenBleyker deep
@_eye_sack who gives a fuck @johnnyboylane they are hanging nazi and confederate battle flags from the us capitol building @l_wardle00 as soon as it’s all underwater @RareBG_ lmfaooooif you’re not disgusted by the white supremacists/terrorists currently occupying the us capitol building then kindl… @kayshice just doin my job 😌💙 @Maiikkell consider yourself extremely lucky @inincognitomode whales are pretty fuckin big sothe only thing bigger than a whale is the L mitch mcconnell just took @reindeerbandit i’ve heard mitch is shrinking smaller and smaller rn though 😌 @MollyCocktail whale then i am not sorry 😌💙🐳 @T_W_A_Plus i fuckin love you too 🥺 @howiecohen just feel like launching myself out of the water a few hundred times 😌i apologize for my language i’m just whaley fuckin excited @mountainoffuj whale thank you 😌💙🐳 @sillytiki and beautiful. @DanielDeptford not yet @simahabach if whales cried when they were happy i’d be crying so hard rn @THEAndrewWells and that’s a whalefact!!us senate as blue as a gosh darn whale @cetacean_needed you just have to be whaley patient with them they are not used to thinking about where they’re gonna poo @Canadian911Guy @KLatremouille yeah there’s a really good krill place somewhere in this neighborhood
@Maiikkell okay the closest whale is in ocean @simahabach thank you sima that is whaley kind @rbdwarf so hard to find them in whale sizesmany whales have never had a blanket big enough to cover their flippers @giulioboards the whales are here to support you and pepper through this difficult time 💙 @ryandcordell the truest infinity pool is the ocean @achrisvet so often dogs, cats, and whales are overlooked when couples break up :/help support pepper here: @Maiikkell that poor whale :/another whale returned to the pound after the holidays smh. don’t adopt a whale unless you’re prepared for the resp…
@Maiikkell 1 like = 1 sad 😔😔😔 @antilight9 i would like one (1) hug please @motherofgpigs absolutely best case scenario @T_W_A_Plus general concern is probably warranted @RareBG_ they don’t know i’m a 50ft long fully aquatic mammal :/tragic @BooookMarker @13033303 oh fuck yeah