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brooke @awhnutss ur heart

~☁️✧ *・゚✧ : welcome to the nutsack : *✧・゚* 💭! @ariessqc 😼

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@emuhIy so pretty 🥺 @nate_rett58 true, ladies first my badspicy chicken
@SPEAR_R_ eat up @astrovishu thank you @Cataractz no i only eat the bacon and cheese part and then i get bored @Cataractz or Chili’s i don’t remember @Cataractz KFC 😼 @vrfys we jus coolin it @t_gough yupppp @steakburrrito mmm @krnnguyen_ simply amazing @ashen_cs u first @krnnguyen_ no but i would like to @HasemalCS doggy 2 cute 2 eat @SkirmishX how!!!!#NewProfilePic @krnnguyen_ W 😼 @NotAdamJW @ariessqc free real estate 🤔🧠 @ariessqc @ariessqc i’ll kill u
all i’m sayin is this dude better stay deactivatedwhat an antiquated system!!! we’re too depressed for this shit!!!! give me the SUNwho are we saving daylight for????? @krnnguyen_ hehe not tonight but soon 🥰 @krnnguyen_ gf 🥰 @megasofer sending love your way 🥺💌 @ImLuckyCharms_ thanksaim at the tip call that a headshotyup
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@ariessqc hey @ZatoBro come on man @foxwounds RIGHT @Cataractz how's that copium tasting? @vsshole hiiiii mny @vrfys not at all surprisingly @Axeddddd @ariessqc yuppppppppp @ArktosCS @ariessqc @NIGHTSIFY no one asked no one cares @chengwangzz hehehe smile @NIGHTSIFY CHAOS but not the org haha ha hahahah ha @wtfdesii THANK YOU HAHA @Otter2x me too @KyleLentzz tysm ilyunominate us for twitter couple of the year @Rus7yy ❤️ no makeup stweam hehe hi
plants arei awesone they drink rain and take nap in the sun..oh to be Plant...
Retweeted by brooke @iconicr6s didn’t ask but thanks @ice100g big brainthey call me Dr. Unk the way i be slinging these drinks @upsetnoah MUST BE NICE @megasofer HBD 🥳 @ariessqc this ruined my entire night @ariessqc @CS_andyj @phoFPS that’s nothing @brizLMAO oh my godwhy are you listening to The Weeknd on a Thursday? it’s a week daymusic probably i guesswhat is tyler creating? @tylerthecreator so truethat drop wowowowoow his dj is nice wowowowoowwowo on pointtttt omg
Retweeted by brooke @ariessqc how @rizerxzx fair point @nurfed25 how @phoFPS not even just the ppl who draw man!! the people who FF just bc we’re down like 3 rounds. UNIRONICALLY WEAK MINDSETS @dsmnnnn thx desvalorant players forfeit so often dude they would not survive a triple OT cs pug
@sphexxy @caverntv @KOLER1337 sup @jorgeandrxs indeedthank u for poggies stream n thank u for 8k nutties 😆😆😆 @ice100g IDK @ariessqc thanks @lexitheturtle_ sup lexiwhat agent do i main? ava
i’m ending it all @dubwyn thank u @ariessqc just look away 😹😹😹 @jmohGG felt this @ariessqc you’re not even home yet n you’re mad alreadyfetty wet ass pussy @ariessqc mochi @ariessqc sorry i thought i heard the edater say something @bitchm4de no @xshelbers i love u @emfroggy every single one @foxwounds she still poggers tho i love playing her idc what people say @vrfys happy birthday 🥳🥳I've said it once and I'll say it again, I don't know why trojan has condom ads on Twitch when they know damn well…
Retweeted by brooke @NIGHTSIFY yes actually a very big onefun! :D @ariessqc yes i too enjoy camping corners and holding angles with op in valorant deathmatch with full sound 😆 @sticks @sticks so true @jorgeandrxs mmm
@Ahmoar @ariessqc but the cat doesn’t have a deep voice ?me every day @ariessqc dudewhat the fuck is a fleet i’ll kill you @STRAXZYY @ariessqc @scottiyioioioio nah he’s good