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brooke @awhnutss ur heart

@ariessqc 😼

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@emfroggy @ChaloopaFPSthiking about the imortality of the Frog
Retweeted by brooke:) @NightVbn they’re weird and bad at the game“i called it, 99% of the time we lose with a girl” ok i went 21-16 while you and your friend went 15-16 and 9-17, c…“yo i have to say raze i’m impressed by you, most girls are terrible at this game” what a backhanded compliment. wh…
@scottiyioioioio @ariessqc :o do it @ariessqc you and your WHO ? @notchaselyons the eyes aren’t even n it’s bugging me @xKitzi whole new bitch incoming @emfroggy hi emfroggy i love u have a great nighti’m like a wolf in minecraft, only tame after i get da bone 😈🦴 @TTVHollywood my yoru got faked out by his own fake footstep ability and proceeded to get 2-3 kills the entire game <3 also no mic <3 @tweissCS get me in there @emfroggy emfroggy
@xshelbers 🥰🥰🥰 makes me happy me makes me smile. Nice ! @ascoart why r u apologizing???? nooo @pyxFPS HAPPY BIRTHDAY PYX<31 march 2020 1 march 2021
Retweeted by brookerize made an edit of my lil yt vid <333 @ascoart awwww thanks for giving my video some spice <3333 miss y’all too @xshelbers just better @krnnguyen_ sup suga 😼 @ariessqc chopped it n don’t look like an alien 😝 !!! @ariessqc @f1retard NOOOO DONT DO IT:)😹😹😹😹 @ariessqc @ariessqc can u start being funny on twitter again please we’re all begging @ariessqc i love u hahahahhshahshah @xKitzi u so pretty don’t ever doubt itREVIVE ME
Retweeted by brooke @JMaldofps a girl after my own heart
LFT Valorant I am completely released by Equinox and ready to take my professional career to the next step with wh…
Retweeted by brooke @ariessqc yo @JG7tv deserved <3 @TBrown_LOE precisely @nitsuA_tv happy bday!!! @el6cit @ariessqc @xKitzi
Retweeted by brooke @xKitzi frBlue Moon with mineral colors #moon #space #Astrophotography
Retweeted by brooke @ariessqc @scottiyioioioio @anicichka quinn @anicichka bunny 2 @anicichka bunny @KgWooky the pic was just posted in my discord idk who made it @AMPdUzi me too 😭i'm soooooooooo sexy
it’s sooooo sexy when people don’t use their mics in ranked 😍🥰🤤 @floppyCSGO kitten<3 @Camberz_ i did not make thisHERE COMES THE PARTY @Veracityy_ omg 🥺🥺 it would be hard because i’m NAthere’s a 104 days of summer va(cation) there’s layers to these tweets y’all 🙏 bless @cyberdestiiny LMAO i was partially joking but go off i guess, it wasn’t a matter of “edginess” i’ve just never agr… @cyberdestiiny because i was able to think for myself instead of following what was popular?😭 come on bruh @Thundiee very proud of u <3I CAN FEEL MY MANIA SEEPING IN I'M ABOUT TO DITCH ALL OF MY ASSIGNMENTS, BLOW ALL OF MY MONEY, AND RUN AWAY HAHHAHAHASCHOOL IS NOT FOR THE MENTALLY ILL @emfroggy @ariessqc kiss me @ariessqc love my girlfriend
Retweeted by brooke @NattyFPS NT!!i love women i love watching women play video games i love women casters @akasyns @TundraEZ @scottiyioioioio bro who cares they’re just eggs @tobincsgo ah yes, thank you Nathan! @akasyns @scottiyioioioio the fuck u using to season them? sprinkle salt and pepper and u good to go @xKitzi hey Lol 😼why do i wanna play in val tourneys so bad???? it looks so fun
@PapaNock @ariessqc I’m gonna bite it off idc @NotMortem me monke @tweissCS thank u i’ll be here all night @RLINEFPS @kubajager don’t care didn’t ask 😹😹phineas and ferb porn call that forn(ication)
@alexandrasonier again, i still think the matter of fps vs. moba counts in this conversation. just because riot pro… @NightVbn i wouldn’t mind seeing viper removed tho @asdfghj64863616 nah if they do that I’m not playing it anymore @emfroggy u caught what ?i fixed it @karizmafrfr i really can’t picture it getting past 15, they’d probably have to rework the agent selection screen a… @ariessqc 🦮 @blizzeraa agreed @tweissCS i’m just curious OK TYLER @DevBMusic fps vs mobahow many total agents do u think valorant will produce? will they get rid of any in place of new ones? @chloe_hime7 sheriff the only good one 😞
Retweeted by brooke @BeZo thank you! @emfroggy again please 😼
@fuckjxwnz ok god complex........ @DawsieeCS i live in the land of the sch**l sh**tings and b*mbings alright @emfroggy i think we might be soulmates @ariessqc you’re just jealous bc when i walk through the grass it tickles my balls but when you walk through the gr… yo come on 🙁 @scottiyioioioio @tariannkan fuck it time to edate 🙏