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🔮fmuoasl🔮I make music, I don't believe in pants, unapologetically myself.

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@promnite I love u @Sophartso Sing it to me and I’ll make it my ringtone @belisgo Yoooo I been waiting for this @lilaaron911 I screamed so loud just now @MUSTDIEmusic @_Latitudinarian 😭MY FAVOURITE BAND OF ALL TIME FUCKING REPOSTED THE COVER I DID OF THEIR SONG DISARM FOR MY LOLLA LIVE STREAM AND I… @chetporter *tooSending my love to everyone in Beirut right now @KomodoNinja21 I hate it here @Laid_Back_Luis Looks like I’m buying a new phone just for tik tok frog videos and only that @KomodoNinja21 That’s insane! Is there proof? Lucky most of my phone is just memes @Laid_Back_Luis Genuinely curious what people could find through an app? Not dissing u or anything @Subtronics This gave me anxiety. R u ok @basshackdub 🥺 @kaylacheyannee don’t compare urself to a photo shoot with good lighting and makeup here’s me... I just woke up and… @Garth4FucksSake @ValentinoKhan @Zedd Hahaha 😂 finally today is my day! @Garth4FucksSake @ValentinoKhan @Zedd The entire discord should like that screenshot because my reply was so good @ValentinoKhan @Zedd Hahaha @ValentinoKhan @Zedd @ValentinoKhan @Zedd Except zedd @ValentinoKhan @Zedd Seems like his is a lemon @djtyrant @Zedd @ValentinoKhan Lol @Zedd @ValentinoKhan This needs to be a yelp review @ValentinoKhan Wait I just bought one is it good👑🙏🏻 Is the best 🙏🏻👑
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter @TrapWookie @nmeaustralia 😭😭😭"It's the song that got me through high school, so this is for my high school self right now." - @awonderland
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatterWatch @awonderland debut new song and cover a Smashing Pumpkins classic for @lollapalooza
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter @AWEmygod :’) love u dude thank u so much for reposting.@awonderland covered the @SmashingPumpkins' hit during the Lollapalooza live-stream festival
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter @chrisfolse I’m not a large tattooed man but I can beMY FULL LOLLAPALOOZA LIVESTREAM SET IS NOW UP ON YOUTUBE RT FOR GOOD VIBES ON THE TIMELINE LINK HERE:…
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter
@AWEinAwake Love this for usMY FULL LOLLAPALOOZA LIVESTREAM SET IS NOW UP ON YOUTUBE RT FOR GOOD VIBES ON THE TIMELINE LINK HERE:… will be uploading my @lollapalooza live set to YouTube today @meuhhhh Ma heart ma soulfelt that it was necessary to share this with @awonderland
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatterI hate and love that u guys know me too well. @garthfauce forced me to get out if I’m being honest but it helped and that’s what friends r for! on a hike today 10/10 recommend being around nature for your mental health. Especially during these times. I love u all
@blawrencedub Don’t make me cry rnlike this if u want me to upload my full @lollapalooza live stream @RissWhite 🥰 @Baer_with_mee @Subtronics Omg this is INSANE WTF @Jauzofficial Love the piano house thing for u I hope u release a track like that!happy national girlfriend day to my dog the tweet above if u want me to post the whole live videounreleased
Finally played run live for u guys I love u all thank u ... should I post the full set somewhere ?
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter @TonyVChi @lollapalooza Omg I remember that @atrak I feel like he won’t actually @dancingastro @chetporter @lollapalooza That’s a good sign! @dancingastro @chetporter @lollapalooza Replying so I rt this tomorrow 😳 @elohimmusic @meuhhhh Love u elFinally played run live for u guys I love u all thank u ... should I post the full set somewhere ? yeh... thank u :)Alison wonderland is a fucking queen. Disagree? Fight me.
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatterCan’t wait to hear this LIVE at RedRocks @awonderland #alisonwonderland
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatterSo this vocoder is fucking me up on a spiritual level rn 😭 @awonderland
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter @chetporter Post the link Lolol @Garth4FucksSake Pwho’s ready for church tonight ? my live set for @lollapalooza is 11:15pm CDT tonighttttt (9:15pm LA time)...ahhhh…
@thequeenie Most people have been given short sets by the festival I am playing live with a band @the___neon I miss russia!!! @KavanaghLaurel Oh god :(Do u remember the nyc warehouse vibes... *wipes tears* @awonderland
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter @Walmart @lollapalooza @itsVincent_ I was inside of you last week @awonderland @lollapalooza When the U Don't Know @itsVincent_ remix ~hits~
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter @Revolvethedj :( sorry but I want u all to b safe cos ily @nikkidenning_ 👁 @ChristinaNonn Ummm.. YES @RMac18 EwwwwwwDoing something special tonight for the @lollapalooza livestream 👀Im ready for some new @awonderland music tonight 🥺
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatterEvery time I see robin williams in a movie I tear up :/In love with u @chetporter It’s actually so fucked for artists people don’t realise u make like no money from this shit🖤💛👑 QUEEN 👑💛🖤
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter
I am sad but I want u all to be safe I love u allRED ROCKS UPDATE: due to 2020 being the worst, I’ve moved my Red Rocks show to the SAME DATE next year. If u have… @Modestep Someone told me yesterday Jews were not even a race @thenotrealmattt @garthfauce That would be amazingthere will be new music from me soon @ValentinoKhan Yoooooowishing I could go back to this very moment
Retweeted by ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter @jasminejoyaa Ugh. Same @merkabai Haha @_NickMartinez I promise I went hard on this 10 mins :) @ahh_haaa @lollapalooza Promise u it will be worth it. I promise @BinhDoingIt @lollapalooza HiDoing a set for the @lollapalooza live stream this Friday at 11:15pm CDT I will be performing some songs LIVE and…
@_kaliedoscope @kodestr_ @feIlowfeeling Haha @ProximityM @Subtronics It’s not good @Subtronics Nazi punks fuck off @Jauzofficial Love u dudeLol im sitting on my bed crying Cos this shit still existsFUCK RACISTS. THIS IS NOT OKAY. THIS IS NOT OKAY. THIS IS NOT OKAY. @Johnny__Munoz I wish