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Great WSJ look at Parnas's private Instagram. He posted a pic Trump's legal team the day after Barr released his su…
Come on, the Crowdstrike conspiracy theory is stupid, says (checks notes) Mark Meadows
You’re right, that (false) accusation much more closely resembles what *Trump* did in holding up $400 million of mi…“Joe D and Victoria T” (as Trump recently called them) have billed a million in just a few short months, making Hun… reports Firtash hired Trump’s lawyer pals in part because their son worked at DOJ and he thought that mig…
Trump Admin / G7 / Doral is the best selection process since Dick Cheney was put in charge of picking George W. Bush’s VP nomineeUpdate: Per Mulvaney, we’ve moved on to admitting it’s a quid pro quo for aid too and claiming that’s just how fore… there's Biden. Sondland is claiming he doesn't know "investigate Burisma" meant "investigate the Bidens." But… most dangerous issue for Trump is the military aid holdup. Ron Johnson says Sondland himself said privately it… was already well-documented though. But on two crucial aspects of this that aren't quite as clearly documented… see some takes that Sondland is throwing people under the bus, breaking with Trump, etc. Not my read at all.So basically, Sondland's testimony is that he totally missed a high-profile, important media story on an issue he's responsible for.Sondland testimony: Ukraine has long been part of my portfolio May 9, 2019: NYT reports Rudy (the president’s lawy… this is interesting. Sondland says he doesn't recall discussions with WH about withholding security aid "in ret… plans to testify that he had no idea why Rudy/Trump were so interested in Burisma and was unaware of Biden…
Leaving aside "collusion," Firtash situation seems like something Trump would be keenly interested in. A billiona… can also add Manafort's lawyers, Kevin Downing and Tom Zehnle, who generously volunteered their time to help ou… (1) Time on Firtash: (2) Reuters on Rudy's payments: (3) R…'s Mueller probe legal team & allies — where are they now? TOENSING, DIGENOVA, CORALLO: Working for indicted…
Amazing that this administration lasted, what, five months without a major federal investigation looming over it?…
Thinking of his own VP perhaps? case has been assigned to Judge J. Paul Oetken of SDNY. (Obama appointee)… diGenova and Toensing don’t represent the president. Trey Gowdy doesn’t, per Trump today. Rudy sometimes say he…
Retweeted by Andrew ProkopWould Bolton testify?
Fiona Hill was top NSC Russia staffer from 2017 until this summer. Testimony scheduled for Monday piece by @hunterw. What in the world is going on there? can't Parnas/Fruman business venture name best describes your energy?.@brendan_fischer deserves your follow now looking into this question, per CNN reporting that Giuliani is under investigation ->'s pronounced "kompro-prahnk," of course. Filing for a trademark.KomproprankWait, so was this old audio leaked by these pranksters "with suspected ties" to Russia's intelligence services to p… days ago. Will Rudy still be game after today's news? appears to be a printout from the WikiLeaks (Russia-hacked) DNC email dump from over three years ago? @lrozen @lrozen Version now on SDNY docket has yesterday's date (10/09). No earlier date that I can find.Probably my favorite Lev Parnas fact is that he (and fellow defendant David Correia) started a company called "FRAU… of these surely quite busy lawyers to "help out" people in need filed an FEC complaint about Parnas and Fruman's apparently illegal donation *nearly 15 months ago*… Attorney for SDNY Geoff Berman said Parnas and Fruman were arrested when they were "about to board an internatio…'s Bill Sweeney, on Parnas/Fruman: "Campaign finance laws exist for a reason. The American people expect and des… now that's interesting. meeting appears to have been bought with (allegedly) illegal political contributions. Parnas and Fruman gave $… scheme — falsely disclosed campaign contributions — is what bought them access to Trump's circles in the first… the best quote about these guys at this photograph! important sentence: "PARNAS's efforts to remove the Ambassador [Marie Yovanovitch] were conducted, at least in… plan buzzards descend corruption was inside the house! has said don't cooperate, but what happens if federal employees do want to testify? Will he have them fired?…
You say “high crime tomayto,” Bill Barr would say “president lawfully exercising constitutional prerogative to advi… tells me it's this is the very, very powerful article? fine to hold an inquiry vote, but it certainly wouldn't "derail" anything — Trump would just move onto some o…, there is ... a lot in here piece. But also: Mulvaney is personally involved in holding up Ukraine military aid at Trump's behest.… kiss
Trump effectively does get to cross-examine witnesses already, through Jim Jordan and other Rs who will ask whateve… other words, it's very constitutional and very cool.Trump WH Counsel letter repeatedly claims that Dems' impeachment inquiry is "unconstitutional." The actual US cons… they thought it was so beautiful, they wanted to preserve its unspoiled beauty for future generations? Trump love that Sondland text so much because he’s the one who wrote it?"The President then directed Porter to tell McGahn to create a record to make it clear that the President never dir… times like these, I remember the Mueller report's account of how Trump wanted Don McGahn to create a phony paper…
Hadn't seen this... the AP did find the original source of Parnas and Fruman's big GOP donations. It's from a $3M…, this is the real explanation for this's fixers for the Ukraine caper "assisted Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing in their law practice," the… this, Parnas and Fruman bought their access to Republican circles in 2018 with a lot of money that showed up… 5/09/19: "My only client is the president of the United States" Rudy 5/18/19: Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are… very important question in all this is, who's paying Rudy Giuliani? -His work for Trump is "unpaid" -He's descri…
Detail after detail in this great article can barely be believed
"No quid pro quo" had a good run, but "Okay, a quid pro quo about a meeting but not about military aid" looks like… @nycsouthpaw Sen. Johnson contains multitudes.Wow, Sondland told Sen. Ron Johnson that Ukraine military aid was being tied to investigations. Clear why he didn… @nycsouthpaw Rudy also connected the dots to Volker, per Volker. hair-splitting here. Volker says he was never telling Ukraine to investigate *Biden*. (He was telling them to… notable gaps here, particularly about the topic of military assistance in late August / early September @HayesBrown Did NYT take this claim out of their piece? Can't find it there now...Asked if DOJ is investigating Biden, Trump says, "That you'd have to ask Attorney General Barr"Trump says he wouldn't really mind impeachment in the House, because "then we'll get it to the Senate, and we're go…, Biden, and Buttigieg have not released cash on hand numbers yet. longer writeup of the quite damning texts is here: hope none of the State Department officials involved in this Ukraine thing used their personal email accounts. @EricColumbus Yeah, entirely possible, who's in what timezone isn't clear, so I deleted for being a bit too speculative.Bill Taylor’s testimony sure should be interesting...Taylor: "As I said on the phone, I think iot's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political camp… Taylor, Sept 1: "Are we now saying that security assistance and WH meeting are conditioned on investigations?"… "Do we still want Ze to give us an unequivocal draft with 2016 and Boresma? Volker: "That's the clear me… "I think potus really wants the deliverable" Volker: "But does he know that?" Sondland: "Yep", morning of Trump/Zelensky call: "Heard from White House -- assuming President Z convinces trump he will inv… Taylor, July 21: "Zelenskyy is sensitive about Ukraine being taken seriously, not merely as an instrument in W…, July 19: "Had breakfast with Rudy this morning... Most impt is for Zelensky to say that he will help invest… are the newly released Volker documents from House Dems — formatted so you don't have to turn your head to rea… least when Maureen Dowd wants to channel a Trump voter she makes the effort to call up her brother?
@jbarro A worthy sequel to his "How my imagined Elizabeth Warren presidency proved me right about everything" piece… this account, in a typical-for-diplomats fashion, Volker's main priority was helping *Ukraine* deal with Trump,…"The past 24 hours in Trump impeachment inquiry news, explained" — Read it before it's out of date!