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Howdy! I’m Braden Wolf, a 21 yr old cartoonist & animator | SCAD (grad ‘22) | Instagram - @ Zlargy | Taken by Kiani 💛 | Obsessed with @E_E_

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@heyopc It’s a website actually! Here ya go: Switch Pro Controller is $59.99 on Amazon Walmart Best Buy…
Retweeted by AxeTodaya little Fwench Fwy @KyraKupetsky
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Retweeted by AxeTodayThe 3DS turns 10 years old in one month
Retweeted by AxeTodayLooking at this image reminds me that a lot of the artist peeps I highly respect managed to think my account was wo…
An old Godzilla drawing I like
Retweeted by AxeTodayMan, a lot of people sure so like seeing their faces in these charts (I can confirm I do too, thank you) @Niffian I’ll never reveal my secrets, not even in a court of law! @mochabaebae 😎😎😎 cool guy feelsSame energy
Retweeted by AxeToday @jou__m Gives me the same vibes as this classic people whom I've tricked >:) I have tricked them into following me back! MWAHAHAHA!! much as I'm not a fan of Tom Brady, seeing Buccs fans videos celebrating going to the Super Bowl was really whol… swap
Retweeted by AxeTodayWhile basic color palettes are used for most of the scenes, the colors of characters are changed accordingly to fit…
Retweeted by AxeTodayDaydreaming...
Retweeted by AxeToday @PutYourBackN2lt hey no problem friend 🧡 I hope you can get yourself some good sleep! Let me know if anything helpsThe gamestop stocks thing is do hilarious, I love the power of the internet sometimes @Daily_Sonic_Jam
Retweeted by AxeToday @AxeToday The music alone is so great, but the movie looks like its real at times and its message of "Just being al…
Retweeted by AxeToday @YetAnotherCog Yessss I’m glad you agree! One of my fav movies for sure. I’ve seen it like, 4 times @PutYourBackN2lt Had too much to say for one tweet (as always, lol) @PutYourBackN2lt Is it more of a restless body thing? Or a restless mind thing? If its body, then maybe some tea wi… is astronomically bigger than I ever thought it would be on Disney+ VERY happy that one of my favorite pixar… @PutYourBackN2lt I feel ya there :^/Every time you threw the baby penguin off a cliff in Mario 64 we broke the neck of a real life penguin we had in our offices. Really sad.
Retweeted by AxeTodayEither way, I love Awe/Arc, I think it's one of the most interesting songs I've ever listened to, and I could over-… wonder if Jon leaving Arc in but cutting Awe is his way of being optimistic? Like, no matter how bleak his own mi… anything, Arc represents his shitposting side, while Awe is Jon at his most serious.I think Awe/Arc is supposed to represent just how dark and bleak Jon's perspective on the world and it's power hier… removing Awe youve essentially left what was left in the album hanging out to dry. _Arc_ is a weird intermission… think what I like most about awe/arc as a combo song is how much the 'awe' section justifies the existence of _ar… levels it takes to get an entry level animation/games job - the past vs now
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Retweeted by AxeTodayMitzuki, Mitz for short
Retweeted by AxeToday @heyopc Heck yeah man 😎😎😎Key Animation: Don Patterson Frenchy de Tremaudan Source: Mickey's Trailer (1938)
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Retweeted by AxeTodayWe won👍 We have obtained never-before-seen materials for an undeveloped '90s Mega Man anime... OR a very early inc…
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Retweeted by AxeTodayCute Clover doodles 🍀🐰
Retweeted by AxeToday @Worm_Healer At that point as a bit I’d treat them as the legitimate demos to EE songs like “Hmmm I’m noticing a lo… @Worm_Healer Jon release every demo you’ve ever done challenge: GO! @Worm_Healer My favorite thing about Arc as an era is the fact there’s like 20+ songs to listen to and they all mes… you remember something embarrassing you did
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Retweeted by AxeTodayWhy was this cut from arrrrrrccccc aahhhhhh 😩😣😔😞The only two feelings better than this would be being able to play it on loop on apple music, or having arc deluxe… DRIVER CRAWLS FREE AND HE STARTS WRITHING AROUND THE PRESIDENT’S MOANING THE PRESIDENT’S MOANING HE SAYS “SHOCK… to the WB Animation LinkedIn, they're looking for people to join the crew for the Animaniacs reboot This…
Retweeted by AxeToday😫😫😫😫😫life is good on this day about this again
Retweeted by AxeTodayDon’t Try EE Remix sounds so much better on spotify I’m appreciating it so much more today @Worm_Healer Jon will one day lasso the moon and bring it down just for you, SCThis is a special yet unnatural feeling it toooooo much to wanna be able to listen to Awe/Arc anytime I want on Apple Music? I don’t have that Spotify Premium!! @golf_clappp Apple music has let me down today @golf_clappp WHAAAAAA Pleeeeeease tell me its the same for apple music please I dont want spotify home depot ads today 😩FUCKING MAD LAD MADE A 6 HOUR LONG VIDEO ON THIS BRUHH
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@uhprome Okay, past got meI passed out 😂😂
Retweeted by AxeToday @ToTheBIade <3Nintendo's Japanese recruitment site shares behind-the-scenes images of game development
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Retweeted by AxeTodayHere's what appears to be a pre-production pencil test for "Animaniacs," circa 1992. Original animator unknown.
Retweeted by AxeTodaySorry to anyone who was legitimately concerned for me!! I know I was all like “don’t respond, me angry” but I promi…, time to delete those vent tweets <3 Last night sucked but im good now. Really sucks to have a meltdown when y… MAN I WAS JUST TALKING about him TWO DAYS AGO Rest in peace! Aww Larry King :^( found out about this amazing new account @jigsaw_quotes and decided to dub some tweets.
Retweeted by AxeTodayThe mess behind the scenes of vector art
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Retweeted by AxeTodaySteelers TE Vance McDonald has announced his retirement from the NFL. His stiff arm of Chris Conte will live on for…
Retweeted by AxeTodayjoe biden has redecorated the oval office and added this to his desk
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Retweeted by AxeToday @Frepno_Mytoff Oooo hoops and yoyo, I could’ve included that in mine too. Very nice selection...knew their bodies wouldn’t be buried respectfully either way. Keith Haring, one of the most famous artists of th…
Retweeted by AxeTodayI don't get why so many people think "we made it look like the Muppets are swearing" is so funny Like...we already…
Retweeted by AxeTodayWent slightly more obscure with thiswithout saying anything, tell me how long you’ve been on the internet
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Retweeted by AxeTodayDamn Toads did we catch you on a bad day
Retweeted by AxeTodaysuper mario strikers, arle from the puyo puyo series
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Retweeted by AxeTodayPokemon game tierlist spoilers
Retweeted by AxeTodayRT if you're taller than Regirock.
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Retweeted by AxeTodayProps to @BViddyCent for editing the video, @dBPony for editing the audio, @JimmFORCE with research help, and thank…
Retweeted by AxeTodayHere's a shot I did for the great project by Uli Meyer based on Ronald Searle's Molesworth. Searle is one of my all…
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Hatsun the Pigeon is an NPC in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) who appears temporarily in Silver's story. He is notable f…
Retweeted by AxeTodayStyle guide for Grover from 1973
Retweeted by AxeTodayMario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is a video game that represents an Olympic event that never happened.…
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