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My kind of news day: "Geologist Finds Rare Formation Inside Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster on Sesame…
Retweeted by toofargoneMinimum wage in Australia: $19.84 an hour Unemployment rate in Australia: 6.6% U.S. federal minimum wage: $7.25 an…
Retweeted by toofargonefirst beat of 2nite is the most beautiful beat ever w/ @smokingk2
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Retweeted by toofargonethis is me @mikkelguy no rgbnew gaming toilet after a few mods i've got it down to 70g
Retweeted by toofargonefollow mee i will b posting snippets there often
beat r overrated need a rlly obnoxious taghow does sewerperson do itVideo Gamecore
Retweeted by toofargone @Phixua this is some shit @tonyhawkww would do @mikkelguy crispit has been taken and grind time to slave away for the top 1% just for scrapsfact: lil smokenew song out nowww prod @m4knaee <3
Retweeted by toofargoneup for grabs who want it
@iama_niceguy @Complex omgperfect harris made history today being sworn in as the first woman who owes me $2000
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@joeyidc more specifically you’re probably thinking of vanquish 2 by tiq and octoh @joeyidc everyonenew song tonight called "mean girl" prod. @_caspr i hope you like it pls pre save it here thanks ily all 🖤
Retweeted by toofargone @tonyhawkww do i have a chance with you @joeyidc much obliged .it is hitting extremely hard this evening . @Ariabl_eyeS Very Great @Ariabl_eyeS i have no clue i haven’t kept up with prices since i got mine @trickr00m i feel like giving you hugMe and biden been pourin up all day
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I’m trash but hey
Retweeted by toofargone @joeyidc how are u playing this i’ve tried to get one of these on my iphone 11 for so long @1roxas i been playing it a lot lately u should add my battlenet if u get it n we can run it @1roxas and they r putting league play back in soon which is ranked mode if u never played bo2 @1roxas newest cod is alright if u play with a couple friendsohfr by rico nasty has icp swag @estrogenjesus dnb daughter @mothfries i’m 9. bupt @namescritic get a grip!yes i parked right next to them with my bernie sticker on my carLIBERAL HOAX (POG) if true. looks like he may be wearing the same glasses as well, and his hair is still white. this is an epic w…
Retweeted by toofargoneim jus gna say it i did not fw donald trumpwhen do they do the kiss
Retweeted by toofargonethis is peak liberal im losing itTHEY BROUGHT OUT LADY GAGA LMFAOfarted arc first drill beat 👼 w @pokedex 👨‍🍼
Retweeted by toofargonei miss making beats like 2 yrs ago @clayekea fctsreleasing old song, presave it to spotify so they like me more lol
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Retweeted by toofargoneI bet tomorrow there is going to be a viral video of some libs asking siri who the president is and then they all h…
Retweeted by toofargoneTSLWC PT. 2
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people are sleeping on this @pokedex @morgnbates @saint_tomorrow @axijj
Retweeted by toofargone @cpt_sad dog i only knew u could click the sound in the channel rack n then alt + arrow key and i literally JUST fi… @cpt_sad U CAN SHIFT SCROLL??ive been using fl for 3 years n i just figured out how to move shit up and down the channel rackyou should’ve stopped fucking with those youngsters, jack🥝
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Because the point isn’t to be easily identifiable in case a civilian needs help. The point is to scare and terrori…
Retweeted by toofargone @codycanttweet what streaming service is this on.
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Retweeted by toofargoneactually this is what mcdonalds looks like. i would know, its my favorite restaurant
Retweeted by toofargone @trickr00m @justbeconnor wtvr.. is just chilling basically
Retweeted by toofargone @trickr00m wah wah wah bitch youre a baby @trickr00m tht 1 is so badAHHHHH just made the craziest beat w @pokedex wtf
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niggas wear that saint laurent til it stank alot
Retweeted by toofargonean eight-year-old boy was left honking with every breath after swallowing a party hooter
Retweeted by toofargoneimagine being the guy in the heli 🧠
Retweeted by toofargoneGoin hard in the stu
Retweeted by toofargonerecorded ** wowalso: i’m NOT underage and i recoded on my pc so u could hear my voiceso i got a spam call and decided to answer it and tell them i’m underage so they take me off the call list (which t… @Breadbuyt fish with cheese and bread @Breadbuyt oh i’m aware i’m just wondering Why @Breadbuyt ?
how people can hate bernie sanders is insane to me“STEAL MY SWAG” WITH @ITSOKDONTBESAD - OUT NOW EVERYWHERE 😈
Retweeted by toofargoneMcDonald’s paid its CEO more than $18 million in 2019. Please don't tell me the company can't afford to pay its w…
Retweeted by toofargone @yungleann Thank u sir Me and lean rly spongebob and patrick but im keep it 1 hundo im chum bucket bro💜To be factual
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Retweeted by toofargonewhen you successfully kill generations of children due to cobalt mining for tesla in congo
Retweeted by toofargoneholy shit