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Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @axl99 Vancouver / T.O, Canada

Cinematic storyboards (Gears5) and concept artist. YMMV. StoryRev/Design @ Skybound. Prev: The Coalition/Bandai Namco/EA/Bedlam -

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@wesburt @lyra_rael I'm in love with her work already!!!!Completely forgot to play Kentucky Route Zero chapter 4 so I guess I get a double whammy of the good stuff tonight.… @selmaleh @RogerCraigSmith chocolatiers and candymakers are WILD @BS_artsss this is so sweet it gave me cavities @abbydabbies :E @chengeling Yeeeaaarrrrrrrghhhhh!!! Let's get this! @littlemachine_ sometimes going back to basics is very humbling, I'm delighted you like her @sulamoon !!! Eeeee~!! (ノ≧ڡ≦) @SharanRJ thank ye kindly~Noodled a Sonnie's Edge OC to get her out of my system. never seem to have room/space to spread out and draw and when I do I'm always hunching over my phone on a uncomfortable chair. Hmn... @BS_artsss I just had wagyu beef and now I get to have more Beefy lass?????!!! I feel so spoiled. Thank you very mu… this in my phone with the notes app. I've sketched her once before for a maysketchaday but wanted to give… @GoldenWarden44 hell yea.Thanks Miku for all the fish and the wagyu beef. I always feel grateful dining here. It's a reminder that I work ha… @GarfieldRays too relatable sea lion, too relatable @JonesLM THE BLEEEEPPPPPPPPPTonight is a bad brain night so I'mma need to bury myself in floofy animals or something . @BryanRenno nooooooooooo @kungfusquirrel I hope someone keys it @taylorson RIP @taylorson do you wanna try it out for science @BS_artsss @mournfulwizard oh this is lovely!!!!! it makes my heart full.Trying out some MPOW M20s. So far so good!thread if you're at all interested in storyboarding, this is one of those "actors studio" threads you need to read
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@KekaiKotaki yooooooooo!!!!!! @Dmellott11 time and place, yep :/Taking the juniors out for ice cream. They called me dad. I have never been a prouder father.Any day with bubble tea is a blessed day.@LittleDragon - 'New Me, Same Us' - new album out 27 March. Listen to "Hold On" now:
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @Worthless_Bums oh honey child. @hanlsp Sounds like that Ridiculous Fishing game. @ZhugeEX that is pretty sound. There is room for paid fully featured titles that arent lifestyle games. @cardboardcompy Thanks for taking us to the end of the road ~Kentucky Route Zero Act V is now available! This is a major update which also includes the free 'interludes', local…
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ )Woke up to an email about Kentucky Route Zero Act V, the day is off to a good start @41Strange thanks for the good times. @sstarkm life of pi @amberbladejones :v:I was shown "Buff armor" in MHW by a buddy - and it's just a muscle suit with minimal clothing. All it does is add… @amberbladejones @allisonperryart Have you ever had to do design retakes? @Neil_Druckmann Thank you for also putting out a digital version of the artbook for those of us with weak or overstuffed bookshelves. @amberbladejones @allisonperryart *SHIVERS @amberbladejones @allisonperryart if there is any 3d in the pipeline, the cg team is gonna wanna see if you saved a… @amberbladejones @allisonperryart I just make 3d blockouts and go from there honestly :D @Juleshortstuff read fanfiction @amberbladejones @allisonperryart Oh that sounds like me then. I did board revs and action notes then got yeeted in… @allisonperryart @amberbladejones It's such a hard call sometimes depending if the project asks you to take on more… @NinaModaffari I've been RTing when I can. These are perfectly good talented people, and it's a terrible waste to… layoffs, layoffs in general, are so .... sobering. I feel terrible for anyone who suddenly finds themselves out of work. @JeffAHamilton I think that took the form of jaskier. @JeffAHamilton and then you have the law of surprise @tobydaye this song popped in my head @amberbladejones (lemme edit, there is so much fat I wanna TRIM) @amberbladejones It might fall under the BG painter category but it just sounds to me more and more animation place… @amberbladejones Multiple states of wear or weather?? @KatieDeSousa Depending on the story sometimes the setup is the conflict and you're dropped midway through the whole thing. @my2k OMG MOM I DIDN'T ASK @my2k *whaps you on the shoulder* I feel like a dirty voyeur for seeing this on my timeline and am now going to cl… @100soft **blushes** @TFischConcept Actual design work plus orthographs *whew* You're a gem :DHey all, I just got laid off and am looking for full-time/freelance work! I would really appreciate some love and…
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @Juleshortstuff XDDDDDDD that's how you know they're good. @Juleshortstuff soooo any leftovers or nah(dare i hope for more quality adaptations on streaming services)Let me write a Dishonored TV series, you cowards.
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @sblomkamp absolutely not @SamSykesSwears (tiny waves at the pug) @Stitched i am craving a good chimichurri skirt steak. @Richmond_Lee I'm sure the animators had lots of really nice mocap data on Nadaka. Dude has really sharp movements.… - 1 if it's skirt steak or similar, 2 for all other cuts - 3???? (I'm not a frequent toast eater, I s… @ziqqix videogame ambience is THE BESSSSSSST @DaveRapoza c.... casca ;A; This is where my brain is taking a vacation at present. In Dishonored 2. @konnorus it was a product of the time it was written, really. @konnorus Apart from mistreatment of elves/mutants, lady witchers - it wasn't always a great place for women in the…
If Overwatch had its own equivalent of a Shazam app it'd be called WOT IS THAT MELODY @noahbradley @ImRachelBradley that is one hell of a happy wiggle @Melqartiii If IRL daddy issues stopped being a thing what would the stories even be like now? @noahbradley @ImRachelBradley goofsHi everyone! I recently posted a TON of #conceptart from #TWDSS (#thewalkingdead Saints&Sinners) on @ArtStationHQ
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @lucchedonzi OI I had one of those @lucchedonzi ah, and now Precious Declaration is in my head @my2k *o* @KingOfSafari kickstarter :3 @_tlr_ @occultalia Probably not? That's not really Prod IG's thing. Might have been a production issue. Traditiona… @carriesloane @kurtruslfanclub Those cranked normals whew @_tlr_ needs better shader work. looks like I'm staring through a clay render pass. Also must Motoko look like she… People are now having ethical conversations about sports equipment in sports. Just a weir… @konnorus Let's just say dude didn't treat all his characters fairly and respectfully. @tendermiasma *cries in lucio and zenyatta*Given the circumstances I applaud how this guy made a thing and went "Ok kids have at it" And at the same time, gi… @anderjak I think it's just their impression realism @lucchedonzi Yeah I have those same gripes too. The games for the PSX are defined by what the artists, the enginee… @Krynis Unfortunately the comments are just laser focusing on the specular LOLThe studio I work for just laid off everyone. Given I’m building a house (which is now in jeopardy), I’m looking fo…
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ )For all I know Nintendo probably skipped using a spec map or any kinda roughness/metalness map (if they're using pb… @tendermiasma did you want to play a tanky dps....? Or a DPSy tankSanity check here. Even when you do grab all the models and textures from a game, what you can't do is rip the sha… @BoissB_ They're LOVELY~!!!!!!!