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Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @axl99 Vancouver / T.O, Canada

Cinematic storyboard and concept artist. YMMV. Prev: Skybound/The Coalition/Bandai Namco/EA/Bedlam -

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@Worthless_Bums WHew @Worthless_Bums Shooting two movies back to baaack???? damn. @kellyAREKAYyeo makeup on POINT~! @MarcStraight It was super fun to work on! Thanks for having me on this album!LRT Did some cover art and a 4 sec animated loop for @MarcStraight's Armslength lofi album!!Hey everyone my new lofi album Armslength is up for pre save on Spotify. This album is about a lot of things I str…
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @kiana_hamm *hearts eyes the dresses and the transformations* @BethRiesgraf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @danipanteez especially when guys put in a lot of money into microtransactions themselves.... the numbers don't lie @kiana_hamm "IN A WURLD" @kiana_hamm thirst and salt. it's a vicious cycle
@jeffsimpsonkh Yeahhhhh that's a terrible feeling... And this is never gonna be on the artists who are doing their… @gameism weeeeeeeeeeeeelperooniesssssthat is megashitfucktons of money Control DLC on Sony State of Play IN B4 "IN AWE OF (Control's) AWE DLC" JOKES @unartifex @Jbandos one of these days we all just gotta get a monster machine that can do everything we need and pl… is hiring a Head of Diversity and Inclusion. Be the change you want to see! #Gamejobs #GameDevJobs
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @BS_artsss I'm so glad this title existsSo good news, past me bought the season pass for Control so definitely going to get AWE Expansion DLC at the end th… @unartifex @Jbandos My machine can't support the beefier cards LOLOL so I'm stuck with my gtx 980 tiAnd that's the State of Play! Very cool~~ And congrats to all the devs who worked on the games shown here today! @FromHappyRock gold standard for saturday morning cartoon based art direction and animations :3~~Godfall looks very polished, somehow it's giving me Paragon vibes but the camera pulls back enough to see gameplay combat animations in fullHood looks like a neat mp title? A bit of a mercenary/bandit take on the legend thoughooooh a handdrawn icon platformer puzzler???? I haven't even seen anything of the like since..... 10 years ago wit… @unartifex WE MUST KNOWWWW*ADDS MENTAL NOTE TO ADD AWE DLC TO CART AT EPIC STORE ASAP*HNGH, IS THAT A CONTROL DLC!!!!! IT ISSSSSSSS@!!!!!This Star Wars VR experience is throwing me back to the time I was trying out the Vive at GDC, Vader Immortal looks AMAZINGAnno Mutationem is all sorts of 2.5d cool that I haven't seen since Xenogears~~OOOOH I KNOW THIS NEXT GAME! I'VE BEEN EYEBALLING IT FOR MONTHS!!!!Some very very STRONG Studio Trigger vibes going on in this next game's aesthetic. Probably some hand drawn stuff in there. Nice work Aon!Oooh the environments and vfx are so nice in this anime inspired Genshin Impact trailer.Wowww the throwback feels are so real with Spelunky @STATEnotCITY good gameplay design and solid aesthetic is timeless :DPathless: shows off a masked character in what resembles a niqab? The speed of gameplay and the flow of animations… animated brushstrokes in Braid.... That's very very impressionistic, in the literal sense. Very cool vis dev. @direGoldfish I'm pretty delighted the creative direction was so solid throughout~~THE CROWD SIM..... THE FPS CAMERA SWITCHING. THE MATERIALS. THE LIGHTING. GOODNESS ME.ooooh HELLO AGENT 47The cartoon animation direction is really working out very well in Crash 4! This is the stuff people dreamed about… Crash Bandicoot~! Props to the animators and the environment team! @BS_artsss the music is oddly soothing right nowAlmost forgot about Sony State of Play!!! Gonna be livetweeting my reactions because I still haven't reached that p… @PlayApex Stylish as always. @tprstly back in animation school, the teachers kept hammering that dialogue can be a terrible crutch, and I agree.… Manga 'One Piece' Has Officially Outsold The Bible More:
Retweeted by Jessie Lam _(:3 」∠ ) @tprstly just a teensy bit when I skipped through the 12 min mark ;) but the actors certainly do have a lot of physicality that I likeSilent films where you don't rely on words or dialogue are notoriously difficult to do because they lean on acting… @xavierck3d imperfections are so neaaat @my2k oh goodieeeRandom opinion. Film shorts are not trailers. They are self contained arcs that are supposed to resolve themselve… @djuuu_ at least the nibs are replaceable @ithayla also Morgan as a woman is pretty good looking @ithayla also the power to roll around as a coffee mug @ninjadodo I only wish Hotel Dusk got ported to the 3ds. @ninjadodo On the other hand... Handheld consoles are pretty great for playing games on the go, mobile phones notwithstanding. @sulamoon yeahhhhh it's a lot to ask upfront every 5 years.Back in the day when I was too poor for a console I spent my money on arcades games. The OG microtransaction machines. @charlestan YEAHHHH Gotta go back up some more shit and clear stuff out LOL @charlestan YESS!!!It took literally a dozen years for me to finally be able to play FF12 on a PC. And in a couple days I'll finally… was too poor to afford the ps2, or an xbox, gamecube, n64. Just as I am too poor for an xbox one, a ps4 and I'm… @FreddyUlateArt too lateThrowback to when Akira from Rival Schools was just this ambiguous fighter in the spiky motorbike jumper suit get-u… @liitt_art it's ok, i would never put food on your cintiq @GigawattConduit hey justin @ActionKazimer i don't have a lot of real estate in terms of desk space so being able to put cintiqs away is such a NICE THING @unartifex always, and let it dry for a bit before turning it on @Fredartwork1 And it's a wonderful title! I'm glad Asobo's done so well for their first game that isn't work for hi… @Loudwindow I sowwy @nephelomancer it's a 12 inch cintiq that's been with me for like.... 10 years lol @JSwayArt this artistic inconsistency shit bothers the crap outta me.putting food on top of my cintiq when it's not in use @Exceliton and that's a very optimistic view of recent events :D I hope for this too. @kiltmonkey I'd say TV as well given the streaming models as of late. Now we have... prestige tv.... I dunno if it'… @Felixenfeu yepperooniesLike seriously... all the IP we have now.... Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Uncharted, God of War... Bayonetta, Tomb… @3Rton93 What I've mentioned is specific to North America, and since there are Canadian companies and firms that ha… @3Rton93 copyright law. @justwesley One artist army! Speaking of generalist wasn't it a thing for tech artists to be fluent in shaders, pi… @osamadorias YES! OVER GREAT NOMS AND DRANKS!!A NOT SO GENTLE REMINDER TO NOT YEET YOUR PERSONAL IDEAS ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA TO WRITERS AND CREATIVES OF GAMES/TV… @osamadorias I'M VIBRATING WITH EXCITE @babblingartblog @GLKnight83 ok ok ok @TLauret i promise. pinky swear! @justwesley They usually get assigned one role then as the job goes on keeps getting assigned more roles due to lac… @explodikid I have so many random ideas that'd still make a great series without being gross or patronizing. @justwesley and they should get paid more @rinjirenee DA2's banter was better than DAO, and it had an actual art direction. @Gahzi *laughs AND CRIES*Random opinion: MAKE. NEW. IP.
@Justinoaksford Anyone doing cinematics or at least doing storyboards and previs need to be put in touch with narra… @TheMeisse Understandable~! Some series need a lot of buffers and palate cleansers to get through. @nataliehall I hope this pans out~!! @gameism ayyyy @TheMeisse Ooooooooooooooooooh~!! @gameism Horizion zero dawn's complete edition is 70gbRE Horizon Zero Dawn steam preload I'm gonna need so much more harddrive space if I'm gonna need to get more games… @gameism that blows :(