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who wanna valorant once I finish my pc 😎
Retweeted by lexiもふもふ抹茶
Retweeted by lexi @soracutekitty my gf^________^
Retweeted by lexi @Viperous @edensarcade @xshiae @hanmiii_ @bunnygirlemmy !!!!!!!adoさん
Retweeted by lexi“im free February 14 if anyone was wondering” no one was wondering
Retweeted by lexi @BasiilLeaf GoalsIn the middle of a fight? LMAO
Retweeted by lexi @numberonejawn Yes pls @numberonejawn HAI @edensarcade I love ui wanna know the real u 🎶
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Retweeted by lexi @NikolasNelo It’s tough out here2000 likes wtf!!!
Retweeted by lexi @nisehao_ YASSS @yinzzzi THATS U GRRRR @yinzzzi NO U @bunnygirlemmy JIEJIE!!! @babeyIina CMEREpov we are on a date
Retweeted by lexi @harurudan SAME @jjongaroo Short @moonstonegf Tysmmm @babeyIina OH MY GOD?ahh I MIRACULOUSLY LOST LIKE 5 LBS????? 2 DIGITS HERE WE GOSo excited for spring cuz then I can finally dress like it’s Paris fashion week everyday YASSSSSSSSS @jitoki_ THANKS SALMON. @oVertoneColor ily guys so much I just tried your daily blue conditioner and OMG it works so well!! Seriously in love 😭🤍 @citygirlgin SO SEXY @chinozo_ おはようー @mimieeei no uuuu 🤍🤍🤍😭トリミングサロンに通った結果、ツルツルボディを手に入れたワンコ
Retweeted by lexiWhich one of y’all girls r detectives,, help a home girl out pls @unde4dban Thank u 🤍🤍 @yurinarin_ SO BEAUTIFUL @KoyaNestea ANT NATION RISE UP!’n @edenspamcade hahshaHQHAJQSJS HELPP @EN0101010 I lov u forever @dandelionIuv Agreed @sniffiu THATS WHAT IM SAYIN ABT U GIRLLL @y2cchi Ure so gorgeous @unde4dban I @princess_onyx WUTT @mahshiro_ *cool wolf AWOOOO 🐺 @SamIsDual Sam when he finds out girls on league of legends twitter aren’t ideal girlfriends 😲😲 @a59453898 I miss valorant with u., @vaIkyuu YES PLS @edenspamcade I GOT A JAR FOR U BBY @edenspamcade LMFAO speak ur truth honestly impressed u not in one, queen behavior 😩 @vaIkyuu Hi cutie @SamIsDual LMGAOOOOOOOOOOOO @edenspamcade LEMME IN! why am I never invited @edenspamcade oh 😭😭😭😭
@admir3s HI MOMMY @meishija tysm @lyssiu OMG CONGRATS U DESERVE ITTT 200k soon? 😏 @syanne77 BOOB @edenspamcade imagine looking this good on video I’m CUMMING @doyqt ANT NATION WILL BE MY NEXT DELFIR CAPTION? @xshiae destiny 😏😏 @DavidBuchie LETS GOOOO @xshiae NO U I LEGIY SEE NO FLAWS WHEN I SEE UR SELFIES @aimfordamoon no uuuuuastute amusement #原神 #yaemiko #genshinimpact
Retweeted by lexi @xshiae WE POSTED AT SAME TIME?? U r so gorgeousmirror selfies >
Retweeted by lexi @moonstonegf @dracoiwnl Dieswho wanna valorant once I finish my pc 😎
Retweeted by lexi @ReDoFPS LMAOOO @JasonTheAzn_ NO SHOT W @puffeez @KoyaNestea YASSSSS @yoonogy OM SO CONFUSED BUT ITS BEAUITFUL @EN0101010 How tall r u @bjhfart stfu WHOREI LOST 2LB LETS GOOOOBe kind to everyone but especially yourself @rikalw_0321 FOR REAL IT CAN BE FLOWERS OM THE SIDE OF THE ROAD IDC 😭 @rohhse AlwaysIkr @rikalw_0321 SHES NOT ASIAN??????? WHATTTT
Retweeted by lexi @rikalw_0321 Wahhh sounds so fun @rohhse HELPPPNo cause the commenters on Emily mariko’s videos are some of the most miserable people in the world @unde4dban Me nextINA PUUUUNCH #inART #ameliaRT
Retweeted by lexi“are u ok” no i need money.
Retweeted by lexiValentines soon.. I expect flowersskeb🥳
Retweeted by lexi @danteclap Twice a daywe put miyuki on a diet only for her to gain a pound !?!??!?!!?
@EN0101010 MARRY MEEEE @visionofviii @Montiny_EA @rafxo_ @TacoShorty45 @ezbak3lovin @cuartocore @ket43209885 @scobesx @omg_juuls @ER7SED @visionofviii Ibe obsessed with me!!!!!!!!