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sophisticated monkey @AYANLAVANZANT im 20! cashapp: ayan6

burn the world down for oluwatoyin || she/they (18+)

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like her .. but a lil more dramatic like tamar impersonating toni at her backup singer auditions🤣…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyVIRGOS WON !!!!!!!!! @futuravocat ohhh purrr thank uuu @futuravocat yeaAYAN
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyYou've been called out multiple times for stealing from.the Black women who housed you when you were down & out and…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeychowder is a top 3 cartoon network cartoon if we’re being honest likecartoon network put they foot in chowder like 😭they don’t put crack in cartoons no more — no fr the animation,, dia… answer to me answer to Allah swtI want to sit you on my lap and fuck into you endlessly — when judgement day comes Allah will confront you for this’m sorry faith evans look like a more developed mulatto like this so what she was supposed to look like or somethi… look like someone tried clone faith evans and something malfunctioned halfway throughhiii, fav color? :o — purple and yellow!!! cause wtf was she thinking 😭😭😭
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyMUTUAL AID REQUEST: PLEASE RETWEET AND SHARE!!! a black nb teen is trying their best to leave an abusive household!…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyu have such a pretty smile — OMG STOPPP 🥺🥺🥺 hello I hope ur doing well!! do u have a fav dessert? — i like cheesecake n apple streudels(if that’s a desse… think about the gaddafi npr tweet all the time 😭😭😭 — oh na😭😭😭😭😭 that tweet was produced by vyvanse i manic tweete… baddies know how to play b flat clarinet oh purrr you play any instruments? — OMGGG i played the clarinet lmaooo in school i wanted to buy a clarinet during early… OVER THERE OFFICER 👉🏾watch someone say i’m defending the carceral state wallahi i don’t care ab defendinf abusive ppl that carceral stat… curse frthis was me when my abusive redacted got arrested,,, samurai champloo outsold them in terms of engaging plot lines wallahi i b zoning out watching some of the episodesThoughts on Southern Africans? — 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭this is so random bebop plot not even that good i just like the animation m soundtrack that’s itSpike Spiegel is dark-skinned!
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeythinking ab what part of my Being makes people relegate me as a punching bag (in real life and even in the digital…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyhow u get mad at my tweets how u let a nigga with no license make u mad
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyfavourite children’s show? love you btw — CHOWDER!!! ed edd n eddy samurai jack or billy n mandy IT DIDNT tag the video correctly but it’s this one’re beautiful and people treat you like shit for no reason it kinda boggles my mind — i wonder why too…’t posted this in awhile so here week i will be choosing happiness period
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyThat if Spotify removed R. Kelly’s music he would remove his own catalogue out of solidarity
Retweeted by sophisticated monkey’ve would’ve could’ve but DIDNT 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyme when some kid called child services on the sunday school teacher so we stopped getting beat for a couple of week…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkey @ajak_aker merlynniggas from the suburbs need to b banished from@civil society no offense i don’t like y’allOmg twitter crop you wonREGGIE CAHTAHH
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeywhen I see Erin perform live >>
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyNo jus b in mud playing i like that for them @trashpassport my fa v e is cran appleMoo-d 🐄
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyTamar back there singing “du-wop pop pop”
Retweeted by sophisticated monkey @sadeotw 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeythe outtakes 👅💒💕
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyanyways donate to an actual black person in need!!😭😭
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyI’m a little over 25% of my goal now! Please help spread this so I can reach my goal soon and move out, every bit c…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyi despise pretentious film bros like y’all need to get exiled to an island to spar over a single copy of the fight club scriptmen shouldn’t make films methinksplease match if you can!
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeythe best part of ghibli movies are the creatures
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeywasn’t no black ink in the printer to begin with
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyno fr niggas use curious cats as means to be war criminals no reason for my inbox to look like that
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyI just need some funds to get by for a couple of months while I search for another job. It was really hard for me t…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeystand up for the national anthem
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyi was serving fr my god
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyI might be a pessimist but I don’t think “healing” my trauma is possible. And that’s okay for me. My abusers and pp…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyNah they really hate us like the word is 11 letters
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeybetter than the beatles entire discography it’s true
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyEvery time masc lesbians do anything y’all act like you’re confused and for what
Retweeted by sophisticated monkey
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyWeren’t you bragging about having a sugar daddy and living in the Swiss alps or something with your rich mom in 201…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyare you serious wtf
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyi swear this person gets boo’ed off stage every year for the past 4 years which just proves that nonblack people ca…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyboosting! pls report the girl is getting doxxed for writing an article about intracommunal violence!! black women w… report all of the incels under here, they’re doxxing, threatening and harrassing this girl over a simple art…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyHOODLUMS???? @banjolips literally when i saw the avi also you’re nonblack again i don’t think it’s your right to speak on BLACK PEOPLE who are upset about nonblack…’re talking about black people crowdfunding and holding ppl accountable for not sending funds? like a nonblack pe… @sadeotw omg i watched ittt!!! she gave the group way too much grace to meCats will walk up to you and sit they whole ass in/on your face.
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyy2k aesthetics cannot be separated from fatphobia/antifatness and the glorification of these aesthetics always rub me the wrong way.
Retweeted by sophisticated monkey @theannaneza @sarahlugor Stop playingggg with ciara cassie fr has like two songs 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @y0favebaddie Ohhh purrrr twinPlease share this! I been hesistant to make one for a while, but I’m really going through hell rn and I need help g…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeynetflix trailer comes out → it gets bashed → show comes out → everyone hate watches it → hate watching turns to sta…
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyhe really couldn’t just end the song nigga just had to keep going 😭😭😭😭🤣😭😭 the police u have gun so atleast people know you died honestly!!! LIKE HUHHHHH fuck a reputation in death nigga we trying to surviveso we have to die just because of respectability politic PLEASE GTF😭😭😭😭😭😭 like nonblack people don’t care about bla… STARS IS REAL ! @nigghilism me using the analysis to analyze my redacted oh yeaaa this make SENSE @nigghilism ur so big brained omfg @nigghilism ooooooooo omgi’m sorry you can’t tell me she’s not a fed after this😭😭
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyIt’s the way this nigga starts off the song yellinggggg😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeythis how lloyd was yodeling at the end of the day lay it down
Retweeted by sophisticated monkeyyou are so beautiful and smart!! hope you’re taking care — omg thank u i’m trying you with ciara and bow wow is such an adorable song like i can’t ttt @sadeotw PURRRRR