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Got 2nd place in the $25k tourney w/ @Rated_COD & @Ev1lHiccup (2k each) Missed 1st by 3 kills, choked our last cou…$25k Trios Tourney | #Alliance @HNLPacesetter @Rated_COD @Gangstazsalute I host you and you beat my record... Fuck off.$25k tournament tomorrow at 1 EST. Make sure you guys are there! GN, say it back ❤ @Danzomccabzo I forgot about that lolI lost a gunfight and someone said "Overconfidence". I showed him what overconfidence really means 🙂 don't use snipers very often, but when I do, it looks like this... Stay until the very end for a special surpris…
The #Alliance is at 11.4k subscribers right now. 12k tonight? FUGGIT LETS GET R' DUN MOTHERFUCKER… @Zuetic I saw ur banger game dude! Keep it up @Zasapi Luh you more boo @ArielJadeLive It has been NUTS! @MilakovicDejan Cheers @ThyMight Thanks man 😅 @Chrisuhrich2 Had to hit the /unhost @Scoped Ily daddy @Mistakin I enjoyed doing it 😅My mind is just blown... So much support was shown today. As always, I'm so grateful for the position you guys put… cannot believe this, we are at a 625 subtrain now and have reahed 11.2k subcount. Currently doing challenges fo… Warzone chall w/@aydan $50+
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DMR? NERFED Stim Glitch? NERFED I'm about to body slam all these little motherfuckas that thought they were good f… @Dobbs024 Sure about that? @OliverMaroney @KurtBenkert shit! 👑 I've never seen that box either I might have to cop one myself 🤭 a shower and then I'll be live. Here is a picture of Bambi and Thumper to make yout time away from me a lit…, how is the DMR? We all know what happened last time they said it was "nerfed" @Rallied Did you change your name, lol?Do we think he uninstalled?
@Greedy Greedy is an OGStarted the stream you know we ready, fighting diamatti's with my machete, my gunny still nasty hit you off the hea… painting was a success last night! ✔ Without telling you who painted which one, who had the best painting?🖌🎨… trailer setup, back where my journey started... Who was here for the trailer streams? @bonzergorgon Exactly.Bro, how is there another stim glitch? Simple Solution: REMOVE STIMS HOLY FUCK SOMEONE SIGN ME TO ACTIVISION, I'M A GENIUS. 🤯Thanks for the short stream tonight family ❤ The Brownies are kicking ass so I had to get off to watch the game.…
VPN @SuperEvan__ @TBE_Newbzz You weren't streaming VPN VPN VPN VPN$1k 2v2 Tourney w/ @Rated_COD Gonna hop off before the @Browns game, so the stream will only be about 4-5 hours.… @general_ghosts Def hacking @general_ghosts Idk lol
LF 2v2 Warzone Wager w/ @Rated_COD $50+His name is Aydan you know that he slayin', big body ain't playin', going SUPER SAIYANNNNNNN YUHHHH… @ScufGaming came through and sent me some extra controllers and these designs are fire!? 🔥 I'm really about… @_RedZaire_ Fucking turkey boys @nolan_wetzel @okSheeshh Please chall me @LLOKO1_ That was pretty fire. @AverageJoeWo GlidingW stream today as always. Fucking love talking to you guys every day and I can't wait to run it back tomorrow! ❤Me and @Rated_COD need a 3rd teammate for Twitch Rivals Customs. HMU!
LF 2v2 WZ Wager w/ @Rated_COD $50+Games w/ my new duo @Rated_COD (Really hoping he gets me into 100T)! | #Alliance, BIG W NOAH! Let me know how it is my man, also what customizations did you get? FOR AYDAN POG PETITION FOR AYDAN POG PETITION FOR AYDAN POG PETITION FOR AYDAN POG PETITION FOR AYDAN POG… @K1 Wanna get some games soon?
@OriginalChance @Symfuhny Thats nutsHow am I looking @Symfuhny? name is Kipo, he hit the peepo. His name is Infiz, ___________________ Who can finish my famous bar I always s… other creators want to play chess on stream? Down to play tonight as well! @Death_Desk @_RedZaire_ @100Thieves @Tommey @TBE_Newbzz Man said @og_yates Give em hellGonna tell my grandkids this was @FaZeSway and @aydan. @Woookahsh I was cheating, you got me. @evianwater Very nice @xUnrational @GFuelEnergy Peach ringNeed 1 for switcharoo wagers
LF 2v2 WZ chall w/ @Rated_COD $50+Bitch I'm live yuh, I'm gonna thrive yuh, see yo mans dick, dolphin dive yuhhhhhhh |… live in 15!Anybody wanna steal some cash in 2v2 wagers today?Thank you @LILUZIVERT for saving Warzone. @rtk_23 That's why we give back, to hopefully people that are less fortunate. @cosmic17868157 100% He told me that early on and I never listened and it showed. @Metatho_ @Frozone W to both of us ❤W JUST HIT 10k FUCKING SUBS FOR THE FIRST TIME AND WE ARE ON A 2,000 SUB TRAIN OHHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDD.…
@IceManIsaac_ Me, Jukeyz, and OPMarkedMe and Jukeyz need 2 for switcharoo wagers.WE LIVE BABY VIBES AND SCHLONG ARE STANDING TALL! Doing a giveaway throughout the stream with some sick items, mak… @RHernandez2345 It'll be sub only, randomly picked.I'll be live around 3:00 EST. Also, I'm gonna be doing that giveaway that I've wanting to do. Make sure you're in… @GFuelEnergy Lmaoooo @KillaWhale13 @evianwater Brother I have cases of it against my wall, go grab some from my room @welikesomemo OMG WE GOT THAT FOR EVERY BIRTHDAY GROWING UP. THE CENTER IS THE BEST! @TheYeif What kind? @Pamaj Lmao, I'll scoop @OfficialTygerz Only had it once, was pretty good! @xRomaan @her... your move 👁👁 @ElCabroCubano How much are mats? @Loviccc What's your order? @Keith3302 Okay dad @ghostcurlss Xbox OMEGALUL @GorgoKnight I gotchyu @zachbis It might be expired. @ur62304553 Grapes are fireGetting a haircut, y'all need anything while I'm out? @wroetoshaw I wanna look like you. @ConjurLive @timthetatman Okay, where is that from though? @general_ghosts Shoot your shot. @NICKMERCS Looks peaceful brother 👍
@Rallied Love you, King.You guys are a fucking W. The streams recently have been on another level. From averaging 10k+ viewers every strea…