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sometimes i see a shit tweet on the timeline with 0 likes and think β€œoh yea that was definitely deleted” and click… @ryan1wnl yea so the joke isif she loved me id be coughing up hair balls like a damn stray @rrrujo @rrrujo i still cantian even mention the hair balls πŸ€”she mad at me cuz i told her i wanted to lick her arm like a cat (meoooowwww) @CargoSh0rts @fbgwayne interesting @Caroselol @zayt
Retweeted by aydc @rrrujo let it out man im here for you @aydc12 shut up you fuckin baby ass kid you literally cant do anything for yourself always whining and crying and s…
Retweeted by aydc @aaystin my bbaby boy is sooo hungy waa waaaaaaa need mommy milky waaaaaa hungyyyyy mommyyy waaaa @TabzGTV yumm6 years ago today, A$AP Yams passed awayπŸ™πŸ˜” RIP
Retweeted by aydcmy bed kinda cold rn .@AOC @rokcit he kinda weird for dating a high schoolerhorny ass take look like every lady gaga fan was on nickelodean ian even know they be sliming @m9rrow i’m not @AyoadeFn omgwas tom brady on the epstein flight list @CargoSh0rts she doing researchi was on the couch watching beyblade metal fusion @paintwater_boba she aight @rrrujo this ^ @postedinthecrib @icedoutomnitrix beginnertell me this not cold @CargoSh0rts πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @CargoSh0rts the loser nerd bitch @CargoSh0rts :( @fairly46 please leave me alonehe wanna be nice now πŸ™„ but ggs 🀞🏻
Retweeted by aydc @fairly46 dont get it @fairly46 @Stretch what u @ me for doggg .@winkzoh on to next week 🀞🏾 @po11zy he wake up and lie @temqts flexingthey asked me what my inspiration was i told them global warming
@Rolledisstupid @AyoadeFn he’s gonna block u for thismichael jackson aint so that shit @94goshi BANG BANG BANG @94goshi </3 @wrig3922 @WVRDELL agreed @AyoadeFn notice kendrick lamar under juice wrld @scuddzz LETS GOOOO @fairly46 @wrig3922 took the words out my mouth 🀍 @wrig3922 I’m not even gonna look at this because your white 🀞🏾 can’t get mad if I don’t look
Retweeted by aydc @wrig3922 so you’re racist @wrig3922 mm @AyoadeFn @aaystin i understand @CargoSh0rts @rrrujo lol @Rolledisstupid @rrrujo @CargoSh0rts inshallah ☝🏾 @rrrujo @CargoSh0rts i pray you crash @rrrujo @CargoSh0rts NOT YOU! @midwxstv2 he just pissing like how he do i wanna be him @CargoSh0rts :( @CargoSh0rts me lol but we knew that @paper_fn @AyoadeFn @aaystin thanks @CargoSh0rts no man not on film what the fuck @CargoSh0rts BANG BANG BANG10 likes and i go for it @wrig3922 @m9rrow yo mama haha @m9rrow ? @m9rrow i get it @AyoadeFn @aaystin you just speaking words i cant even read like that 😭 @ykell9 @TabzGTV :(i told mark zuckerberg the people wanted it and now look at him
Retweeted by aydc @AyoadeFn @aaystin rumor * @ryan1wnl @aaystin @AyoadeFn @Queen how she get the @ queen in 2012 wtf @aaystin @AyoadeFn πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» @ryan1wnl @aaystin @AyoadeFn what if they just move on like it never happened @aaystin @AyoadeFn at least 12 days @julytlo you was my lookout i couldnt have done it without youthat thing the queen does where she waves to the crowd she got that from me @julytlo not that i recall ofthe queen was looking at me wrong so beat the bricks off heri did 10 pushups and jumped the queen i was unstoppable goes there its the ghost of october @TSM_Commandment hbd @LazarFN oh you know @CargoSh0rts i see itcall me eggs benedict the way my cumberbatch
Retweeted by aydc @PurplePanda918 πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»
Retweeted by aydc @CargoSh0rts 8 @CargoSh0rts probably like twont let them get my soul on my mama kidi still never had no ramune @CargoSh0rts isnt it free for you @CargoSh0rts jesus @po11zy @allistylish wow @JnrSzn @ezzruhh @mqsty_ there he go @94goshi ☝🏾i slimed betty white