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@Mavolant my old ass could neverYT Version : Spendin' | @PlayVALORANT Like & RT 💙 @DerekJoon @xFatal_CS I CANT TODAY IM SORRY but if you're on tomorrow lets send it @DerekJoon @xFatal_CS wiff me atleast like once ? @DerekJoon meglorinsz and mint giving me god content/laughs @mintaims @Glorinsz Glorinsz wasnt even there LMAO. It wasnt your fault, our comms were literally broken all game.… @Angelval2k ty friend @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy @_Whiske @JackIgoe @TorseFPS @mintaims nah for real though, our game didnt have comms. like it was broken @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy @_Whiske @JackIgoe @TorseFPS @mintaims wtf man @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy @_Whiske @JackIgoe @TorseFPS not my fault no cyap @Glorinsz @Inf4mousEnergy @_Whiske @JackIgoe @TorseFPS I drop 30s on you @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz @_Whiske @JackIgoe @TorseFPS Uhhh hello? @OUTL4Wofficial clean @PlayVALORANT I LOVE YOU THANKS FOR TAKING MY MONEY @Karizmahkv IT MATCHES MY GUN BUDDIESI've got the Best Skin Theme, Prove me wrong @cazpls lmaojust lost a 30 frag game on breeze AMAKentucky Jett @JeckFPS TYYYY @JackIgoe Wtfff @JackIgoe i am cool man
Retweeted by SRN AyeeTrainNew tiktok!! Go show some love!! Likes and comments help me hit algorithm!! Any comments / likes appreciated…
When 2 Kay/o's Ult LMAO #3 @texerino nvm you already said it, im dumb @texerino !sensI WONT CHANGE MY SENS I WONT CHANGE MY SENSI WONT CHANGE MY SENSI WONT CHANGE MY SENSI WONT CHANGE MY SENSI WONT CH…
Retweeted by SRN AyeeTrain @AlphxVal_ @goodgamesense if you dont have a gamesens they're good. @AlphxVal_ @goodgamesense I dont have them, no idea tbhI WONT CHANGE MY SENS I WONT CHANGE MY SENSI WONT CHANGE MY SENSI WONT CHANGE MY SENSI WONT CHANGE MY SENSI WONT CH… Act Same Me wit it @thegreatdnor @mintaims @SnorkelBoi @ProsperAims @PuffinVAL i sowwy10x VALORANT EP.3 ACT 1 BATTLE PASS GIVEAWAY🎉🛰📲 - like+retweet this - follow me @Keeoh random winners chosen Sa…
Retweeted by SRN AyeeTrainINSTALOCKING KAY/O SORRY IF YOU GET ME IN YOUR LOBBYNEW GOD SQUAD @mintaims @SnorkelBoi @ProsperAims @PuffinVAL SHEEESHHH @BrockByrdd play with @LoganAims hes almost always solo queingWE GAMING ON THE NEW ACT with @mintaims and @ProsperAims @Inf4mousEnergy @mintaims @ProsperAims I’m getting egod over ranked rn @PuffinVAL @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz @mintaims Why was I @‘d wtf manSurfing is fun @al0rante @TeamHeretics YOOO just seen this, congrats brotha @vinnerwinner congrats bro! @TorseFPS hi taylor @Glorinsz this old man would dominate the newcomers if he had time
@Bluyx1 @TorseFPS NO BRO WOMEN ARE JUST THE BEST @Bluyx1 but the baddie women deserve my likeTiktok really be doing me dirty. Too many bad women on that appDUOS WITH THE BIG @Glorinsz BACK ' @Inf4mousEnergy @480Wrap fuck theres no way im taking another trip to cali for a way no way @Glorinsz BETdown bad @Ambrrzval not only will this most likely do shit, its impossible for my squad and I @Inf4mousEnergy @thegreatdnor do it then hoe @Ambrrzval noAny videos you guys wanna see? I want to start making better yt content but I am lacking ideas heavy @DerekJoon pog @Inf4mousEnergy @thegreatdnor why @DerekJoon bro I never have good ideas for videos, its so rare for me @DerekJoon bro i have 0 creativity its fuckedI NEED MOTIVATION AND IDEAS SOMEONE HELPI wish I still had IRL friends. Im so bored all the time now. @_vMazza prayers brotha <3 @JeckFPS sheeeesh the big jeck with mint and ayeetraini just reached 500 SUBS LETS GOOOO 24 HOUR STREAM NEXT WEEK. W
Retweeted by SRN AyeeTrain @Caroselol WWWW @Glorinsz @Crashies down @Glorinsz @Crashies thanks bro! @RobDaHood1 i have it! @JackIgoe @DrWitnesser hahaha...I get it... @afhos999 noim bored out of my fucking mind... @PukahZK true @ZlepOfficial yeah its not like im a god LMAO everyone gets beatWho wants in? @Bluyx1 delete it thenCAN YOU PLEASE STOP PUTTING THESE BADDIES ON MY FYP. I AM DOWN HORRENDOUS AND DONT NEED TO BE REMINDED. @tiktok_usIs it like an achievement to beat me in ranked or outfrag me? I’ve had multiple people brag about it in just a few days lmao @RobDaHood1 Sadge @LBuddyWasTaken @mintaims No proof tho unluckyyy @LBuddyWasTaken @mintaims Imma need a fact check chief no kizzy @ChoicePlays Ww @TwitchMueda @mintaims shittttShould me and @mintaims make a team to pug tourneys with? GLGs,VCS and VCT? @BayonetVAL @zekkenVAL not me tho :( @AIterXV AHUAHDWUIHBDIUHDBHIUAD @itsmarouS LMAO THERES A DIFFERENCEnone of my friends told me happy fathers day :(VCS Watch party POGU. @Kipszn @afhos999 @CarbynVAL @mintaims @LoganAims @BrockByrdd LoganRoblox @mintaims @Kipszn @CarbynVAL @afhos999 @LoganAims @BrockByrdd LoganASMR @CarbynVAL @mintaims @afhos999 @LoganAims @BrockByrdd LoganCOD @afhos999 @mintaims @LoganAims @BrockByrdd Nagol @afhos999 @LoganAims @mintaims @BrockByrdd LowGan @LoganAims Legz…@BrockByrdd @afhos999 😂