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@middlml NarniaNew grips kinda fire tbh @Koofzz Played it but no one ever wants to finish it
@BrendanIsABot Bad gamewhen you get interviewed mid getting shot at during @TwitchRivals
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @Dilfosaur69 @neT_valorant Honestly I bet it has a great sound and personality aswell @middlml Noooo tyyou killed that interview g congrats on the win and goodluck in finals. @valyngod @itsmarouS noneed fun game to play with my friends. PLS recommend. Survival,shooter literally anything.Rust is one of the hardest games i have ever played. had fun during Twitch Rivals, but damn, it's so demotivating g…
Retweeted by AyeeTrainFaZe vs The Guard prediction: trent will have 18 clutches babybay and dicey will combine for 150 kills good luck to both teams.
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @Dark3stVal damn straight lmfao. the few good gamer friends you can find are for life @Dark3stVal it be like that. almost none of my highschool friends talk to me anymore @itsmarouS yes, its a new trusted mode update for a while back @itsmarouS not anymore @AARCCtv @SebbyK29 @Glorious @kotunara Can’t get it to let me use game cap. Can you use it in mm?anyone know how to stream display captured games without it being laggy as fuck.I want to stream csgo but you cant… @JCaldwell422 lmfaooo @blanketsgg Lmfao this is big faxWhere the gamer girls at in Kentucky? Like wtf do they all go outside or somethinBRO we used over 4 boxes of stone on this, on an official server HAHA
Retweeted by AyeeTrain
idc what you say that match was fire af. Sentinels roster even with an unexperienced shroud showed up this tourname… the mag7 god...lmfao cm/460 or 40AD / 360
Retweeted by AyeeTrain“Take me to jail”…They gotta relax
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @fokanehell @playrust I have a 3080 and a Ryzen 9 and this shut happens to me. Kinda ass ngl. @SebbyK29 @Glorious gmmk pro. Is amazing with hot swap able switches. I do recommend getting prelubed switches if… if you hate it, this shit was pretty cool and unique @Kahrbon You can’t , you just hope to forget by hypnotizing yourself with your new knife @HershTV You can get lost in that game so quicklyVal? CS? same outcome.
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @Glorinsz Too good99 cm/460 or 40AD / 360 night cs shenanigans? do i strum it? @Ban_Val @T1 @KnightsGG Oh hell yeah g. Congrats !! @crunchyyworld @HoellywoodFPS cant wait for that. Ive been looking for a god routine
did the valorant fps get worse this patch or is it just me? my fps has been so dog shit lmfao @ProsperAims @Dilfosaur69 @AdamStone_ @HoellywoodFPS any takers? PleaseSending a soapy titty pic in a bubble bath to whoever gets me the reaver bundle. fellow orgs, a partnership doesn’t consist of a discount code. Please stop announcing a partnership when it’s j…
Retweeted by AyeeTrainWho’s running it w me? Duo @HoellywoodFPS @LinksKeyblade Damn lmfao @LinksKeyblade 103 cm/360 / 400 dpi .317Dr Disrespect, who previously stated he could throw a ball 70 yards, has been spotted at 49’ers training grounds sl…
Retweeted by AyeeTrain Sens Makes my Life Easy tbh gamin on valorant w @mintaims and @HoellywoodFPS
Retweeted by AyeeTrainIm so proud of daultt, guy didnt give up and now hes popping off on a game that is hard af to pop off @OUTCA5T nasty af @AdamStone_ @Pugandaa @ProsperAims @KoolAims😈 REAVER 2.0 VALORANT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY !!! 😈 TO ENTER: ✅ Follow @AdamStone_ & @Pugandaa ✅ Like and RT ✅ Tag 2 Fr…
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @AdamStone_ @Pugandaa Give @domCSGO On god Lmfaooo @domCSGO nah, they were just fighting. didnt have any extra gear. and I was solo on max pop lmfao. I WAS NOT STAYING ANY LONGER HAHAeasiest trainyard 1v3 ever tbh sens and Low Quality frags to start your day.
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @screviic Imm 2Low sens and Low Quality frags to start your day. @JackIgoe I MADE IT @daultt_ @middlml I do, I have a 3080 and a Ryzen 9 3900x
@KLICKSSSS I know it’s not needed. It is supposed to make the quality much higher but there are so many problems with themany cs players??? need 2all our teams are doing great . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ʷᵉ ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ᵗᵃˡᵏ ᵃᵇᵒᵘᵗ ᵛᵃˡᵒʳᵃⁿᵗ
Retweeted by AyeeTrainyes i know im not currently radiant. it just really tilts cs players lmfaomade my name "Radiant Val Player" for cs and get a no name "Radiant peak" saying hes better than me at both games. the guy goes 6-12 lmfao. @PaincakesVAL lmfao WTF IS GOING ONNNN
@iiKlemm they wanted all the smoke and got it lmfaothis is the team thats gonna win lcq.
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @ProsperAims is the goat @OUTL4Wofficial immo/ascendant. we have 5 now though @aimexVAL i swear, i cleaned it, left it out to dry and my parents or grandma hid that shitneed 1 for valorant ranked 5 stack.Im an Eco Demon even on CS
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @aimexVAL I had one and lost it. Was so tilted Lmfaooo @ilystocky I’ve been playing everyday. If you want in lmk. @ilystocky mmIm an Eco Demon even on CS
@Saulsuspect Please don’t ❤️ dms are always open @screviic Yeah his chair. I don’t remember the exact numbers @screviic ropz settings. 1.77 400 dpi @JoeyKeys_ hmmmm bet @m2skyy i can never get them in stockboutta just buy a QCK tilted that i lose my zero. NO IDEA WHERE IT FUCKING WENTidk what mousepad i should get 🤔🤔Retired Radiant #Fat By A Fatman Terrorizing MG Lobbies near you @shifty_val yeah thats fair tbhLEGENDARY COUNTER-STRIKE VIDEO v10
Retweeted by AyeeTrainchamber diff lmfao THAT WAS THE REAL STRONG LEGS I JUST PLAYED HE IS FUCKING DISGUSTING @shifty_val I personally enjoyed the movie tbh.Im your Moms Favorite CS Player
mint just got laid out ngl