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@_daultt @JailHouseDavis @henry_roseberry Lmaoooooi actively engage with small accounts just to make them think im down to earth and "one of them" but in reality im… takers? I neeed vc duelist main eliminates opponents 😎
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @BumpFan69 @bumpaah Kentucky Duelist Diff BumpFan. You wouldn’t understand @cozyjozie @TorseFPS @Inf4mousEnergy I can no longer sleep. Thank you @Inf4mousEnergy @cozyjozie God damn it…why y’all make me see this @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz I don’t think I’m the league duo you want @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz I have no clue how to play the game @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz Not true am wide awake. Had too much caffeine @Inf4mousEnergy @Glorinsz I’m coming. @xCeeD_CS If I only still played cs. This thing is fire @prk0306 @mintaims @frostyZK @extrnal Mine dips a little harder since I stream every time I play @prk0306 @mintaims @frostyZK @extrnal Overclocked to 5 @prk0306 @mintaims @frostyZK @extrnal I9-9900k @mintaims @frostyZK @extrnal My i9 can’t keep 240fps on Val. Go with a ryzen @AARCCtv @juliaaiis Go to bed arc @iceclatter I used Odin hehe @bumpaah @zekkenVAL @Governor_Val Nah g, I had dibs @TroIIman_ It hurtsHS% Up good with Low sens and stretched Good @swimmerlol_ New stream title lmao @juliaaiis IM .42 400 RNIM GOING LOWER SENS @akiozx_ ofcourse I did. I have a problemJett Diffed called morbidly obese In Game ...HOW DID THEY KNOW @Epsy_ LLMAORanked scoreboard because im different
@TayzValorant deal @TayzValorant noBoutta grind ranked w @mintaims loving the low sens but its making me want to turn mouse accel back on go watch the whole thing and like/comment to help me hit algorithm @Demir02k HhahahaWhat’s wrong with my map bruh? @Vanityxz @Bjorlulu Agree with this. @WasteManOP It blows. @TorseFPS BAHAHAHAHHABRO @Inf4mousEnergy DID NOT JUST SAY THAT @TorseFPS @_daultt @TorseFPS Hahaha @gIitchzx I think .48 400 @gIitchzx Hehe @_daultt @TorseFPS Lmaoo I be playing alone too muchDo I get 2k on pc to play with torse? @cozyjozie Goodmorning!!The Duality of Man 😂😂 @Inf4mousEnergy Dibs @Brush Will give it a watch. Too many people have suggested it @Stuffle_ No u @Tenqsu STRETCHES!!Low sens un-edited @AeroValorant Bet i might try it @afhos999 @ahad no u @MarkusMJM Seems like it could be fun with the right people @Vividsz Yeah logan told me @AeroValorant yeah im trynna get some friends to run ithas anyone played Friday the 13th? @TorseFPS wtftorse. Get in cord. @TorseFPS @ahad everytime, always feel like its a joke so i usually just ignore it lmao . @iUnlawful WAHHHHH @rileyjayyy Haha that was me, smileLow Sens | Valorant Montage Like and RT | 🤍 @TeamSerenity
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @cazpls @TeamSerenity Agree @cazpls @TeamSerenity .48 400HD Sens | Valorant Montage Like and RT | 🤍 @TeamSerenity @BazonBTW haha hi :) @extrnal im fine! much love bro <3 @extrnal glad to hear you're okay <3When do i post the tage? @axy_Val by who?we take those 1v4 in scrims
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @MitcheIl you dont know me but HI! @TeamSerenity im writing the twit longer @axy_Val already done @AARCCtv stfuI had someone call me mommy sage earlier. I AM A BEARED,SHORT,600 POUND @GojoAims agreed @Koofzz making video @GojoAims yesI just hit my best clip in a while...NEED SONG FOR VIDEO. 2:20 MAX
@DanaehiFN <3Just hit this rather devious lick. @MrSkitFPS Bet @DanaehiFN On god?When your duo ruins the clip
Retweeted by AyeeTrain @Inf4mousEnergy @HoellywoodFPS squid game @GlorinszWatched a movie in cord with the homies last night. Shit was lit @WasteManOP imm 3 rn @ADaughtt @iceclatter BETRanked grind. 1 game with @HoellywoodFPS then i need a duo. Come vibe @TrickAIM @cryptXVAL its def been a bit. i became washed @cryptXVAL Me and @TrickAIM Troll everytime we queue into each other. We always try to win but we def do some stupid shit @al0rante !settingsNeed duo see the way some of these pros talk to people in ranked and im genuinely confused on how they're respected.