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rap name Lil Cold cuz I’m just always a lil cold; most of my pictures are taken on the back of the bus and all of my n*des are in the deleted album of my phone

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I’m Charlie, @itmeanthonyb is Augustus, @__sacramental is Mike TV, @MyDeadDog is Veruca Salt FOR THE BLACK GIRK MAGIC EXCELLENCE @srawaityai He’s doing it at 7 apparentlyGirl can you go sign these executive orders already so we can end this pandemicGOD BLESS AMERICA 🐥🇺🇸
Retweeted by oh myYall wrong for this!! you inaugurating still trying to push out her last single during inaugurationnot the gay in the back going off for lady gaga
Retweeted by oh my急に全てが嫌になったウーパールーパー⑫
Retweeted by oh myBill Clinton in this crowd still thinking about Monica Lewinsky 👀YALL SEE THIS BOOK ??!??!!?!!!JLO really sat there to say Let’s Get Loud with no crowd in front of herI know JLO had to go practice that little SpanishJLO DJAMCJANCNBDBXDOkay JLO where is shakira to upstage you againJLO LIP SYNCING AT THE INAUGURATIONJLO CANT EVEN SING WHAT IS THISKAMALA PUT ME IN JAIL VP MAMA YASWHY COULDNT IT HAVE BEEN BILLIE EILISHThat’s not actually Gaga, it’s Kim Petras!!!If Gaga don’t sing 911 at the end of this cuz America loves copsSCREAAMINNG AT GAGA OMG FNWKFNWKXMDNUnited States of Chromatica I seeFirst vaccine gave me ass!!! Can’t wait for second one to give me big titsUssy gussy fully vaccinated bussy is my new Grindr name vaccine incoming being called a f*ggot on the sidewalk today and then getting an ugly haircut, I came home and had a pretty he… 6 days is lgtbq+?? y’all have gay premium??
Retweeted by oh my @itmeanthonyb Okay sis @__sacramental Boyf lookin slim thicc @itmeanthonyb Yas mxmx slay bootsSkinny wig tea sis
@AndrsBane @itmeanthonyb I’m reading don’t worry about me!!! @itmeanthonyb You forgot @cursedsnackThey them got vaccinated today and his ass is growing too iced coffee and I’m here to slay @MyDeadDog The way We about to eat sandwichesOmg my IUD fell out
Retweeted by oh myThere’s something about egg yolks....... 😉😉😉Why is this canonically @itmeanthonyb"are you afab or amab?" I'm actually afag thank you
Retweeted by oh myGaara in the churning exams when he had to fight lee.
Retweeted by oh mythank you so much for existing!
Retweeted by oh myyou’re not a failure... never!
Retweeted by oh my @Rudyc_c It’s so good!!This new boruto intro IM SCREAMING @whateverjami Chile get ready
2021 OMGMGMGMGMFMGMFM with this Pokemon anime scene I want to greet my friends like this
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@nevahaes YES ANDSlaaay rooomiiieee
Retweeted by oh myOrdered Korean food with roomiiieeee and were watching drag race UK so let’s have a good timeHow I’m tryna be at the club when this is all done being ugly when I’m drunk and im sober smhhhSomebody send alcohol to my placeDrunk at 3 pm
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Retweeted by oh myGag no @ShortScholar What’s the difference @nevahaes Ok nerd
The way I wholeheartedly believe this and I'm not even gonna fact check
Retweeted by oh mySobble is dead
Retweeted by oh myAnime Netflix Adaptation
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Retweeted by oh myDamn h word today huh :/
Baby said I got him in 4k!!
Retweeted by oh myNobody: Nobody at all: Me: What tf was i about to do...
Retweeted by oh myGrimes on her IG story swinging around a katana like sis WHERE is X-4ÆM-877-CASH-NOW??
Retweeted by oh my @Rudyc_c @AndrsBane Never that!!This gay and i don’t like it :/ ugh to be them @5ftbabydoll You old?adventures of the grim variety
Retweeted by oh my @itmeanthonyb Gooodbyeeeee lmfaoooLuigi is Latinx Mario ?!?!?!Cock ? ? ? @nevahaes So where’s the foreskin king ??!?!No it’s true Just Like That...
Retweeted by oh myWhen I see white men in red hats:
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Hmmmm maybe my dreams of living in New York for a short period of time will come truethis could be us but you praying
Retweeted by oh myRoommate is back day 1 *hits my elbow on the table* my entire hand:
Retweeted by oh myQueer king league students going off to intern at goldman and sachs after a long day of performative activism in their lib…
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took my brother to target
Retweeted by oh myI’m calling an amber alert my child has been kidnapped
Retweeted by oh mynot vanjie and silky partying in pv without masks :/
Retweeted by oh myDemon before dying: all i ever wanted was love Tanjiro:
Retweeted by oh my @Rudyc_c I just got her! She just found a home with me!Hi everyone this is my new cat named juno
@goofygirlceo People at my job are just like “I’m gonna wait to see how everyone else reacts” like okay~you’re gonna get it anyway~