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Doc 🥇 @ayodocc Pg County, Md

mo money mo problems prolly the realest statement.

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@BeenMace they not ready for what’s next @CrashGildarts W @TheeHornyyPoPo i’m so horny i could create a new std @CrypticNoHoes all hall of fame badges right there @sp_ceii they be like “my grandma just passed away 😍😍” @CorinnaKopf i was 8 years old discovering porn @Glock2damoon this a hard one ngl it’s between devil or freeza idk @Sadcrib are y’all safe if they make bookmarks public 🤔 @TheeHornyyPoPo imagine you send a girl a dicc pic and she sends one back @snotshoodie happy birthday @WhoTfJ3T what @2NextUp_ where tf u been @OTFRayyan yomy account just wasn’t the same with that avi smh had to go back to my roots @iilemons it’s goin ight wby @nikkashmeat it was but i’m just used to this one more ig @stymead still black #swingsofftrees @Envyiononnamix me too safe to say i’m back @stymead should i go back to the duck? @CrypticNoHoes she so bad @OVOEnthusiast super mid bro @Sadcrib top tier trolling @ash_kaashh nigga that isn’t even a word LMFAOO
@tervisscoot common tervis W @sp_ceii wonder what my dad doin rn @moncleryear ur biggest opp @teenxzack ? @heregodoc don’t know what’s worse the spelling error or the comment @AmaniCapaIot i have stage for cancer 😭😭 @shady_j “who tf let thy blacks free” @CrypticNoHoes “with the gang 🤬” whole time it’s just the chess club @stymead i’m going to need a respawnbro went from rappin about being suuicidal because of girls to being a felon @stymead let’s see how this goes gentleman @Sadcrib mfs pass a alcohol test and celebrate with beer @Amare4PF very underrated show @Sadcrib desperation @Sadcrib this ratio is about to be horrible @kheslime most generic superhero ever and his biggest opp is a rock @snuurid niggas be payin to express their feelings LMAO @weluvuani i don’t need mental health dawg @weluvuani a lot u gon take care of me when i’m in atl right? @hugsfordrugslol yea @iilemons nah @Sadcrib @stymead bag chasing has its limits tbh @ifyouwereafo nigga moving in slow mo
@snuurid nah where does he live he isn’t getting away with this @snuurid nigga how tf am i gonna pass now @snuurid niggas playing call of duty @yeWhereIsYandhi lol @teenxbaby yea smhthis a cry for help…polo g really got them shook @CrypticNoHoes no way there paying girls to fart on camera?? society is doomed @stymead they gonna have to put me under heavy confiment after the atrocities i commit @Sadcrib so you tellin me my dad disappeared because of pain medicine @snuurid got mine last week didn’t know likin men was a side effect woulda came sooner tbh @CrypticNoHoes real niggas can’t swim @raptvcom think i may be taking my talents to another rap page @raptvcom y’all be so late to stuff we’ve seen this video so many times already @heregodoc this nigga a spy kid @snuurid niggas will wipe their own ass but closing the drawers with their hips is where they draw the line 🤦🏾‍♂️ @mrcapsaveahoe1 that’s not ur gf anymore bro @luvdrafty these shipping niggas gotta do better mane @CARTlSCHOPPA nigga got ties to a cartel @HiTekTekkk good @DynamoTheGod happy birthday bro live it up @flooatin LMAOtracking a package will stress you out TF U MEAN ITS IN IDAHO @beebinc wish i had a girl to manipulate me 😑 @camluvsmilfs ? @lilthirtyclip 😭😭😭 @ihyjuju and it hits every time smh @ProfaneNiggatry why do u have this on deck @leonidasthagod sum like thatjust expect any song with tyga on it to be freaky and horny as hell @TheeHornyyPoPo bro watching sara jay on full blast if that isn’t a sickness idk what is @raptvcom bro ain’t even last a year @Sadcrib i don’t need an alarm why would i wanna wake up? @stymead just another one of those twitter cheat codes @lyricshitposts
Retweeted by Doc 🥇 @snuurid mfs will post kendrick lamar on his bday but won’t post their girlfriend @Glock2damoon why this the first thing i see when i wake up @TerrSadly finally my lover is back @Sadcrib mfs was summoning ghost during school @reupphan men can’t win @stymead niggas be dumb lmao just be smart 😭 @mqsvn relax mr b @SirMichaelRocks @TonyTheMenace how did they let snowfall air on tv shit exposed so much about america @AmaniCapaIot can i wake up to reality already i can’t take it anymore @silvercrocs nah nigga u just got aids @Chief_JD bro said @dremo debatable @teenxzack ion even like this acc anymore tbh one day ima just end up chilling on my backup full time this one so aids @BlackkTarantino burn it and earn it on my own hustle mindset #striveforgreatness #humble #jcoledisciple @GoddessChrisy i got a better arch dawg @Die4Bry 👁