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a little sad @AYOMUNCH Arlington, VA

1st team all-state piece of garbage #FriarFaithful #BoltUp

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@ihatethiskid @this_vid @EwdatsGROSS same but just a little tho @GibranSaleem dick dicki can still do a kickflip at age 26 there is no reason i should have to deal with this pandemic along with these other peasants @WHOAbyck @MichaelJordyn @connor_dew throw me on this bad boi as well
maybe after all this is over, all the people who consider watching The Office as a personality trait will finally b… didn't say it, @twitter did @AYOMUNCH @MichaelJordyn
Retweeted by a little sad @WHOAbyck @MichaelJordyn or june 10 in some cases @MichaelJordyn this may be the only birthday i will remember that facebook won’t have to remind me aboutonce this is over I’m butt chugging mimosas at brunch
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day monday of quarantine: i discovered stamps are hella expensive for no reason as i mail my rent check. i also dis… fuck the ex i’m currently texting is now pretty upset with me for **drum roll** no reason whatsoever. so i’m now of…
@ihatethiskid @this_vidMy buddies girlfriend who has been on spring break in Miami for 5 days just replied to him “sorry my phone has been…
Retweeted by a little sadi imagine a girl orgasm is the equivalent of hearing someone in the movie say the movie titlewoke up at 8am. drank a coffee and took an adderall today so i can clean the house, get a good workout in and sort… @DragonflyJonez @MichaelJordyn @WHOAbyck good points were made hereday Saturday of quarantine. i have DMd every girl
@TylerIAm we got a perfectly good QB in Easton Stick we’ll be ite @MrVito04 @grandpa looks like Cam Newton messaging you bruh6ft ain’t so cool now in this climate huh????? this was tweeted by the 5’6 gang @An_Ocean_Life all good i figured it out it’s not that cool as i thought it’d be
Imagine having any faith whatsoever in humans lmao
Retweeted by a little sadi hope all the girls with “i love to explore the city” in their Tinder bio are doing okay @BarstoolBigCat Quarantine day 15
Retweeted by a little sadcan’t stop thinking about airport convenience stores and how much time i could kill reading magazines @michael_lee111 fr im 5’6 but my heart is 6’3
Retweeted by a little sad$1200 maybe, just maybe, covers a months worth of onlyfans subscriptions. seems like a rip off to me @WHOAbyck i’ve been under the impression it’s italian hummus but i just googled and am pretty disappointedi don’t even know what gabagoul is but it’s an all time top 5 word
Watching Manchester By The Sea because i csnt possibly get more sad and also i miss Boston accentssome of y’all faked your way though pushups in PE class and it showsif i get coronavirus i would simply pee on the affected area to sterilize iti now understand why people hate capitalism
@Eater we must save Cheesecake Factory at all costs @Prez day 13 of quarantine be like @siobhan_brennan wait, people are wearing underwear during quarantine?bout to see some quarantitties i did an IG push-up challenge and i’m not proud of it, but also i didn’t take the time to put on work out gear a…
@kuykendalljogs oh absolutely worse, but knowing the Chargers they’re gonna blow it with the new jersey’s, and all… that anyone cares since they’re are other things to be upset about, but i’m not happy about the Chargers new lo… @WHOAbyck thinking about the day i can go back to Olive Garden againdoes anyone have a copy of GTA 5 for ps3 they’re willing to sell??? serious inquires onlyyour mans already went through his first 12 pack of toilet paper because the rest of his quarantine shopping list w… @EwdatsGROSS dudes learn 3-4 buzz works in Intro to Macroeconomics and use them in every conversation about the market evereveryone knows someone who, for the past two years, has been studying for some standardized test to get into grad s…
might fuck around, take a pic of my pecker and start #seeadicksendadick as an IG trendnever forget what LA team botched their new logo first @Kerry_Paige thanks man! only took 26 years!this is also a humble brag that i am a confirmed sex haver. please congratulate me on your way outcurrent levels of quarantine communication with my ex: @ME0WMIX69 what about just a lil meth?? 🥺👉🏼👈twitter has really been pushing to order take out/delivery and support local business during this time, so i can’t…
@hulioooooo @MTV right?? what better way to pass the time than seeing a tour of Ja Rule’s (probabaly foreclosed) ho… @Bren_Kat *moves to California oncei would only listen to Jordan Belfort for the rest of 2020 if it means getting out of my fucking house if this is true I am choosing to believe it
Retweeted by a little sadyo @mtv this would be a better time than ever to start showing reruns of Cribs, Room Raiders, Next, etcjust drove by a park with TWO courts 5v5 pick up games and a WHOLE ASS soccer game going on. bro we’re never getting out of our houses @WHOAbyck big country music video potentiali thought i was struggling with social distancing until my dad bought another tractor yes, two tractors. my parent…
i picked up dipping again because of how bored i am @MichaelJordyn @WHOAbyck this thread is boring
if i see this shit on another girls story ONE MORE FUCKING TIME i will do nothing but continue to complain over twi… take: The Equalizer 1 and 2 are top five Boston moviesyou’re screenshotting your group video chats and posting them on your story? i had no idea you had friends! what a… was doing great with social distancing until i started listening to The Weeknd’s new album. now my body yearns fo… write an article about my professional feats on a linkedin post because i’m so boredmaybe once we come out of quarantine it won’t be cool to be over 6ft anymorethat’s what y’all fuckin nerds get for giving me only $7 for my copy of GTA 5
remember when FaceTime was for distant relatives' new babies and boyfriends? now we get to video chat with Ted fro…
Retweeted by a little sadday 7 of quarantine: i just went to get a spoon to drink my water
i told myself in january my first purchase with my tax return would be a Nintendo Switch and Mario Party now i’m s… i don’t want to be a part of your Zion social distancing conference call but i would still like to be invitedFive jobs I’ve had— 1. hand 2. rim 3. blow 4. no 5. Digital Media Intern @n0toriousdev pass my number along to her
Philip Rivers is all I’ve ever know since i was 11 years old. I’m 26. I’m heartbroken he’s gone but everything can’… if Philip Rivers finishes off this deal with the Colts i’m abso not getting work done today @notthefakeSVP Suffolk University Senior and Captain, Tim Brigham, with the walkoff today in their last game of the…
Retweeted by a little sadyou’re gonna drop the Tom Brady news on day two of WFH quarantine and expect me to get shit done?i already know my ex is bored as hell during quarantine bc now we’re arguing againmy current count of times i said “stay safe” to someone today: 5
we get it, you’re breakfast bar is now your new home office @MichaelJordyn some of us have ex girlfriends that we still have to prove we’re having more fun without. mind ya damn business
last night i was talking to a girl and she asked me how i would explain my personality trait in a nutshell i said… feel like we don’t talk about the American Christian Nu Metal band P.OD. enough
talking to a random drunk guy at 19: “bro so what sports did you play in high school?” talking to a random drunk d… had a 7am wake up time to drive down to Richmond this morning and realized that watching the sun rise from the ho…
If these are the white ones just imagine the athletic ones 😤😤😤
Retweeted by a little sadi’m about to singlehandedly beat coronavirus ass and stuff that nerd in a locker bout to be horny as hell when they get out of quarantine in a few months @WHOAbyck don’t have the heart to tell him i moved statesSchools: closed Sporting events: cancelled Concerts: postponed My drug dealer: still grinding Please remain home as long as possible Whiteside:
Retweeted by a little sadme: “so what’re we gonna do without sports” roommate 1: “probabaly watch more reality tv” me: “maybe i’ll buy a b…
@itslilmooney my venmo is james-reyes-8 please may i borrow some cash? i’m only 5’6 and my ex girlfriend needs to g… i could rely on the Russians to keep on chugging along. this is now a KHL stan account @Brooks_Shyman well fuck now what do we do