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Anton @ayyschirripa Boorloo, Wadjuk Budja

BlakTwitter’s Prodigal Son. Aboriginal Education. Teacher. Ngarabal. He/Him

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@bjbirney1977 @BarbsMac2144 @BuzzRothfield This is called white fragility. Grow up. @BasilZempilas @SevenPerth @YouTube Great, we have white supremacists at a federal level and now we have a transphobe at the local level. @NayukaGorrie
@MadelineHayman @thejimmalo Radeline Mayman-Heber @BlackSubzero24 @Snow_Fyre82 @Public_Citizen You’re right, she kept it between her and her 67.1M closest friends. @MelissaMaykin I just want to smash my face into that container so hard @cowdisley @MadelineHayman Your definition sounds 100% accurate, expect it.Nyorn bub. makes me weak is ppl crying over lattes whilst being wilfully ignorant of cultural genocide; but swings and ro…
Retweeted by AntonAs many people watched one of the Djab Wurrung livestreams yesterday as the live Dan Andrews presser. People are in…
Retweeted by Anton
@zebrazyra @Joe_Hildebrand Wtf are you talking about @Joe_Hildebrand @sallyrugg @charles_haig01 @NSWLabor @Joe_Hildebrand @sallyrugg @charles_haig01 @NSWLabor You literally retweet constantly instead of replying just to i… @AETCEWA81 You TO you don’t need an invite @tonybareljr @privatisedgulag @hongandbo @hillfolkAU @Joe_Hildebrand Calm down, 87. @charles_haig01 @Joe_Hildebrand @NSWLabor @sallyrugg Wtf is the shit @Joe_Hildebrand @sallyrugg @charles_haig01 @NSWLabor The ratio. The ratiooooooo.I’m 30 next week.Fixed it
Retweeted by Anton#NoTreesNoTreaty hate this place, I swear. a very emotional Facebook live, South West representative of the First People's Assembly of Victoria,…
Retweeted by AntonElected Victorian Treaty representative and Djabwurrung woman, Sissy Austin, will be going live on Facebook at 7pm…
Retweeted by AntonA heads up for anyone who asks me questions that are easily searchable: @RSheaLancaster1 @DanielAndrewsMP It’s very important that I remind you google is free and my time is not.As I said, you cannot be a Dan stan and an ally. You cannot. @nakkiahlui allies in my replies.“Considered by some people” is such an insult. @BundjalungBud @vixx_pixx @DanielAndrewsMP I don’t give a shit about what bare minimum thing you did today, but thanks for comment… taking the time to reply to a Blakfullas tweet to defend a politician, instead of just scrolling on. Allies… you still stan @DanielAndrewsMP you don’t care about Blak folks, Blak deaths or Blak lives. You are not an ally. I report this for pornography?
@newscomauHQ @DanielAndrewsMP Aren’t you embarrassed of this @jackpayn @DanielAndrewsMP @firstpeoplesvic Hey this is a load of shit if you don’t actually follow through with actions. How… colony. @DanielAndrewsMP 🥰 Enjoy a drink while you destroy sacred Aboriginal land and sacred spaces 🥰
@mrbenjaminlaw Literally 😔 @LukeLPearson @pandacoz @abcnews A simple google would’ve been enough before posting this. @ChristinaP Hey you’re racist and it’s not funny.Remember how I said I hate @abcnews the other day? Well, now @gavmorris has made me hate it more.Public: *disapproves of band’s links to illegal imprisonment of refugees and asylum seekers* @sam_armytage: “Social… @MelindaMann01 @CanonTakeMeAway @justinhendrix @axidentaliberal @JoeBiden This is a bad take. @sam_armytage @wearesheppard This is aggressively on brand for you, given where their start- up money comes from 👏🏽 @AJ_Whittaker Definitely! @SezClom Lord there is a shit tonne of assumed privilege in that thread.“Wow rentals are pretty expensive and scarce at the moment” “You’re better off buying!” OH HAHA THANKS VERY HELPFUL ADVICE. I’LL DO THAT.
@William61934776 @joewilliams_tew @instagram @Facebook Seems legit @SouthwickMP @DanielAndrewsMP @AFL And you won’t be remembered at all. @MelindaMann01 “The rest were boring” @Slinky8319 @MelindaMann01 Yes! Qwhite interesting! @Slinky8319 @richardvogt2019 Ok coloniser @Slinky8319 @vapemyworld @Slinky8319 @richardvogt2019 Did... did you read this before posting it? We are calling our your privilege and racism...? @Slinky8319 @MelindaMann01 No @MelindaMann01 is the spokesperson for all “aboriginals” didn’t you hear? We had the… @Slinky8319 Fuck your reconciliation 😂 to self: do not use an Australian sporting hashtag in your tweets about decolonisation, sovereignty or self-determination. @Slinky8319 @stevesolomons Because we... want... Land Back? @stevesolomons wish I had a mentor like this when I did my undergrad. @stevesolomons I don’t even know what this says.A lot of yt people overwhelmed by the Welcome to Country at #AFLGF, becoming “emotional”... so... Land Back?Are you all seeing @ThelmaPlum_ and #ElectricFields at #AFLGF RIGHT NOW?!?!
@suprnturl Wtf @Sharon_Davis_ If you can’t see the ocean... @The1stImmortal @MattBobBrad @callum6052 @smh @tomdecent You missed the point @amymcquire This man could’ve been born without a voice box and he would still have managed to profit off of genocide. @callum6052 @smh @tomdecent That’s not important context? That’s important in pointing out the tokenism of Blak art on uniforms. @DidYaEvaNotice @lidia__thorpe Remember: google is free @skyeakbar spent a good hour looking at Instagram filters and two things are clear: 1. White people love blackfishing 2.…
Another day, another yt person “walking the songline”...? @warriors_human Absolutely fucking not. @someboddyels @ragepath @emmettoreilly @ladygasdr @_ashmip @OzKitsch Integrated 🤮 @JM_Field5 The terrified look on her face the entire time will haunt my dreams. @RonnieGreher @strongblacklead @netflix @Letterman Urgh just say you hate strong Black women and be done with it @emmettoreilly @_ashmip @OzKitsch Hey everyone don’t worry the white guy says it’s not racist @BlackwellJ_ used to love home makeover shows. Now when I watch them and hear, “we are doing this on a TINY $60k budget?!?” I feel a bit sick. @BlackwellJ_ I bought the jumper like an absolute fool @Saflmtd That’s 40 $2 coins and that’s heavy to carry around. @johncardillo You should’ve just sat there and continue to repress your own dad issues. @abcnews You know who doesn’t need sympathy, or an entire article about their struggle? This insect.Ok, I hate @abcnews I’m done forever.
@AintLeft How have you been on this app for 4+ years, have over 800 followers, 10k+ tweets... and still have an ave… @angelgabe6 Petty one 😂😂 @Josieamycashman Reported. This is racist and you make all of us shame. Who claims you? Tell them to come get their lost one. @evanwilliams“We need curfews AT NIGHT to stop all these crimes happening in BROAD DAYLIGHT” e right bub probably should’ve thou… @AintLeft @MelodyMac51 @endlessyarning If all these things are happening in broad daylight... I got some bad news a… @MelodyMac51 @endlessyarning “Human rights champion” unless they’re Blak kids.Why do yt people always say things like, “I’m just trying to see both sides” like yt opinions should have equal wei… 😭😭😭 @TomCBallard Annnnnnd you can get in the bin.Have you ever seen a candidate less likely to be elected than @DebFrecklington ?? @SteveKe51546457 @abcnews Such a coincidence... 51546457 is my favourite number too.