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i make music and videos + try not to let the feelings eat me. go watch/listen. send me a letter: // enquiries @

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@5675543425678W yes, can u charge ur phone? i’m trying to commune w uI did not fully appreciate the issue with "most cops don't live in the neighborhood they police" until seeing this
Retweeted by آي دلم!the @god_colony mixtape CULT is out tomorrow on our label MAD WORLD. Some real all stars came through for this, suc…
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Congrats to @god_colony on CULT---absolute fire🔥🔥🔥🔥 and so many amazing guests: @flohio16 @MykkiBlanco @azadi_mp3 P…
Retweeted by آي دلم!Album Of The Day on @Bandcamp — ‘CULT’ by @god_colony — guest features include @MykkiBlanco @isamayaffrench
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@miskeenaizu omg looks sikkgood evening @gullygayleo bro :( this shit is so evil. they rlly just be playing w people’s/community’s well-being for nothing @gullygayleo man.... is there any petition or any way ppl can help? @gullygayleo !!!! the cruelty of this country is truly unmatched @gullygayleo that’s so fucked up...
what if all the random coins you find around your house are from insects paying you rent ??
Retweeted by آي دلم!the real housewives of beverly hills has me by the neck... i cannot look awayfeeling very sad , another day ey ?
Hard to understand why the Home Office wants to deport people who were born in this country to places they have nev…
Retweeted by آي دلم!RIP Jair Bolsonario.. hes not dead but by god i wish he wasGhislaine Maxwell is being moved to the same prison where Jeffrey Epstein was suicided. You literally couldn’t mak…
Retweeted by آي دلم!narcissists everywhere bro... it’s actually very mad
#FreeBritney :
Retweeted by آي دلم!Today it is worth remembering that Winston Churchill voted against establishing the NHS 21 times.
Retweeted by آي دلم!its a bit fucked how we’re all depressed and almost all of our time spent on this earth is trying to find a way to…
Retweeted by آي دلم!This woman spoke truth about this UK. Nice that it’s coming from her so raw
Retweeted by آي دلم!imagine singing like a bird. imagine not sounding like those turning barrels that mix concretei chimed in with a haven’t you people ever heard of wearing a goddamn mask
Retweeted by آي دلم!the world is so finished.. everything is so finished.. we’re soon to be cooked, ah man how do we all just get up an…
yh.. we do not tolerate britney slander in this house's now legal for two households to meet up, but they have to be both alike in dignity
Retweeted by آي دلم!petition to get @CESCABLUE_ to make a video of her doing this’ve seen too many crazy stop and search videos in London lately. This information is taken from…
Retweeted by آي دلم!any other country and they’d have an animated infographic of the death toll of protestors and 1000 thinkpieces on t… should waive their revenue once a month every month regardless of a pandemic. Musicians are ridiculously…
Retweeted by آي دلم!The British Press rented a flat opposite Nye Bevan’s flat in London during the time he was creating the NHS. They h…
Retweeted by آي دلم!the baddest b to ever do it ‼️ riot police but let it be a block party on ends.
Retweeted by آي دلم!anyone i know out tonight milling around in soho?? if so lemme know by liking this tweet so i can block u x
u know wot yh... a lot of people want to talk a lot of poo poo !! i’m not havin it !absolutely finito, pandemic or not, street parties are not worth sending terrorising stormtroopers to
Retweeted by آي دلم!Another officer received a text with the photos taken at the public memorial for Elijah McClain and replied, “haha.”
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absolute scenes mate !!!! absolute scenes !! the absurdity of life is rlly kicking my arse rn !Exactly
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hope ghislaine doesn’t “ kill herself “ !so sick when u watch a show and u see ur homie just pop up and enjoy . lovely to see u in “I may destroy u”… be like “I know a place” and regardless of where it is it’s a prison
Retweeted by آي دلم!what do i want
Retweeted by آي دلم!being a cia asset nowadays has to be so depressing bro you go in thinking you're gonna be an action star and then t…
Retweeted by آي دلم!romeo had bpd
Retweeted by آي دلم!dg chekar konam?
Retweeted by آي دلم!Please take 2 minutes to listen to Mina. Please just 2 minutes out of your day. 🙏🏾
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"Defund the cops." "Juneteenth is an official holiday." "Ok but the cops?" "We changed a syrup bottle!" "The cops?"…
Retweeted by آي دلم!Snipers on Elijah’s mother while she spoke. Riot gear to dismantle a violin vigil with children in a park. Tear gas…
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we don’t want it. why can u magic up 2.5 BILLION for prisons but when children are starving in schools it’s budget… is just...smh. Another Black trans girl was murdered. When we said protect Black trans women—we meant our yout…
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Also Malcolm X told us the white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and…
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Pardis (near Tehran) gives off some deeply cursed vibes
Retweeted by آي دلم!i won't say it's too hot, but i will say that capitalism has not managed to create comfortable and habitable architecture
Retweeted by آي دلم! @_karan_ .... i feel seen
The Onion is reality now
Retweeted by آي دلم!Black Lives Matter. 2 Black Women were stabbed to death last week? It's kind of been crickets I know a lots g…
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swear they said police brutality don’t exist in the UK?
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The fact that cops can take a still from a video and identity a partial tee shirt logo and track it to Etsy to find…
Retweeted by آي دلم!“I told them ‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘please don’t kill me’. I was on the floor with loads of pressure on me. I was s…
Retweeted by آي دلم!listen to the nectar of the gods ‼️💯
y’all look at what this girl from nyu created:
Retweeted by آي دلم!bandcamp day today and all proceeds go to the NAACP ! go and buy buy ! 10 weeks of clapping for the NHS, the Tories have quietly announced they are terminating student nurse contra…
Retweeted by آي دلم!if you abolish the police then what about crimes. who will commit crimes then
the silicon valley surveillance state said “masks are thwarting facial recognition technology we need new repressiv…
Retweeted by آي دلم! @yourgirlfranks why did they give u this feature .
dunno why i’m acting like this tweet itself isn’t already past its expiry date @issahev @dreamboat4000 @vivianoparah ..... @dreamboat4000 @issahev @vivianoparah the libra energy radiating off here is intense... @issahev @vivianoparah @dreamboat4000 like...! am i meant to be sorry that my cat isn’t a BEG? because i’m not ! @vivianoparah @dreamboat4000 @issahev ok fine. he is very cuddly but it took 2-4 business months @dreamboat4000 @issahev @vivianoparah they do be cuddly still... @vivianoparah @issahev @dreamboat4000 she told me if u foster u don’t rlly get to choose i don’t think - but if u a… @issahev @dreamboat4000 @vivianoparah looool tru ! @dreamboat4000 @vivianoparah oh mane... she has bare cats tho it’s prob the covid that’s been preventing all the tings @dreamboat4000 @vivianoparah london inner city kitties (otherwise known as l.i.c.k)missing corbyn hours always open
Retweeted by آي دلم!The criminalisation of black creatives vocal in social justice issues goes back decades btw
Retweeted by آي دلم!Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Company Accounts show c£103M profit over last 5 years, but paid ZERO UK corporation tax. The tax…
Retweeted by آي دلم!want to tweet things that could endanger my future citizenship application 😔
Retweeted by آي دلم!at this point i’m just three romantic flipagrams of corbyn away from tossing myself out of a windowNO your email did NOT find me well, it found me ravaged with STRESS AND THE EFFECTS OF TIME
Retweeted by آي دلم!An Open Letter to all MPs in Parliament... #maketheUturn Please retweet and tag your local MPs
Retweeted by آي دلم!these feelings are pathetic tho.. stupidly naive.. i know that too.. i don’t know much else tho.. head fuckin empty.. smooth brainthe state of the world is something i can barely fathom , feel like my chest is caving in most days , none of it is… it might be a spiral!! yes everything is otherwise absolutely fine !! yes i’m making my life harder for myself… ... i’m bored of this stupid bone machine and the dumb butter in my skull that makes everything go fast and slow and fuckedman.... u know them ones that have u feeling like ur on ur ones but it’s prob not rlly them ones there3am online activities as a placeholder for a declining trajectory vis a vis my mental health send tweet3years ago today my cousin & aunt burned alive on the 20th floor of a death trap. Nobody has been charged, and nobo…
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