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Photogrammetry at @realities_io / Puzzlemaker at @PuzzlingPlaces / Host of @researchvrcast Podcast. I like flying cameras

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We crossed 50 Patrons last weekend! 🎊 To celebrate, we’re releasing a FREE new puzzle for all to play! Boat Josefa…
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ.He’s streaming in a lightfield format before they even invent it
He's now in Bourj Hamoud - which I spent a large part of my childhood in @dannyaroslavski It’s really funny that hand tracking in 2015 (DK2 + leap motion) is many ways was better than what… posted another stream as of an hour ago in English showing the results of the cleanup - cleans up the wreckage after the blast? When you have no gvmt to rely on, it’s up to you + neighbors Leb YTer…
@mkdotam Քաքը կերանք @stufankjian Yup, especially LA. When I moved to the US from Beirut, meeting kids from LA speaking English with a L… @duck @Knusper2000 Nice. Seems perfect to use with photogrammetry datasets (that are typically in the 100’s to low… @JonVirtual We’re working on it. Will let you know how you can contribute
@AErebuni You should see how many Lebanese people are calling to revert to being a French mandate again. There are… @rob_robby Yeah it’s absolutely the worst possible combination. hyperinflation + covid + wrecked apartments, shops, cityNot a single person I know in Beirut hasn’t been affected. The scale is truly truly immense. Սիրտերնիս կոտրված է
anyone noticed this yacht that's flipped over? cycle*The sad thing about Beirut is that in about 3 weeks, it’ll be out of the new cycle and all but forgotten for most p… @IRCSS Deoldify? @mxfh how so? in alignment? @mxfh ground + aerial datasets can easily align together if you start your drone capture from a similar height and…
If you are abroad and you really want to help #Lebanon, there is a way. Donate to any of the following NGOs who ar…
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ.REVEALED: The blast was heard 150 miles away in Cyprus #Beirut #Lebanon #beirutexplosion
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ.Note: the site will require you to create an account. You can change the donation frequency to One-Time instead of monthly recurringThis looks almost like a CG shot The shockwave went through the city destroying everyone's windows and homes. The… 😞 videos from #Beirut are terrifying, please take a moment to share and donate what you can 🇱🇧
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ. @_kjagadish Photo>video for reconstruction. There’s no reason to do videogrammetry if you can do photogrammetry. Hi… @NineOfNein @_kjagadish Yes, if you plan out a shoot, a drone would work even better. But when I’m out and about, I… @mxfh lol being creative/surreal with it is actually not a bad solution at all @eijiphotogra Which app? @_kjagadish Oh, not to mention, if you’re lucky, the body is full reconstructed, but the surface will be noisy whic… @_kjagadish Using a circular polarizing filter for your lens can help cut reflections. If the car is slightly dirty… there were a good solution for closing the roofs of scanned cars
Check out the Sketchfab scenes - the @sketchfab uploads for last year's @tumocenter drone photogramemtry class with 360 skyboxes using… some people asked, here is how to include your equirectangular panorama capture as a skybox in @Sketchfab sce…
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ.
@deprecatedcoder @JustGetFlux It works exactly how it should work. Thanks for the rec @deprecatedcoder @JustGetFlux Does that control brightness or the amount of yellow/blue?
Imagine if Win10 had a brightness dimmer for desktops.... example of video + tracking info using ARkit for CG compositing
Nice example of how much of perception is top down @cinedatabase Gravity sketch has developed into a pretty advanced 3D tool -
@hrag I miss the pinch to fullscreen gesture @ColinNorthway @sickandwant2die technically, they got that notification because you replied directly to them. That…
@ryanvalentin Absolutely
Incredibly inspiring work from the NY Times RnD division @NYTimesRD finding a native way to incorporate PG scans in… left sf before it was cool damnit @seth_lamberton The tools (paid and open source) are getting better and cheaper for sure. Meshroom has had large ad… last but certainly not least, - use cases: more examples of to be inspired from, more experimentation, more it… CV: solving hard PG problems like transparency, thin objects, reflectivity, etc - Rendering: better game engines,…'s a "Moore's Law" type of certainty about advancements in photogrammetry over the coming decade that excite m…
Really hope in 5-10 years, there will be progress on devices like this. If you think about it, we haven’t had any r…’s a concept we are working on: 3D scanning from a #MagicLeap headset. the future of #XR? Let us know what yo…
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ. @BryanChrisBrown @3dprintingnerd I sometimes get those too on certain prints, haven’t figured out how to fix it. In…
@DannyBittman Yup, noticed this as well. The voice sounds incredibly realistic compared to my iPhone screen dictation
@BOLL7708 Yup, it was built by Leia as their first introduction into the consumer world. The quality of display is… lightfield display incoming Curious how it compares to its predecessor in the RED Hydrogen One sourcing photogrammetry datasets can also include the price of using the PG processing software (as @IRCSS did…’ve been consistently working on the @PuzzlingPlaces gameplay mechanics and interactions to test with our discord…
3D slitscan #lidar #ARt #realtime #augmentedreality #ARkit4 #ipad #codeart
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ. @algomystic Nice
@cyannick 🙌🏽
@Aidan_Wolf Agreed. IMO the fact that a lot of AR/VR devs are making interactive games today will give them the exp… @Anticleric Lol, I’m using the USB C cable from an SSD + a 3.0 extension. Spent 0 extra dollars than what I had my…
@lucyulunts Lol they’re playing the anti-drone war theresighh ընեմ* @algomystic Nice @jackieyang_ @UweGruenefeld I wonder how big of a difference high refresh rate VR displays have made in mitigating… country of origin (Lebanon) is experiencing its final stage of brain-drain due to its failing economy My countr…
@themathlizard Mine’s in Anjar :) @AndreElijah @benz145 It’s of course, the role for the dev to either take that at face value, or maybe dig a little… @AndreElijah @benz145 I say this as someone who finds myself often rationalizing and empathizing with devs on their… @AndreElijah @benz145 There’s an argument to be made that users should unequivocally express their wants and desire… @hmltn Since each portrait mode photo includes depth map, your assumption about being able to focus around the phot…
@BOLL7708 Slicing is now pretty fool proof. Use Cura (freee). Lots of fantastic tutorials on YouTube As for CAD,… @ArtyomTonoyan @mkdotam Լաւ, կը տեսնենք @mkdotam @ArtyomTonoyan Hosal @gemisisDev Which already works today and will get that much better next gen when it ships with dedicated streaming hardware
@hmltn It’s clear that one device can be both standalone + PC VR, to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if ther… @robbietilton Simple and great 👌🏽 @aniacopian @vincestaples @GovBallNYC @jackgorlin @ScottBorrero You never fail to find the most creative shit to do with camerasAlso, really appreciated the whole last quarter explaining why NN’s were needed to have proper blurFantastic talk about Oculus's next-gen varifocal optics. Truly grateful for the work being done behind the scenes @iBrews Where? On your YT channel?
@nicklovescode I can imagine that it also took a while for people to recognize photographers as artists, especially… @themikepan @TomMerfy The problem is in the depth maps. If your NN can do a pass over the depth maps of every image… @SafeSelfDrive Nice. This used to be common in 90’s Mercedes cars
@Azadux True, but also, check out these dope analogue photogrammetry machines!
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ. @Ejnaren Absolutely fascinating. There’s so many variations too! Would be amazing to scan one of the larger ones :) @Ejnaren fascinating! @ArtyomTonoyan Ordered @LuminEyeLimited @jimmygunawanapp RC has an all inclusive Start button as well ;) TBH I think both software have… @jimmygunawanapp You DID need to know chemistry to do photography in the early photography days Photogrammetry is… : Chemistry Photogrammetry : 3D Software It's useful to think about why certain photographers were mor… @dannyaroslavski @leal_ao_leo @_LucasRizzotto Hard to give a number especially because I’ve processed maybe 4 scans…
@agent_cooper Wow @leal_ao_leo @dannyaroslavski @_LucasRizzotto massive difference, especially as datasets get bigger. Not to mention… @sterlingcrispin @hellorobotinc I have a feeling programmable all purpose robots like this will become much much mo… @dannyaroslavski @_LucasRizzotto But yeah Lucas, do orbits around your room like this ensuring you move only one st… @dannyaroslavski @_LucasRizzotto Absolutely, I’ve gotten the best results using RC. I wrote that guide for beginner…
@s4l4x @AndrewProjDent Agreed. I ended up change out the desk top with this bamboo table instead…