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Photogrammetry at @realities_io / Host of @researchvrcast Podcast. I like flying cameras

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@dequinix You’re clearly so behindIMO the more people make fun of Goop/Gwyneth Paltrow, the more people it will attract to watch/buy her products and…
@TrevorFSmith Can’t wait for those 5G fpv gogglesLol, is it even worth trying to unpack this ad? @DannyBittman @kentbye @JCFreehogg @hmltn Yeah, there have been a few researchy solutions for it -… do think there's a massive disconnect between world of consumer VR (games, productivity & creative apps, adult en… @vr_sam @kentbye @cortneyharding @Osso_VR @TheMarsSociety @rivr_uk Having not seen the Accenture or Walmart trainin… @vr_sam @kentbye @cortneyharding The type of skills I have in mind: - training railway electricians (… @vr_sam @kentbye @cortneyharding Interesting, what sort of soft skills?For the record, I’m fine with retiring the Go from being sold to consumers (basically younger kids that want vr but…’s interesting to see this twitter feud recently @hmltn writes for enthusiasts, consumers, gamers where the newe… felt like a “only 80’s kids get this” circlejerk for like 300 pages
One line only - 3D drawing Created in #AnimVR on #OculusRift Rendered in Blender's Cycles renderer #b3d #ballet
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ. @DennysKuhnert @holoception Ah I missed the launch! Purchased @DennysKuhnert @holoception Is this out yet?
@sutu_eats_flies Careful, don’t get sick either @sutu_eats_flies Nice, congrats!Shah wrote a free script for having smooth camera flythrough for real time screen recordings in Unity. Definitely… @HovhanNaz I’d love to 3D scan it when I’m back there in July. Any clue who I can talk to about it? @HovhanNaz Fascinating. Is it publicly accessible?
@sterlingcrispin Doesn’t seem like a bad ad tbh. I was expecting like a full on AR nav visualization, but it only s… @michaelhazani Yeah, I just manually type in 0 for rotating on the wrong axis again LOL. It’s a nightmare with large meshesWorking on a post-mortem writeup this week for the project we did for Audi Also, photogrammetry #dataisbeautiful week at #CES, the passengers of #Audi’s AI:ME autonomous concept car put on a VR headset and flew through the…
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ. @MoldyMagnet I thought it was the other way around where the people dressed up and posed to match specific anime sh…
@JonVirtual Hehe such a clever shot @albn I’m Hassan Paul Bunyan @SkarredGhost @reddit Mind posting the source link?it’s 2020 and i’m single so i made an ad for myself figure i might have better luck sharing on here than limiting…
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ.We don't want players to skip credits! That's why in Bizarre Barber, credits are playable and fun! Also, extra than…
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@DannyBittman @Liftoffgame Nope. Playing it on my PC monitor though @jaymis It’s really a perfect environment to simulate cause all you’re interfacing with is a controller anyway! Ive… @micahstubbs @Data01 @realities_io Yeah that was why I went down that route in the first place @ThreeWolfPizza @Liftoffgame it just takes time!One last thing: You can fly in a 1:1 recreation of @joshuabardwell's backyard. So you watch his tutorial on learnin… @francis_systems I’m jealous. Still haven’t tried it out yet!This idea of testing a product in VR before you buy has been a concept thrown around the industry for a few years,… flying FPV in @Liftoffgame with the same RC controller I use to fly real drones, training real muscle me… @Data01 @realities_io More paperwork and annual fees mostlyFYI, azadux LLC is now dissolved (as Ive had a full time job at @realities_io for a year). In retrospect, prob shou… @MrLeeMason @tipatat Hmm haven’t tried that! @MrLeeMason @tipatat Yeah I do too
@_ameenz I can’t really speak about the shader/engine side, but he uses a 360 camera to capture while walking throu… @tipatat I’d bet money that in a few decades, the weird polygonated glitchy photogrammetry will be a cool style lik… @sirkitree Yeah exactly. Very uncanny Visor makes sense cause it’s a signal to people that you’re wearing somethin… are so creative. Again, so much cool photogrammetry coming out of Japan
IMO the visor looks the coolest for AR compared to all the glasses frames job
Okay. This was the game changing thing I saw just now at #CES2020. It’s from a company called “Looking Glass.” Thei…
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ. @rainthstrive @ResearchVRcast 🙌🏽 @rainthstrive Between a full time job and trying to keep up with doing @ResearchVRcast Podcast, wasn’t easy to keep…
@artfletch @nebulousflynn Nice writeup! @MrSchubert @NickAtLoot Leaving tomorrow morning, but I appreciate the invite! Definitely curious to try it @MrSchubert @alfredo_xr Glad to hear it and cool that you actually use it often. Have you talked to other people working out there? @MrSchubert @alfredo_xr Tbh the content element might be the most challenging. Either you’re lucky with talent that… @NickAtLoot Very briefly for work @alfredo_xr @MugOfPaul It’s equivalent to how much Equinox costs - @alfredo_xr Is that actually how much it costs?Somehow, leasing prime commercial real estate in SF doesn’t seem like the best idea for a VR company
One cool thing is that with photogrammetry scenes, you can generate stills/videos with super clean depth maps at very high resolutionsSmartphones’ portrait mode generate photos with depth maps. It’s only a matter of time that they do with video as well @LKGGlass is releasing first party apps to view volumetric content captured on smartphones on their vol. display S… @mark_creasy @VRUnicorns Great video! @alfredo_xr I’m just gonna have to try this again tomorrow 😑 @BOLL7708 Yeah I should just write out a list of opinions with a fightme.gif :) @Ruuubick_ True
@JonVirtual Anything!I’m curious if questions like these can help reduce blind spots in perspectives that I hadn’t consideredMore innovation happening despite Facebook's curation policies, not because of them. People are willing to jump thr…
Retweeted by azad balabanian | Ազատ Պ.Last year, @CixLiv convinced me that working out in VR is very much underrated and under-developed Since then,…
@SuzanneBorders I’m convinced it’s the most important quality of leadership @alfredo_xr Real time sound effects and soundtrack
@HovhanNaz Anahid Yeremian - Particle Accelerator Physicist at Stanford’s SLAC and heavily involved in Armenia’s Co… @nwilliams030 Often, my fam uses multiple languages in one sentence (Armenian, English, Arabic). Transliteration us… @andreeavr Yeah that’s exactly right. New tech’s initial hype almost always overestimates impact in short term whil… @JoshuaCorvinus @WilBown @Heaney555 @hmltn I def see your point (and agree), but wouldn’t that be better done with… @andreeavr It doesn’t need to (although IMO it will look massive compared to now in 5-7 years) Neither drones or… @WilBown @JoshuaCorvinus @Heaney555 @hmltn IMO backtops seem that way for me! Problem: high end vr needs a PC with…
@JoshuaCorvinus @Heaney555 @hmltn Haha the stuff getting stolen issues of public VRing are a whole other topic for… @JoshuaCorvinus @Heaney555 @hmltn PLUS video streaming tech (like 60Ghz routers) serve a broader use case beyond VR… @JoshuaCorvinus @Heaney555 @hmltn If thing you’re solving is wire-free PC VR, focusing on improving streaming is IM… @JoshuaCorvinus @Heaney555 @hmltn Have you ever tried one at home? It’s really not a great consumer device when you…
@AustinBeaulier @AmandaSonnensch Nice! Post the link when it’s up @Teknobabel Nice, Angle mode indoors, acro outside. Spent a while trying to come up with a comfortable PID, but fou… @IRCSS @RealityCapture_ Nicely done my man @KynanPearson It’s a great time to be alive! @BenerotEmpire Very much so. When you come across your body while flying, you don’t really associate with it at all. Might as well be anyone @farty Yeah there’s a few things I didn’t know I needed to change to reduce the noise @KynanPearson I’m taking a ginger root pill before flying now, although I’m not sure it’s making a big difference.… @evansall Yeah seems like either I need to change to race 8 or change the VTX down from 200mw to 25 @graycrawford @MrSchubert I think around 20ms from Sticks -> to drone moving -> to eyes, feels instant. You also… @alexqgb You should see how good people are on YouTube 😅 @alfredo_xr Yes. it’s a trip @spencerlindsay See @spencerlindsay I’m trying to get all my friends into it! @alfredo_xr That’s exactly what it kinda feels like @spencerlindsay Yup that’s all recorded live. There might be some knowledge I’m missing to have less static but ove… @MrSchubert I still love my Mavic for photogrammetry but IMO gimbaled smooth video has become so ubiquitous that it… @MrSchubert Quad: Tinyhawk II (~100$) Controller: Frsky QX7 (~150$) Headset: Fatshark HDO (Overkill for this tiny d… weird to look at yourself in the mirror to realize how small you are