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Photogrammetry at @realities_io | Puzzlemaker at @PuzzlingPlaces. I like flying cameras

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Searching for App Lab games/apps is broken on @oculus currently (in mobile app and in Quest) Oh dear 😣 @balajis This is called lateral inhibition in visual perception as a way of boosting signal -
@meneper I have a DYI 5 inch quad that I was hoping this would replace but I’ve come to realize that I like working on my 5 inch instead @moritzw Yes, I keep mistyping this. I meant to say compressed
Join us in an hour on Clubhouse! I'll be talking about my experience using a Quest 2 as a virtual desktop/monitor… know it’s a Long shot, but I’m Selling my DJI FPV combo with some extras (including a 3D printed battery holder)…
@timeboyticktock @johnkrausphotos @SpaceX @elonmusk Also just realized my question makes no sense. The sky would be… Twitter’s #nocrop update with one of my fav photos of Joshua Tree @johnkrausphotos @SpaceX @elonmusk Such an incredible shot! How does one expose for the super bright rocket exhaust… @DuckbillStudio I have one and I use it most for camera work, like in this video (it’s in real time, not keyframed)… @divographics Beautiful work!
May Puzzle - Gothic Corner #51 Puzzle together this corner cross section of the Monastery of San Salvador de Oña i…
Retweeted by Azad Balabanian | Ազատ Պ. @jacek_jaskolski @Scaniverse Pretty much all the photogrammetry processing software could use a nice rectangular or…
@choy Ahh how cool!! @artfletch This is glorious @nikkiccccc @dannyaroslavski Worked great! Connected to PC via Bluetooth. I was even able to switch which PC I was streaming fr…
@David_Jagneaux Bad Company 2, Titanfall 2, and Doom! I think the latency with VR desktop streaming might be the sa… 2 hrs working and 2-3 hrs gaming with virtual desktop from my couch using a mouse and keyboard, in 90 hz on a… @VRDesktop Great! Does it currently work without streaming? (like with an Index plugged in to a machine with a 144hz display) @VRDesktop Now that 120hz works for VR game streaming, will it work for monitor streaming Virtual Desktop as well?… @GizmoJuggler @alexqgb Must be @jordialonso @spmaker oh, duh! @NatSpectrum @shawnfrompdx true! @pushmatrix yup! it's not uncommon to see it IRL without displays/glasses too @shawnfrompdx Check out the history section of the wiki! It could be that some artists rec… is super strong when using Virtual Desktop in VR. Everything red appears way in front of everythin… @lileaLab I bought a 20TB NAS (that's now 88% full😅) to have a somewhat safe way to store years worth of work. And… @spmaker Actually what I really like about it is that you can control what is in “focus” (or how do you call it whe… @spmaker Excellent! I really like the do-it-yourself mode to have better control over where each photo is taken is now available! This is an application to take 3D photos with an iPhone with…
Retweeted by Azad Balabanian | Ազատ Պ.We should sacrifice more drones to get up close footage of tornados -
@RockArtPortal1 @O_Hitsuji_san @RealityCapture Such a clear idea capturing at night! I had never considered it @AndreElijah If your hobbies overlap with your work (they do for me), work on things that you normally don’t during the week for fun @AndreElijah You should try not working for “work” on weekends. Makes a big difference @benz145 @ID_AA_Carmack @fabio914 Always has been. Used to manually adjust the layers in OBS and make the FOV as wi… @System1998 @miguelbandera Yup
Obviously, the normals/geometry are by no means perfect To get a really clean result, I'd definitely need to shoot… Wide Entrance round of relighting tests in Blender are looking pretty good! @stim3on @miguelbandera I’ve been looking into shooting HDRIs with a drone for a drone scan (especially as it’s eas… @stim3on @miguelbandera Very nice! @stueve Very carefully haha. I’m not arbitrarily moving the camera up and down, I’m adjusting it based on how far t… @O_Hitsuji_san @RealityCapture So clean! @lileaLab Your hard drives will soon start to cry :) Try using the new lossless RAW compression for reduce file s… ~8hrs, texturing is complete (which took way longer than it should) I think the CPU was throttling itself (d… @GeoffreyMarchal Just make sure the period of the wave isn’t too big like the set I highlighted! a cool shot of the @SpaceX Capsule re-entry - @wildparadox 🙌🙌Texturing a 3mil tri "master mesh" at optimal texel resolution, which is 84 8k textures 64GBs of memory was a goo… mesh reconstruction with image downscale factor of 3 Resulting model is 200mil tri's which should be pl… @jm3 Same with telegram
@record3d @albn @Sketchfab Great! @albn @record3d @Sketchfab You should check out this new vol recording app that also does SLAM during recording (so… @michaelhazani @FelixGoldberg1 I doubt they planned or expected 30% of the workforce from leaving (especially compa… @miguelbandera Nice, thanks for this! @miguelbandera Hmm interesting. Any reason this can’t be done in blender as well?Soviet memorial taken over by Capitalist skaterbois @shlykur Yup. It’s a time saving maneuver we started experimenting with for drone scans that increases the effective FOV of the camera @shlykur @RealityCapture_ It should work for most if not all camera alignment algorithms!Getting a crash with @RealityCapture_ once again with reconstruction image downscale factor of 2 (1300 42mp photos)… @miguelbandera hmm can you show an example of how that works? @albertsierra_re @lileaLab @VoxelKei Everything aligned, waiting to see the quality of the reconstruction. I think… @albertsierra_re @lileaLab @VoxelKei Haha I can only thank the builders that they made the wall not perfectly flat :) @cYnborg Haha thankfully it’s night a rifle :) there are certain shutter speeds where if you stand still, you can c… @kylebrussell Don’t forget Echo Arena (super popular space frisbee football game) @cYnborg I do too! In my opinion, if you light the CG elements to match the baked-in lighting, things can look quit… @julien_kaye You should put this up on @SideQuestVR! Most VR people haven’t seen this yet in VRPrevious scan result (with baked in IRL lighting) and thread on the behind the scenes here - on feedback from a few Virt. Prod. professionals, I rescanned this Karl Marx Allee walkway on a cloudy day to… @Digital_Vix3n 💙💙 @nice_byte @benz145 Yeah I think it’s actually the black/white edges of each element moving for each directional prompt @stim3on Yeah you’re probably right @AustinBeaulier DuuuuudeCombining #photogrammetry with #VR mech kitbash in Adobe Medium. Bulldozer model by @Azadux. rendered in #Blender3d
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Sketchab real time render Not super happy with how it looks in Sketchfab though. Open to suggestions diffuse, Alt. Lit Diffuse (IRL lighting), AO, Normals'm starting to sell some of my scans that can be delit as CG ready assets for 3D artists, renderers, etc like this… @MrCatid This camera is even 5 years old! @stim3on Yup! @Prf_Moriarty Ive been very curious about 12 Pro's proRAW. Any chance you can send one of the photos from the datas… @Prf_Moriarty Compressed! The dynamic range is still the same, although there might be some differences in the deta… ridiculous dynamic range of A7rii's RAWs @marinasidesteve Hopefully in the future, everyone can scan to make their own puzzles :) @vincentspitale Nice, so it is still doing SLAM while recording, right? I haven’t seen that yet with the LIDAR vol. recordings yet
@hybridherbst @Sketchfab Yeah, it works decently well when the scan doesn’t have any direct lighting from the sun!It's always great to see something near and dear to your heart somewhere unexpected, especially in a game! We now… reached out to us asking for us to consider turning the scan into a puzzle - The scan…'s a cool story with this one. A few weeks ago, a player commented that a recent puzzle in Wales was only a f… @AustinBeaulier ExactlyThere’s something very sci-fi about mapping caves with autonomous drones - @AustinBeaulier @Sketchfab I just read about it last night. Will have to give it a go
@Split82 @Anticleric You should show her @PuzzlingPlaces. Moms love it :) @gfodor @_LucasRizzotto 2nded for Resolve. It was a good escape from Premiere Worth mentioning that I was getting… @krikorianm Toones es siroone yavreeg @dennyshess Printers are cheap now! I used my own ender 3 proI don’t have painting, I have a 3D print :)