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got a little bit of sleep thankfully can't fall asleep and I have class in 4 hours this genuinely sucks ass.actually i don’t need gas anymore
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』gn timelapse before bed @ywuria LETS GOOOOO CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK @ThyShyShark YEA im rlly excited im doin good tho, just trying to grind out my assignments so i can play a shit ton of halo lol @Viosmic LOL well hopefully ur liking it and dont go insane @TheKyubiiClan felt that, i just took a nap for 2 hours and now im super awake even tho ive got class in like 7 hours @deijiivt i felt that, im busting my ass to finish my work too we'll both get thru this 👍 @_nidoku for real 😔 hopefully itll be worth the wait @bunmeiRA IM FINE BUT HOW ARE YOU @korn0801 man i am so sorry youll get that good world eventually @ARelaxingSmile oo last week before graduating?? thats super exciting nice job on making it thru 👍👍👍I FINISHED MY RESEARCH PAPER LETS GOOOOOi do not wanna see the dumpster fire that twitter will be if tobey maguire and andrew garfield actually arent in no way homejust fell asleep for two and a half hours that felt so good @Oniimely perceiving @YUNAGOTMEAT ya its rlly difficultbask in my natural beauty #artvsartist2021
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』 @MayaVtuber and it's funny too 🤝 @hyourie_ that must be a rlly in depth quality check god damni forgot the halo infinite campaign comes out in like 2 days i gotta get my homework done ASAP so I can play that shit for hours @MayaVtuber use a pic of an actual pomsky instead of an irl pic lmaoThis is how NFTs work
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』 @iris_vallod nice :) glad ur happy with it @CupidMewx ong same here mines due on Thursday and I still gotta write a few more pages 😔 good luck on finishing ur… @iris_vallod how's it been?been a minute since I checked in with my mutuals how's it going?? has your day been good? @coshuniefangirl yea they're like a more "seasonal" theme luckily u can turn them off in the settings if u wantthe seasonal discord sounds are so bad LOL
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』 @CioStarVT damn they dipped as soon as u showed up lmao art thieves never learn 😔
@SquidWanted there's a chance they won't be completed but ive got faith they will it'd be lame if the final battle… @SquidWanted i might sound like a horikoshi dick rider when I say this but I doubt the final battle will be against… @HighRollerVT he's one of the best characters in the series and u know that @HighRollerVT mha discussions get intense sometimesThis Wednesday at 10AM Mst, we 0 to hero the entire story all day. Rts Appreciated, Link in comments! #Envtuber
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Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』🔮 redraw 🔮 march 2020 -> december 2021
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』squad
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』christmas @CioStarVT welcome back cio 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 glad to hear ur doing betterBright pretty colors are my jam :D #artvsartist2021
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』 @VtuberYubel my favorite dayhey fellas how we feelin on this godforsaken Monday古見さんのファンアートです。アニメを観ています
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』 @NanaAsteria this is so cool holy shit thank u @NanaAsteria DO ME DO MEZANKYOSANKA IS ON SPOTIFY ALREADY??? LETS FUCKING GOOOOO BANGER ALERT am i supposed to know if this 5 min tutorial is waste of time nowyoutube removing viewable dislikes was one of the dumbest things ever actually lmao
another day on twitter sure fucking hope so in fortnite looking kinda tempting ngl @Oniimely shes cute but she can kick ass finally got to ride his favourite train, Dick Mabutt! 👏👏
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』SORRY what’s this train called??? say it again my guy 😭
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』NEW DEMON SLAYER OPENING HYPE AS HELL GOD DAMNMade a tribute for Jinx @bigfootjinx
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』any mutuals/friends interested in helping me proofread some chapters of my story when theyre finished?? id love to…
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』started this with a random character sketch on a piece of paper almost 2 years ago and now im starting to actually… Hero Academia Popularity Poll Twitter Edition! I've created this poll for fun to see how the results will look…
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Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』 @coshuniefangirl its my writing graded on grammarly so u gotta type smthn out lol also i have the paid version so idk if u can do it 😔 @zinthie ohh i see, thats rlly cool 🙌🙌 im glad twitter introduced u to my daily shitposting lmaogrammarly says my vocab is below average and honestly i cant argue with it @idgnn_ thank u so much, it rlly means a lot 🙌🙌 i hope u like what ive got in store @idgnn_ ohh rlly?? that actually makes me super happy thank u :)i just wrote 1000+ words for my OC story when i couldve wrote 1000+ words of my research paper and finished it 😃ACADEMY AWARD WINNER MILES MORALES
Retweeted by Mark Azalea 🌺『KAITEKI LIVE』DEMON SLAYER ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT ARC TOMORROW LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @VtuberDethicide thanks deth :) that means a lot also its nice to see ya hope ur doing wellim rlly curious abt how some ppl come across my account like if its twitter recommending me to them for some reason or smthn elselook mom im actually writing something pls be proud of me @PrincessKyuuna ur scaring methe vibe for tonight to post this timelapse @korn0801 judging by the fact they compared it to rick and morty i dont think they docan we get this man an award for worst take ever FUCKING GO THIS LOOKS SO COOL OMG @LewdWeeb34 same but it was like that yesterday for me it was weird @hyuna_ferrin ohh ya it's been inconsistent here with the weather too lol it's rlly throwing me off glad to hear ur… at this Christmas ornament we have @JustKemren fr lol ppl expect u to research someone's account religiously it's insane @coshuniefangirl u got the pull u wanted?? that sounds like a great day to me lol mines been alright, it's only bee…
tired of the mindset that if u follow someone u support everything they say and do, even the things you have no ide… everyone how's ur day been tell me abt itpeetzah:) @hyourie_ fr like just be born earlier @HighRollerVT "ill just go beyond to the next window" LMAOOOO @coshuniefangirl ill spoil some to u too if ur interested @EveDotSlpy yea it's rlly tough i think it's natural to get burnt out so that's why I try to do a lot of different…